Why Me? – 4

And so today I wore this not chic on me chic black knee length skirt to work (lets over look the fact that it makes me look more barrelly (if there is such a word) but I got it from London boss..had to wear it sometime na!)…and that was the biggest mistake on earth


R: Amma yeh kya pahena hai..she says pointing to my skirt and laughing
RM: Errr..skirt
R: but yeh to bahut short hai
RM: What
R: aapko cold lagega na office mein
RM: !!!!!

#2: We are standing at the bus stop and this lady who we meet everyday looks at R and smiles etc etc

Lady: good morning R
R: good morning

and proceeds to touch my ears..to remove the pearl earrings I am wearing

RM: R What are you doing
R: Oh oh! gir gaya
RM: what what

and then we are scrambling to search for the back of earring which has fallen down

RM: R why did you do that?
R:Sorry amma, it fell down

Lady, me and R are searching searching with me muttering away to glory..the bus is approaching and I am ready to take off the other earring and go without any earrings to work..when

….one handsome guy comes, looks at me, then at R, smiles at R, frowns at me, picks up the back of the earring from the ground..gives it in R’s hand even as she smiles back at him

yeh lo amma, yeh bhaiya ne find kar diya..

RM: thank you
Bhaiya: its okie…

wait the story doesnt end here

#3: RM goes to the washroom in the morning to try and give some sense to her crow hair which has gone haywire in the bus

Friend: why are you wearing a skirt today
RM: yes its short and no I wont feel cold
F: What?
RM: nothing nothing!

F: but why is your top so dull..you could have worn something brighter na

I tell you, some days…you cant just get things right 😦


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52 Responses to Why Me? – 4

  1. Sumana says:

    Put some pics na. No you will hear some positive comments. Kids these days have such high sense of dress and sometimes become our dadimaa’s. I rarely wear long skirts to work but when i have them on, all i get to hear comments start very early and they make me concious.

    • R's Mom says:

      Oh yaa..kids these are definitely dadi ammas!

      arey why should you be conscious 🙂 wear them if you are comfortable…I wear knee length skirts despite having legs as fat as elephants…I am just comfy in them…I wouldnt wear anything shorter than that…I am not comfy in that 🙂

  2. I am sorry but just can’t control laughing! 😀 And it is just going to be 10 in the morning, RM. I am already in splits thinking about your skirt’s plight for the rest of the day! 😀
    P.S. – Picture please! 😀

  3. summerscript says:

    “aapko cold lagega na office mein” lol
    Me: Good morning RM !
    RM: Hey GM !
    Me: Wowww you look dashing today ! This black skirt looks too good on you 🙂 And with that super cute top you look stylish ! 🙂
    RM: Thanks 🙂
    Me: I want one like this.Where did you get this from?
    RM: London (smiles)
    Me : It looks really cool. Please get me one next time 😉
    RM: Sure dear 🙂

    heehee 😉

  4. Seema says:

    Mmmuahs to R. “aapko cold lagega na office mein” – how sweet is that! I love this kiddo. Bechari, uska cough kaisa hai re??

  5. The Bride says:

    The moral of the story is that you need to wear a skirt more often so that noone comments.

  6. Comfy says:

    I say it is perfect way to get us all to laugh, don’t you? 😀

    We demand picture of you in the black skirt 🙂

  7. RS says:

    Wow! Can we get a picture please? I just dont have the guts to carry off a knee length skirt here. The stares make me even more conscious 😦

    • R's Mom says:

      Why not yaar…like I told Sumana..if you are comfy…why shouldnt you…bindaas you should wear…who cares what others think

      waise I work for a conservative engg company and most people anyways think I am a bit crazy in my dress sense..so it doesnt really matter to me heeheh 🙂

  8. Tharani says:

    I demand a picture of you in that skirt ….
    And your friend I think she must be all jealous of you coz you were looking very pretty..

  9. Rofl 😀
    I bet you look saaxy in it 😀

    Which is why you didn’t tell us RD’s comments as they were nice 😛

  10. Smita says:

    send me a pic and i’ll give you an honest view. I swear.

  11. garima says:

    Hehehe am sure u looked gr8 in dat skirt 🙂
    and if u think otherwise then u can gift dat skirt to me 🙂 🙂

    btw i started my blog (lampnitslight) ,ek post lika in which i wanted to link u per pata nahi kaise hoga?
    in office wordpress login says site blocked 😦 no time to do R&D aap thoda help karo …i’ll mail u wen u free plz reply ok?

    • R's Mom says:

      you will need to send me a link to your blog rey…wait I will email you in detail

      Comfy: See now Garima is asking ME about WP…you should be proud that your student is doing so well 😉

  12. Bikram says:

    Thats why when you are all ready ask “R” .. kaisi lag rahi hai mummy and I am sure she will give you the correct VIEW 🙂 and then do the needful what say 🙂

    to bhaiya jisne find kiya .. whistle nahin kiya usne kya .. mumbai estyle… ahmm ahmmm main hota to kar hi deta he he he 🙂

  13. Ashwathy says:

    Oh damn!! And I waiting for some progress on the story with the handsome guy!! U disappointed me… sigh 😦

  14. thanks sharing very good & inserting experience.

  15. Sreetama says:

    Arre wah! You are a hep & happening mommy!!!

  16. Scribby says:

    oye chal hota hai hota hai 🙂 see it got you to write something for us 🙂

    all is well that ends ! 🙂

  17. anisnest says:

    you and only you can make ppl laugh even on a “why me?” post RM.. kudos to you.. and look at that cute girl..look at the care she takes for you.. love you R..

  18. Rajani Ram says:

    OMG!!! I give up!! By the time I come here to put some comments…. there is like gazillion others already… I can never make it to the top…..hummmpf!!! LOL!!
    R is soo hilarious!!! soo sweet…. :-)) … yes as the others I want to see pics too…. :-))

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahaha! I moderate comments anyways Rajani..so its difficult for you to figure out whose first 🙂

      R is not sweet…she is slowly becoming my policing person or something!

  19. AT says:

    I’m sure you would have looked awesome 🙂
    R’s concern was genuine and full of love 🙂 she is sweet and is straight to the point 😀
    can’t say anything about your Frnd….but yes I agree with others, post a pic… SMILE

  20. rofl! i seriously laughed at your “yeah i know its short and no, it wont be cold”. tell us the truth, R’s voice follows you everywhere, doesn’t it? 😀

  21. Smita says:

    i know you don’t want to show your face fair enough. Just post a pic of skirt below and legs. *runs away to save herself from the onslaught of RM’s high heels*

  22. Sreetama says:

    After all these requests, are you contemplating of posting your skirt clad pic? Please do! After reading your post, I too want to buy a knee length skirt! But I won’t be able to wear that to office for sure! My boss is very good in commenting about either my clothes or my nail paints or footwear!

    Just a request, why don’t you write a post on the dressing culture of Mumbai s?

  23. Swati says:

    First time here.. Super cute!

  24. haha. i want to see ur pic! 🙂

  25. Smitha says:

    LOL! You are hilarious, RM!

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