The Weekend That Was

Thanks Zephyr..for pointing out the mistake 🙂

And so it was a pretty drab seriously drab..

The few constructive things done

1) Amla achar made on Friday night (The first amla of the season..yayayya!)

2) Second round of Gajar halwa made and nearly finished as well

3) Made some Mamra nu chidvo

RD met up with me at the market on Friday evening and we shopped for the vegetables…I tell RD, I have no money (I know the second time its happening) please meet me at the fruit wala…when he comes, our eyes meet, I see him, he sees me, I wave, he smiles (no there was no breeze blowing and no violins in the air) I look into his eyes and tell him..

RD…gimme 200 Rs

RD : For this 6 chikoos..baap rey

RM: Gah!

I mean, I know you dont pay 200 Rs for chikoos right?

anyways then the shopping started with me rejecting and he suggesting and then me suggesting and he wonder we have been married long enough 🙂

I made the amla aachar on Friday night itself…I get into one of these weird moods of wanting to DO IT NOW!


We got up a bit late (7.00 am) and then lazed around doing nothing…We had to pay R’s school fees and R wanted to go to daycare…

So RD and I dropped her to daycare and went to pay her school fees…gave her bus fees at the school itself…and then RD indulged me since I was insisting on doing the UID thing…

This UID is going to drive me crazy for sure

Firstly when I go there (RD was like please go and enquire, I will wait here! Talk about leaving me the face the lions eh?)

there is HUGE long queue…I walk to one guy definitely looking like a lost elephant lamb or something..

RM: Bhaisaab, yeh queue form lene ke liye hai kya (Is this queue to take the form)

Man: Nahi nahi, forms udhar milega (forms are available there)

now this udhar in India is a generally vague direction…everyone has this habit of pointing towards a general direction and then saying udhar…

RM: Udhar kidhar (Where?)

Man: udhar madam udhar (Pointing furiously)

Then I get too embarrassed to ask I dont say anything…I just walk in..

One man is at one counter…

RM: Errr..Sir, where can i get the forms

He points with his eyebrows to a guy standing behind me..

This guy is pretty scary looking okie….eyes are slightly red, mouth is completely red with paan chewing and he has a scary muchi…

RM: saab, form….

Scary man (SM): Kaaye paaije (What do you want)

RM: Sir, form

He was talking in marathi and I was talking in Hindi

SM: Get out

RM: okie and I go outside the door

SM: What proof do you want that you exist

RM: What

SM: arey, proof proof (by this time,  the entire queue is looking at me, since he is very loud)

RM : What proof do you want?

SM: why should I give you the form, you need to give me a proof

RM: Like what? passport?

SM: arey you should say na..passport you have…

RM: okie I have

SM gives me a form and says something I dont understand

RM: Sir, I didnt understand

SM: Take xerox of this form and use as much as you go from here

RM: Sir do we need to bring in any other proof

SM: Ration card nahi..or else passport is enough

RM: Okie and I have a I need to get the child here for the card

SM: Arey baba, then how will the child be old is your child?

RM: three years

SM: Children above 5 years will need to be done again, so do for the child if you want otherwise dont

RM: Do you mean a 3 year old does not need an UID

SM: I didnt say that, I am not taking all that risk, then you will sit on my head that I told you not to do…I am saying after 5 years they will need to come again

RM is as usual confused..and scoots from there while the whole crowd is watching and kinda smiling

Chalo saturday morning good deed, make people laugh at my cost Gah!

We decided against doing the UID thing for the time being…there is just too much crowd..anyways..

Come back home, have some egg fried rice and then go to sleep..

Get up and go to this place called Hyper city at Malad since my ma wants liquid detergent for her washing machine

Lemme tell you about my ma

Leave her alone in a store selling jewellery, she wont buy anything, but leave her alone in a store selling cleaning stuff like detergents and jhadoos, she going crazy buying stuff

my dad, whenever he used to go abroad, would buy stuff like cleaning cloth, clips, clothesline, detergents etc etc for ma, instead of buying clothes and jewellery and she would say ‘K you are the best in the world!’ I know, look at her love shining..

anyways , I digress.

So ma read about this liquid detergent for washing clothes some where and the only place I thought we could get it was Hypercity

RD and I went there and bought unnecessary stuff like biscuits and what not.

Oh the detergent, well we didnt get it eh?

Picked up R from the daycare and came back home. My dad arrived in some time…

Dinner was rasam, karela and rice…dad and RD love karela fry..gah!


Again got up late. It was one of days when you are in the kitchen ALL THE TIME, but dont do any work…does that happen to any one else?

anyways, so we had maggi + bread + egg burji for breakfast…interesting combo na

and then me being a loving daughter, made a typical Kerala type lunch for Appa..which including Keerai mulagutal, kakadi thaiyir pacadi and amla aachar with rice

With the quantity that was left (I made it for the night also) I thought it turned out pretty decent

R, I have realised is a typical tambram..she wants her dals with coconuts and her rice with ghee 🙂

She ate it without fuss and liked it also 🙂

Now some conversations between the GD and GF

R: I want to see this cartoon on TV

Appa: Please please R, lets see disney na..this is very boring cartoon

R: No thatha, I want to see this only

Appa: no no…lets see that..please da

R : no

Appa: okie

after 2 minutes RD and I hear this

Appa: This is so boring…lets see Disney na…udhar there is tom and jerry

R: no thatha..lets see this one

Appa: okie

then I guess Appa changed the channels

Appa: See See, Hanuman,lets watch this

R: okie

I mean seriously who is the three year old here *Shakes head*

Then of course he left in the afternoon for Goa…and we slept for a while.

In the evening, went to the park with R..she had fun…came back home and then ate dinner and went to sleep

Ending the post with an Rictionary

RD: R, you are dirty after the park playing..lets go and have a bath

R: Appa, you pan have a bath (pan = also in Gujju)


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35 Responses to The Weekend That Was

  1. hitchy says:

    You need me actually… ! I have sources in Karvy, who do the UID and they tell me what time to send which client and they dont have to wait !! 😉

    The obsession to get UID’s done is unbelievable… !!! Although I got it arranged for a lot of clients… however I dont know why the mad rush… ! So far it is useless… no work of your is going to be stuck for the need of the UID ! so why rush so much… and knowing our Govt who brought in so many ID’s and Cards… I wont be surprised if this project is also left in the cold after a while ! 😛 😛

  2. summerscript says:

    This UID is a bigg task.. We have just started.
    Loved the GD-GF conversation 🙂 🙂

  3. RS says:

    Oh! so you call this a relaxed weekend? Good for you-once in a while 🙂

    And we had a mixed weekend-guess what? We had a Blogger meet yesterday evening in Seema’s house – yippee!! I MET Garima and Summerscript 😀 Now wait for the updates *sticks tongue out* -Oh! Yummy bahi vada,brownie,papad,biscuits and tea were also had AND The bestest part? – I met the twins!!!! 😀

    • R's Mom says:


      *Gets super green with jealousy and waits in anticipation for the posts from ALL OF YOU GIRLS*

      you got to see the twins..lucky lucky lucky..jaa..I am really jealous now Gah!

  4. wow.. sounds like a power packed weekend.. 🙂

  5. Ashwathy says:

    I am yet to figure out where and how to register for the UID thingie….. 🙄

    Hey even I love karela fry!! 😀 😀

    Maggi + bread + egg bhurji! I like! 🙂

    it is thayir paCHadi, not pacadi 😛 pls note spelling mistake!

    As for the conversation between GF and GD 🙂 that’s so precious. Didn’t you know old age is second childhood? 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      You sound like my dad…I dont know where to apply from is what he has to say 🙂

      Karela fry – Eh?

      Sorry..Its Pachadi which I made 🙂

      Arey my dad is crazy about these cartoons
      Tom and Jerry

      He literally fights with Amma for the remote!

  6. Zephyr says:

    You are welcome RM. That was anything but a boring weekend. Tell you what, I am getting addicted to this weekend ka kissa on Monday mornings. Loved the thatha – pethi conversation in front of TV. Didn’t you know people regress after a certain age and then are the same as the little ones? 😀

  7. Seema says:

    LOL on your mom’s craze for cleaning tools.

    Loved the GD GF conversation… And R is pretty firm on what she wants to watch eh?

    You made Achar on a Friday night?? You cooked so many dishes and you say you didnt do anything at all? R likes dal with coconut in it? Me too me too, specially if it is made of any Keerai.

    Suggesting and rejecting while shopping happens with me and Abbas as well.

  8. garima says:

    Wow amla achar and gajar halwa drooling.
    Ok so added these two also along with rajma chawal . Be prepared you will have to treat me with all these yummy food when I come to Mumbai 🙂
    And your dad is so cute and I loved R’s name courtsey blogger meet that we had 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      oh yaa yaa..anytime yaar…just have to come..will put RD on the task of making the rajma 🙂

      and glad you liked R’s name 🙂 *Hmpf on the blogger meet…I am jealous*

  9. Your dad is too cute RM…now i understand where R gets her cuteness from :p

    Btw call me dumb -and sorry if i am going to embarass you but for a long time i thought that you were talking about IUD instead of UID and wondering where the hell you had gone to get UID done. i had to come back read and then it chamkoed

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr…I thought, now you know, where ‘I’ get my cuteness from gah!

      IUD as in the stuff which helps you get pregnant..hahahaha! no no…I dont think as of now its necessary for me 🙂

  10. Smita T says:

    I can very well understand the hassel of getting the UID… One fine day FIL called me to tell us that the UID forms are being proceeseed in the hsg soc they stay (our permanent address), and told us to get atleast 7 diff documents while coming to Pune to get the UID done. My hubby, asked me what is the use, me being (perfect ?) DIL, told him, I dont know, since he has asked us to do it, I am going to carry it to Pune… I carried all the documents, then got to know that it was already over at our hsg soc and then somebody directrd us to Karvy, it was so simple at Karvy, just carry your passport and PAN Card and its done… so chill out babe, I have told you what to carry do that and you can apply for UID 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      I know I know..even Hitchy told me to go to Karvy..lemme ask RD..though honestly its pretty crazy go through the whole thing..anyways..thanks for letting me know..I will take it are a genius you know..and oh Today’s post is dedicated to you 🙂

  11. Bikram says:

    ahhhh grand parents blesssssssss my Nanu would do anything i use to say they are so nice an love us so much.. I miss him now

    I cant wait to come over there now so much you cook and make WOWOW I am on way

  12. anisnest says:

    GD and GP conversation is uber cool.. you cook so much on weekend RM? falling at your feet.. I just passed out on reading the post and then you say you didn’t go anywhere and the weekend was a drab.. I stepped inside the house on Friday evening and guess when did I step out Monday morning.. you have done lot of stuff lady..

    • R's Mom says:

      I dont cook anything..what about you people out of India…you people cook so much yaar over the weekend…I toh just make knick and knacks 🙂

      I loved your idea of the weekend…I should seriously try that once

  13. Tanishka says:

    See finally it was Hunumaan ji who came to everyone’s rescue… 😀
    R’s Rictionary is cute as always… 🙂

  14. Swaram says:

    Thankfully it happened pretty easily here, the whole UID thingy and the people involved were so user-friendly 😛 Ya, we were surprised too 😉

    He he R and GF are such good companions! *touchwood*

  15. popbiscuit says:

    Hello..started reading your blog a few days ago and have been reading a lot of your old posts.
    I love the way R talks! I actually connect a lot…the husby and I actually alk in the same mish mash of Hindi- Eng-Tam-Gujju ..each trying to learn the other’s language …so using “pan” in the middle of a sentence in English is something I do all the time!

    • R's Mom says:

      Hey Popbiscuit..welcome here 🙂

      you are reading the archives *Blushes*

      Oh you guys also talk like this is it?

      ‘pan’ in the middle of the English sentence is something even I do honestly 🙂

  16. Scribby says:

    ROFL @ no breeze and violins 🙂 what 7 am is bit late? 😦 😦 I thought late sleeping in was like 9 or even 10 am!
    maggie and egg bhurji-good combo 🙂 as long as everything is tasty any combo is a good one-yes your truly is a total foodie 🙂

    ROFL @ ‘pan’ it means also in Marathi too 🙂

    • R's Mom says: R standards 6 am is the right time to get it weekend or weekday…thats why the previous weekend I was jumping in joy that she slept till 8!

      I know I know..I was wondering if she meant the pan in marathi or Gujju 🙂

  17. Pingback: Panvati or Why Me -6? | R's Mom

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