London Chronicles – 1

So here are the London Chronicles…

Saturday..I had a flight at 1 in the afternoon… I was travelling with a colleague (C)..a guy who is about 25…who is un married and pretty raw as such…he has NEVER travelled by aeroplane which made me the case of andhon mein kana raja..

RD was super worried how I was going to take C with me..but I was pretty confident

RD and ma dropped me to the airport AFTER we dropped R to the daycare…I had to call her back for a hug..she was the least bothered…I will stay with thathi, amma, she said and off she went..gah!

I reached the airport and then C was waiting for me there…

We went inside about half an hour later, because he was waiting for his shoes to be brought by his brother!!! wonder what he did the whole day before!!!

Which reminds me, what I did on Friday evening..RD takes me, ma and R to this club and those guys ‘celebrate’ my birthday (belated) with flowers and cakes and pictures and the WHOLE crowd stares at me..and then I am telling them please please no lightings and no photos and no videos when this guy comes and tells me ‘let go, just let go one time, enjoy the moment, its YOUR birthday, dont think about the others, this is just you and your loved ones..thats all’ and honestly, it worked…I actually enjoyed it without worrying whether my bra was showing or whether my hair was all over my face like a crow’s nest! I actually enjoyed it!!

anyways I digress

so we went in..and tried to get our tickets…and viola! we got it

RM: So what do we do next?
Airport fellow (AF): you go to immigration and then security check
RM: and where is that
AF: are you travelling for the first time
RM: pointing to C: Well, he is!
C: !!!!

anyways so as we move towards immigration, I read C’s ticket and its in my surname but with a Mr. in front of it..and I am like what?

C is totally confused, too scared wondering what will happen

So the cat turns into the lion and I go and says..whats this..wrong ticket, how can you do..blah blah blah

They try to find the guy who issued us the tickets and I am like I want our baggage back to recheck the tick number, because if it gets lost we wont even be paid the money

AF: but madam
RM: we want it back and I want to check it…we wont get money otherwise.

which sounded as if thats like my pick up money from airlines for losing baggage 😉

AF: madam, both the bags have your ticket tags since they weigh less than 28 kgs
RM: getting bugged: how could you do that…did I mention we were travelling together..what if he leaves me and goes…(as if C was my husband or something)

by now about 10 people have gathered around us and C wants to hide his face somewhere!

What if we lost the baggage..bolo bolo..I was just being ‘extra’ cautious okie?

and anyways he got the formality done..and then we went to immigration…trust me…i just attract such people towards me

Immigration officer (IO): says my name loudly just incase the 10 people who are waiting in the line didnt know what a famous personality I was and all that
RM: smiles grimaces and nods her head
IO: So, Vannakkam, tamil tarima?
RM: yes, kunjum kunjum
IO: so, why are you going
RM : for training
IO: where is your company
RM: At andheri
IO: What kind of work do you do
RM: Explains
IO: oh…you are born in Calcutta
RM: yes, my mom is from there
IO: Bengali
RM: no tambram
IO: What was she doing in Calcutta
RM :Wondering why the hell is he grilling me when C has already gone past despite HIM going for the first time and I have already gone once! I dont know…studied there???
IO: Then why is your passport from Ahmedabad…the first one?
RM: I was brought up in Brc
IO: Why
RM: What ask my dad mom na…why are you asking me?? Errr…Dad had a job there
IO: where is your dad from?
RM: Wondering is there is anything wrong with that visa: Chennai
IO: Then how did he come to Baroda
RM: how the hell do I know..ask him! well he studied in mumbai for a while and got a job in baroda
IO: where in mumbai
RM: wondering why the IO is not asking for my kundali directly!: IIT
IO: Oh IIT aa…aapo naladee

See dad you being an IITian has some positive impact on your child!

RM : smiles
IO: okie go go but dont forget Tamil okie?
RM: no I wont


and then we went through security check and to the waiting area and of course to the aircraft

I watched 3 movies back to back, something I have NEVER done in my life (dont ask me what movies…I was too zapped to even assimilate it…but wait I think it was Aisha, I hate luv stories and something else!)

Coming up next – At the London airport


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30 Responses to London Chronicles – 1

  1. suranga date says:

    First GB , now you. Both your posts took me back to old times.

    The time we went to London in 1984, a first time for my 4 year old son. As usual some confusion, and we were the last to squeeze in through the door before they banged them shut, and revved up the engines. Very soon, a saree clad lady (the stewardess) , in full makeup, a fake brit accent and attitude, came to ask us what we would like. She was asking about stuff to drink. And my son, in a voice loud enough to be heard across economy class , booms , ” 2 idlis, sambar separate “. (and she had the grace to say, she’d love some too, but they didnt have that on the plane :-). The son was not impressed.

    I so wish R was on this flight. Would have thoroughly enjoyed her experience…..

  2. Jay says:

    I can’t wait for the next instalment! 😀

  3. RS says:

    What was that about the birthday party?!! huh?

    Hehehehehe – C would’ve vowed never to travel anywhere with you again. and he will perhaps tell everyone else also to beware 😛

  4. What’s with you and airports, RM?!

    ‘RM: So what do we do next?
    Airport fellow (AF): you go to immigration and then security check
    RM: and where is that
    AF: are you travelling for the first time
    RM: pointing to C: Well, he is!
    C: !!!!’
    Hilarious!! 🙂 🙂 I think your humour quotient sky-rockets the moment you step into an airport! 🙂 🙂

    And, dont forget Tamil okie? 🙂

  5. summerscript says:

    There is a really really strong connection between you and airport I think !! 😀 hehe
    Your dad is an IITian ?? fundoo family 🙂

    IO: okie go go but dont forget Tamil okie?
    RM: no I wont

    This is too good okie 🙂 😛


  6. Smita says:

    Ah! the fun begins!!!! But I am glad that you insisted on getting the details corrected. Half the time we ignore these things and let these inefficient ppl get away with such mistakes.

    And as far as that IO is concerned, what a nosy man…psst were u dressed prettily?? 😀 But yes, In India IITians are Gods!!!! Period!!!

    Waiting to read more from you …..

  7. Bikram says:

    Oh my what a start to the trip.

    You know why do immigration officers ask so many questions. I been to a few countries now it takes a couple of minutes to do it.. But in India if you are going in or out of country so many questions.

    Well you had a good trip .. When I am traveling I have acouple of shots of vodka and zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. Swarna says:

    Happy Navratri R’s mom to you and your family.
    Now I know why Tamil is such a famous language 🙂
    They are so proud of their mother tongue, which is good.

  9. Seema says:

    Wow! You got a birthday bash with so many things organized. How sweet of RD!!! In my case, I am the RD and Abbas is RM 😦

    LOL on “which sounded as if thats like my pick up money from airlines for losing baggage ” and also conversation with IO was so funny. I was trying hard to conceal my laughter when a guy near my cubicle who had stood up stared at me as though I had lost it!

    R is super cute. I’m more curious to know about R household and how R dealt with your absence.

  10. lol…poor C…I am curious to know whether he did actually “leave” you. I am beginning to think that R’s cuteness is hereditary 🙂

  11. R's Mom says:

    @Suranga: First…you went to London in 1984! I was three then..gah! and then your son’s request..was so so so adorable…and that must have been Indian Airlines na…

    If R took that me..RM would not have been on that!

    @Jay: hahahah! thats up next

    @RS: Arey we went to this place and RD had told them it was my birthday on 21st and so they had arranged for stuff..jane de..bad memories!

    C will never travel with me..thats FOR SURE!

    @S&S: Arey everything in an airport rattles me yaar and I often end up blabbering!

    @Summerscript aka Snowdrop: you started thats super super nice…hopping over! and by the way….how can snowdrop and summerscript be in the same name…arent they like opposites..okie maybe I am not making sense here!

    @Smita: yaa imagine…and just imagine if that luggage was lost!! I was dressed in a fatahua jeans and faded t shirt so much that RD complained that I looked like a vagabond when I was leaving home…I told him comfort is the king in a long flight 😉

    @Bikram: arey my colleague was not even asked anything…my face demanded Qs I think so

    RD does what you do I guess 😉

    @Swarna: long time..hope things are fine with you 🙂

    @Seema: RD is crazy at times seriously!!! Well about will need to wait..I still need to grill ma and RD on her..but mota moti she was pretty much okie I guess

    @Nuttie: you think I am cute…awww..muah to you…C by the way refused to even acknowledge that I existed for sometime 😉

  12. Seema says:

    It’s not mota moti! It’s mota-muti. hahahaha.

    • R's Mom says:

      @Seema: yaa but the R family always says mota moti..because its not totally Bong here…we need to assert our non Bongness as well 😉 thanks for the spello correction anyways 🙂

  13. I now see where R gets her cheek from 😀 And you blame the poor child!

    Thank god that immigration aapisar was not questioning me. Or he would have gone off to a tangent of asking me my nakshatram, gotram and given me the email id of his onnu-vitta chiti’s naathanar’s paiyyan who is a green card holder in Cauli-fornia 😛

    I wish I had met you to hear these stories first hand! Sigh!

    • R's Mom says:

      What cheek!! where Cheek! I toh just said the truth na…
      and I loved that usage of Tamizh..guess what I actually understood that also..yayayayay to me! *You should be writing some Tamizh dialogues and stuff seriously! this is too funny*
      actually you know CR, now I really wish I had been selfish and insisted that you meet me…gah! feeling bad myself!

  14. Swarna says:

    Hi R’s mom,

    Thanks for checking, things are pretty much fine with me.
    On a roller coaster at the office front.

    Just came back to read your post again 🙂
    Your posts are fun to read in the middle of a busy day.

    Since you said, it’s long time I visited, I thought I will just send you
    a mail. It’s good that you remember your readers so well 🙂

    If you are free and fine with sending me an email,
    you can drop an email at

    P.S : Any way I will continue to read your blog 🙂

    Take care

  15. AT says:

    hmm..this was strange…I mean immigration officer grilling…. I wasn’t even asked a single question anytime… I guess I’m lucky (touchwood) 🙂

  16. anisnest says:

    I like the IO.. he speaks Tamil na.. Vanakkam was correct but please to correct the “tarima?” it is “theriyuma?” 🙂 I wish to hear you speak Tamil one day RM.. I am sure I will love it 🙂

  17. Smitha says:

    What a start to the trip! Havoc from the word go 🙂 I loved the way you got them to correct the details 🙂

    And that IO! He was so very nosy! But then most of them are , I guess their only source of entertainment is our stories 🙂

  18. Scribby says:

    welcome to London Airport..han ab age ? 😛

  19. The Bride says:

    Yay yay welcome back! So they let you’ll go through with the wrong name on C’s ticket? Hawww!

  20. Ashwathy says:

    The conversation with the IO….omg hilarious!!! The guy sure seemed interested in knowing more about you alright !!

    You actually watched Aisha and I hate luv stories?? And that too, back to back? U must have been seriously bored!!

    Waiting for the rest of london chronicles…….

  21. Vidya says:

    am beginning to believe in previous births, re-births etc now.. there must surely be something between you and flying:) am sure something equally interesting happened at London airport and also on your way back!! and what was that io guy thinking when he did all that grilling?!! and why his special interest in tamil?!

  22. Pepper says:

    Eh what? The immigration office let you off finally because your dad is an IITian?
    My dad, is bros, my hubby, my pura khandaan studied in IIT, and I still don’t get any such privileges. Unfair this is.

  23. R's Mom says:

    @Swarna: you read my posts twice a day!!! babes you must be really really tired with work na!!! I of course remember you well… 🙂 Will mail you soon 🙂

    @AT: you lucky gal…that IO would have been a nice guy 🙂

    @Ani: there you go..correcting my tamizh…muah! i will keep that in mind heheeh 🙂
    oh you should hear me speak Tamizh…I speak like a typical Gujju 😛

    @Smitha: Now that you mentioned you are right..I think I was just a source of entertainment for him

    @Scribby: hahahah 🙂

    @The Bride: Crazy na…no they gave us a changed ticket with C’s correct name..but his baggage was in my name!

    @Ashwathy: Seriously yaar…what pakao movies…I mean how could people even like it!

    @Vidya: and I seriously HATE flying…he was a Tamizh his interest and like Smitha says I think it was more of an entertainment factor

    @Pepper: poora khandaan IIT! baap rey..too much brains yaar!

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  25. Swaram says:

    Lolz whattay start R’s Mom 🙂 Lemme go read the next post now!
    Ws the IO smart 😛 😛

  26. Pingback: Its That Time of The Year | R's Mom

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