So Who Does She Look Like?

who else…R…

I dont know..some people say (read my side of the family) say she looks like me..but thats just a few in my family..

most people agree that she looks like my MIL..right from her skin to complexion to dimples..except the eyes…those eyes are mine….though mine are covered with soda bottle kanadis…hers are still untouched…..

She otherwise seem to look like my MIL (read RD)…

But my brother argues that when she wears her hair the way she wears it, she looks like me….he gets reminded of me when he sees her that ways…

While, the family on both sides, continue to argue that she looks like MIL…

Yesterday we reached the daycare early and both of us were bored of each other, waiting for the daycare to open

RM: I had told you na we should leave later

R: So, I told you na not to hurry

RM: but you wanted to leave early

R: aapko temple ana tha na..main kya karu..bola tha late aane ko

And so we were fighting and she got bored..and she is like amma picture lete hain

and so I clicked pictures of us together face touching face with my sad sa cell phone (lets not dwell on cell phones here…I am still crying for the one I lost!)

anyways when I looked at the pictures, I realised she doesnt look like me AT ALL…she looks like RD…

and hence RM blogs in despair…

 imagine the only child of mine not looking like me…but I do swear she looked like me when she was younger….and now she resembles her dad…gah!

 RM sits heart broken…and I know my brother loves me the most…just to make me happy he kept fighting with the world saying R looks like RM

sorry bro, now I know the truth..

then I read this post by Comfy ..and then I remembered my brother…

and then I was set thinking..may be…just may be I should try for another child, if not anything that kid has about 50% chances to look like me…(I know, I know, I am super cheap that ways!)

now thats a thought isnt it…*Insert desperation*

But wait, there are some things that are common between me and R physically at least

1) We both have birth marks at the same place above the wrist on our left hands…yes we do..

2) We both have horrible mis shapen feet which are over sized like ducks

3) We both have similar eyes…

and then I think, Oh My God! do I really want a child that looks like me….? I mean can the world stand another RM looking person?…I think very hard and realise ‘no, nahi’ thats just not possible…

Who needs world wars when RM is around to scare the daylights out of you..and imagine TWO RMs looking alike..nahi nahi ho sakta so…there

So maybe the second child can wait 😉


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80 Responses to So Who Does She Look Like?

  1. The Bride says:

    Hahaha, while I was reading this, my first thought was “R’s Mom wants another baby and we should encourage her”. Then at the end I was like… ok I still think you want another baby. Just do it!

  2. RS says:

    Gah! So you are still searching for (silly) reasons to have a second child! I told you I will take care of R for how ever long you want 😛
    And dont despair – Chutku is nothing like me either – everyone – including my parents say he looks like Hubby 😦 though some poses, some times random people say he looks like me and that makes my day! 😀

    Now can we be the judge too? Send the photo across and let me decide who she looks like! 😀

  3. Sumana says:

    Na na na Rm, you should have the second one not 50 but i think atleast 90% can match. The rest 10% R would have so you have a double replica. AAh stop talking RM is a wonderful person and having said that, both sides of the family can talk the second baby looks exactly like you and the time starts now wink wink;)

  4. Seema says:

    Wanna spank you right away for underplaying and making nasty statements about your looks. Grrr….

    R wants a baby, did you forget her wish?

    About getting bored of each other… I so relate to that when I am alone with the two of them at home and Abbas at work!

  5. When i started reading your post – that was my solution – have another baby – p.s. i must admit i was influenced by Comfy’s post too 🙂

    Ok now we want R2…kindly oblige

  6. summerscript says:

    oh wait.. i think you both have one more thing in common
    You both are AWESOME ! 🙂

  7. Smita says:

    hahahaha…Heights of desperation I say 😛
    As a cousin of mine says, “we do all the mehnat of carrying the child for 9 minths, givin birth etc and after all that they turn out to look like their fathers, not done!” 😀
    My condition is exactly like you, every one says he looks like his father but it is only my hubby who saya, “since his complexion is fair ppl compare him to me but he looks like you” so I conveniently agree with him on this 😉

  8. See.. That is why you should have twins, RM. There is always a 50-50 chance. One would look like you and the other like RD. What? You think I am making you jealous. No RM No.. Even now you stand a chance, RM. You might get twins the second time around. And then, we’ll get to read about R, R2 and R3. Yay… What say?? **Runs to save my life before RM comes running with pistols and sticks**

    • R's Mom says:

      Wah! kya thought hai..try for another kid and get ek pe ek free….

      you are lucky to get twins in the first case 🙂

      • Ashwathy says:

        My cousin has that. He has twin boys. One looks like him and the other looks like his wife. But unfortunately that would mean they are not identical 😦 We literally have to go around convincing people that they really are twins! 😛

  9. Comfy says:

    RM let me tell you Buzz looks just like D but for her eyes and nails which are mine. Bugz is all me. As of now we can find nothing of D in her. So there you go have another one 😀

  10. bikram says:

    Lai I just got excited at the thought that party time when RM has another baby.. Amd now you say wait….. Yyyyyyyyu 🙂

    I gues kids keep changing as they grow she will change a lot.

    Maybe the second one will be exactly like you so go fpr it… Chakkk deo fatte…

  11. JustAgirl says:

    Oh this is the same story here!
    There are some people who say ( read my known people) who say T looks like me and there are all people who B ( hubby) knows… who say she looks like him / his mom/ his sister.

  12. Arre RM what reason you got to have a second kid..amazing!!!
    in my previous post i said i look like neither of my parents nor siblings,one adopted piece i am in the family 🙂 Thank god R atleast looks like her dad 🙂

  13. smitha says:

    I have the same problem. Daughter looks exactly like husband. Carbon copy. I can’t tell you how irritated I used to be every time people commented on how she looks exactly like him 🙂

    Having a second one to have another go at a child who looks like you. That is a brilliant idea, RM!!!!! Go for it 🙂

  14. Vidya says:

    So, in all probability, we can soon expect a world war soon;)) Arre yaar, R has your eyes and yes, otherwise she looks like RD. Other junta: I have met the ladies.. so yes, I can vouch:) Her dimples are like you’ve really driven a pencil into it- perfect.. And you RM, are a gorgeous looking woman, simply misleading the blogoland. hmpf!

  15. I was a replica of my dad when I was small. As I grew up, my body, my posture, my face – all slowly started looking more like my mother. And I have noticed that once you set foot into womanhood, you start looking more like your mother. So chill, you will have the last laugh.

    As for the R2 plan, go for it I say! You cannot say no to R, can you? 😀

  16. suranga date says:

    Just thought I should tell you this 🙂
    My daughter looks like nobody in the family. I went through this looking business when my son, her elder brother was born 30 years ago. And I learnt to ignore folks when they said he looked like my f-in-law, etc, Those who knew me as a child often saw a resemblance, but their visits were infrequent. Then we adopted our daughter 22 years ago, and around the time from when she was 9 till approx 15 , she and I were a fixture at the pool, where she would go for her swimming workouts as a child, and I would be in the gallery. One day, after workouts the various other parents were there waiting for their children to emerge from changing clothes. My daughter had a huge gaggle of friends , and they all emerged laughing heartily about something. When she reached where I was, one of the parents, looked at my daughter, then looked at me, and smiled and said, :You know what, she and you have such a similar laugh !”….. Both the daughter and I were tickled to bits as she (my daughter) knew about her adoption by then, and for someone to sense a resemblance was so nice .
    So R’s Mom, dont worry about who she looks like. They change. And one day, I am sure you will hear someone saying loud and clear, that R takes after/looks like/is just like her Mom…

  17. Tharani says:

    Yeah we want R2,we want R2,we want R2,we want R2,we want R2,we want R2,we want R2,we want R2,we want R2,we want R2,,,,,,,,,we want R2

  18. Scribby says:

    isn’t this the same story everywhere of who the kid resembles? 🙂 at my end usually I win the case but there are some features so prominent that no one can say Chirpy hasn’t got nothing from her dad…so even if largely she looks like,as of now,she still has something of her dad 🙂

    and about the second one 😛 lol at your own reasoning to self !!! you’re one hilarious post generator!!! and it’s okay to have another RM I’m telling you so go for it….teehee 😀

  19. Sreetama says:

    I look exactly like my Granny (dad’s mom). When I was young I looked exactly like my dad. So much so that one of my mom’s friend said that nobody would ever doubt my mom’s morality, courtesy the father daughter resemblance! Then when my group was identified, (same as my dad’s), my mom said in a depressing tone, “You don’t resemble me in any way, I just hoped our group would be the same!” But my nature is exactly the sam as my mom’s! That’s what I say & assure her of carrying on her legacy as she didn’t gift me a sibling! 😛

  20. My era says:

    It doesn’t matter who our kids look like, for it’s us that’s reflected in every little thing they do. By us I mean our parenting, our teachings, our love and everything that parents so lovingly bestow on their kids besides genes 😀 😀
    Don’t think too much and get working girl so R has a sibling soon 😉 😉

  21. Sangitha says:

    Everyone and that is EVERY one (except sister who thinks my daughter looks like her!) says daughter looks exactly like me. Daughter comes up to me one day and says, “Amma, I know that everyone thinks I look like you. But I am ME, okay? And you are YOU.” (implying ‘and that’s just how it will be if I have anything to do with it, not like I don’t like you or anything! :-D)

    In the meantime, people tell me my son (who does not share our gene pool) looks like me. He loves it….grins big. Soon, I am sure it will be ‘hey, NO! I think I look much better!’

    By the way, they say even pets end up looking like their human parents. So maybe there’s an alternative to a human second child. Just saying!

  22. Shades!!!! says:

    Dear RM, let her grow then only u ll come to know whom she resembles!!!!!

  23. anisnest says:

    so RM is ready for next one? we can soon expect some good news :).. now that you spoke about it we are going to pull your leg until you say the good news 😉

    luckily most people say Adi is like me though I feel that she is like M wired na.. she has a dimple in chin same as him and I lub that.. 🙂

  24. Ashwathy says:

    Wanted to comment here last (elaborately) 🙂
    For some reason I want my daughter to look like my hubby and have his smile as well. And if we have a son too then he should look like me. I don’t know – maybe once I become a mother I might want the kid to look like me only 😛 So right now is probably the honeymoon-blindly-in-love-with-hubby phase. 😛

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