Weekend Lesson Learnt – Telling Imaginary Stories to your Child Has a LOT of Advantages

Before we go to the main lesson…here is how our weekend was

Lesson #1: You can take a Gujju out of Gujarat, but you cant take Gujarat out of a Gujju

Saturday morning, RD went out for a haircut and R and I spent some time listening to garbas…I started murmuring the usual Garba which I and R sing while cooking and she told me amma full song sing karne ka na…

abhi full song toh I didnt know..so we went to Google and searched..and heard songs like Tara Vina Shyam, Pankhida rey udi jajo pavagadh rey, radha govaldi na ghar pachavade…I so love Atul Purohit and missed United na Garba in Baroda..Gah! this girl will make me so so nostalgic as Navratri approaches…I wish I could go there and dance forever!

Baroda – I LOVE YOU!

Lesson #2: Advantages of having a three year old is getting a free Pineapple yummilicious cake from Trident hotel

and so the garbage aunty knocked the door and R went in anticipation that her dad had come back..but he hadnt and she saw our neighbour aunty…she went in happily to their house while I was struggling with half a kg of kachra in my hand…

RM: R come back
R: no
RM: What?
R: No. I will play here
RM: But I have to have a bath baby…it takes time
Neighbour ; Its okie have your bath and come she will stay with us
RM: Errr…I dont think its a good idea
R: It is…mein idhar hoon and she bangs the door shut on my face…

everyone around is laughing

RM: arey open the door
R: Aunty dont open
Neighbour : telling  me from inside to go and have my bath

So I rush through my  bath and I ring their bell profusely thanking them for keeping R till then

R: I am not coming
RM: Come rey..its getting late
R: No..amma please 5 minutes..please amma..promise I will come
Neighbour: arey let her stay na..I will send her in some time
RM: okie

and then after a while RD comes back and then I ring the bell again..R tries the puppy face pleading technique again but we have to go out so I tell her to come

She goes in and tells Uncle mein jaa rahi hoon as if some celebrity is leaving

and the loot she gets by then is

1. three chocolate  biscuits
2. one colouring book
and the most important since uncle works in Trident hotel
3. One HUGE pineapple pastry which was so so soft that I R loved it

Lesson #3: Eating food when someone else cooks it is super nice

We went to RD’s uncle-aunty’s house for lunch and aunt had made sambhar, rice, papad and kacha kela subji…it was superb! R and I ate like a ton of food

slept there and then got up to go to Dmart

Shopped like crazy and then went to the market to get veggies

Lesson #4: Nothing to beat street food..

give me a choice between eating street wala chinese food and going to Hotel Taj..I will choose the street food

sasta, tikao and since its cooked well healthy as well

R and I had pav bhaji AND RD and I had chinese..I am the common factor here but lets over look that!

Lesson #5: Dont keep packing for the last minute

RD was leaving for Delhi on Sunday morning at 6.30 and at 10 in the night on Saturday he tells me RM mereko zara packing mein help karna

I was furious…and we had our fight as well (Nuttie hope this satisfies you)

but anyways, I took out stuff for him, while he was watching the ManU match and ironing R’s uniform (What its his job, he do it before he does out of station okie?)

and then went to sleep

Lesson #6: Refer the title

R was sitting on the platform pleading me to tell a story and I was doing the idli atta in the mixie…and I tell her this weird story of the lion and the rabbit wanting to go to school and the lion comes to the bus stop and sees the rabbit and the rabbit asks him if he has paid the fees….I scream FEES…R says amma sunai diya aaje bolo

R: yes amma, what happened next
RM: Tera fees R tera fees
R: what
RM: arey we didnt pay your fees only for this quarter…

I get hyper and call up RD..he is boarding the flight…fees fees fees I scream

RD: What…I am boarding the flight
RM: Arey, R’s fees
RD: oh..just pay na from the XXXX account
RM: but fees fees
RD: yes RM just pay

and I realise I am getting hysterical for nothing

I quickly take out the cheque book, fill in her fee recipt, take a quick minute to thank God that the bank is working till 12 on Sunday, pick up R, get her colour book, get her crayons, one pack of parle-G and then get into a rick

and I forget the umbrella but its nice and sunny okie 🙂

We reach the bank and since everything in a bank rattles me…I make goof ups..but manage to pay the fees while R has managed to charm the lady at the counter, the guard and polish off ONE WHOLE packet of biscuits

We go back, and get off near the market

Lesson #7: There is nothing better in the world than standing and staring with your child

For a change, I didnt hurry up R…we first went to buy eggs..she wanted motichur laddo from the nearby shop..so we bought that

we walked across to buy and share one tender coconut which had perfectly patla malai..thanks for this tip appa…always as the guy to give you patli malai zyada pani wala coconut

the water was sweet and the malai sweeter

then we walked a bit further and saw two cows standing and eating..we stood there for 10 minutes till R examined their eating habits to her heart’s content

It wasnt sunny and I was sure it was going to rain..but R refused to get into a rick or bus and wanted to walk..so we walked and walked..almost a kilometer…and we talked, skipped, hopped, jumped, studied the buildings in the area..and finally reached home…

It was one of the best one hours I have spent with R ever 🙂

Lesson #8: DONT dry the clothes outside the house just because its get sunny for 15 minutes in Mumbai…well its self-explanatory and oh one more thing! IT ALWAYS RAINS on viserjan day! always…remember that okie

Lesson #9: Cuddling on a rainy afternoon after a lunch of sambhar, rice and beans curry with your child is total fun..and then snoozing off is even better

Lesson #10: Ganesh Umachi apparantly likes these songs

DK Bose
Sheila ki jawani
Avi avi ho gaya
Tere bin suni suni hai rahi (some Himesh reshmaiya song!)

Thats what the guys in our pada were playing while taking Ganesh bhagwan to the sea at 9 in the night!!!!

So how was your weekend?


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18 Responses to Weekend Lesson Learnt – Telling Imaginary Stories to your Child Has a LOT of Advantages

  1. Hey RM!!

    Street food is definitely far far more appealing than the food that any FIVE star hotel offers! 🙂

    Lion meets the rabbit, who asks the lion about the school fees?? Definitely weird. I think you had this fee-thingie some where in your subconscious mind and it came out in the form of a story! Maybe no?? 🙂

    And, the best lesson of the lot was lesson 7. I really really loved it. 🙂 And lesson 9 as well. 🙂 I second them wholeheartedly.

    Well… My weekend was pretty much the usual cooking, cleaning, sleeping one ‘cos of the Ganesh visarjanam. Apparently, it was our Anniversary yesterday (Yes.. Yes.. the most dreaded 9/11 day!) but couldn’t go out anywhere fearing the dhols and the traffic! 😦 Finally in the evening, we braved our way into a nearby mall and had a good-reading-time at ‘Crossword’ – the only high point of the day. 🙂

  2. RS says:

    One more packed weekend, that too R to the market? I admire your guts lady!! I am still petrified of taking chutku alone to any crowded area.

    And food cooked by someone – no matter how simple is always more delicious – thats Murphy’s law! 🙂

  3. bikram says:

    my weekend obviously not as brilliant as yours. seeing and reading all this fun i have to come over for daysssss to eat all that i hope R likes to share he he he.

    So much to do and eat yummmmyyyyyy

  4. The Bride says:

    Love the standing and staring with R, especially the cows and their eating habits.

  5. Loved the entire post! She is such a star. Im glad she liked the pineapple pastry 😛

    and reminded me of the time in school when the teachers used to give us term fees slips and we had to take them home. I always somehow er, “lost” mine (because I thought if I lost it,my parents couldnt pay fees, then school would chuck me out, then I could stay at home and play with the dog! brilliant strategy, never worked :|)

  6. R's Mom says:

    @S&S: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABES! you cant help the 9/11 can you? you went to Crossword..abey what more do you want lemme hear gah!

    Oh you think street food is better too..awesome

    Arey this lion ka story I have been telling her for like a week now…I do come up with such ‘practical’ stories 😉

    Thanks for lesson #7 n 9

    @RS: WHAT? I started taking R by the Mumbai locals at the age of 1…arey she is born to be brought up in Mumbai..let her get used to it…I hardly bother…I take care only of one thing…I dont cause problems to other people..so I take her during the not-so-crowded hours…I have taken her standing in my arms from Bvr to Churchgate which is almost an hour journey…my arms surely broke that day 🙂

    @Bikram: oh R will sure have fun with you…

    @The Bride: Thanks 🙂 its become so rare na at least for me…this is I think the first time I actually didnt hurry her up

    @SAB: Thanks…Awww…thats such a lovely strategy…Thank God R cant read now..dont even think of putting such ideas in her head okie *Looks sternly*

  7. I can’t stop laughing at R shutting the door on your face after calling it a good idea!!! Lol…too cute…

    Loved your lesson no 7 and 9 – i remember my mom doing the same when i was a kid and the feeling of being so secure and warm!

    Loved ur weekend R’s mom – if only only i could chronicle things as well as u…Sigh!

  8. RS says:

    I always miss telling something here in a hurry to comment! 😛 So I wanted to add about the street food – NOTHING beats street side paani puri/ masala puri /gobi manchuri babe! – My Dad teases saying its because of the roadside water they use!!! I used to crave for it during pregnancy you know 🙂 Tomato masala- all the time… 🙂

  9. Vidya says:

    Looks like you have been running even in your sleep:) Whattay weekend! Am already looking forward to your next weekend post (:)))))!! I’m visualizing the scene where R banged the door, and guess what?! Am liking it :)) Boooo…

  10. Seema says:


    I too am a great street food freak. During my pregnancy, I was in Kolkata and I would have Phuchka, Alu Kabli and Churmur almost everyday!

    LOL on R banging the door on your face. Hehe. But even I am wary about leaving my kids at others’ place.

    Lesson# 7 was the best! These are simplest of things which are priceless yet precious!

    My imagination is very bad and I suck at making up stories! I mostly narrate to them real incidents or borrowed stories… Good to know you can cook up such stories which actually turned out advantageous.

    Y do you put so much Nazar on R’s eating habits madam? They say that ‘Ma ka nazar’ is the most evil one on any child!

    My weekend lesson learnt was that my kids know the exact sequence in which things work when we eat out at restaurant. They demanded to be given finger bowls when only me n hubby were provided with them. And finally when we made a move after bill payment, they refused to move without mouth freshner. They also picked up a toothpick each. We were stunned!

  11. R's Mom says:

    @Nuttie: What..you were laughing…bah!

    @RS: ohyaa…I read your blog baby!

    @Vidya: yaa yaa…me too waiting waiting!

    @Seema: Abhi bolna tha kya poochka and churmur ke baaremein…I so want to go to Calcutta

    Wow the twins are smart huh! toothpick and all..awesome girls..muah to you

  12. anisnest says:

    these kids staying at neighbor’s house and most importantly the way they put you down sighh.. it took me almost 2 hrs to drag my girl from the apartment upstairs one day… she liked their house because they have bigger TV.. what do I say?

    walking with the little girl is always fun.. I love it when I pick up Adi and we walk back home some days.. I put my hands on her shoulder when we walk 🙂

  13. snowdrop says:

    Only you ONLY YOU can write such a beautiful post RM 😀
    Lesson #3 and #4 – Totally Totally agree 😀
    Lesson #7 is toooo cute 🙂

  14. TPL says:

    Lol@ common factor in eating. Your posts are so non pompous and that’s what I like best about your blog 🙂
    *still remember the beatings you got from random Aunty on the local. Lol! *

  15. RM, are you sure you weekend is just 2 days, looks like week to me, you do so many things lady, I like your lessons 🙂 I have been craving for chinees food and I tried in various restaurants here, turned out horrible, the taste I have is chinees food from one of the local streets of Bangalore. My mouth is watering..so I completely agree Nothing to beat street food. Why is it always with these guys that they can do packing only in last min and they call us for everything..Lesson 7 and 9 its so sweet …

  16. Comfy says:

    R banged the door on your face and got a pineapple pastry out of it. She is brilliant I tell you 😀

    Street food is the best and Pav Bhaji 😥 I want that like right now. OK I will even agree to Sambhar you made. Please? (as you can see I am hungry)

    Glad you had so much fun with R. These times spent with them are the best are they not?

    Your weekend are so great. And I am glad you write about them 🙂

  17. Shalaka says:

    Hi R’s Mom,
    I stumbled on your blog very recently and have been completely hooked!! Just wanted to say thanks.. your blog is fun and lively and honest, and thoroughly thoroughly enjoyable!

  18. R's Mom says:

    @Ani: thankfully R is not yet hooked to TV..we usually watch only cookery shows heheeheh 🙂 She likes Masterchef Australia but I am sure she doesnt understand a word of it 😉

    LOL on the bigger TV though hehehe 🙂

    @Snowdrop: Thanks darling

    @TPL: Oye long time no see…hope things are fine with you..I thought you wouldnt discover the change to WP :):)

    you are never going to forget that aunty beating me up are you *Sticks tongue out*

    @LF: Even my cousin says Chinese food in the US is pretty sad arey apna Indian chinese is the best 🙂

    your weekends are so much more awesome rey with all teh travelling 🙂

    @Comfy: Brilliant! usko fatka milna chaheye 🙂

    Pav Bhaji in Mumbai is awesome na..come come fast I will make for you 🙂

    @Shalaka: Welcome here and thanks 🙂

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