The Weekend That Was

And so it was a super duper happening weekend

Before we go ahead, lemme tell you I MET CYBERNAG (ZEPHYR) go go get jealous :):)

…one more thing needs to be spoken out loud, I SAW MISSION IMPOSSIBLE’ in the THEATRE folks…In the theatre..I CANT believe it!!!!!!!


Inspired by RS‘s post last week, we (R and I) started cleaning the kitchen

Check out the brat at work

Cleaning with my two chotis which can serve as a brush as well 😉


Mom supervising the cleaning operations... Get that corner R will ya?


and then we had to meet up with R’s teacher at 9.30 in the morning…since her assessments begin today..we needed to ask her teacher what exactly the assessment was all about…so we met up with teacher..the school had some book exhibition going on, so picked up some Pratham books her

R was insistent she wanted to go to daycare, so we dropped her there…you should see the fun kids have there…they all are running, screaming, shouting, all called R inside and R went away without a backward glance..sometimes I do feel she is growing up too fast :):)

RD and I came back home to start the cleaning again…we fought, big time, over some stupid issue of me cleaning and him not cleaning and him cleaning and me not cleaning..finally we called it quits and just cleant in silence…

To make up to each other, RD suggested lunch and movie outside and though I never usually go for movies to theatres (I do find them a waste of money!) I agreed, ..what I told you na..making up…I HAD to make up by going to a movie with him..such a big favor and all to him..

So we went to the mall and ate lunch there

We had *Ahem ahem*

1) Momos I ate them for the first time…I mean I am married to a Calcuttan, the daughter of a Calcuttan, and not eaten Momos *Gasp* I LOVED THEM..I need to Patao Seema into giving me the recipe 🙂

2) Noodles

3) Manchurian

4) Subway sandwich

5) Gola (Kalakhatta flavor yummmmmmmm)

And then we went to see the movie…for which I we obviously had to buy popcorn…which was pretty yummmmmmmm…I managed to break RD’s elbow and arm holding him tightly *ahem ahem* when Tom Cruise does all those stunts…I dont think the guy will ever suggest an action movie as a kiss and make up act 😉

The movie is great, but I think Anil Kapoor has made a fool of himself in it *Cringes looking at his act*

My parents were coming enroute to Ahmedabad from Goa staying with us for 3 hours before boarding their train to Ahmedabad..and before we reached home, they were reaching..RD got all into the Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise’s name in the movie) mode, weaving the car in and out of the traffic and all that

I reached about 10 minutes AFTER amma/appa who took the keys from the neighbour while RD went to get R from the daycare…

We had burgers for dinner (its a permanent weekend fixture I think in the R household) and rasam (RMD is a big rasam freak) and then amma/appa went to the station

Amma got for us

1) Murukku made at home

2) Coconut burfi which is already over

3) Tuver which is home grown.(It actually is growing in their house in Goa..isnt that super).so waiting to make some tuver ringana nu shaak and undhiyu now 🙂

And oh did I mention I am a great manager, in the three hours they were here, I managed to make amma appa cut the veggies for the week, pomegranates for the week and skin the tuver (which is by no means an easy task) I rock!

Slept early since we were tired with the cleaning and movie seeing and cutting 😉


We all woke up in great anticipation of meeting Zephyr…she had told me that she will come by about 11ish..and R was so excited about meeting her

Me being the ever lazy one…had the following menu

1) Fried rice (Amma had cut the veggies yesterday night)

2)Boondi raita (RD and R got the boondi)

3) Gajar Halwa (Which I forgot to give her!!!!can you believe that)

4) Potato chips (RD and R got from the shop)

Smart na I am 😉

She arrived at about 11ish and is this absolutely amazing person to talk to…I cant believe our age difference before she is SUPER COOL

I mean, RD and I and R got along with her like a house on fire…I have never seen R mix so easily with a stranger..she is so so cool…and I promised her I wont write about her in the blog..but boss, I cant help it…she is super cool..we spoke about so many things..from blogs, to blogger meets, to in laws to children to parents, to what not 🙂 and her hair style is so super cute..

RD is like ‘I cant even call you mami, you look so young’ hehehee 🙂

and oh the gifts she got 🙂

1) T shirts for RD and me…both black in colour our favorites 🙂 and she even got the sizes right!!!

2) A doctor set for R (She broke the patient into 3 pieces, which means thats definitely NOT a career for her)

3) Cute hair clips for R

4) Bourbon biscuits and Dark Fantasy biscuits for RM R

RD was like her bag seems to be a Santa goodie bag :):)

and then we spoke to Ratzz on the phone  since RD tweeted (I dont know what?) about Zephyr being here and Ratzz called up..thank you Ratzz for introducing me to Zephyr…and babes, I met her before you *Sticks tongue out*

We managed to keep her with us till about 2.30 after which she HAD to go since she had other plans..

RD and R slept for a while, (R refused to sleep when Zephyr was around) and then I made molagapodi and sambhar podi

In the evening, RD and I tried to teach R stuff for her assessment today, but she seemed in no mood…I dont know what she is going to do today..but honestly I think some of the words, they are teaching the kids to recognize via pictures even I dont know..for eg. X for Xebec and Z for Zither…I didnt even know what they meant!!!

Dinner was maggi..lets not dwell on the fact that at 8.10 RD opens the fridge and says RM there is no maggi in the house..yes we are a pretty forward planning couple that ways..

So RD and R get down to get maggi, which I try to quickly do some blog reading..

Eat maggi, enjoy the taste, savor the moment and go to sleep

All in all, ekdum zhakaas weekend 🙂


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60 Responses to The Weekend That Was

  1. The Bride says:

    I had to google Xebec. And I’m still not sure I know the meaning. What is it? And why are they teaching kids such pointless things? Whatever happened to xylophone and x-ray?

    • R's Mom says:

      Well from the picture in the book, it looks like a kind of ship with loads of sails in it..if X = Xebec and Y = Yatch…R gets confused between the two

      Errr…Xylophone and X Ray are already there..this is one more!!

  2. Sumana says:

    You got to meet Zephyr and that is awesome. You guys are really a maggi couple. I just was hoping if the hubby liked maggi as much, life would have been a little easy. But for sure, i am getting the kids hooked up on maggi. Atleast i have company.
    R’s assessment wow, same pinch, i was sheel shocked to see xebec in my son’s book too. Meanwhile i have to do a post on the little fellow talks crap and all that.

    • R's Mom says:

      Oh totally maggi walas we are…arey come to Mumbai..I will give you a big maggi treat with RD’s special sauces and all that 🙂

      You should do a post 🙂

  3. Aparna says:

    Wow, R’s Mom, you seem to have had a pretty happening weekend 🙂 And – I CANNOT believe you have never had momos until now – I can live on them for life…. but take my advice on this – do not attempt to make at home! They are such a pain to make and after all that effort, they disappear so quickly (well, at least in our house, they do; we both love momos and the hubby has a school record for eating them :)) Find a good supplier instead, and keep hogging!

    And xebec and zither – WTH are they teaching kids these days!!

    • R's Mom says:

      oh…not to try at home is it?? lemme see if someone at my area sells them..but they are so amazing!!!

      I know..I have never used these words ever in my 30 years of life..and honestly I dont boast of a great vocab..but xebec and zither!!! I doubt anyone has used them ever!

  4. summerscript says:

    Wowww , what a super duper weekend 🙂
    You made R to clean the house ..grrrrr, but look at her so cute 🙂
    She broke the patient into 3 pieces, which means thats definitely NOT a career for her — She can make a good surgeon 🙂
    I decided to ignore all the food items you mentioned in this post. Goddd I am so hungry nowww 😦

  5. Ashwathy says:

    You are a sadist! You make your kid and your dad do all the housework!! 😡 😛 😛 😆

    Jesus christ…you have not eaten Momos yet??? 😯 What planet are you from??!!!!
    I’m addicted to momos….every weekend we eat out Chinese….and now I’ve got hubby also liking them!! 😛 You should have them with that hot n sweet garlic sauce….yum!

    Broke the patient into 3 pieces??? 😆 ROFL!!

    And yes you being you, will definitely try to take the biscuits for yourself!!! 😛

    Dinner was maggi..lets not dwell on the fact that at 8.10 RD opens the fridge and says RM there is no maggi in the house..yes we are a pretty forward planning couple that ways..
    Yes yes, VERY planned and sorted 😛 😛

    Xebec and Zither??!! 😯 What the hell are those???
    I tell you, they are inventing words to confuse kids…AND their parents 🙄 :mrgreen:

    BTW whenever we meet, do give me the mulagu podi and sambar podi, ok? 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      no no I am a double sadist…I even made Mom and RD do the house work..what a girl needs her rest na 😉

      I know..seriously which planet am I from eh? Chinese eat out every weekend…and this is from a girl who tells me that eating maggi is bad for health gah! to you

      Errr…I am a generous mother..I gave R THREE biscuits okie 😉

      I know…I havent heard those words earlier yaar!

      of course of course…we will meet on a Sunday..then I can prepare it and keep it for you on Saturday..pakka 🙂

      • Ashwathy says:

        Eat out Chinese has less to do with health reasons if you eat the right things…plus it stays very light on the tummy…digests easily.

        We eat momos (steamed, NEVER pan-fried), pulao/rice with vegetables, stir fried veggies…and some probably one chicken or fish dish (no red meat). Compare that with the nutritional value of maggi….just cook some maida in hot water and add some seasoning. So yes, you are just taking the easy way out!!! Double gah to you!!

        * looks triumphantly with a smug grin at Rsmom *

        • R's Mom says:

          hahaha! you are kidding me right….Chinese sold outside definitely has MSG..which is bad for health any ways..whether you have rice with veggies or stir fry or whatever hi-fi Gah!

          and we eat wheat maggi *Stick tongue out* to which RD adds his amazing concotion of sauces and eggs and additional veggies… so who is smarter now..bolo bolo

          *Looks double triumphantly with a smug grin to Ashwathy*

  6. Zephyr says:

    I loved the R family too Muah…R was so cute and RD is such a sweetheart and you of course are the jewel in the crown. (that should save me from your wrath 😀 ). But an ass that I was, I forgot to take a pic of us together. I will never live it down, and that means I have to come again, right? I will eat Maggi this time 😀 don’t’ worry.. I think R will make a good surgeon, sine has learnt to cut the body.!

    • R's Mom says:

      Thank you for coming..we loved having you around..and yaa thanks for all the rich time you visit you get one maggi plate pe on maggi plate free free free and all that 🙂

      R was asking for her thathi when she woke up 🙂

  7. Seema says:

    Whattay weekend!

    I got bored reading about Burgers and Maggi in every weekend post of yours. 😦

    So sweet of RMM and RMD to have done so many things for you in that 3 hours they got to spend with you. Did RMD sing ‘Madasamastha Jagadam’ to R?

    Talk about kids’ school books these days. Mantam have just reached Q and even I don’t understand why they have such complex words so soon. I mean why I for Infant, Image? All they say is I for Baby and Mirror. I can’t say they are wrong.

    And Momo and Sichuan Sauce recipe, I already have on my blog. You can make them at home. Here are the links:

    • R's Mom says:

      Oye, I am not a gourmet chef like you gah!

      my family should be glad I make an effort to make burgers and maggi though technically RD made the maggi 🙂

      oh yes..he did sing that for her..and she sang along 🙂

      I know..I for infant and image even R has that..and even she says baby and mirror..and SHE IS NOT WRONG!! bhagwan mereko bachao seriously!!

      you already blogged about momos *Falls at feet and asks for blessings*

      one question..can maida be replaced with wheat flour or rice flour???

  8. Look at that little girl R cleaning! Cutie pie she is!

    Xebec and zither? Seriously? Am dreading my future now!

  9. garima says:

    Wow RM blogger meet and movie ,meeting parents having momos wow superb weekend 🙂
    So sweet of R helping you and all that…They just stayed there for 3 hours and you made them work so much freedom one has with parents around,bliss 🙂

  10. Hmmmmmph Hmmmmmph i could have so easily been part of this post – at least got mentioned – if not for these stupid germs the world keeps passing onto me 😦

  11. VJ says:

    Achhoo pavam kuzhandai !! Evil mom making her work and just supervising !!
    I am not going to comment about those strange words !!
    And again all yummy food on your blog !!
    Not fair !

  12. RS says:

    Oye! Ok, my post inspired you-but poor R! No Child labor ok?!! And I always fall for those juttus 😀 Muuaahh.

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend-going out for a movie sounds like a distant lovely idea. Hubby’s asking me to go with him to MI-4 too – but when to go? I fall alseep sooner than Chutku by 9 itself 🙂

    And what did you say about not being a gourmet chef and all – you still do all your podis yourself na? Me – I buy them outside or mom makes them for me 😀

    And err…Can we have your parents with you when I visit-just so I get to eat all those goodies too? 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      arey we went in the afternoon when R was at the daycare..and waise bhi it finishs off the allocated 3 movies an year in the theatre contract RD and I have 😉

      how can you compare podi making with momo making..Seema is a gourmet chef.period.fullstop 🙂

      and they will happily come over to Bangalore to meet chutku will all the goodies you want 🙂

  13. shaktii says:

    Hey hi,

    That was a fun filled weekend..R is such a cutie and you make her to clean…very baddiie..:-D
    i just love her pony…. got ur email btw… will come back to you soon with the updates… and both mom-beti duo has lovely names dear!! And i miss being in india really after reading your post.. of course bcos of the food… i miss everything you listed there… now don ask me to prepare myself and eat… iam a sister of you..cant cook so many bah.. if someone does that part i will happily have it.

  14. Vidya says:

    Err.. what are those words for x and z?! looks like we may have to go to school all over again?

    Wonderful account of your meeting with the super-lady Zephyr (will hop over to her space) and Ratzz joining you guys on phone:)

  15. Bikram says:

    Ha and I went ot cinema to watch it to find out it has not yet released in UK.. can u beleive that .. have to wait till Wednesday now ..

    And you making the little one work.. thats child labour 🙂
    and all that foooooooooooo.. WAIT hold on .. calling the travle agent .. first flight out to mumbai .. you move now and start coookinggggggggggggggg 🙂 yayyyyy

  16. Writerzblock says:

    I loooooooooooooove r’s pigtails… soooo cute 🙂

  17. Hiii RM..this is my first comment in your blog…liked reading your posts…

    So it was a happenig week for you..

    So sweet of R..helping her mom..

    And Momos….am living in the same earth and yet to taste them…:)

    Woww…you got home made goodies from parents…yummy..well..we are missing that here and have to wait if someone is coming from India..

  18. anisnest says:

    wow RM – how do you manage to do so much on weekend? noodles, Manchurian, fried rice, burger.. am drooling now.. seriously.. I need something to eat now like NOW..
    I am going to try the burger someday soon..
    have a good week ahead…

  19. Tanishka says:

    The weekend does sound super duper happening…. 🙂
    Meeting a blogger is really fun…. 🙂
    They teach such difficult words in their school… Anyways so I can say that R knows more than me and we all are proud of her… 🙂
    She looks cute in those two choties…. 😀

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