Sometimes I Wish, I was RD……

No seriously…I mean he is good at a lot of things and sometimes I get this feeling that I would be better off if I were him

My first absolutely known-to-the-world reason is his flair with numbers…I can never in any janam get it…be it a policy number, phone number, 14 digit number from work..the guy remembers it like as if its a nursery rhyme (you know stuff like twinkle twinkle little can say it even if someone wakes you up in the middle of the night and asks you to recite a gunpoint…well its just a hypothetical situation!)

RM: RD whats the policy number of our XYZ insurance

RD: (watching TV) : **************

RM: And what the bank account number of appa

RD: (sitting on his laptop)****************XYZ****

RM: and what about our home loan numbers?

RD: (fiddling with his phone)**********

RM :What is Appa’s friend’s cousin sister’s husband’s number?

RD: (playing with R)09*********

No no, this is not like a rapid fire round or something I do with him…(though I am sure sometimes I do feel this urge to do that) generally asked questions at random times and the guy is able to answer all of these either while watching TV, or ‘working on the laptop’ or ‘fiddling with his phone’ without taking a breath…

I mean who remembers numbers like this yaar!

and then his sense of finance…I swear, this was my conversation with my boss some days ago…

RM Boss: but RM you knew about your salary structure right? why cant you help out your colleague?

RM: Boss, I dont know about my salary structure

RMB: but RM, you went through it in detail before accepting this offer 1.5 years ago

RM: Well, I didnt, my husband did and if he is fine with it so am I


See..I am pathetic…totally pathetic..but I cant help this post to believe in my financial helplessness 

 I have become totally dependent on him, at least for all finance related stuff…as I confessed in the above mentioned post…

I cant help it…I try hard every damn year to learn about my investments and NOT depend on RD, but that doesnt seem to be happening 😦

every year we have this fight at the time of declaration of the taxes

 RM: I want to know what investments to declare

RD: I will give you

after two weeks

RM: you have to give me the investments

RD: I am busy, I will do it tomorrow

RM: how can you do have no sense of responsibilty..what will happen to my declaration

RD: RM, you have been working for so long now..dont you think you should do it by yourself

RM: WHat you are asking me to ALL THIS by myself!

RD: yes

RM: Hmph! you do it this year and from next year I will never come back to you..I will manage

RD just smiles indulgently and fill in the sheet for me

AFter an year

RM: I want to know what investments to declare …………………

and its a yearly cycle

or read what happened yesterday

RD calls me at work (this is like an occasion to celebrate with wine and flowers)

RD: hi RM, you have five minutes

RM: errr…yes are you fine..anything wrong?

RD: arey nahi

RM: okie bolna kya hua

RD: arey woh ABC policy we have na…I have to pay the premium but I have lost the customer will need to call up and get that

RM: how do I do that

RD: Call them with the phone RM and get the details

RM: what details

RD: arey details of the policy

RM: What policy

RD: exasperated: Uff RM wait..I will send you an email…I will give you the policy details, the premium amount, the mode of payment the number to call and I will also write WHAT you have to speak to them..okie?

RM: grinning: yes yes

and so we do it

or when we have to call R’s doctor…I ask him about the meds to give R and keep the phone down

RD: RM, What did the doctor say

 RM: xyz meds 3 times a day…

RD: what if we dont get the meds..any alternative

RM: alternative?

RD: yes RM, an alternative

RM: but I didnt ask the doc that

RD: ufff!

and such instances are many…I give calls, get the required information without bothering to even think about asking anything further..then RD will tell me to ask this and that and then we fight…

Sometimes, I seriously wish I was RD and had his intelligence!

Well..but looking at this positively..since I am supposedly an eternal optimist…I have the next best thing…I am married to him for life 😉


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51 Responses to Sometimes I Wish, I was RD……

  1. lol! this reminds me of a joke i once read. the wife playfully says, “I have the better job, the better salary, the better SAT scores. I think im the winner in this marriage”

    husband : “nope. I married better”

    and the insurance thing you narrated is ditto in my house except that I’m the one in RD’s place here. I send emails to Vijesh writing exactly what he has to tell them. the last time i asked him to find the surrender value of a loser policy, he called up the customer service executive, forgot the word “surrender”, and found out the actual value of the policy and was excited that we wouldn’t be losing much money(and asked me if we could buy one more camera with that money)

  2. Sumana says:

    Mu hubby is like this as well. Till date FIL or yours truly helps him with finances and stuff like going to the bank and all that. He just excuses himself saying he has no time an all that. But i know he never likes to indulge in numbers. Like you mentioned, Call center numbers, school related calls, finding out info and anything I ma his PA. But it is ok RM, i don’t think it is Rocket science and one try you will surely get it.Like my husband says, Since you do this stuff, I just don’t want to interrupt. If you cannot i will do it on my own. LOL

  3. Seema says:

    Hehe, in our case I’m the RD and Abbas is the RM (guess I have told u before) I file his IT return. I remember his pay structure and all the account numbers, passwords, file all our docs, pay bills etc etc. But I am not as genius as RD to remember ‘Appa’s friend’s cousin sister’s husband’s number’. *jaws dropped*

    Mmuahs to you for saying “I have the next best thing…I am married to him for life “. Aren’t you cute? Does RD read your blogsposts?? Just curious!

    • R's Mom says:

      Oh RD is definitely a genius! but you are good enough..imagine doing all that! *Phew*

      and oh yes..RD does read my posts..infact he was the only guy for a long time who used to read my blog apart from Amma…amma got bored 🙂 RD now reads and yes he NEVER comments 🙂

  4. Tharani says:

    I am worse than you RM.. I just can not remember anything. Be it mob no, policy no, account no. I sometime forget which bank I hold the account in. See how pathetic I am. and worse is I can’t do mental calculation at all. When the shop keeper gives the change, I either open my mob calculation or for lesser amounts my fingers 🙂 Why are you making me remember all these things 😦 😦

  5. RS says:

    Hehe RM – about the policies and all – even I leave it to hubby to handle and fill all the forms – until last year my Dad would do it for me 😀 But for remembering phone numbers and contacts and thinking of alternatives – are all my forte’ 🙂

    After reading this I think somewhere hubby and I are both dependent on each other – we would both be lost otherwise! 😛

  6. garima says:

    Arree RM u be RM only.RD bankar it will be so difficult taking care of LIC premium,tax declaration,income tax etc.Ye task guys better handle karte hai…and moreover why take extra respsonsibilty? 🙂
    my mail id

    • R's Mom says:

      wait, I dont agree to that…that guys handle these tasks better….I know of Loads of ladies who are very very good with finances 🙂

      yaa..but lemme remain RM only 🙂

      hopping over to your blog

  7. My era says:

    RD sure has a very sharp memory and sounds like a very organised person.
    As far being slow in understanding financial matters count me in. i have no clue most of the time as to what all goes in the banking and investment field and keeping track of it all is way beyond my liking and ability.
    Loved the last line the most 😀

  8. summerscript says:

    hehe 🙂 Your last line is too good 🙂
    I am also very very bad with these terms – Finance, savings, salary structure, tax, benefits, mutual fund, policy etc etc

  9. varsha says:

    Wowo policy numbers , he can remember. Looks more like the conversation I and S’s papa have related to tax filing . But this time around Ifiled it on my own (after the skirmish). And the meds – it is the other way around i will have zillions of qquestion whereas he doesnt have any:)

  10. Ashwathy says:

    I think your ending sentence says it all. Be glad that you have him, and that he is a nice guy. And not a monster out to take advantage of you. Do you realize how much power he has over you?? My good lord, I’m wondering how you would have survived all by yourself if you hadn’t married him, or worse married a guy who is just like you with finances!!! 😯 I guess nature made a law opposites attract, for this very reason. There should be a balance with everything! 😉

  11. Bikram says:

    Thats best if both the worlds. You married to him can enjoy all his cleverness goodness intelligence and all.. AND be you tooo…

    Its a good thing hana..

    Thats awesome he remembera all of them I cant even rembwr my own fone numbers…

  12. One big comedy queen you are 😀

    And RD reminds me of the Kellogg’s kid who calculates the total bill mentally when the shopkeeper is still billing 😀

  13. uma says:

    well, my hubby is not like RD but he is definitely tons better than me. I may be your replica in this matter and am shamed to admit that this is in spite of a degree. Sheesh! I said it aloud. *covers my face in embarrassment*. Any kind of financial forms to fill out can send out sweat beads for me.
    But actually am taking solace in the fact that am not alone.
    p.s. I used to rattle off telephone nos before the advent of the cell. Still, I do possess good memory for numbers, although the financial knowledge is, well…you know..;-)

  14. Sreetama says:

    I am not only pathetic with numbers, but directions too! For me cell phone is a boon! At least you don’t know your policy number. I toh don’t know which are the policies I have! My dad handles it for me back in Kolkata, while I earn & spend here in Delhi! 😛 I have saved my a/c no. in my Drafts section of cell phone. Patting my back for remembering my pin number. I really wish my would be hubby (whoever he will be, God save him) is good in all these!

  15. Scribby says:

    ditto about depending on financial investments and finances in general…though I’ll surely know on my finger tips about the bank balance 😉 [ain’t it necessary to know because I shop? :D] !!!

    Well in remembering numbers and dates…same pinch to RD for that 🙂 Be it b’days or phone numbers I’m the one who is consulted in house every time 🙂 YAY to that no? 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahahha! I loved your idea of bank balance..and to confess…I have NO Clue about the bank balance…RD does all my shopping 🙂

      And RD is bad in remembering birthdays okie…very bad..but numbers…he is amazing!

  16. AT says:

    you are like my hubby 🙂
    Its me who remembers everything – bills, premiums, loans, b’days, phone numbers 🙂
    Although we both take interest in investments and fill our respective forms by ourself 🙂

  17. Zephyr says:

    It is different with me. I can remember numbers and details but can’t do anything beyond that. L&M has explained the working of our pension investments like a million and one times and I still can’t get the A of it. And his memory is terrible. But you are lucky that RD has both memory and brains 🙂 Enjoy!

    • R's Mom says:

      you guys are exactly like my parents…my mom is like you great in remembering numbers and birthdays…and dad is great with investments 🙂 oh yes..RD does both for me 🙂

  18. The first thing I thought was “Thank god, I am not only woman out here who’s pathetic with numbers” because I can never get anything related to numbers right! This post was so funny, interesting and unbelievably cheery for a post that was all about numbers:) U r totally rocking, keep writing please!

    • R's Mom says:

      Swapna…I am surprised to see you here rey…I thought you didnt figure out my move to WP! So happy that you are still reading me 🙂

      Thanks for all the compliments 🙂

  19. Chatterbox says:

    Am pretty good at keeping track with numbers. As far policy and all I have a habit of noting them all at one place to help anytime I need them handy.
    Hats off to RD’s skill with numbers and to you for knowing the secret ways of using his talent in the most optimum ways 😉 😉

    • R's Mom says: mom also does that…noting down…dad is good at remembering them though 🙂

      Oh I know not-so-secret ways (Read fighting) of using his talents heheheheh

  20. anisnest says:

    RM register me too in your club of finance-ignorants.. Sometimes I ask M what is my net salary.. I am very very very bad in that.. Tax filing forget it.. he just tells me where to sign and I sign them that’s it.. he tried many times to educate me with these savings plans but all in vain 🙂

  21. I am just like you my dear, I have no clue abt finance, I was better before I met R, now I have no clue where and what, sometime I see some money credited to my bank and I tell R, see someone deposited money in my account and then he confirms its from some bond or something..I even make him fill my performance appraisal because I am bad in boosting abt see..

  22. Ohhhh Goof for you!.. In our case .. I’m good with passwords.. and hez good with numbers.. we just keep calling each other for respective stuff.

  23. Smitha says:

    You lucky girl 🙂 Here, I do most of that – but I don’t have RD’s memory – not anywhere close to that 🙂 These days, I have learnt the art of delegating stuff to him – to get him to get a little independent 🙂

  24. Shweta says:

    Touchwood.. 🙂

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