Rude and Knowledge Gain!

Like  I wrote in one of the previous posts…SAB  wrote in a comment on how I usually deal in positives in this blog..and just to compensate on that and let her know that I remember the rudeness are

Two incidents of rudeness within 6 days (happened last month :))…Do I look like a rudeness attracting bug or something?

I usually avoid putting too much negative on the blog, but honestly coming from old folks and educated people, sometimes the rudeness hurts..and when I hurt, I blog 🙂

Incident #1

I had gone to R’s daycare’s children’s day party na…

They had this ‘Doraemon‘ the inflated one which walks around..(Is there a word for those things?) moving around..

R recognized him and started shouting amma amma dekho juo Doraemon (amma, look look doremon)..which by the way, I confused with Dora (thanks to Chucky, LF’s little one, who has managed to increase my knowledge of Dora – Thanks sweetie)

anyways so I saw this cat (was it cat?) like structure coming towards lemme admit that I am bit scared of these things..I know there are humans inside the inflated thing..but its scary…

RM: Errr..R that is not Dora (Pretty proud of my knowledge here)
R: No nahi…Dora nahi…Doraemon hai woh..kya amma? *Shaking her head as if you dont even know this*
RM: Errr…he is Dora’s friend? (I actually wanted to ask boyfriend, but I didnt because she doesnt know boyfriend yet does she?..and how did I come to that conclusion – Doraemon – Dora’s man! – you get the link eh?)
R: Amma, doraemon, mereko dekhna hai..jana hai
RM: okie…(thinking R is as unknowledgable as me)

anyways so I let her hand go (the party was inside the school premises so pretty safe) and let her go ahead..just as she was moving ahead, one grandmother practically pushes R (I am not exaggerating!) pushes her aside and then holds the hand of her grandson and takes him to that Doraemon…

R is shocked..she falls down..and she looks at me…I smile and tell her its okie..

R: Amma, that aunty, mereko push kiya
RM: its okie what to do..she was in a hurry
R: But amma, pushing bad habit che ne (pushing is bad habit)
RM: yes
R: Toh? She questions me with hands on her hips and all that (total nautanki I tell ya)

I didnt know what to answer..thankfully they started playing ‘Chamak Challo’ and R was distracted…

Whats the big hurry I dont get it…her grandson honestly wasnt even interested..he just looked at the figure and started crying..and not that the figure was going somewhere or anything…I mean…why push a child and go ahead 😦
Incident #2

R and I are frantically searching for a rick after her doctor session…About 20 minutes have passed..most ricks are full or they are refusing..R is crying ‘rick rick’ mainly because she is bored and hungry

I tell her ‘you cant cry, milega rick’

Finally one rick guy stops a bit ahead and R and I rush towards him..when one uncle just pushes both of us and goes and asks the rick..

The rick guy looks back at me…R is crying uncle ne push kiya..and that uncle stares at her as if she is a brat…

I look back at him defiantly and said ‘tame kem dhako maariyo..rickshaw joitu hoye toh lai lo’ (Why did you push, if you want the rick just take it)

He looks at me and at the rick guy..and guess what…the rick guy says..nahi madam aap ke paas baachi hai..aap baitho..waise bhi maine aapko dekhe roka (No madam, you have a child, you sit, I stopped the rick after I saw you)

The man started to argue saying he asked first, but the rick guy was adamant that he would take us…wasnt he really really nice?

I wanted to stick my tongue out at the rude old man, but that would be bad manners eh?

and now to get back to that blasted Doraemon

I called up ST, someone I admire a lot..she is like my ideal and all..her son N, is about 6-7 months older to R

ST: Hi
RM: you busy with N
ST: No he is having a bath and doesnt want me around
RM: hehehe 🙂 okie

We talk about stuff and then I hear N telling her something

RM: I will call you later, he is talking to you na..give him attention
ST: No its okie, he is asking me to switch on the TV..I usually let him watch Tom and Jerry or perhaps Doraemon for about half an hour before his school bus comes..thats the only TV time he he is particular about it
RM leaps to the chance of learning about Doraemon

RM: ST..what is this Doraemon?
ST starts laughing and then explains to me how this is a cat from the future century who has come down to the current year and teaches children all nice things etc etc. She gives me a detailed account on Doraemon heheeh 🙂

and then I am like okie okie thanks a lot

And I keep the phone and laugh to myself…thinking – after kids, THIS is what you end up discussing with a financial whiz 🙂


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55 Responses to Rude and Knowledge Gain!

  1. RS says:

    That Aunty – why didnt you tell her right there that what she did was wrong? HHhmmppphh!! Just imagine if R had rushed and happened to push her very precious grandson – then what would have happened? She would’ve given you a verbal lashing for sure – you should not have kept quiet (Im seeing RED here!)

    And that uncle – I also have such people here who push me and go for autos. They are more worried that they wont get an auto otherwise so they dont even bother to see who they are pushing! It happend with 3 young college girls for me at 7 in the night and it was drizzling too. I then finally just carried Chutku and walked the couple kms home… There IS nothing you can say to them. But I did think that when they get to a stage Im in they will understand then!! 😛

  2. Seema says:

    Doraemon = Dora’s Man!
    Wow what a derivation. ROFL on that paragraph and when you wanted to stick tongue out to the rude old man. You are so so cute RM.

    I was just trying to imagine R saying ‘But amma, pushing bad habit che ne’ with hands on her hips. No wonder where she gets all the cuteness from 😀

    Need to borrow your trademark ‘Gah’ to both the old people.

  3. Seema says:

    Oh and I really liked what the autowalla did. That was very thoughtful of him 🙂

  4. The Bride says:

    Ha! Now I know what Doraemon is too… It is a craze here as well, not just among kids but adults too! Last week I learnt the names of the Sesame Street characters and Thomas and friends thanks to my niece and now Doraemon so I hopefully these remain the fad till Benji is old enough to get into them.

    • R's Mom says:

      Sesame Street eh? and I know Thomas and friends..I was a big fan…Appa had got these books from London when we were kids and bro and I were pretty crazy about him at one point in time 🙂

  5. anna's mom says:

    I don’t know what to say about people who push little kids. It’s such a mean thing to do that I can’t even think of a way to retaliate. Specially if it’s an older person who does this. The worst part is that their kids will be like them when they grow up and these are the peers our kids will have to deal with. How do we teach our kids that manners are important, being nice is important, if they keep getting pushed out of the way? If they are always at a disadvantage because their mothers taught them to be nice? I want my daughter to be a well-mannered little girl. But I don’t want her to get pushed all over all the time either. Sigh. It’s such a tough line to walk.
    Anyway at least there are some nice people like that rick guy out there.

  6. VJ says:

    I seriously had never heard about doraemon!
    I thought it was some cartoon related to Dora too… and because you have clarified that it is a cat, I am just going to accept it and maybe show off a bit to VK !
    I always thought discipline and manners had nothing to do with age..They need to acquired from childhood.Otherwise it is too hard to change.

  7. summerscript says:

    Some people are like that only. We cannot find any reason for that!
    In bus, sometimes they start pushing you even when the bus is still moving. I mean atleast wait till the bus stops na!

  8. Smitta says:

    lol!!! Seriopusly kids totally change your track!!!

    As far as those incidents are concerned they were actually very rude! I mean WTH where has the basic decency gone? I too have an auto ka incident to share but will write about it some time later.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  9. Scribby says:

    i liked it for the way you wrote it 🙂 you’re one funny soul and I lubbbbu for this 😀

    okay now about the post: thank you so much for adding to my knowledge…I didn’t know all this while what is or rather who is Doremon,yes,true!

    Oh and ROFL @ felt like sticking out a tongue at that uncle 😀 😀 😀

    Honestly,such people really deserve a mini lecture or something you know!

  10. Ashwathy says:

    First of all, I have no clue about Doraemon. I wouldn’t have reason to know before another 3-4 years I guess 😉

    I can still understand (NOT appreciate, but yes understand and empathise) why the uncle pushed you for an auto. He must have been desperate for the auto himself and hence the hurry. Not that his behaviour is laudable, but then people tend to think of themselves. And considering the auto situation in Mumbai …well, the less said the better. Particularly during rush hour when even khali autos do not stop 😐
    In your case, the auto guy was nice. I have once encountered a honest hearted autowala outside Thane railway station. people were catching autos by jumping ahead of the line. The guy refused to entertain anyone and went into the line meant for autos to wait, where I was waiting for the auto 🙂

    But I seriously don’t understand the need for that grandma to do that 😯 It’s baffling and seriously makes me want to throttle her 😡 I mean what the eff??!!!

    R: Toh? She questions me with hands on her hips and all that (total nautanki I tell ya)
    This time, I have to say…. that’s no nautanki. She has every right to ask that question. She was right. You should have explained then and there instead of avoiding the issue or brushing past it.

  11. ARP says:

    Hey RM,

    Salute to you for having maintained your cool on both occasions. The old lady and the man were really rude. As the adage goes ‘throw a stone in mud and the mud splashes back at you’. Sadly we cannot change the way some people behave.

    BTW another descrition of Doremon from a friend of mine – ‘Oh!! that cartoon. I don’t let my son watch it because Nobita the kid always cries for small things and runs for help from Doremon his robot cat. He is a coward and depends on Doremon for everything. My son relates more with Nobita rather than Doremon and I don’t want him to pick up qualities like dependancy, cowardice, running away from problems.’

    At the same time I know a little girl who relates to Doremon and speaks about gadgets which can solve all problems.

    Prespective does make a lot of diffrence.

    • R's Mom says:

      Hi ARP…long time..hope things are fine 🙂

      I loved that adage :):)

      I didnt know abotu Nobita and all yaar…ek ek karke I will ask ST..if I ask her everything together, she will bash me up :):)

      I loved your last line..its so true na

  12. Bikram says:

    And you said nothing to the old grandma… Right give a message to R. Bhoolna nahin.. Aunty ke face ko let me come .. We will go and push her too.. No I got no qualms… Her grandson might be important who cares our R is more important.. Stupid rude woman.
    And the man he needed a slap but tje rick guy bless him. You shud have done it .. Or at least shown him your thumb… Bad man…

  13. garima says:

    This earth is a weired place.There some good and bad people.
    The grandmom and that uncle (i assume were educated and knew social ethics) behaved like one illiterate people whereas that autowala (again assuming that he wasnt that educated) was kind enough to understand your problem.
    Lets hope world may get many more people like that autowala and even we try to become like him 🙂 (too much gyan na)

  14. Comfy says:

    How could that Uncle and Aunty push someone? And that too a kid? 😡 I just can’t understand this. I would be so so mad. But that autowala made me smile.

    Oh and add me to the list of people you have educated today. Doraemon indeed!

  15. Scribby says:

    wanting to tell you since long…add the ‘recent post’ widget to your side bar na? Makes it easy for people like me track the back log 😛

  16. Vidya says:

    It would have been really really nice if you had stuck out your tongue at that man! I don’t know if this is a terrible ‘indian urge’ or is it the same everywhere? let them just wait for R to grow up. Would love to see the day when she charges back right at them and asks what the actual hurry is!

  17. Zephyr says:

    I have seen worse from older people including parents and others. they would be the first ones to fight with a CHILD for something too, not necessarily for their children or grandchildren but like the old man who wanted the auto before you. Do you realise that this breed of elders is who teach the young ones to be rude in turn or is it inherited?

    • R's Mom says:

      I dont think rudeness can be inherited Zephyr..seriously..but one thing after I have become a mom – a child imitates his or her parents…totally..everything I do…or RD does…R seems to catch it on and do it or say it….as parents we need to be very careful 🙂

  18. I got enlightened about Doraemon the last time my pint-sized niece was here. she said to me “you study so many fat books but you don’t even know doraemon!”(her sentence) 😐

    And the last time the niece was here, she got slapped by a three year old in a store. It was very sudden, and I was shell shocked to hear a very loud slap(like in the movies). The kid who slapped my niece was only a 3 y.o, so I thought I should may be inform her mom and leave it at that. That’s when I saw the mom just standing there, watching the whole thing and saying nothing about it! Later on, I was still seething(more from the fact that I took her out to shop and got her slapped :|) and asked her calmly, “Do you not hit back when someone hits you?”. My niece said, “she is smaller than me, no? you cant hit small kids. At school, a big boy hit me, and I hit him back and ran away!”. I thought this one had her head right more than I did. Sorry for the big rant, RM. I’m glad that the rick man and you both gave it back to the rude man.

    and no, this sort of rudeness(especially when it’s your child that is at the receiving end) is hard to ignore! i only meant that you take time to notice the nice things and people too, which a lot of people conveniently avoid and the blog and the person becomes a bit tiresome to read eventually if they only keep saying the nasty things.

    • R's Mom says:

      your pint sized niece deserves a big fat kiss on her cheek 🙂

      I cant imagine her getting slapped by a THREE YEAR OLD! thats crazy..and she is so mature na! I toh would have hit back..ya ayaa even at 30 I dont seem to have that maturity!

      Arey, I liked the fact that you noticed I am positive on the blog..I truely try to be..because when I am old and slightly crazy (Oh I will be) I can read all the good things in life 🙂

  19. AT says:

    oops what disgusting bunch…. Pushing anyone is bad and that too a child…gross…
    that rick guy was nice to refuse the other man..if he was in hurry, he should’ve taken your permission not push….
    a little kindness is all we need…..

    and thank you for telling me abt Doreman 🙂

  20. Tanishka says:

    You don’t know who is Doremon…. Tut tut tut….
    You should have told that aunty that she was being rude!!!
    I’am glad that he autowala decided to teach that guy a lesson…. 🙂

  21. anisnest says:

    I learn so much from your blog RM seriously.. I didn’t know Doraemon either.. Off to googling about the character.. And for that uncle and aunty no no for that old man and old lady on RM’s behalf I am sticking my tongue out to them… tell R that we all scolded them enough on her behalf.. poor little girl.. did she get hurt when she fell down? how can they push a little girl.. living demons I say..

  22. Laila says:

    Kudos to the rick guy for sticking to what’s right…

  23. Swaram says:

    What a lovely auto-wala! God bless him!
    Dora’s man – U r so funnily awesome RM 😛
    And that lady – :grrrr at her from my side 👿

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