The Weekend It Was

We had a great weekend…full of fun, crying, love, food, etc etc etc

My mama mama and my cousin brother came down to Mumbai on Friday…

And we didnt take them anywhere, except to do shopping at D Mart!

anyways so Friday was Aloo Dum and Fried rice day thanks to Mami

On Saturday morning

We were supposed to go to the beach but got up late…so we just chilled at home and then mami decided to make her celebrated ‘chilly paneer’ when mama suggested biryani with it..

and both of them insisted on ‘khewra water ‘for it…has anyone heard of khewra water…I was at my wits end wondering what the hell is this water!! anyways so thats why the trip to Dmart..we left at 11..and then went to D mart..searched the whole shop upside down..ended up buying unnecessary stuff..but we are not dwelling on that!

We came out and mama saw this Soda pub place..he is like so who wants to have Soda for which RM gets smart and no mama you get better ones at Borivali..

So mama is like okie…but we end up buying jalebi and this jalebi guy makes FRESH jalebi in front of you as you place the order and was a sight worth seeing the way he made the atta go round and round..

and then we went to Borivali and bought R’s uniform..the kid had grown by 3 inches I swear…when I put on her uniform on Friday her shorts were visible eh?

so mama was like I want to buy something for may as well get the brat got like TWO uniforms just like that..

then I went to buy some sweet and came back with half kg and RD looks at it and says..this is not enough..go back and get half a kg more hmph!

anyways so we bought the sweets and RD realised that he couldnt even park near the Soda pub fellow…so Mami said forget it..its already 12.15 and we havent even cooked..lets go back home..

But RD wanted to give mami the famous vada pav of Mumbai so we stopped at a famous larri and got that…it turned out to be tooo spicy for mami and my bro so we had to drink the Soda 🙂

so RD went back all the way to DMart right where we started hehehehe and we had Soda pub…it was 1 when we reached home and there was no lunch..

But mami being mami the super efficient one…quickly made some to-die-for ‘paneer chilly’ (R has been asking for it since then every 3rd hour!) and some lovely peas pulav…

We finished lunch at 2.30…managed not to let mama sleep after that and talked and talked and was super fun…R didnt sleep as well..she was dancing to most of the new item numbers 😉

and then mama mami and bro left at 4..just before that RD left to go for his office party…..

R cried like crazy when mama mami left saying she wanted to go to Calcutta…this girl nautanki…first Gurgaon, then Ahmedabad and now Calcutta

Some conversations

Mama: Will you come with me to Calcutta
R: yes
Mama: Where will you stay..P mama’s house or S chitti’s house (P mama being my cousin brother and S being my cousin sister, both are his children)
R looks at him for two seconds and says : Maine toh aapke ghar mein rahoongi! (Diplomat aint she)

My cousin is teasing her and pretending to pinch her

R: mama thatha, yeh P mama ko dekho na…mereko killi-fying kare che! (Mama thatha, look at his P mama, he is pinching me – the killi-fying is a hybrid tamizh english word!) they left and then R and I went up to do some playing and reading and came down to do some playing and cycling and then by 8 R was pretty exhausted!

We both ate some maggi and while I went in to wash the vessels…I come out to see her sleeping on the sofa…it was such a cute sight 🙂


I get up to the sound of ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ I look around to see R awake, humming that as she looks at the stars which are stuck on the ceiling…I smile and she says good morning Amma, appa kidhar che?

I look around and I cant find him..I know he came back the previous day night because I had opened the door! I look for him at the bathroom, scream his name while R goes ‘appa appa kidhar lost ho gaye’ and then I get panic for a minute, and call him

RD: Hello (he is panting)
RM: Where are you (my imagination goes wild that he has been kidnapped and cant breathe and stuff)
RD: Running
RM: What?
RD: Running..
RM: What…why didnt you tell us and go
RD: both of you were sleeping na
RM: Leave a note next time hmph!
RD: !!!!

anyways, so before RD came, I was miss efficient personified and cut the veggies of the week and made the house livable again but keeping stuff at its place blah blah blah

RD came back and R was happy 🙂

We had maggi for breakfast (have you ever had maggi for both dinner and breakfast, its equally delicious!)

I made sambhar, cabbage curry and rice for lunch and made all the preps for burger for dinner…

Then I remembered this recipe from Sangeeta’s blog for an apple cake….sweet talked RD into making that 😉 It was pretty nice 🙂

anyways, then we ate and slept…

got up and decided to go to the park….we went to the park and R played for a while

We had to buy some shoes for her as well to wear to school so we bought that…and then when we were walking back to the car, we were discussing about some friend’s daughter’s school being expensive and how much money they must be earning..

RD: we earn enough as well
RM: do we?
RD: yes of course..we live such a comfortable life
RM: then why do I feel I never splurge money..if we are earning a lot…I should splurge na
RD: Errr..and you think you dont splurge..may be its your typical gujju nature..if you earned even 10 times of what we are earning, you will still wait for the bus and take the train…
RM: Gah!

anyways so then we went to buy some ketos for R..and at the Bata shop RD spent (hold your breath!) 1200 on two pair of shoes..

RD: Well…you wanted to splurge na
RM: !!!!!

and then we came back home..

oh on the way back home, we had our skirmish

RD put some malayalam song in the car

RD: So do you like it
RM and R in unison: NO!

R: Appa, madasamastha jagadam lagao
RD: What? and proceeds to put senorita from ZNMD

R: Appa, madasamastha jagadam lagao

RM: See…you daughter wants to hear some bhagwan ka song and you are putting up this..what kind of a father are you
RD finally puts up kausalya suprabhatam…

R: yayayyay!
RD: there is a time to hear this
RM: What nonsense, you can hear it when you want
RD: its like asking an accountant to do some engineering drawing..every song has a time to be heard…you should hear it at 7 in the morning not at 7 in the night
RM: of course thats rubbish…you can hear when you want
RD: well if you feel so, I dont agree
RM: Gah!

and so we fought about the timings of suprabhatam..and reached home

had yummy burgers for dinner (Self praise!) and then went off to sleep 🙂

so that was our weekend…hope yours was rocking too 🙂


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35 Responses to The Weekend It Was

  1. summerscript says:

    R wanted to hear suprabhatam ??? he he 😀
    Awesome post as always, but but I am feeling very hungry now.When I come to your home, I will expect chilli paneer, pulao, vada pav ,burgers, your awesome cakes etc etc

  2. Seema says:

    Did you finally get the Kewra water or not? It has a distinct aroma and used to flavour Biryanis and Pulaos.

    I laughed out so loud at ‘he has been kidnapped and cant breathe’ that one of my colleagues checked with me if everything is alright!

    ‘if you earned even 10 times of what we are earning, you will still wait for the bus and take the train’ – RD knows you so well.

    I LOLed once again at ‘madasamastha jagadam’. Mmmmmuah to R!

  3. hey RM aapka har weekend kitna busy and funfilled hota hai.I envy you 🙂
    I smiled where you said you woke up listening to twinkle twinkle little star.Oh so sweet of R ,you must be so happy.Totally bliss
    LOL on ‘appa appa kidhar lost ho gaye’ …Plz convey my ‘children’s day’ wishes to her:-)

  4. Ashwathy says:

    Oh yes I love the way the jalebi guys make the sweet…..making the go atta go round and round with perfection!! It’s a sight to behold alright!

    Don’t have so much maggi woman….the noodles wax is bad for your tummy…takes 3-4 days for your body to get rid of it in the first place. Did you even know that?

    See…you daughter wants to hear some bhagwan ka song and you are putting up this..what kind of a father are you
    ROFL! 😀

    Yummy burgers eh? You feed me also and I will let you know 😉

    You stupid woman…!! Suprabhatam means beautiful or good morning/dawn. And you are playing it at 7 in the NIGHT??? PSYCHO!! 😯
    Of course RD is right….there is a time for playing it!! 🙄 Do I have to tell you all these things??

  5. Tharani says:

    arey what is Kerwa water.. Now I want.. and Jelabi, Vada pav, Peas pulav, chilli panner, I want all..
    R’s language is way too cute, killify,, he he he..
    and RD is jogging and all. Why not join him

  6. Sumana says:

    What ever way you spend your weekend you write up so well that we have been addicted to your monday posts. But this post I have to support RD for 2 reasons, 1 being – obviously the comment even if you earned 10 times … so perfectly said, we all belong to such category, 2 being suprabatham times are in the morning. My hubby can figure out the suprabatham being sung but nothing more than that….Love the killi fying kare che. Beautifully worded baby (to R) keep it up.

  7. Sumana says:

    Now i want to support R, either you give her a baby that she has been asking for OR have her room done forgetting all budgets.. How is that??? just kidding;)

  8. For all the drool-worthy stuff that your mami made, can I borrow your mami please? 😀 Where is the apple-cake photo?! **Gives a stern look** And you have a ‘suprabhatham’ CD in your car?! **Faints**

    • R's Mom says:

      oh you can..she will love to cook for you 🙂

      Why are you fainting at suprabhatam in the car…RD has a big collection of bhakti songs in the car ka CD…;)

  9. Bikram says:

    hmm a good weekend i would say with all that happening eating-smiling-fighting etc etc What more can one ask for

    and I loved R’s reply that she replied ot whose house will she go to and he he he Killy-fying I like the word toooo

  10. Yess, I had a rocking weekend too! 😀 Have bloged about it as well. Kewra water is a sort of rose water, used in biryanis. It is used in Kolkata, hence mamaji, Seema & me know about it! B-) 😛 R humming twinkle twinkle is soo adorable! Lots of hugs to her! And she is so culturally enriched!!! 😮 kudos to her for choosing that morning raga over Senorita!

  11. happy Children’s Day to R!!! :*

  12. Swaram says:

    Oh hw I luv the way R talks in her hybrid language 😀 I so wanna learn it from her .. u pls book ur tickets to Hyd soon 😛 else u wil hv to host me in Mumbai 😉

  13. Tanishka says:

    The weekend started with Jalebi Fafda, then wada pav, then soda, the chilly panner and pullav, maggie, sambhar chawal, and finally yummy burgers…. You had a yummy weekend…. 😀 😀

    Lol at suprabhatam in the evening…. 😀

  14. anisnest says:

    muaahhh to R for that one word “killi-fying”.. I loved it and was all teeth till the end of the post? I was all teeth while reading your skirmish too 🙂 🙂 …that was indeed a great weekend.. what fun than chatting in the afternoon… I love it..

  15. Vidya says:

    super happening weekend!! R has grown taller by 3 inches in less than 2 months?!!*gasp* I’m going to officially ban the word ‘vada-pav’ from your blog!! if you HAVE to use it, you must first send me some..

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