The Vegetable Man

Cybernag has a separate page on her blog for her L&M (and the brats) PLEASE go there and read when you have time..

and this particular piece reminded me of my dad and mama…

So ma has never gone shopping for vegetables in her life..being the only sister of 3 brothers, she never did any outside work and after she got married to pa who didnt have a real sister, he ensured he took care of everything outside the house and hence ma never had to go out of the house..even to buy veggies…(yaa yaa my ma is a pampered brat herself ;))

anyways, so on Sundays pa used to go veggie shopping…

Ma would make a list an actual list of vegetables to buy and then write beside them how much to buy and then give it to appa and make him read it..(you know just incase he said that he couldnt read her pearl  beautiful hand writing)

anyways so lets say the list said

Cabbage – 250 gms
Cauliflower – 250 gms
Tomato – 500 gms..
Potato – 1 kg
Onion – 500 gms
Green chilly – 50 gms
Corriander – 50 gms
Ginger – 20 gms

Appa would come back with something like this

Cabbage – 500 gms (it was cheaper)
Cauliflower – 1 kg (Arey it was so fresh na…it looked wonderful so I didnt get it cut)
Tomato – 2 kgs (it was can make some tooku out of it)
Potato – 1 kg (Phew!)
Onion – 3 kgs (arey the fresh stock has wont get spoilt and on top of that, your eyes also wont water because these are from this particular X village which is known for its sweet onions)
Green chilly – 250 gms (you can make some green chilly achar na)
Corriander – 500 gms (errr…perhaps you can make chutney?)
Ginger – 250 gms (ekdum fresh tha so I got extra to put in the chai)
Green peas – 1 kg (I will shell them and you can make some kachoris na)
Brinjal – 500 gms (I felt like having Gotsu and Pongal)
Karela – 500 gms (Who will eat – I will I will good for health na)

and about 20 other vegetables

Amma: K (Appa’s name starts with K) K K (She is too furious to say anything further)
Appa: Smugly – Nice fresh vegetables na..I went to the big market and got
Amma: (frowning) Where do I keep them?
Appa: in the fridge? (By this time realizing that ma is slowly losing her temper)
Amma: Get me the biggest fridge on earth and these wont go in
Appa: but but
Amma: who will sit and separate the bhindi and the kundru and the beans from one another..who will clean up the palak AND the methi AND the corriander..cant you just buy one
Appa: but they were fresh
Amma: Everything is fresh that doesnt mean you get veggies for the whole world
Appa: I will help you clean up dont worry
Amma is fuming by then and so doesnt even reply..

to his credit, appa does clean up

Appa: Dont worry from next week, I will follow the list to the T

Next week after Appa comes back from the market

Amma: K..K…K

and the cycle repeated….I am 30 years and till date, I still see this cycle being repeated…

Ma gets super bugged because appa seems to go out and buy the whole market, while amma says there is no space in her fridge for so many of the veggies…

And then of course me being Appa’s daughter…once went to a place called Khanderao market in Baroda with my friend when we were in college because friend was coming to Mumbai and her grandmother wanted her to pick up some green peas which were of good quality from the market…

so friend and I went to the market and picked up like 5 kgs of green peas…when ma saw what I had come back with,she almost burst a nerve..and to add to all this the regular veggie guy who used to come to our soceity asked amma from the door ‘ben koi bhaji chaheye’ to which amma says ‘mujhe nahi chaheye..aapko chaheye toh mere paas se leke jaao’ the poor guy stood so confused while my dad was laughing away to glory….

and then my eldest mama came to cousin K spent 5 years with us during her engineering and mama used to come down most weekends to spend with us…and so the duo of saala and jiju would go shopping..and my mom’s worst nightmare came true…both of them were avid veggie shoppers..if mama liked the ‘green’ cucumbers, appa saw the ‘purple brinjals..if mama saw the fresh cauliflower, appa saw the radiant cabbage…you get the drift right?

Amma would threaten dire consequences to both of them, but it all fell in to deaf ears..and then they would blame each other..

Mama: well, K bought this first
Appa: I didnt, M saw it and said it was good..

you know like how school kids blame each other…like that…

My bro, cousin K and I had the best of times see the brother sister fight with each other while the brother in law tried to be the peace was hilarious 🙂

Thanks Zephyr for refreshing these memories…and of course like they say in that ad ‘The argument continues’ in RM’s parents household 🙂


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43 Responses to The Vegetable Man

  1. Sumana says:

    Awesome was laughing throughout. That is why my mom hates to send Dad along for anything. You tell one and there is something else also that comes along or too much of it.

  2. anisnest says:

    me first me first?

  3. anisnest says:

    ha ha ha haaa.. had a hearty laugh.. how about RD? who buys veggie at R’s household?

  4. Such a refreshing post! On Sundays my dad gos for veggie shopping. My mom asks for something n he gets something else n says, it wasn’t there so I got that one so that you can at least cook something!

  5. garima says:

    The above post reminds me of ‘Kahani ghar ghar ki’ ie. story is same in every household 🙂 Nice post could relate the same veggie dicussion between my mum and dad and now between me and hubby 🙂

  6. Ashwathy says:

    ‘ben koi bhaji chaheye’ to which amma says ‘mujhe nahi chaheye..aapko chaheye toh mere paas se leke jaao’ the poor guy stood so confused while my dad was laughing away to glory….
    ROFL!!! 😀 😆

    Hahahah I SO loved this post!!
    Having said that, I do not feel too much sympathy for your mother. Why?? Well she is sitting at home only, not once is she actually doing the buying herself if she was so unhappy with it. So this is the price that she oays for being a spoilt brat!! 😉
    Your dad is a darling!! 😀
    I am so loving imagining the scene in your house after each shopping session :mrgreen:
    So did you ever get around to buying a bigger fridge??? 😀 😉

    My mother is a minimalistic shopper. She had till date only bought only what is required. I have somehow learnt that habit of hers and hence never became a shopaholic. My hubby must be thanking his stars for that!! 😀 lol

  7. summerscript says:

    ‘mujhe nahi chaheye..aapko chaheye toh mere paas se leke jaao’ – ROFL

  8. Comfy says:

    oh RM this brings so many memories for me. Veggi buying drama every weekend. It is like kahaani ghar ghar ke 🙂

  9. Seema says:

    Your Dad is so sweet re. Even though he buys veggies enough for a Baraat, he cleans up and helps Mom. Yay to him. I just love your Mom and Dad. They make a cuter couple than RM-RD.

    LOL on RMM to Bhajiwala 😀

  10. RS says:

    Why am I unable to comment here. Been trying but there is no Post comment button only coming up 😦 Do something!!!!

    And I’ve always seen only mom getting veggies always.Only these days Dad gets it and he too over does it and mom is a t a loss of how to utilise those veggies before they go bad…

  11. I kept laughing all the way! The excess buying is the exact reason why my mom has never left my dad do the vegetable shopping. I mean, NEVER! 😀

  12. Richa says:

    this was the cutest post ever! Loved it! The same happens with my mom and dad. Ditto. 🙂

  13. Richa says:

    this was the cutest post ever! Even parents do this! Ditto.

  14. Vidya says:

    how about exchanging the grands with the ones here?;) how cute of mom and dad to continue bickering for the same veg issue for years and still know that that is how they will be.. na?!!

  15. Zephyr says:

    Looks like the L&M has a lot of company. Apart from cleaning the vegetables, does your dad also cut them? That could drive your mom up the wall for sure. And yes, it continues still. We must be the only couple in the society who bring home so much vegetables EVERYDAY, not just weekends 😦 In our house vegetables can be found everywhere because the fridge simply refuses to open if it sees any vegetables in our hands 😀

  16. Tanishka says:

    You know I wouldn’t blame your appa coz I’m also more or less like him… I mean I have never done veggie shopping for mom but like last time when I was going hone I asked her should I buy a dress for you and she said ok but remember only ONE and I ended up buying six dresses for her… This is just one example I end up doing something similar every time I go home and then get scolded for it….

  17. CA says:

    Nice read RM !!
    In our house … mom and dad went out for their evening walk and bought the veggies … usually their visit to the veggie market would be 2-3 times a week. Once in a while, mom would request daddy to buy… and it would always end with daddy buying something else than what amma would have asked him to 🙂

  18. Rajani Ram says:

    Hahahahahaa!! OMG!! hilarious yaar! soo funny! I can actually picture this…. something similar of this type happens at my house …. rarely though…. Dad wud bring something mom asked like two weeks back…. LOL.. Its funny to hear them argue over it… and its funny how the daughters end up with this trait from their fathers… coz I am the one who buys the entire grocery for my house… and when mom sees it she wud be like…” aah.. u were asked to by two item and u come with ten bags.” … and she smiles… while I will be looking at dad….who wud be smirking there… lol… good read… was laughing and then thinking about amma and achan… good times… 🙂

  19. Kanchan says:

    RM, this post reminds me of EVERY single Sunday of my life ! Dad used to come back with a ton of veggies and to top it – we didn’t have a fridge until a decade ago. So I wonder what did mom do to store those veggies ! I remember my bro and I used to finish off the cucumbers, carrots, peas (after/while being shelled, ofcourse) then and there. So maybe we did help in our own way 😛

  20. shail says:

    I can’t stop laughing. That was super read 🙂

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