Life is an Adventure

And so I am at my parents place…ayyayayayayya!
waiting for this vacation for a long long time..and it finally arrived..RD is not yet here…*Sticks tongue out to him*

he is coming only tomorrow….for the first time since my delivery i have left him and come J….in the recent phone call, I heard he is missing R and pretending that RM is not important in his life

And oh just to make him more jealous, my college friend has
also come down from Gurgaon with his wife and 2 kids and they are staying with us….

As usual..long post ahead of Diwali which covers the life
and times of RM and R, from Saturday till Tuesday morning


Afternoon flight…RD drops R and me to the airport…we get
in and its a struggle…

First lesson learnt – never travel with your child alone in
the flight..never!

Anyways I somehow manage to check in and then pass the
security check…I make R do su-su (remember the Chennai tales) and then we start boarding the bus to get into the aeroplane..and in front of our bus some other bus came..and we waited for like 15 minutes…and R had this question ‘Amma apna bus kabhi jayega’ for about a million times…till even the guy next to me..said ‘arey baby jayega jayega…tum abhi yeh question mat poocho’

And we boarded the aircraft…its just a 40 minutes flight
and they served us food…and then as soon as the guy on the aisle seat  started with his sweet dish R says the dreaded P word….

RM: R lets wait will we go to Goa

R: nahi amma zor se aayi hai..bahut khaya na

RM: toh who told you to eat so much

R: The air hostess ne diya na..toh finish karna padega na.

RM squeezes her way out of the seat, then makes the 6 air
hostesses with 3 carts move away when the last guy says..the flight is
landing..please make it fast…and I hadn’t even crossed him then..

R: Mereko nahi jana

RM: What

Three people sitting on the aeroplane start laughing

R: mereko Baroda jaake jana hai

RM: We are going to goa, not baroda

R: oh…toh Goa mein toilet hai na

Insert laughter from everyone around

RM: do you want to go or not

R: Errr…

RM: R say fast please

R: nahi jana…thathu ke saath goa mein jaoongi..woh uncle
bole na…flight land ho raha hai..toh mereko problem hoyega na!

So I go through the entire process of coming back to the
window seat and in the open bag with R’s crayons etc etc has fallen down….I pick it up and then close it while the flight has started descending while praying to God that R’s potty follows the reverse process!!

Anyways…we land and then try and search for my phone to
call amma appa but just didn’t get it…waise that my bag is like ali baba’s cave is a known fact on this blog…thankfully Goa’s airport is such that you can see out from the airport…I saw my parents….R left my hands and went ekdum filmy style to her grandparents while the security guys tried to stop her…but she screams..thatha thathi and then runs to them

I get my luggage and spend the time in the car searching for
the phone..dont get it..come home…ultaaofiy the whole bag don’t get it and then appa being appa the hero takes me back to the airport..and we lodge a complaint…

RD in the meantime lets me know on how I am the only person he knows who has managed to lose three phones in 5 years of marriage…gah!

Anyways we come back..and then meet up with my friend and
his family who has already arrived from  gurgaon the day before…R and A and N (A is 6 and N is 2.5) meet as if they are the actual old college friends..with R screaming AAAAAAAAAa and NNNNNNNNNN and the other two going RRRRRRRRRRRRR


We decide to go to this place called Doodh Sagar….people
coming to Goa…leave the beaches…go here…its an absolute adventure…

So its my friend, his wife, me, R, A, N, amma and appa

We have to go to a certain point and after that if you have
seen those cross country trails through the forest and the water and all  that…

While the other kids are enjoying…R is screaming through
ever bump…arey koi mujhe bachao..koi mereko neeche utaro..iss jeep ke koi mujhe bacha lo , koi mere appa ko bolo ke mereko baachane ko aaye (This girl is totally filmy I swear!)..the whole journey…I seriously didn’t know whether to laugh orcry….a girl getting scared of sitting in a jeep with loved ones just because its bumping *Rolls eyes*

And then we get off at a place from where you have to
actually walk through stones and water to see the water falls

We all walked when we think back, we think it
was too dangerous to take such small kids through this..but tab toh adventure ka josh tha…the driver, my friend and dad managed to get us through..

When we reached there….there were Monkeys…we got a bit
scared…but friend and dad were like they wont do anything

Appa then made A and R and N sit near a ‘safe’ spot with RM
holding them for supervision…we enjoyed the gentle spray of the waterfalls and the kids put then hands and legs into water enjoying when

R suddenly was up one second and into the water completely
the other second. I was too dazed to react and my friend jumped from top of a stone and caught her in the wasn’t really flowing water but she was completely drenched right upto her hair..she had fallen almost face down into the water like how a person drowns…she started crying and friend was completely soaked and we made her laugh while I was trembling all the while….I mean..I was thinking what kind of a mom am I who cant even ensure her kids

In the meantime some stupid foreigners came and started
feeding the monkeys who descended on us for some strange reason…its written there clearly that feeding monkeys is a punishable offence and yet…I mean if in their countries they follow rules why not in India?

Anyways we all screamed and then my dad and friend shooed
the monkeys away and appa was so so bugged that he started shouting at the guides of the firangs about how they still bow down the white skin and he picked up N in one hand and R in the other hand like hanuman and started walking through the rocky surface jumping like a mountain goat…we all stood back gaping at him and my friend started shouting uncle uncle running after him!

Finally we descended down…my mom fell down into the water
but appa held her like a true hero she and he were giggling away like a couple of honeymooners…

At one point my friend was carrying his daughter, three bags
and holding his wife’s hand making her cross the flowing water…she went ahead, picked up her child while the guide (Who I think was God incarnate) held on to him….he crossed…my mom dad crossed…I was holding R in my arms because she was refusing to even touch water….when he looked at me..made eye contact and said..RM please be careful…

RM: arey don’t worry..I am safe


Splash! I fell down into the flowing water with R and the
bag in tow…people around me screamed..and the guide caught R..and literally threw her to my friend who caught her as if she was a ball (after that R thinks of him as a hero going mamu mamu mera hero)see I wrote somewhere earlier that I was not very maternal..this is definitely proof…I mean which mom drops her daughter TWICE?

And the guide came back to make me get up while I was struggle to find my  legs who were somewhere…I was holding on to a rock for dear life….he actually made me get up..what arms  man! And then we crossed..

So in totality…I fell, Ma fell, R fell (twice), my friend almost fell…and yet we all enjoyed the adventure…

We were laughing the whole bumpy ride back and my friend was
still pissed off at me for letting go of R (twice)

Go to Doodh Sagar the next time you are in Goa…its the
most amazing place to be…

The disadvantage…R hates water now

In the evening,  my friend and appa took the kids to a nearby park at Appa’s campus only


We went to the beach in the morning with R screaming mereko
paani mein nahi jaana…mere appa ko bolo mereko baccha ne aaye…etc etc

but my friend and appa managed to convince her and at least
wet her feet…I hope she is not scared for life or something!

In the evening we went to a place called Donna Paula and
bought some stuff and then went on a cruise with the kids and me dancing like crazy
it was fun


They are leaving for Baroda in sometime and R is crying since yesterday that mereko baroda jana hai!

So will update the cry session after they leave

Wishing all of you a super happy Diwali please be safe and don’t
pollute..I hope to blog sometime more before I go back to Bombay on the 30th

Seema and RS thanks for checking in..Muah!

leaving you with some pictures of the three brats

Just before the BIG fall..playing in the water


After the Adventure....A holds R and consoles her through the way while N follows


On the Beach the next day...holding hands against the tide


Together looking at the sea


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38 Responses to Life is an Adventure

  1. summerscript says:

    wowww..what fun RM ! I can actually visualize everything ..Poor baby R fell down twice ! 😦
    Doodh sagar OK i will remember 🙂
    The pics are too cute..esp the first one 🙂 🙂
    Have a safe and fun filled Diwali RM 🙂

  2. I KNEW you were at Goa! 😀 **Sticks tongue out**
    ‘R: oh…toh Goa mein toilet hai na’ – I went ROFL with that! R is definitely your girl! 😀 **Runs away before RM comes hitting**
    What adventure, lady! I could almost visualise the entire thing. Thank God all of you are fine.
    As usual, R’s kudumis shone through the pics! 😀
    Happy Happy Diwali to the entire R household (including Amma and Appa!) 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      Arey dont run away…She is definitely my daughter 🙂
      Oh you could visualize na..good I am glad because I wanted RD to read this and know what he missed hehehe 🙂
      thanks and happy diwali to the twins and all at home as well

  3. Sumana says:

    Oh wow that is an adventure. Glad you had fun. First of all Wish you a very Happy Diwali. So did you loose your phone???? I am with you on this. In the last 3 years, the cell i have is the 4th one. Hubby wants to buy an android and i am not for it what with my loosing strategy..
    Don’t even talk about maternal stuff and all that, it happens after all you are also a human being and then a mom.

    • R's Mom says:

      Happy Diwali to all too 🙂

      Oh I did lose my phone rey….thoda rona dhona hua and then I thought…chalega lemme just chill out…

      abhi toh RD will give me only 1000 Rs ka phone hehehehehe

      Muah for your last line 🙂

  4. Pepper says:

    You are in Goa? It’s my favourite holiday place. Sigh. Have fun.
    And R’s ponytails.. what can I say 😀 I love them. The irony is that I hated my mom for making those ponytails for me during my childhood. I tell her I won’t ever forgive her for those fountains on my head. And now when I see it on R, I find it cute !

    • R's Mom says:

      babes..I am at my parents house hehehe 🙂

      you used to have such ponytails…awwww! thats so so cute 🙂
      and abhi dara mat…R mereko baad mein gaali degi kya?

  5. RS says:

    You are in Goa?!! Hmmmppphhhh! See the greeeeeeeen eye monster sitting here?

    I Love love love R’s juttus 😀 And just you take care of yourself and R…

    Been to Goa 3 times – all 3 times by train fromBlore and everytime we pass through 13 tunnels we know we will see the Doodh sagar falls 🙂 Enjoy!!!

  6. Sreetama says:

    Wishing the R family a very happy & prosperous Diwali! Have fun!

    The post is too cute! All the kids are so adorable but R stands out with her cutest jhoontis!!! 😀

    If I go to Goa again in my life (the first & only time when I was 10!), I’ll definitely visit Doodh Sagar. You are so lucky to have your parents there! Looking forward to your Diwali updates!

  7. anisnest says:

    I was about to email you RM.. you spoiled us with daily posts and now if I don’t see your post in the morning I go thinking what happened to this lady.. missed your posts 😦
    glad to know that you are at mom’s place.. Enjoy gal and happy diwali to R’s household, amma and appa..

  8. RM you are super funny , I loved reading abt your episode in the flight.
    I am so J, you are with parents..Best part of the world. I loved reading your adventure, it was cary dear, I am so sorry to hear you, mom and R fell down, but I am sure you had great fun..Lets forget rest all isn’t it..Have more fun. Wish you all a very Happy Diwali..

  9. Seema says:

    Ohho, RD missed all this action!

    I’m sorry but I LOL’ed when you fell. Still can’t stop laughing!

    Enjoy enjoy in Goa. If possible, go on the paragliding ride (the one that Reema Sen did in Honeymoon Travels) I have gone on that ride in Goa. It’s super awesome… (showing off a bit but then it’s really worth it)

    • R's Mom says:

      glad to make you laugh darling…
      abey idhar falls cross nahi ho rahe you are talking about paragliding…infact you and RD will hit off well..he loves all this stuff…I am just too scared 🙂

  10. Tanishka says:

    Lol at Goa mein toilet hai na…. 😀
    The pics are very cute and after reading this I also want to go to Doodh Sagar…. Sounds like a fun place…

  11. Rajani Ram says:

    WOW!! seriously!! am first??? no comments yet!!! Everyone is out there enjoying Diwali…. thats y?…. damn.. says a lot to me right?? grrrr… 🙂 … You are in GOA! nice!!! I haev always heard about the place but never been there…. hmmm too many places to see and too little time….:-)

    Away from beaches is it? nice… scenic are would have been lovely…. do u have any pics? Can you post them? …. I am glad to know that no one was injured or anything after all that fall…. And R, I think, will overcome the fear for water… its was probably a shock when she fell….

    R’s episodes in flight… on flight…LOL!!! Gosh!! soo lovely to hear it…. I can’t stop laughing over it!!!

    Have a wonderful time and as always will wait for your blog…. Happy Diwali to you and your family too…. 🙂

  12. Swaram says:

    LOL! She made so many ppl laugh on that flight 😉 Aww hw sweet! She earns a lot of punya for that 😉
    Doodhsagar is an awesome place no 🙂 Our friends went for a trek there twice and we missed it both times 😦

    Happy Diwali R’s family 🙂 Lovelyyy pics there 🙂

  13. Vidya says:

    Seriously amma! you must have told R if there were toilets in Goa!:) And sounds like total fun… Ummm.. catching up on the other posts.. wait… its a crime to be doing this series when i was not reading!

  14. dipali says:

    R is too cute, each time she flies especially!
    What adventures. And such cute pics:)

  15. Lol…what a little drama queen R is !!! Hahaha..i can’t stop laughing at her dramatic bachao statements!!

    the 2 of you are too cute – funny little mother daughter combo!

  16. Shweta says:

    I ll also share one experience here..
    My Family and one of my Dad’s friend’s (Uncle D) Family planned a south trip when we were very young.. my bros (twins) must have been 2 yrs old.. So after a long train journey from Delhi to Bengaluru (then Bangalore) we needed a hotel for just half a day for changing and taking some rest before we start the actual trip.. Probably the elders hadn’t booked any hotel fr that day.. So My Mom, me (8yrs) and my 2 bros A and A, Aunty D and their two Son S and S, one almost my age and other same as my bros stay near the railway station and Uncle D and My Dad go in search for a Hotel room… now handling 5 kids out of which 4 are boys is pretty difficult for even two ladies.. The boys were running all around.. and with so much traffic around… Mom had no option but one to hold my brothers.. She took out the nada from one of her salwars in the bag and Tie A at one end and A at another and sat in between.. Papa always say that when he came back.. Drashya (scene) dekhne wala tha.. with both my brothers tied as fugitives and crying their eyes out and my Mom in despair… and me standing near them looking all confused as to whats happening.. 😀

    We have had many more trips with many more interesting and memorable incidents like these and now when we talk about them all we do is laugh our stomachs out.. 😀

    P.S – choti girls ki dresses kitni cute hoti hain.. 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      you have twin brothers!!! you are so so lucky!!!

      Gosh your mom is a total rockstar yaar!!! but at that time its so scary for your mom rey! I can so understand

      • Shweta says:

        Yup.. Mom is a Rockstar… !! She still manages – Job, Kids, Joint family, Home pretty well.. all of us try to help as much as we can.. but she def is the back bone of our family.. 😀

        Yep.. twin brothers and naughty devils i tell u… but yes.. I still feel very lucky to have both of them.. 😉 {they hav got most of the naughtiness from me only re.. 😀 }

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