Turning Thirty

And so I am taking a  break from the chronicles to announce to the world (well at least the few people who read me!) that I completed 30  years on planet Earth today!

yes THIRTY! the big THREE ZERO

but what is it to me…nothing…its just another day…I got up, made dabba, got chocolates from RD and then some phone calls and just a normal day in the life of RM 😉

So what are some random 30 things in no particular order or priority or not even what I consider to be my best..just the first random 30 things that came to my head when I was composing my post (may be this should become a tag!), for the first thirty years of my life

1) Managed to con people into believing that I actually grew up
2) Acquired a new family by marrying RD
3) Managed to convince people (and myself) that I can be maternal at least at times by giving birth to R
4) Acquired a home again by marrying RD…
5) Graduated out of college with good marks convincing the parents that they did me good 😉
6) managed to get a degree in dance thanks to a super nice teacher
7) Changed two companies and earned a decent name in all of them..which means I am financially independent..or I pretend to be…
8) Visited two foreign lands – Dubai and London…What? Dubai is foreign for me okie?
9) Managed to learn how to drive a two wheeler and four wheeler and then got married to a guy who loves to drive which means I am un learning the above now 😉 and before you throw brickbats at me…I really dont like driving four wheelers..two wheelers are fun..but four wheeler driving gives me jibbers!
10) Convinced myself to cut my hair in style though it still resembles a crow’s nest..(but we are talking about achievements  here!)
11) Changed my weight from 50 to 80 to 50 and back to 70 now…Well I do like my food you see
12) Cooking for the past 10 years without poisoning anyone 😉
13) Made zillions of friends, lost zillions of them, got back in touch with many of them
14) Created a blog at the ripe age of 28 and still continue to update it
15) Banged all the cars which I have driven (anyone else who got such an achievement) *Preens*
16) Managed to learn a smattering of new languages, not proficient in any, but again we are talking about achievements here
17) Lost some wonderful folks in my life but gained some new small cute folks who I am sure will turn out to be wonderful as well
18) Made some amazing blogger friends
19) Ran a half marathon and completed it before 3.5 hours…well its an achievement okie?
20) Passed CAT with decent marks but missed doing my MBA
21) Missed going to a journalism school because of lack of funds 🙂
22) Danced at my own wedding to aaja na chule meri chunneri sanam shocking the Tambram community in general and earning a hug from the not-yet-husband in public 😉 and then again, managed to laugh through my entire wedding which made the in laws think I was happy leaving the parents’ house 😉
23) Managed to irritate the brother as much as possible and yet make him love me 😉
24) Acquired a fissure problem which seems to be never ending!
25) Got published in a children’s magazine at the ripe age of 12..what I am showing off here..my birthday na! and of course NEVER after that!
26) Danced in a college fest without any shame or worry
27) Walked home in the night at 12 in Mumbai without worrying about anyone or anything
28) Eaten pizzas during my pregnancy once with my boss till I almost vomited (The boss got super worried and made me walk like a 100 rounds of the office..this was during my 6th month ;))
29) Had a rocking courtship period with RD with fights, gifts, secret phone calls, love messages and lovely food!
30) Finally, managed to convince people that I am really 30…and so posted this on the blog
Etc etc etc

and what I plan to do before I turn 40

I cant come up with anything..or does that just show that I am an underachiever!

Well..I live life one day at a time and for the rest, I married RD..;)

I cant really think of stuff to do..like how some people want to go bungee jumping, or visit Paris, or go on a wildlife tour or something…

Surprisingly, there is nothing of that sort I want to do…not that if RD takes me on a tour to Europe, I am going to say no or something…but its not like I WANT TO GO!

I dont have any aspirations at all…I just want to be happy, contented, fight with RD and bring up my child in the right way

I could say I want to help the needy, enrich people’s lives, start a school for the underpreviledged, etc etc, but I am not sure I can do that in the next 10 years..does that make me a selfish human being?

I could state stuff, like you know, losing weight or getting a designer suit or something..but again I should only wish for the possible not for the impossible

So on the birthday, I toast to myself and say that

Eat more
Read more
Sleep more
Walk more
Smile more
Hug more

and oh Tharani, just for the records, I DID NOT open your advanced birthday greetings till today..thank you so much for it..muah to you!…and my name is definitely not Sarojini!!!

And Ratzz…it was 12 midnight when you called darling..I was in Snoozeland!

and by the way SAB called me Amrithavarshini yesterday..guess what its raining today in Mumbai!!!!!


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52 Responses to Turning Thirty

  1. The Bride says:

    Happy 30, RM! And wish you another 30 more of as much fun… You don’t have a to-do list? Great, that means you’re content!

  2. Chatterbox says:

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday dear 😀 😀 😀
    Have a wonderful time and stay blessed {{{hugs}}}

  3. Zephyr says:

    Many happy returns RM! God bless your cheerful soul and keep it that way forevermore. That indeed was a splendid list of achievement, something which I can’t say I can match even at my age! but i saw that RD found mention in every second or third of your achievements. Touch wood 🙂

  4. Sumana says:

    Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday. Have loads of fun dear. Aaah (all wide mouthed at your achievements)… Great and am sure you will do more then what you have mentioned for your 40th. Hugs to R. Fighting with the hubby can never be left aside na.. That has to go on ever. I so love your writing. Happy birthday once again….

  5. Happy Happy Birthday, RM!! Have a wonderful year ahead! 🙂

  6. VJ says:

    Happy happy birthday !!
    That was a good list of things achieved. But the next part was even better! It’s very hard to find people who are contented with their life !!!
    Stay this way always R’s mom !!! Don’t change !

  7. Comfy says:

    That is an absolutely perfect list. Congratulations on the big 30. And yes it is but another day, but it is your birthday so celebrate it with all you have.

    Have a wonderful birthday and a special year ahead. 🙂

  8. snowdrop says:

    Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday dear RM!
    Happy Birthday To You! 🙂 🙂

    Have fun!

  9. uma says:

    Happy Birthday R’mom. That was a cute post. Posting 30 things done in 30 years in no mean feat. I would have to rack my brains to jot down as many…
    have a gr8 day and many more wonderful years ahead with RD and R!

  10. shaktii says:


    Kudos to point no 28…i had a good laugh at that..
    in my case to be frank, i had no better job during my pregnancy other than eatingggg and sleeping just to add numbers to my weight.. i quit my job to go to india to do this religious routine.. 🙂

    And yeah dear what abt a addition in the family btw before 40 he he??

  11. Sangitha says:

    Happy Birthday, Amritasarojini! The best times are yet to come. You’re a bachchoo at 30? What growing up?! 😀 Have a wonderful day with RD and R.

  12. yuvana says:

    Many more happy returns of the day RM. Dont think you as an selfish person, each and everyone are just like that, just, you got the guts to accept it.

  13. Smita says:

    Yappy Yappy Budday!!!!!

    Welcome to this side of the age 🙂

    And of course Dubai is foren land, for me even Nepal is a foren land u see 🙂

    So what plans for evening??? Cake Shake??

    And why not taking my call?

    Sarojini??? hehehehehe…….come on do something different on this b’day and come out in open with your real name 😛

  14. Ruchi says:

    Hey R’s Mom,

    Happy birthday ….
    Have been a regular visitor to your blog for last couple of months…really like ur expressive writing style a lot…

    Have a nice day and year ahead… God bless u!!


  15. Swarna says:

    Belated bday wishes to you R’s mom.
    May God bless you 🙂

  16. Sreetama says:

    Many many happy returns of the day!!! Have a gala time! 😀 Lots of love & best wishes!

  17. Aishwarya says:

    Wish you a very happy birthday RM 🙂
    You rock baby!

  18. Happy happy b’day!! May you have many more happy ones with RD and R and the family!

    Dubai is foreign, R’s Mom. I am yet to step outside of this glorious country 😐 (im tempted to say andaman is foreign :P)

    and wanting to be happy is the biggest of all aspirations! here’s a lucky-hair wish for you, okay! stay happy always!

  19. Seema says:

    Hey birthday girl,

    Wish you a very happy birthday! Great to read all the 30 points. Most of all I liked the way you danced in your own wedding amongst the Tambaram folks, how cool is that? Hugs to you.

    For one you say “I cant really think of stuff to do”??? And then you say “I want to help the needy, enrich people’s lives, start a school for the underpreviledged, etc etc,” You might not be able to do it in the next ten years. But you can do it in bits and pieces. You intentions are noble dear and I admire you for that. (I too meagerly contribute to Akshaya Patra. They seem to be doing some good work)

    You changed 2 jobs while you are at your 30. I’m at my 4th already when I’m 25, I am a job whore!! Phew..

    What plans for the evening? Did R wish you? Here’s to many more returns of this day. Hope you live life with the same amount of enthusiasm which certainly is inspiring and contagious.

  20. garima says:

    Many Happy Retuns of the day RM!!!
    30 is a big number and am amazed to know u have acheived so much.
    (3 years from now when I turn 30 i would hardly have any points to summarize but this post is abt u so lets concentrate on dat :-))
    Its really good to knw u want to do such charitable stuff but yes certain constraints and responsibilites do hold us back at times
    and hence u cannot call urself a selfish person.
    And u have no aim or desire with future life aah then its good dat shows u believe in living life to its fullest and enjoy every moment.Live and Enjoy life as it comes.
    May you have a great life ahead and lots of best wishes to you.

  21. Jay says:

    Happy Birthday, R’s mom! Have a blast!

  22. R's Mom says:

    @The Bride: thank you thank you…you think I am content is it 😉

    @CB:Thanks thanks dear..hope Bubbles is doing

    @Zephyr: thanks so much 🙂 you are very kind with your words:)

    @Sumana: Thanks a ton 🙂

    @S&S: Thanks

    @VJ: So sweet…well I hope not to change

    @Comfy: it was really sweet of you to mail and all..I am touched 🙂

    @Snowdrop :thanks so so much

    @Uma: Awww! you are generous..thanks a ton

    @Shaktii: thanks..long time..hope things are fine 🙂 its good to eat and sleep during pregnancy..does good on your baby…

    Errr..new addition..chalo at least you gave me 10 more years..or 9 more years to think about it 🙂

    @Sangi: Awww..thanks a ton..what baachoo hehehe 🙂

    @Yuvana: long time no see…hope things are fine with you..thanks a ton

    @Smita: Thanks for your call…cake may be in the evening…I loved what you told me..eat the cake without guilt..muah for that!

    @Ruchi: Welcome here..and thanks a ton for delurking

    @Swarna: thanks dear

    @Sreetama: thanks a ton darling

    @Aishu: thanks dear

    @SAB: hehehehe 🙂 andamans is foreign eh? almost 🙂 you have been there…isnt that amazing!

    @Seema:Awww.thanks seema..you are very rich in your compliments…you changed a lot of jobs is it 🙂 what about RD who has been in the came company for 8 years..he is eventually going to be a part of the furniture there 🙂

    @Garima: you will be able to write 😉 thanks for the wishes dear

    @Jay: thanks a ton

  23. HappyFeet says:

    Happy Budday 🙂 May you have many more of such happy years with your family. And quite a list that was! 🙂
    God Bless.

  24. Bikram says:

    Many many happy returns fo the DAY.. wishing you a very happy birthday .. NOW along with everything else keep a piece too frozen for me OF the cake I mean 🙂 he he he

    • Bikram says:

      and London kab aye aaap.. bataya hi nahin BADdddddddddddddddddddd… next time u come make sure you bring all those goodies for me that you have promised till now .. I am keeping a list …

      and HATS OFF TO YOU MAMMMMMMMM… WOWOW half marathon OH MY GOIDDDDDD .. you know I am still to do one and have promised myself next year I am participating no matter what even if i have to WALK… Now I envy you so much and KUDOS to you ..

      Happy Birthday Once again ….

  25. RS says:

    Hap Hap Happy Birthday and a wonderful year for you!!!!!! *tries singing*

    Am cursing myself for dropping by late today! We are just 2 years and 10 days apart Babe 😀

    And why are you at work? Why havent you taken the day off?!!

    And you danced at your own wedding AND got a public hug? wow! How many of those Maamis fainted? tsk tsk tsk… 😛

  26. Happy birthday RM!!!

    Stay happy, blessed and ever on your toes by your brat 😀

    Big hugs 🙂

  27. vandana says:

    Happy birthday to you and that’s quite a list for 30…no wonder you are not making one for next 10…i think its easy to make wishlist for first 30 then next 10.

  28. Hey R 🙂 many many happy returns of the day! 🙂

  29. R's Mom says:

    @Happy Feet: thank you so much

    @Bikram: arey I came to London last year…in March..we didnt even know each other 🙂

    @RS: So your birthday is on the 30th september is it? Aiyo these dates are so confusing..please bolo na?

    me at work, because I have stuff to complete 🙂

    Many maamis didnt have anything to say..RD was too enthused about it 🙂

    @CR: Arey what kind of a blessing is that? even at your toes by your brat…too much rey!

    @Vandana: hehehe 🙂

    @Shruti: thanks..finally you landed here didnt ya!

  30. Tharani says:

    Happy birthday R’s Mom 😀

  31. Sreetama says:

    One question, you cracked CAT but missed ding MBA?! And you planned to study journalism?! Then what happened in these two cases??? Write a post about your birthday celebration! Birthday hugs!!!

  32. rrmom says:

    Happy B’day RM. Good read going through your 30 points. How about a seperate post on the your wedding esp the dancing and hugging part.

  33. Many many happy returns of the day R’s mom!!!

    Wow you have a degree in dance…Phew!…Perfect list!! Basically what i am saying is that when i turn 30 next year i will copy it…and i am also rubbing it in…that i aint 30 yet!! 😛

  34. JustAgirl says:

    This is the 31st comment…
    So, here is wishing you a swishing, awesome, swing into your 30s!

  35. anisnest says:

    Happy 30 RM.. have a great year ahead.. have a blast on this spl. day…

  36. AT says:

    wow..that’s quite a list 😀
    Wish you a very happy B’day….

  37. Titaxy says:

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday! May there be joy, smiles and love around you for a lifetime and more.

  38. Happy bday R’s mom 🙂 Found this post really cute..So I had to de-lurk and wish you 🙂

    • oh…on second thoughts, my comment seems rude (un-intentional) .. Sorry about the way “So I had to de-lurk and wish you” sounds..It actually is: “So I de-lurked.. And also wished you” 😛

  39. I came here to wish you “A very very Happy Budday!!”..and was delighted to see the 30 pointer post. Quite a lot of achievements I must say, in spite of your efforts to underplay them 🙂

    Welcome to the big three-oh and girl, we shall rock it! 🙂

    Much love, laughter , health and happiness in all years to come. {{Hugs}}

  40. Happy Birthday R’s mom. Wishing you a great year ahead. I have been reading you from past few weeks and I simply love the cheer you spread around 🙂

  41. R's Mom says:

    @Tharani: I am nothing like the card you drew for me…I am fat, big, curly hair, wear specs…but thanks darling…Muah to you

    @Sreetama: I had no one to guide me and let me know that even with 89 percentile I could have gotten into some other colleges..and journalism..thats something I always wanted to do..but couldnt afford the course fees 🙂 I dabbled in too many na?

    @rrmom: Errr…that separate post…well I will do it I guess..you know whats the saddest part, I have no pictures of that!

    @Nuttie: Gah! or should I just say like R says ‘tengu tengu’ I am older to you…

    @justagirl: Thanks dear 🙂

    @Ani: Awww..thanks thanks

    @AT: I love your new name..short and sweet 🙂 perfect..

    @Titaxy: THanks a ton..and welcome here 🙂

    @mypunchingbag: Welcome here..and no werent rude the earlier time also rey..I understood what you said 🙂

    @AHK: you came to my space *Gasp* thanks a ton and welcome here

    @sweetnothings: Welcome here and thanks a lot for the compliments 🙂

  42. varsha says:

    Belated birthday wishes !!

  43. Rajani Ram says:

    This is a bit late.. but I just read this blog…. Happy B’day to you…. belated wishes…

  44. Ashwathy says:

    Brilliant. Way to go!!! 😀 😀
    You are the best of the lot….you are enjoying every moment of your life. I can’t wait till you turn 40!! Er… I mean can’t wait to see the list you make when you turn 40.

    Your post reminded me of the proverb:
    ““Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, champagne in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “WOO HOO what a ride!”

    Many many happy returns of the day sweetheart 🙂 Hope u had a great time! And wish u a fantastic year ahead!

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