Weekend Series – Chennai Chornicles – 1

Warning: LONG posts ahead…read at your risk

and so the R household decided to to go Chennai..ahem ahem..for a weekend..yes we are mad that ways…we left on Friday afternoon and came back on Sunday night!

These posts will be in detail because I want R to read this when she grows old and be thankful that she has such adventurous parents!

Friday Afternoon  – RD calls up and says…Can you get anything for me to eat to the airport?
RM: Arey from where will I get..you get something and eat yourself na
RD: I will make maggi for lunch and then eat and come
RM: No dont you dare eat anything at home
RD: Errr…what?
RM: Then you wont clean anything it, it will keep lying for 2 days, it will stink, my platform will get dirty with all the maggi and then ants will come and then it will be horrible and then we will call the pest control guys and then I will have to wait for them..yaada yaada yaada
RD: OKAY! I will manage something else
RM: Dont you dare eat maggi do you GET THAT!
RD: yaa yaa bye bye I will see you at the airport

So RD gets R from her daycare to the airport and RM meets them there..

As soon as R gets off the car and sees me..she says

Guess guess..not Amma..she says..Amma, su-su

RM: ‘to RD’ didnt you take her to su-su before she left the daycare
RD: ‘struggling with the luggage and all’ what?
RM:Arey R ko su-su aa raha hai
RD: Lets wait till we go inside and starts searching for the ticket
R: Amma, zor se aa rahi hai
RM: Wait na baby…
R: Amma, please amma
RD: Ufff! wait wait..there is a loo outside, you can take her there..but its so far away that its easier for us to just get inside
RM: trying to distract R : What did you eat

and midst all this confusion we manage to get inside and go to the loo and no R didnt wet her pants 😉

And then we wait for the aeroplane announcement

Which gets announced pretty early so we go to board

R says uthao na as usual..and I pick her up and go into the bus…

As soon as we get into the aeroplane, we realise there is a delay because its just not moving

We decide to finish off her homework, before the plane starts

She messes up and I am cranky and end up giving her a whack

R screaming at the top of her voice: Meri amma ne mereko mara, mereko dukh raha hai…and RD is red with embrassment

RM: okie sorry sorry dont get bugged

Three men who are cricketers as per RD (Whats with us and them always travelling together!) look back and smile at me..no actually make it laugh atme…I hope when they get kids they understand the agony of a weeping child gah!

anyways, I try to pacify her and we try and complete her homework..which is no easy task..lemme tell you

The pilot announces seat belt signal and R says ‘amma su-su’

RM: But you just went na
R: Amma, vapis aa rahi hai
RM: But beta, you cant go now
R: Please amma

So I get up since the plane has not moved from its position, but the air hostess makes me sit down again saying that the seat belt signal is on..when the pilot announces that the flight will be delayed by 20 minutes…

I get up saying that the flight is not moving..please let her use the loo

AH: No we cant allow that
RM: But the flight is not even moving..I can understand rules..but please can you ask
AH: No
RM: now I lose my temper: She is three dont you understand, you are not breaking any rules here, the plane is not even cruising..its stand still..the pilot said it will take 20 minutes!

the whole plane is staring at me now..I seriously dont care..its a matter of su-su and life afterall

Another man comes behind me and says I want to use the loo as well..please open the door

AH: no sir its not possible
Man: but the plane is not even moving…you are wasting time..there is a little kid who wants to go..why cant you open the door
R: Amma, zor se aa rahi hai su-su

RD for the records, is sitting on the last seat totally flabbergasted at the fact that his wife is shouting su-su su-su on the top of her voice and his daughter is repeating that at the top of HER voice

Man: you have to let us go..call the captain
RM: yes yes call

Loud laughing all around

AH: okie and calls
R: Amma, su su su su su su
RM: wait beta, dont do here
R: Amma, zor se aa rahi hai..abhi to
Man: Call the captain will you?
AH: yes sir yes sir
RM: you  better call fast, otherwise, you wont know what will happen here
R: Su-su aa gayi amma
RM: wait beta
AH: gets scared and get permission to open the door

and then RM rushes to one loo with R and the man rushes to the other loo

and just for the records AGAIN, the plane didnt move about 20 minutes after the loo fight as well!!!

and R thankfully went off to sleep

We landed late in Chennai, went to the SIL’s house and then she had booked some seats in barbeque nation..and before you people ask, YES IT WAS  POURING IN CHENNAI !

I give up folks..the rain Gods realy really love me!

Barbeque nation was good, R was cranky though we did some sort of a waltz to the live music there..we meaning R and I not RD and I 😉

and we hogged on the food..and came back late

Coming up next – The Meeting and All that!

Thats for tomorrow


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36 Responses to Weekend Series – Chennai Chornicles – 1

  1. I’m so sorry, RM! But I really can’t stop laughing. It is so hilarious. To unlock the toilet door, ‘Call the captain’ it seems! OMG!! 🙂

  2. Tharani says:

    What you came to Chennai.. The Famous RM came to Chennai and I didn’t get a chance to meet. Haaa…I am dejected.. 😦 😦 😦 😦

  3. Comfy says:

    LOL! R and her su su timing. They are perfect 😀

  4. RS says:

    Yeh kuch surprise trip hai kya? Suddenly Chennai Chronicles?!!

    RD must be thanking his stars for sitting far away from you and R! Heheh – all these embarassments are saved only for moms.
    By the way – what did RD eat before coming to the airport? *Just curious*

  5. Smitha says:

    Goodness! You guys are adventurous!

    And that shoot air-hostess! How dumb is that. Esp when the flight was not moving!

    Waiting for the next installment.

  6. varsha says:

    You were at Chennai !! . Next time you decide to come here , do let it known before hand. will wiat for you at airport /railway station whereever you land to receive you guys. Is there a mail id through which I can correspond with you. I dont see one in the web-page.

  7. The Bride says:

    Ok R is so not going to pleased to read about her su-su drama when she’s older! But the rest of us are very happy to read it now so please continue 🙂

    It’s amazing how officious these air hostesses feel the need to be. I understand their frustrations but would you rather have a 3-year-old pee on the seat?

  8. Swarna says:

    Baapre R’s mom. You are scaring me now 😦
    Can Air hostesses be that rude? I mean not able to understand that it’s child who can not understand. I am planning to travel with my son, the journey is for 18 hours or so. Do you think I should carry on with this plan?
    Advice please

  9. Seema says:

    Was waiting for your weekend update and I must say it is simply worth the wait!

    ROFL at “RD for the records, is sitting on the last seat totally flabbergasted at the fact that his wife is shouting su-su su-su on the top of her voice and his daughter is repeating that at the top of HER voice” Reminds me of a day in a mall where Mannu did the same Su-Su drama. And we were in the ground flour. Restroom was located in the 2nd floor. I rushed like crazy and when I finally remove her pants and make her sit for su-su, she gives me an impish smile, rotates her wrist like a pendulum and says “Su-su nahi hai”!

    Tell me about getting homework done by 3 year olds. It’s harder than it appears to be. Phew!!! I am gonna do a post on that soon.

    Waiting for the next post already… You know how to keep your readers glued to this space, dn’t ya?

  10. VJ says:

    U went to chennai ??? That’s my hometown !!
    Had been laughing picturising the whole situation… And I have had my share of bad experiences as well with air hostesses !!

  11. R's Mom says:

    @S&S: Seriously…they did call the pilot and ask him…see I can understand if the plane was cruising yaar..it was just stand still there

    @Tharani: sorry babes, like I wrote to you…I thought you were in Hyd..for some stupid reason 😦

    @Comfy: What..you should be sympathizing with me here okie?

    @RS: Arey improntu trip tha..SIL ka bday + SIL ka new house..blah blah blah…its too long a story 🙂

    By the way – Will be answered soon 🙂

    @Smitha: we are babes..aage aage dekho

    @Varsha: oh you from Chennai as well…my email is readingrsmind@gmail.com

    will wait for you guys..heheehe…arent you sweet 🙂

    @The Bride – Guess I will make it password protected then 😉

    Arey thats what na..the first time she asked me to sit down…I did…trying to explain to R..but as soon as the pilot announced 20 minutes delay and the plane was not even cruising…I dont understand why she did that 😦

    @Swarna: arey nahi babes..dont get worried…you just need to start screaming su-su…hehhe 🙂

    18 hours ka journey – kidhar hai aapke feet *falls on the feet*

    @Seema: you are always so rich in your compliments rey 🙂

    Mannu did that is it? awww…it must be so so bugging na 🙂

    Waiting for the homework post

  12. Vidya says:

    That was an aire – hostess or what?! Expecting a 3 yrs old to have a bladder control is so stupid! And that too when the flight was not taking off.. And evil you, you made her do the homework?!!
    Ok ok, awaiting more updates.. You did not only bring rains with you, but you took it back?! hmpf!

  13. Smita says:

    Was that Air Hostess mad or what? How can she refuse to open the washroom especially when there is a delay? You know the best way to handle these Idiots? You shud have put ur foot out when she was walking down aisle and maza ata if she wud have fallen flat on her face 😀

    But I must tell you, u are one crazy family 😀 but I am sure there is some other kind of fun in impromptu planning 😀

  14. R's Mom says:

    @VJ: it is? Aweesome…AH experience is pretty scary na 🙂

    @Vidya: what..its not raining anymore…and the rains came to Mumbai back with me 🙂

    Abhi when do I make her do her homework yaar..she only said that she wanted to..and then the crying etc etc

    @Smita: Arey look at the ideas you are giving..too much yaar! with her tight skirt and slim fit shirt, I dotn think that would have been a great idea 😉

  15. snowdrop says:

    lol.. you people are really adventurous ! 🙂 🙂 R will be proud of you one day for making the flight captain to come down to open the loo 😉
    And it was raining in chennai ??? I think you have got some power ! 🙂

  16. Okay.. With all your hilarious su-su anecdotes, I completely missed out that you went to Madras! I mean, MADRAS!! 😦 I want to go to Madras, NOW!!

  17. Smita says:

    hahahaha … it wud have been free enetrtainment for all 😉 imagine she walking down in high heels, tight skirt and never ending attitude and dhapak she goes down 😀

  18. Smita says:

    And then u shud have said “oh am so sorry gir gayi aap? arrey nahin aap to pehle se hi giri hui thi” hehehehe A PJ 😀

  19. Zephyr says:

    If you think R is going to be thrilled to read her su su tales, you are highly optimistic. But it was one hilarious drama. Don’t i know what tension filled minutes those are when a little one says, ‘jaana hai’ and the time you reach the pot before they ‘do it’ in their pants! Loved it 🙂

    Loved the way you forbade RD from using the kitchen too 😀 😀

  20. okay now I now why it was pouring that day.. it’s coz you came here.. you are the real amrithavarshini 😀

    so when are you coming next? can i buy you tickets for april and may?(i think the entire chennai population will gladly contribute to the fund – business class and all!)

  21. Kanchan says:

    Hats off to R for holding it through all the discussions. And the AC in the aircraft really makes you wanna go more than usual 🙂
    Su-su really loses the shock value post motherhood. I tend to let it slip in my conversations with adults too !

  22. Sreetama says:

    Total ROFL post!!! And no wonder, people say that AHs are the dumbest lot of professionals!

  23. anisnest says:

    it happens with a 3 yr old and why do you want R to read it later? wont she be embarrassed? poor girl.. what shall she do? though I am no way different R’s mom I would have done the exact same thing as you did…

  24. Sangitha says:

    Hilarious. Am laughing my gut out. Was so tired after a long day and your post just made it all go away! HA, HA, HA!

    Sorry, little sympathy….it’s just too funny. When it happens to someone else! 😀

  25. Pepper says:

    I love the way you mention even the minutest detail in your weekend posts. If it were me, I would write the same post in a few lines. But you type out every little detail and describe every single conversation. You’re awesome 😀

  26. it sucks when people doesn’t understand nature’s call…and the flight was delayed…Why air hostess couldn’t be more understanding and should have checked with a captain earlier 😦

  27. R's Mom says:

    @Snowdrop: See…thats why I like you…you see the whole su-su episode so positively 🙂

    @S&S: Hugs darling…vaise..you just finished a trip na!!!

    @Smita: hahahahhaha! you are too funny I swear 🙂 Remind me warn the airlines the next time you think of flying with Lil’one

    @Zephyr: errr..may be I should make this post password protected when R turns 10 *Wondering*

    @SAB: hahahahha! Amrithavarshini…what kind of a name is that?

    Chennai..next trip will be announced in advanced 🙂

    @Kanchan: Seriously…I thought she will go there only 🙂 Err…so I have RD telling me before we leave someone’s house…su-su aa rahi hai toh jake aaja!

    @Sreetama: Well not all of them are like that..infact most of the AH I know are really nice and smart…this one was just a bit confused I guess 🙂

    @Ani: Are you taking R’s side..arent you a sweetheart 🙂

    @Sangitha: Glad to make you laugh 🙂

    @Pepper: I want R to read this for sure…all this adventure turned about 10 hairs of mine grey!!!

    @adayinlifeofmom: Is there a shorter name I can use for you :):)

    Yaa..my issue was only that…the flight was announced publicly delayed by the captain..even if it had started moving I could understand them telling no to me..but this!

  28. Sreetama says:

    I agree. I take back my generic comment. It goes for some & I guess these confused sorts are found in all professions.

    Hey, I know am SUPER LATE but still wanted to wish you a Happy Engineers’ Day! 🙂 For hardworking people (engineers) like you, we lead a better life!

    Going to read the next part of CC!

  29. Bikram says:

    aapne mara R ko BADDDDDDDDDDdd.. thats an assault .. and under section __ you can be charged hmmmpffff .. POLICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE POLICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee kahan hai …

    and what does the AH mean she cant use the loo.. WAIT you get the details of that AH, let me come uske ghar jaake , Pitai AH ki.. stopping a kid from going ot the loo .. you know it hardly makes a difference if the loo is used while the plane is taxing even.. Stupid AH.. and the flight tooo weird notions people have .. I cant beleive the CAPTAIN had to be called for this decision …

    WAS this AH — BLONDE … ooops I am going ot get it now he he heh ee

  30. Amruthavarshini is the raaga that brings forth rain ..thats why i called you that 🙂

  31. Pingback: Weekend Series – Chennai Chronicles – 3 | R's Mom

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