I have an FB account….

Which is something in common with every second citizen of this world…

I havent really been a very active FB user…there are phases in which I just log in, check other people’s status messages, leave my two bits if its necessary, and then write some random update about R, check out whose birthday it is in the next one week (I love that feature about FB, though my patty and mom do this by REMEMBERING without internet and computers) and then log out

I havent put up a single photograph of myself, though I do get tagged when friends tag me…

While I can totally understand social networking being important or not, here are some of my views on the FB thingie..

I obviously know that this topic has been discussed to death in the blogosphere, but hey I did mention earlier na that the R household is always late…we are like tubelights, thoda time lagta hai baati jalne mein

and of course this is my very very personal take on the topic…this may be relevant ONLY to me and no one else…my blog, my relevance I guess 🙂


1) Random people asking you to be friends – I mean I dont want that neighbour uncle’s friend on my friend list…my uncle’s younger child’s old girlfriend’s sister need not be my friend right…isnt FB about keeping in touch..yes it is…but only if you want to…I dread when old school/college friends extend their friendship acceptance to me..I mean, I was weird in college and school..I dont want to remember that okie? and then people put up these old school photographs and tag you in them…I looked (still look) like I auditioned for zee horror show in college with a zillion pimples…Do I really want to be tagged in that kind of a photo!

and then people suggesting you other friends..whats the point? I dont want my friend’s cousin who I have never heard of to be my friend boss…just because we have one friend in common, why would I want to be your friend???

While I can totally relate to people whom I meet via the blog and am comfortable with, connecting via FB, I just cant understand random cousin of a friend asking to be my friend on FB…no sir not at all!

2) Photo uploads – I have a cartoon character (which describes me pretty well!) as my image picture….and I am pretty okie with it…I have people who suggest that you should put up your photu..but its like my blog my wish, my FB profile, my wish…I DONT want to be identified…Then why have an FB account…Well..now thats a Q…when I initiated the FB account, it was to keep in touch with a former boss who was a great friend and who was in Greece, and didnt know about Orkut (lets not even get into Orkut, I actually deleted that account of mine!) then I realised FB spread in India like crazy..the only super great benefit of of the FB account is definitely the birthday thingie…I can wish people and I know when their birthdays are

and then people who are upset about people putting their kids photos as their profile image…I dont know why thats wrong seriously…if they want to be identified by their kids, so it be..when people call me R’s Mom, I dont get offended…its just a part of my identity..just because I put up my child’s photo as my image picture or a photo of me and my husband grinning together as my image picture, doesnt mean that I am an insecure, not confident, scared person…I am what I am..my FB profile picture doesnt define me!

Then its about people tagging me…I really get a bit skeptical when people do that…I know no one is going to stop being my friend because of the way I look, well they wouldnt have been my friend in the first place anyways if they were bothered about how I look, but you know it really feels awkward because I am not a photo person…I HATE taking photographs of myself

3) Asking you to play games – I understand the first couple of times when you invite other people to play games, but if if the other person is not interested, they dont accept it..but sending it again and again and again…I have like 100 unplayed games or something on my FB account…I am not interested to play anything thank you..and when I am free, I will if I want to..so thank you for that as well

4) Adding you to some random group – Arey baba, I dont want to belong to any group..I dont want to like any group, I am not in any group..okie?

4) Status messages – This very very personal, let anyone put up what they want, I have no issues at all…If I dont like it, I read it and just dont reply..simple!

Having said all this, I can pretty much confess, that I really log into FB once a while, take a look at what my friends are doing, get jealous at the unmarried ones partying out, look up at the married ones enjoying their lives, the ones who are parents, getting proud about their kiddos..

All in all, I think FB  has its uses, but its a very very over rated platform…Give me my blog any day..I love it much more 🙂

and oh, I am not even getting into how dangerous it is for the children, etc etc..that would be another post in itself


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16 Responses to FB-ing

  1. RS says:

    1. Random people – Yeah – I just mercilessly reject them. There is an aunt’s request that I refuse to accept and she is still quite upset about it.And have given strict instructions to Dad not to put anything on FB – Call me!!! Its so silly to see comments from Dad,MIL,Hubby,wife,Mom – those people who you talk to everyday – I mean FB for me is to be in touch with someone who I dont meet/talk everyday…
    2. I do regular photo uploads because I know there are loved ones out there who would want to see the latest Chutku snaps or outing snaps, more because I can access FB from work :-p and not Picassa/mails.
    3. God! I used to get so frustrated at people discussing Farmville at work! It used to bug me no end – send pigs itseems.Bah! Thankfully that craze has kind of died down now – not hearing it as frequently. And people are so surprised that Im not into these games…
    4. Groups – thankfully I dont get added to any groups – I think most people I am ‘Friends’ with know I wouldnt like it.Still I think I need to remove some redundant people there…
    5. Status messages – How true. You dont like it – dont comment on it – thats my policy too – I check someone’s status/comments but then I just dont comment on it if there is nothing to say.I mean there is no rule that I need to write something na?
    My comment is only like one post now! Sorry – but do give me my blog anyday – I do love it more than FB 😀

  2. Comfy says:

    I have a FB account. And I am as paranoid there as I am on my blog. I am very careful who I add as friends. I have added no pictures in over 2 years. I don’t have status updates. Unless I have anything special to say, I don’t even the comment on other people’s status.

    I would say I am a silent reader of FB. I go, I read and I come out.

  3. Swaram says:

    Err lemme go hunt for that cartoon character on FB then 😉 He he juz kidding 😉

  4. Zephyr says:

    Loved your opinion on FB. the younger one started a fan page for me and then put the photographs there too. I feel terribly uncomfortable with my photo being circulated over cyberspace for any random person to see. I also am not active beyond liking some post occasionally or talking about mine. My son says I should post stuff on my wall more often.
    I know that i get less views because of this lacuna in me, but I can’t help it. I can only nag family to promote me on FB and hope readers and friends do 🙂

    You don’t have email subscription do you? I would like to subscribe to your blog. I like your topic and take.

  5. R's Mom says:

    @RS: you refused an aunt’s request..wow! I could NEVER do that 😦 I have RD’s cousin’s 12 year old son asking to be my friend..which I dont want obviously..I just have kept it pending!

    Loved your take..thanks for this comment..good to know I am not the only ‘weirdo’ around

    @Comfy: Oh I can totally understand that..my dad is totally against all this networking..though I am not as bad as him…I do get a bit paranoid myself

    @Swaram: go go search search babes…I dont mind having you as a friend, because I truely connect to you 🙂 and then of course I can show off that I am friends with ‘Swaram’ from YFS..howzzat

    @Zephyr: He did..wow..he is a cute son 🙂

    you got the email subscription? I have it right at the bottom

  6. Hi…

    I love FB and play games on it…. because I have time lots and lots of time (3.5 hrs to be precise) where I dont know what to to do… I read…. but then if I read in afternoon, I dont have anything to read at night, then I cant sleep properly… so I save the book for night and do tp on FB during the afternoon…

    But I hate random people adding me as freinds and I do try not send the games request to the people who dont send me one.

    Maybe this phase will go when I dont have so much time to pass….


  7. Scribby says:

    you’re right.. I simply press ‘ignore the requests’ [from friends and relatives both] that I don’t want to accept and don’t bother about people thinking me as a rude person..so be it 🙂 ‘those who matter are on my friends list and those who don’t matter can go and think whatever they want to about me 😉

    other than this I think FB is a quiet cool place 🙂 I’ve almost all friends on my list and these days even relatives are also there so it becomes easy to catch up and stay in touch…lot of school friends who were left behind but are quiet important got in touch again..so all in all it’s a nice place to be…of course with it’s pros and cons given…but if you play safe it’s cool 🙂

    I might sound too much a FB fan 😉 but right now sitting at home it’s the only way I can stay connected and entertained apart from being busy with Chirpy 🙂

  8. RS says:

    Hey! There is no option of rejecting a request – only ‘Not now’ ing them! And thats what I ahve been doing – did 1 just now too!!

  9. Tharani says:

    Where do I find your E mail id in this blog?? Is it mentioned somewhere here??

  10. Bikram says:

    uff ho so much on FB, so many people are writing articls on it .. I am on FB too but I hardly go and I dont respond ot stupid invites or requests .. simple I do play a joke on a few of good friends but thats about it .. I think this FB nonsenence is taking over a lot and its actually good its banned in offices and all ..

    I am not a fan of FB at all doesnot impress me at all.. but yeah i have seen people spend hours and hours on it .. wasting time .. you mentioned about kids safety WELL you dont want ot know what happenes I have to DEAL with it sometimes , thats why I dont like FB .. at all

  11. Sreetama says:

    I have no shame in admitting that I’m an FB addict. I’m on it all the time from my mobile phone. It i the easiest way to catch up on my friends with whom I’m not on regular touch. Sharing my status on the points which you have thrown light, I would like to say:

    1. I DON’T add random people even if I have 100 mutual friends. Sometimes I have to add my relatives like Uncle, Aunt & even my father (he’s too tech savvy) but I fee that’s okay. If I’m not comfortable with any FB friend, I just put him/her privacy setting so that they can’t see my updates.

    2. I upload photos of myself, friends, places, animals, objects, everything that catches my eye & feel they are uploadable! It’s also a back up for me coz you never know, my mobile/lappy might crash (God forbid)

    3. I confess that at one point, I was interested in playing games but not any more. I’ve realized that I’m there for networking and not for playing games. If I need recreation, I have better sources for that! And I plain & simply avoid requests even if she (yes, girls dominate in the FB game arena) is my bosom friend!

    4. I update my status messages regularly. It can be an update about myself, tagging people for some reason like birthday, best wishes etc. or some funny/thoughtful quote, observations etc. I read other peoples’ statuses & comments. If I feel like, I just ‘Like’ or comment, otherwise, ignore.

    5. If I’m added to groups of my school & college, I don’t mind but random groups…I hate! I also don’t like liking pages, even if I actually like the theme of the page. My home page gets crammed up with their notifications!

    6. I miss my blog!!! I think I shall start writing again & I want to share the link with you, if you would like to read. It is not half as interesting as your’s but suggestions & feedback are welcome! 🙂

    A very out of context update. Today, Mumbai weather’s spirit entered Delhi and it was raining cows & bulls here. I got copartially drenched on my way to work. And sitting in the AC, I feel that I’ll catch cold soon! I can totally empathize with you when you say that you hate when it rains, especially in the morning…

    Enjoy your weekend! Looking for your lessons learnt & hope it doesn’t pour this weekend & upcoming week!

  12. Rohini says:

    First visit to your new home. Nice digs 🙂

  13. R's Mom says:

    @Smita: Arey there is nothing wrong in being on FB..its just that sometimes, it gets overwhelming when people tag you and stuff..and then you dont want to be rude…etc etc 🙂

    @Scribby: Oh yes, I do have tons of friends as well..its jut a matter of being comfortable I think with whom you want and whom you dont want to be friends…yep..it has its pros and cons for sure..no rey..you dont sound like an FB fan or anything..its just a matter of perception

    @RS: thanks for THAT info

    @Tharani: its readingrsmind@gmail.com

    how are things with you 🙂

    @Bikram: yep..guess it IS very dangerous for kids…I wouldnt want R to have a FB account till she is 16…but again…its too early for me to predict that!

    @Sreetama: oh RD is a big addict too…its good to have your father as a friend 😉

    You had a blog! Awesome..start that babes 🙂 its more addictive than FB 😉

    hugs on the weather darling..hope the weekend went off well

    @Ro: and you are welcome here too…thanks

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