The Weekend That Was

Friday was Kartikeya..actually I think it was Saturday, but because of the Lunar Eclipse we did it on Friday as per the instructions for Calcutta

I had made Aadi ka atta and the poori sweet in the morning before going to work, so in the evening, it was just lighting all the diyas and doing the nevidya…

RD felt I went overboard on the lamp lighting but its okie..abhi once in a while, you can do good for your brother whom otherwise you only fight with eh?


RD has taken appointment for the UID thing..apparantly there is a website you can go and book an online appointment and go at the designated time there…while I was very skeptical after the last week fiasco, RD being the loving husband was like ‘your UID wish is my UID command’ and went ahead and booked an appointment and all that…

We reached there are ready and all that…and thankfully the scary man with paan stains in his mouth was not there…RD said I will park the car and come you both go in, but I refused to go in alone 🙂
anyways, we went in, RD showed the man standing there our appointment letter and despite of about 50 people sitting there we were allowed to go first…

RD did his at a different booth and I did mine with R at a different booth…I was pretty impressed…the people working are efficient, to the point and very fast….they type in English, the software lets them simultaneously translate to Hindi and then with R’s name the guy asked me ‘how do you pronounce it and all that’ cute eh 🙂

anyways so when we were seated, there was a gentleman sitting behind me, who was grumbling about us being given priority when I felt horrible, but the man who was incharge said that we dont have choice..if you take appointment by internet you have to be priority..the gentleman suddenly was surrounded by two ladies in burkha and 4 children..when people behind him complained that he was sitting alone and suddenly how come so many people are allowed…the incharge fellow told him that the others have to stand in line and he said these are my wives and children and they have to get it done…the incharge fellow told him very politely but firmly whatever, if one person is sitting in the line, only one person will be allowed, the rest have to come after all the others…

major shouting took place, with the gentleman screaming, but the incharge was polite but extremely firm..then the guy dragged me in the middle saying how the hell was I allowed to skip lines when the incharge said that they have internet appointment and all that..but the gentleman was pretty bugged and gave daggers to me..if he had a third eye, he would have burnt me…

Anyways, we got ours done, I look so much like a ‘WANTED’ in it, that R got scared looking at my photo!!!

we thanked the guys, we were impressed and came out..

I was wondering whether it was right or wrong that we went in with an appointment and got to get the stuff done first before the others who didnt have appointments…still feeling a bit guilty about it!

Then we dropped R to the daycare and we went veggie shopping…

RD dropped me at the station and I went for lunch to Vile Parle with two of my friends from the previous company…It was super fun..there is something amazing about meeting old friends with whom you can talk whatever you want and know that life is good with them..we had so much fun talking, laughing, screaming, pulling each other’s was super fun

Came back home and then started cutting the veggies when I got a call from Zephyr….Gosh I was so super excited..did a little jig and all that 🙂

RD went to pick up R and since it was the lunar eclipse, R and I went out to get some bread and watched the sun over the was an amazing sight with R telling me ‘amma, sun ne moon ko khai lidu (Amma, sun ate the moon)

Then, just like that, I went to our parlour and asked the lady if she would cut my hair..She I washed and cut my hair for Rs.300 and trust me its so much better compared to the bloody 900 Rs haircuts I have taken in all that posh salons and all that…now its decided, 3 monthly haircut with the local parlour lady..R had fun there at the parlour with the lady giving her biscuits and teaching her the names of all the equipments there…it was fun 🙂

We came back home, had burgers made with brown bread (for a twist so that the brat doesnt complain for eating burgers every weekend) and then went off the sleep


We drove 100 kms…honestly if I was in Baroda, that would mean, all the way to Ahmedabad !!!

We went to Navi Mumbai..before Smita and Smita T, you kill me for not calling you…lemme tell you that I forgot my phone at home (Groan!) and also, we went to some relative’s grand child’s first birthday party so it was pretty crazy…
I dont think, I could have met up with you people!

anyways before that lemme proudly tell that my dad the 5 km Goa River Marathon..yes he did…super great na..especially at his age..

But RMD being RM’s dad had to prove that he is MY father…how?

So this how it happened

RM: Appa, you ran..sorry I didnt call you, I thought it was next week
RMD: Its okie kanna, I ran
RM: so 5 kms and all that wow
RMD: Actually I ran 7.5 kms..
RM: Why Appa, this year it was 7.5 kms is it?
RMD: Errr..actually what happened was, I parked my car at a distance and then I started walking towards the start of the venue and then I saw a group of people running, I thought I was late, so I started running with them…after a while, I was wondering how can I be late, because the race starts at 9 and it was only I asked the guy trying to overtake me if he was running the dream run
RM: Then
RMD:apparently, they were the full marathoners and I was running with I ran back right to the start and then started the race again!!!hence the extra 2.5 kms

This, my dear folks, is RMD at his elemental best….and thats why he is a professor…I mean, how can someone get confused like this, I wonder!!

and oh at the birthday we ate

2) Sambhar
3) RAsam
5) Aloo curry
6) Some kootu
7) Avial
8) Papad
9) Vadai
10) Pickles
11) Payasam

and R ate idli…I know this girl na!!

anyways so on our way back from Navi Mumbai, we stopped at my Aunt’s house at Mankhurd…

Aunt gave us..(hold your breath)

1) Pakodam
2) Puri bhaji
3) Dosa for RD (he demanded it gah!)
4) Pori of the karthikey
5) apam of Karithkey
6) Filter coffee
It was amazing..she kept taking out hot hot puris, and R and I kept eating them…this was AFTER that heavy lunch we had!!!

We came back home and then drank chaas and then I remembered my phone, thinking how many people would have given me missed calls and got worried…so I grandly go to my phone…pick it up and then tell RD ‘I wonder how many people called me and got worried..and all that’

only to unlock the phone and find NOT A SINGLE CALL!!!!

No body loves me GAH!

That was our weekend 🙂 hope yours was nice too 🙂


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47 Responses to The Weekend That Was

  1. Batul says:

    Interesting weekend… can u gimme the link to the UID website for online appt booking… we would prefer online bookin than standing in a huge queue…

  2. summerscript says:

    I love your dad RM 🙂 He is a rockstar seriously 🙂
    I ate so much this weekend but still your list makes me hungry now 🙂
    About the appointment thingy, I think I would also have been in a confused state thinking if it was right or wrong. But introducing 6 more people suddenly in a line is wrong .

  3. Batul says:

    and was ur UID center in your area or somewhere else

  4. RS says:

    ‘Gentleman’ Eh? at the UID centre. And hey! Gimme the website for the UID thing na… And no UID for R na until she is 5 or something? When we went for our Ration card also the same thing they said-they will not add the little fellows name until he turns 5.
    You ate SO MUCH? 😛

  5. The Bride says:

    Technically, it is perfectly ok that if a facility for booking an appointment over the Internet exists that you avail of it. These kind or arrangements make sense to prevent overcrowding and to save everyone time and the Internet is the most convenient way to do it. Here in HK too, we have this facility for many government services, the US consulate has it (in India as well, I think).

    Anyway, tatkal exists for railway bookings and passport renewals where some people get priority by paying extra or whatever right?

    However, in India, I think they need to be careful when designing systems and providing an option like priority with Internet booking that they are not, once again, privileging a certain class of people (the well-off) at the expense of the masses who do not have access to the Internet. Thus, they are leaving the field open to a new class of middlemen – people who will do internet bookings for the poor for a fee. Not sure what the solution is actually.

  6. The Bride says:

    Oh, and loved your dad’s anechdote…he should’ve got a special prize for his 7.5 km.

  7. Smita says:

    I had so many thing to say but now have decided to sulk

    • R's Mom says:

      Dont yaar…I am so sorry….but seriously it would have been crazy..but but…I w ill definitely come and meet up with you..theek hai..even if it means braving a mega block and sitting on my backside for 2 hours in the car..theek hai?

  8. Ashwathy says:

    Missed celebrating the Kartika this year entirely. We shifted to our new place only on Sunday. Will celebrate next year I guess!

    you can do good for your brother whom otherwise you only fight with eh?
    Didn’t get you… 😐 what do u mean brother??

    your UID wish is my UID command
    Cute 🙂 But oh wow!! The internet makes your job much easier eh?? Awesome!! Thanks for telling me!! Now I know what to do to get this!! :mrgreen:

    300 for a haircut??!! And that too in Mumbai!! 😯 Quick,tell me this salon!! Now! I went to this fancy salon during the weekend which cost me 900 for just a wash and blow dry styling (WITHOUT cutting)!! 😛 Imagine! 😦

    Navi Mumbai eh? If my hubby shifts jobs (he has another offer in hand) then his new office would be in Belapur….and he has to travel there everyday from Bandra!!! Trust me, be happy that u drove 100 kms only once in a blue moon!! 😛

    anyways before that lemme proudly tell that my dad the 5 km Goa River Marathon..yes he did…super great na..especially at his age..
    Sweetheart….he also proved he has the stamina to go that extra 2.5 kms!! Let me see YOU try that!! 😛 Tum toh dialogue marti rahogi! 🙄

    So u went to a south Indian birthday party eh? Yum!! It’s been awhile since I had traditional south Indian stuff…miss it 😦 You are cooking all that for me when I come to ur place ok??

    LOL @ no missed calls. Happens!! 😉 And once in a while it’s fun to be away from that mobile na….and not be bothered by others. We live in an age where we are technically wired to laptops, cellfones, blue tooth, facebook and all that…. so enjoy that break u get in between!

    • R's Mom says:

      Sorry! I should have lighted a few for you as well..promise next year…some diyas for you okie?

      yaa…check this website

      Errr…I went to the nearby parlour but she did do a good job..its near my house 🙂

      Falls at Ashwathy’s husband’s feet!!!

      I ran the Mumbai half marathon 2011 babes…21 kms and I did do the 5 km Goa marathon last year as well *Sticks tongue out and hopes that Ashwathy doesnt notice that dad is 65 and I am 30*

      Do you want to poison yourself or what! I cant cook south Indian to save my life!

      I know I know…break or one loves me 😦

      • Ashwathy says:

        Well no I did not notice the age difference at all 🙄 in fact you are 3. Take out the zero from that number :mrgreen:
        And u actually said ur age out in public?? Wow!! 😯 😀

        Ok fine, cook north Indian or Gujju or Maharashtrian food. Whateva. And u come to my house for south Indian stuff. Well, once we set up base that is! 🙂

        You should have given me ur number… atleast I would have called you!! 😀 😀 I miss my would-have-been-sis definitely! *bats eyelids at R’smom’

  9. VJ says:

    Sounds like a good weekend especially when good yummy food is involved!!!
    I want yummy food too !!

  10. Seema says:

    RD is as usual so sweet in getting the appointment online… Cool

    We missed watching the moon. We forgot about it and remembered only yesterday.

    I love the way you and R ate Puris even after that heavy lunch.

    “only to unlock the phone and find NOT A SINGLE CALL!!!!” – If thoughts about you were to get converted into phone calls, your phone would have been spammed by calls.

  11. Smita T says:

    You are forgiven, only because, I was in Pune for the weekend, or else you would had to hear about rest of your life…

    Good to hear that you got the UID done that too for R too… I have not taken N still for it, I thought might aswell do it next year, since, he will be 5 next year 🙂

  12. garima says:

    Marathon and all that wow thats amazing.I must take inspiration from uncle 🙂
    First summerscript now you both of you girls making me J with those delicious food 🙂
    “R got scared looking at my photo”-LOL.Driving 100 Km to reach from one place to other within the city *Faints*

  13. baap re! .. how do u type so much.. i have all these words in my head.. but only pictures come out 😉
    Love to read ur daily escapades..

  14. Bikram says:

    🙂 and all that much for birthday , yeah i know mere gaadi to wahi atak gayi khaane pe 🙂

    and missed calls hmmmmmm yeah i know the feeling no one calls me tooo 😦

  15. AT says:

    hey don’t feel guilty about appointments and given priority…I’ll give an example….here there is one lab which is very crowded, the line starts atleast 1 hour earlier than lab’s opening time….but those who book appointment via phone or internet are given priority and they don’t have to wait in line…nobody objects or makes a fuss about it as those who have taken appointment have done their homework…researched about facility…
    here anywhere you go, appointment is a must for timely service and people prefer it…it helps them in planning and managing….

    but I see a different flaw…not many ppl are aware abt means not enough info was circulated about uid….but then who knows…. But e-governance definitely makes life easier…..after all we are the world’s IT provider..why not use it in our own homes 🙂

    and hats off to your Dad….I admire people who at any age are physically active…. Do convey my regards…

    sorry for such a long comment…..

    • R's Mom says:

      thank you for the long comment 🙂

      I agree…to whatever you said..but I guess..when I stood there and saw so many people sitting and waiting, it did make me a bit guilty 🙂

  16. Tanishka says:

    Hats off to your dad RM… 7.5 kms!!!
    And the last part of your post made droll… You ate so much and did not remember us… Very bad…

  17. You all have super fun filled weekend..Me sobbing I had to work 😦

  18. Rajani Ram says:

    Drooling over the list of food items !! 🙂

  19. abhinav says:

    By chance I happened to be at Vadodara last weekend.

  20. As always, it was fun reading this post too, especially the part of “Wanted” coz I feel that way too every time my photo is taken. Keep up these funny weekend posts.

  21. Pingback: Panvati or Why Me -6? | R's Mom

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