And So We Did The First Sports Day

and I took half day leave..thats why the delay in posting

okie first things first

Last Wednesday R came with a circular in her dairy saying that they have sports day and whoever is selected for the finals will need to report in at 8.30 at a playground near her school

I was super happy that she didnt get selected since there was no circular about that..which means I can just go to office and dont need to take half day and all that!

…when on Friday

the brat comes up with a circular that says that she has been selected for 20 metres running race…(the other race was under the chair race)

anyways, which means between RD and I, I decided to take a half day..thinking if the events start at 9, but 12 they should get over, which means I can get to office by one

So R and I reached the place by 8.15

First the good things

1) The teachers had done a superb job….they made the Sr. Kg kids do march past, the Jr. kg kids did exercises and danced on ‘waka waka’ there was a prayer dance, there was superb gymastics…Amazing..hats off to them

2) The kids were AMAZING absolutely was great the way they withstood the heat, the delay and yet gave amazing performances….superb…

And now the bad…(sorry SAB, but I have to take this out of the system)

1) The parents…I am appalled that despite them announcing like a MILLION times parents refused to sit, waved at their kids, took photographs and crowded around the participants pandal…I mean its horrible

2) The teachers actually stopped the races and refused to take the program ahead and YET parents didnt understand…I mean its horrid..just plain  horrid..the announcer went to the extent of saying ‘if you dont practice discipline, how will your kids learn it’ seriously!

3) I nearly had a fight with a lady….she kept standing up and blocking everyone’s views…three people told her..she didnt hear, I told her politely ‘madam please sit we cant see’

Her: Toh main kya karu
RM: But madam we also want to see
Her: I cant see
RM: yes you can, there is no one ahead of you
Her: I need to take pictures
RM: But they said no pictures

she made a face at me…I shouted, you cant be so selfish..and then she sat down..and after that gave me so many daggers that I would have died if looks could kill!

4) Another parent asked me to block a seat..There wwas lack of seat and I told her, I cant block it for you, but incase someone comes to your seat, I will get up and give you mine

She tells her neighbour ‘what a selfish lady’

5) I think encouraging your kids is one thing, but shouting at your kid to run faster or else…is something I would never do..and if their kids won, they would behave as if they have one the olympics…I swear, I am happy for them, but to create a scene, is a bit weird…and honestly the kids didnt care, they were having fun!!!

6) The teachers didnt know if  the actual races were finals or semi finals..which meant that I had to call RD from his office to come since we didnt know whether we had to wait or move..and honestly I asked 4 teachers..they all said WE dont can you not are the teacher na?

Anyways, all in all it was fun…

I saw R running with what RD calls her tataka pataka run…but she enjoyed..thats important..

RD came, I left and then she apparently cried a bit for me…but its okie…the worst part is she may think her mom didnt wait for her…I did baby, I waited till the very end, but had to leave because I had to catch the train 🙂

RD dropped her to the daycare and she is back to her cushion 🙂

and so the kiddo ran the race..and we had fun..

and oh by the way, she came in second in the 20 metre running race and apparantly got a medal..

What, one parent sees the race, the other sees the medal cermony..we afterall, believe in equality eh?

*Apology to SAB, because she had once commented that I usually write positive things on my blog..but guess I  had to take this out of my system 🙂



ETA: The brat would have come first, if she wasnt busy turning around asking her friend to hurry up *rolls eyes*


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73 Responses to And So We Did The First Sports Day

  1. The Bride says:

    Awww R’s first sports day and she got a medal and all (okay okay, participation is important… but still, a medal!)

    The parents do sound horrible. I think it’s a reflection of our society these days – people have become very aggressively selfish. The schools have a tough time educating children in spite of their parents I guess.

    • R's Mom says:

      hahhahaha at the stuff written in the paras 🙂

      Thats a nice word aggressively selfish…what I wrote in an entire post, you managed it in two words *Falls at feet* no wonder you are a journalist 🙂

      I know..imagine what the kids will understand..that their parents need as much shouting as them to listen to move to one place!

  2. Zephyr says:

    Give the kutti a hug from me for having won a medal. I could picture her tathaka pithaka running 😀 Yeah, I have seen this kind of thing too. One wonders what kind of competitive monsters these parents are raising! I mean, it is nice to win and all, but that is not the end of the world if the child doesn’t, is it?

    • R's Mom says:

      Arey there was this lady who is telling her friend ‘ketlo dobo che – what an idiot’ to her son who was running slowly..I mean that kid is a 3 year old yaar..what do you expect 😦 and this to your own child 😦

  3. You are so selfish RM 😛

    And R kutty runs! Wow! Give her lots of kisses from me 🙂

  4. Vidya says:

    arre wah! so kutti R gets a medal!! yaay!! congrats baby R!

    RM, i have often thought that something was wrong with me because many parents seem to love pushing, shoving, standing up when asked to sit down.. a typical mob.. be it sports or academics or theatre, no one wants normal kids.. all want only super-stars.. But good, you yelled at that lady and let your steam off:)

    • R's Mom says:

      no one wants normal kids – all want super stars…thats the kind of feeling I had today…I mean boss! they are three..let them run..and you know the cutest thing Vidya..what R did by asking her friend to hurry up..loads of them did that…chalo chalo they were saying..they had no sense of competition was just fun!

  5. Sangitha says:

    Cute – she watches out for her friends! Congrats on the thataka pataka medal to R!

    And why do I know you’ll love this one about a flash dance mob at CST?

  6. Seema says:

    You were happy that she didn’t get selected initially??? *looking daggers at you*

    Firstly give a squeezy bear hug to R okay? We are all proud of her… Mmmuah! Is ‘tataka pataka run’ a term coined by R?

    Can’t believe you were called selfish even after you offered to give your seat if required.

    • R's Mom says:

      I know I CR said, I am selfish..I am I am 😦

      yaa..I think its a very Mallu or Tamil word for the walk which kids do..not very sure..need to ask RD

      Those parents *Shudders*

  7. Smita T says:

    Hey… Good that you put up the post… I was wondering what happened to you… was going to call you and check that u r alright

    Congrats to R, get the medal on saturday, so that we can collectively admire it 😉

  8. Batul says:

    Congrats to R on coming second… Im lookin fwd to my girl’s sport day this saturday.. she has apparently taken part in partner race and boogie woogie poem with hula hoop and all..
    How true ‘ if you dont practice discipline, how will your kids learn it’… Many educated parents do the same in my kiddos school.. it is so annoying… Being a PTA member, i have to deal with these annoying parents practically for every function the school holds..

    sorry to hog the comment space for my rant…

    congrats to R once again and I came to ur page 5 times since morning…

    • R's Mom says:

      Awww! all the best to your daughter..hope she has tons of fun…..partner race and all eh?

      PTA is it…baap rey..thats a big responsibility..seriously!

      and you came to my page 5 times…I mean you!! I am honoured and all that!

  9. garima says:

    First Congrats R baby you won and most importantly that you enjoyed so much!!!
    But the best thing that I really liked was you were encouraging your friend to run faster.
    True when parents themselves cannot practise descipline what examples will they set for the kids?
    Its rightly said everything cannot be taught in school some things are to be inherited from parents and learnt at home.Wonder what would these kids learn?

  10. suranga date says:

    Generations change, but kids remain the same. I also attended all these sports day type things when the kids were in kindergaarten. And both my children (25 years ago) did this thing of turning around,and waiting and hurrying their friend to catch up, and then running towards the tape together. And yes, we had those super competitive sports moms too.:-) I even heard a Mom yell at her kid for going slow and not winning …:-(.

    • R's Mom says:

      are you serious Suranga..even 25 years ago were moms so competitive…I am pretty shocked to hear that…I dont remember my mom even coming to my sports day!

      That mom who yelled at her kid – baap rey what did she expect 😦

  11. Sumana says:

    Congrats to R on the medal. Finally the kids need to enjoy and ofcourse the medal is welcome anytime. Really,.. people do that. I mean standing and not listening such that they stop the activities and all.

  12. Smita says:

    I so much agree with the teacher that “if parents don’t toe the line how do they expect their kids to be disciplined”.

    I guess it is the Indian Mentality which comes on forefront here. The mentality that we ourselves are most important, no body else matters & we can get away with anything. But honestly this is all turning out to be very irrtating & frustrating.

    And yay! for the medal!! Congrats to the darling girl…a super tight hug to be passed on please 🙂

  13. summerscript says:

    Yay R baby got a medal 🙂 Congratulations 🙂
    Glad that the kids enjoyed it 🙂
    And who called you selfish? Tell me Tell me nowww … ** rolls up sleeves and gets ready for a fight **

  14. Ashwathy says:

    The brat would have come first, if she wasnt busy turning around asking her friend to hurry up *rolls eyes*
    You complain about other moms comparing and competing….. and then go on to spoil all that by writing this at the end of the post. You seriously useless!! 😛 (I’m loving it!! :mrgreen: )
    For goodness sake, let it be a game, and u be a sport. She is just being the child she is….and while innocence prevails, still waiting for her friend to catch up rather than competing to become first. God bless the little brat and her tattaka pattaka run 🙂
    Give her a huge hug from me..! 😀

    What, one parent sees the race, the other sees the medal cermony..we afterall, believe in equality eh?
    Yup yup…I’m convinced by now!!

    The teachers didnt know if the actual races were finals or semi finals..which meant that I had to call RD from his office to come since we didnt know whether we had to wait or move..and honestly I asked 4 teachers..they all said WE dont can you not are the teacher na?
    What!!! 😯 He he 😀 Even they have no idea what’s happening eh?

    A kick in the rear to all the nasty parents. I mean seriously. The teachers and kids are trying so hard to make it happen and they have to spoil it all !! 😡 Sheesh! 🙄

    the worst part is she may think her mom didnt wait for her…I did baby, I waited till the very end, but had to leave because I had to catch the train
    Sweetheart…it’s ok. She will understand…once she grows old enough to grasp it. She’ll be fine. The important thing is, you were there for the function. And I hope RD explained as to why you had to leave early. We all work under certain compulsions…. she will surely understand that eventually. Hugs! 🙂

    And yes the first line explains why no post from you today! In fact do you know that each day I never close your page until 5pm….and keep refreshing it now and then to see if you have enabled the comments I made, which have gone into moderation 🙂
    Many a time I comment in the afternoon in reply to your comment, and I patiently wait till next day and check back to see if you enabled it and replied to that 🙂

  15. Bikram says:

    she did .. aye chakk te fattteeeee 🙂 this time second next year only one more to BEAT .. excellent

    oh dont remind me of parents , 3 weeks ago i was called to a mayhem to a school sports meet, apparantly one parent threatened to kick or slap or do something to another parent.. for as the kids were running they bumped into each other and one fell down and lost the race ..
    CAN you beleive it … tried calming them down but to no avail so they had to spend the rest of the day in our guest house 🙂

    Ohhh this reminds me of sports day in school yayyyyyyyy that was the only thing i was good at sports and had only 2 or 3 days to show off and make my parents smile yayyyyyyyyyyy.. rest of the year it was complaints problems and more complaints 🙂

    Well done to “R”..

  16. kirti says:

    congratulations to R . Awww, she is super cute in cheering her friend .I guess, comepetetion and winning over your own friends is not a natural feeling , adults develop it in the kids.

    I have seen all those super pushy ” agressively selfish” parents .
    But I am so happy that there are some like you who can see things in perspective .
    Afterall sport’s day /annual day are for fun . every kid loves to run , jump and like to have a field day and specially in school which is otherwise a restrictive place.

  17. Laila says:

    It is insane how parents become so competitive about stuff that their kids should simply enjoy participating in… Why don’t they understand that their high expectations will eventually make these kids afraid of taking part in such activities…
    Anyways, I think it was great that you asked the other lady to sit down and not be selfish… people are so insensitive sometimes that it is unbelievable….

  18. Laila says:

    BTW, congrats to R on winning the medal… and, it just sounds so cute that she kept turning and asking her friend to hurry up… LOL 🙂 So cute!!!!

  19. Tanishka says:

    R came second… Yayy yayy….
    How do parents show such a behavior in front of their kids and expect the children to be well mannered… Isn’t that asking for too much from the kids then????

    • R's Mom says:


      I dont know yaar…I have this thing about parents coming in late also..I mean what are you teaching your child..coming in late is acceptable? thats what they learn na?

  20. anisnest says:

    now go and do a pooja with that medal.. what its R’s first medal-na? she deserves it..
    congratsssss R…

    what giving your own seat is called selfish? I didn’t know so far..

    he he he I stand too but only at the back or side where I won’t be a disturbance to anyone…

    • R's Mom says:

      pooja of the medal ahahhaha!

      thats what na ani…you stand at the back or side…because you care about others…in this case the lady was totally selfish yaar 😦

  21. A-kay says:

    You are talking about a race, I have seen much worse in a regular class. I used to go to a dance class (yes, Bharatnatyam and yes, I am a dancer too who got back and dropped off – someday when you start your school, may be I will join you 🙂 and now coming back to the point) and the younger kids class was prior to mine. Most times I would go early or rather the previous class would over-run and would watch these young ones dance, which by the way was very cute, but the parents would make the whole experience sour by competing with one another to record the class with a hand-held recorder. Initially, this drama would happen during the entire class duration so my teacher told the parents that recording will be allowed only in the last 10 mins; with this new rule in place, you need to see it to believe the confusion in the last 10 mins – everyone competing to get the “prime” spot for recording and this is not a one time thing, it used to happen every week! I used to think I learnt dance as a kid and my mom never even came to many of my classes; though she knew what I was learning did not know the details and I learnt plenty fine without any recording etc.

    End of the day what example are we setting for the kids, for one and why not take it easy and let the kid be, for another… Also, rely on his/her inherent memory/power to remember the steps/piece that was taught in the class. May be you are helping the kid to enhance/hone her memory powers? Finally, it is just a class, so what if the kid takes a class more to get it right. I shudder at the pressure on the kids these days!

    Of course, my teacher eventually stopped all recording as the parents were, well, unmanageable!

  22. You know what is the best part of this post “The brat would have come first, if she wasnt busy turning around asking her friend to hurry up” She sounds so much like you here RM 🙂
    And yay she wins medal ..big hug from me..I have seen the crazy Indian mother running along with their kids, I happened to assist for apartment level competition..So I can so relate to this post..

  23. Rajani Ram says:

    Congrats to R………and yes those parents need to take a ‘chill pill’……

  24. VJ says:

    YAY !!! She won !!!
    but I was brimming with pride reading the last sentence. How sweet of her to check on her friend and asking to hurry up !! big tight hugs to R !

  25. RS says:

    She had fun and she won too!! What more can you ask for a 3yr old. Parents – really RM someone needs to send them all back to some disciplinary school I tell you! Gah!!

  26. i read the whole post and then laughed out aloud as i imagined our R calling her friend and asking her to hurry up 😀 kids!(but then, thats exactly the stuff kids are made of!)

    kids got added under achievement list – like you know, my car gives 250 km/lit., my house has granite flooring, i earn a six fig monthly income, my kid can do that and this.

    it’s hard not to feel that sense of rush when your own child does something awesome, but this kind of aggressiveness, hmm. the silver lining is that the kids dont bother.

    ps : you offered your own seat and all! i wouldnt have done that 😐

  27. it’s scary know the way parents push kids and then u wonder if you are ‘hampering” the progress – i love the way you let R be!

    Lol…i love the reason why she came second -being a kid is seriously fabulous isn’t it?

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