The Weekend It Was

A weird weekend…I dont know whether I liked it or not

On Friday night, the best cook of the family decided to bake a cake for me…ayayyayayay for that 🙂

Check him out in action 🙂

Pouring the batter into the cake wala vessel to put in microwave

Switching on the microwave after putting the cake in

The cake...a bit cracked from the top..but who cares..its delicious 🙂

He is pretty good at it now…guess who is the official baker in the family then 🙂
Then we had our skirmish…really stupid one…but we had it anyways…he said something about me troubling him or something when I told him to get R’s dress..and I was like why are you getting bugged..and he was like no I was just kidding..and I was like why aare you getting bugged..and then of course it went crazy from there and both of us just hmphed and went off to sleep…gah!

Saturday..we worked 😦

both of us..of course after kissing and making up, he decided to drop R to the daycare, me to the station and then go to work…so thats what we did…R was having super duper coughing….and so we decided to take her to the doctor in the evening after we finished work….I left a bit early and then RD got stuck because the Tata sky guy was coming home to repair something…

so I picked up R and took her to the doctor….We waited for a while before the doc came…

The doc, thankfully, was okie with R’s health and told me to enjoy Diwali 😉

She obviously has a bad bad cough, but he thinks it will get better soon…Did I tell you earlier that I love this doctor 🙂 he is the most positive fellow I have ever met, never judges me by the fact that I leave R in the daycare, never has told me that take leave and be with her..blah blah blah!

RD and I had decided to go ‘shopping’ after R’s doctor appointment and then we were blessed by the rain Gods….so we just went home!!! can you believe that..its still raining in Mumbai!!!

anyways so Saturday night was just omelets for me and R while RD went out with his friends…

you know the time when you just want to curl up in bed with a book kindle in hand, reading a nice romantic novel, eat a cheesy omelet with dollops of sauce in it on a crisp piece of bread…thats what I did after I put R to sleep…I LOVED that :):)


I made like a ton of thelpas for dinner (I advance plan too much!) and then sambhar and rice and ‘same and barabutti’ curry for lunch…scraped one whole coconut and then RD cleaned up the CD shelf..we have so many unwanted unused DVDs and CDs!!! half of which we didnt even know existed!

Check out R trying to ‘help’ amma to make the thepla ka ‘lot’

Mother and daughter squeezing the 'water' out of the dudhi

Gave a hair bath to R and then R gave her famous tantrum of not letting me have a bath..and the whole time I had one, she was crying..she just wouldnt listen to RD trying to distract her..cry cry cry..which just worsened her cough 😦

but this time RD and I didnt give in..we told her sternly boss…you better learn to behave..then of course RD couldnt stay angry with her for long..and neither could we ate and then tried to put her to sleep which I decided to slip away to the parlour..unfortunately she had such a bad cough that she saw me open the door..and RD is like ‘dont go now..go on tuesday..waise bhi kuch lag nahi raha hai tereko dekhke that you have to go to the parlour’ Did I mention why I love this guy 🙂

anyways, so R and I slept for a LONG time together …

We wanted to take her to the park in the evening but didnt finally because of her cough…so we went shopping..oh before that

one of the trees in the next door building has shaped itself like a ganpati and gosh you wouldnt believe within a matter of hours, there was a shamiana built around it, garlands put, coconuts broken, lightings added, devotional songs put on a CD and then there was even aarti in the night! this happens only in India, I swear!

anyways so we did ‘darshan’ of the Ganpati, more importantly ate the prasad and then left to go to Borivali for shopping..Boss…dont dare go to Borivali on the weekend before the weekend of Diwali starting..the WHOLE MUMBAI was there…it was crazy..there was no space even to walk!!

It was crazy..RD refused to even leave the driver’s seat in the car..hehehehe 🙂 R and I did some quick some amazing shrikhand…

came back home, ate our theplas and shrikhand (RD ate chutney, mulagai podi, shrikhand and thepla) now you know where R gets her weird tastes from!

and then went to sleep

So that was the weekend update…RS and Seema and S&S leaving you with an Rism

We are lying down in bed and RM is reading a book to R

MIL calls and RM tries to speak to her

R: Amma dont talk on phone
RM: Arey let me finish talking to thathi na
R: no no no
RM: Amma, I will call you later
MIL: okie beta, no probs
RM to R: Why cant I talk to my mother
R: Amma, tomorrow laukar yehnar che…thats why..maja book who will read karofy (Tomorrow will come fast…thats why, my book, who will read then)
tomorrow – English
laukar – fast in marathi
yehnar – come in marathi
che – like how you used hai at the end of the sentence in Hindi, we use che in Gujarati so thats gujarati
maja – mine in marathi
karofy – hindi english

this girl’s language 😦 what to say


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46 Responses to The Weekend It Was

  1. First things first.. A big yay, RM, for that awesome weekend post! 🙂 🙂
    RD’s cake is so yummilicious! Way to go, RD!
    And I have a super-nice ped for the kids here at Hyd too. She suggests medicines only if required, doesn’t tell us to take off unnecessarily and understands us so well.
    I really ‘Lol’ed at the Ganpati-shaped-tree. Seriously, where do these people get these ideas from!? Aarti, pooja and all for a tree!
    Now, I ‘love’ this girl, R. She wants to go to school even when sick, recites rhymes in front of a crowd like a pro, helps her mom make theplas and speaks like a zillion languages in one sentence.. 🙂 What do I say! I so love love R! And BTW, where is ‘Tamizh’ in that sentence, sollu sollu??

  2. summerscript says:

    Wowwww.. The cake looks so yummmyyyy.. RD is sweet 🙂
    Hope R is better now!
    “Amma, tomorrow laukar yehnar che…thats why..maja book who will read karofy” — I love R’s language 🙂 cute 🙂

  3. RS says:

    Lets go bottom up – Muuuaaahhh to R I love how she expresses herself… Despite being exposed to so many laungauges R speaks so well! And she got her point across na? So what is your problem? Enjoy this while it lasts. Some day she will correct you when you say “Karofy”
    For all you know – there might be a concrete structure around that tree before you go home today and they will start calling it a temple…
    It is still raining here in Blore too (Dad says its the monsoons retreating and will be there for another week or so) and Chutku has a bad cough too – thanks to the rain… 😦 How well does thje homeopathy work for the cough for R? I take it for myself but not sure about giving it to Chutku…
    I love a doctor who doesnt judge me becoz I leave my child in the daycare 🙂 Its a real confidence booster and kills my guilt too when he says I cant keep my kid in an igloo all his life! 😀
    Cake – sigh! Looks yummmmmmmm…. Now I should buy a microwave if I can convince hubby to bake for me 😀 And Im sending him this post link and lets see if he gets the hint 😛

  4. kamathseema1 says:

    Cheers to that doc! Such docs are hard to find. My first doc had threatened me during my pregnancy that if I don’t quit my job, it is going to tremendously affect the babies. She had horrified Abbas to no end. When we switched to a male doc, he was pretty cool and told me it was quite okay to work and even travel by bus. He was a bit elderly and used to place his hand on my head and say “Beta, you yourself are a kid, how r u gonna raise 2 kids? Give one baby to me, okay?” I would just smile.

    So the official baker of the R household is on a baking spree, eh?

    Hope R recovers from the cough soon 😦 I loved her sentence. It takes talent to use words from so many languages and frame a meaningful sentence while the intended meaning is imparted. Hugs to her.

    • R's Mom says:

      baap rey..what a scary doc…check my previous post on the contest…you will do a great job..

      oh yaa..RD is on a spree 🙂

      Takes talent *Shakes head in confusion*

  5. kamathseema1 says:

    Saw your name in the list of winners in IHM’s Tejaswee Rao Blog awards. Congratulations RM!

  6. Ashwathy says:

    That cake looks yum!! 🙂 I need to come over sometime to taste it! 😀

    Haha remind me to ask you that doc’s number. When the time comes of course! 😉

    Why would you give R a head bath when she has such a bad chest infection??!! 😯 Baffles me!!

    Yaaaa it’s STILL raining in Mumbai. And I’m loving it! :mrgreen: It’s a welcome relief from the humidity!!

    LOL @ the girl’s language!! You better work on correcting her soon….or you are going to have a tough time as she grows up!!

  7. varsha says:

    Ah RM- same prob here. Except that S wants her dad all the time :). Before we should go soft on her but guess its time we set some hard rules..

    Oh and R speaks so much languages .. Gr8

  8. Bikram says:

    Add that CAKE too on the LIST 🙂

    and all that in one sentence Bravo :).. She is doing goood and how is her cough now … Take care haan..

  9. VJ says:

    What is same and barabutti curry RM ???

    I really loved R’s sentence !! Lovely mix of languages !!! Enjoy it while it lasts !!

    • R's Mom says:

      Same and barabutti are..well they are some veggies..aiyo I dont know their names in English yaar..I am not even sure what language this is…Hindi or Bengali!

      Same is like beans but flatter version

      Barabutti is again like beans but longer thin version, I think thats called Chowli in Hindi/ Marathi?

      • ‘Same’, I think, is flat beans – Avaraikkai in Tamizh. ‘Barabutti’ is ‘yard-long-beans’ and is called ‘payathangai’ in Tamizh. Wow, RM! Your posts have a lot of trivia for me to google and update! Remember gulanti?! 😛

        • R's Mom says:

          Wow S&S..ekdum CA types…go on google and get the I know why you are so smart..there VJ…she is right…I was going to call RD and ask him

          What? he is my ‘google’ :):)

  10. anisnest says:

    droolicious cake 🙂 and pics of the ganesha tree plzz… am eager to see? how did it suddenly get the shape of ganesha? Reg. the language it will help her in future don’t worry.. unlike me who knows only english and tamil and thoda thoda hindi…

    • R's Mom says:

      oh yaa…I should go and click some pics 🙂 arey the tree grew in that shape 🙂

      you spend a day with R…your Hindi will be awesomely Mumbaiyya after that 🙂

  11. Smitha says:

    Goodness! RD is on a roll! How sweet of him to bake a cake for you! It looks delicious! I have to get husband read this! Am sure even after reading, all he will say is, ‘You want cake? All you need to do is drive down to Sainsburys and buy one ‘ 😦

    Most sensible docs are darlings!

    And R’s language skills are awesome! Within a few years, her Khichdi language will sort itself out – trust me – I grew up speaking like this 🙂 And it helps a lot, because learning loads of languages at such a young age, will make her real good at languages as she grows up.

    • R's Mom says:

      But you know what Smitha..when I came to London, I did love that cake in Sainsbury…the bakery products you get in London are amazing!

      You did grow up speaking like this…wow…if R can write as well as you…I am more than happy 🙂 *Feeling relived now*

  12. Swaram says:

    I just luv her combo language 🙂 What fun!
    Hope she is better now! Hugs!

  13. Please send RD here over the weekend, now I want to eat that cake too..You are so lucky RM to have RD bake cake for you..I am drooling.

    R is a super smart girl I am telling you, she can understand so many languages at this age itself is a big achievement. I am sure she will grow like any other mumbaiker knowing 4-5 languages. And she is such a sweet little helper..Inspired by you and R, I am giving more and more work to Chucky..

  14. Scribby says:

    hahaha loved the reasoning given by R for not letting you talk on the phone 😛

    baape re tree in the shape of Ganpati Bappa? Did you not take a picture? 😦

    I loved what you did after putting R to sleep on Saturday 🙂 good going 🙂

  15. Aishwarya says:

    R is such a sweetheart 🙂 Hope she has recovered and all ready to celebrate Diwali!

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