And the R Household Celebrated Onam

Happy Onam to all

The Poo-Kolam I put just outside my apartment - Lets overlook the colour combination and the weird design..the fact is that I managed it in 10 minutes 🙂

I was really really bugged at the mom and MIL for not informing me earlier that its Onam today…

I got to know yesterday from the office and I argued with typical Mallus saying ‘ho hi nahi sakta’ my mom may forget but my MIL WILL tell me in advance..only to search on google baba and realise that they were right…Today is Onam!!!

I called up ma and screamed at her..and

RM: Ma tomorrow is Onam is it? (note the sarcasm)
Ma: yes its Onam
RM: and when were you planning to tell me this?
Ma: oh I would have called you up tomorrow and wished you na

See THIS my dears, is my mother!

and then I call up MIL

RM: Maaaaaa…tomorrow is Onam you know that
MIL: Yes beta, its Onam tomorrow
RM: and you DIDNT tell me
MIL: Oh I forgot, sorry

And This is my MIL!!!

anyways so after fighting with both of them I felt better and then called up RD

RM: Tomorrow is Onam
RM: What acha, did you know it
RD: Arey aaj kal toh  mereko koi kuch bhi nahi batata hai
RD: Grrrr…

I mean, someone HAS to tell him is it…cant he figure out for himself once!

and we are not talking about me here okie…I need my MIL/Ma to tell me, but him, he should figure out na..after all he is older to me!!!

and after the grrriness, we decided to make it a chotu preps..and have a short cut version of the Onamsadya!

Avial – Veggies to be bought!
Payasam – Milk to be bought!
Sheera – Thankfully all ingredients were at home…

So I went shopping for veggies, remembered the poo-kolam and went to get flowers, went overboard and spent almost all the money on the flowers..

Called up RD and he said he was on the way…

RM: I am out of money
RD: oh where are you
RM: Arey mere paas paise nahi hai..I bought too many flowers
RD: okie, go to the ATM and withdraw na
RM: I am not going to the ATM, you come dont have money or what
RD: arey dear I have just left home, it will take me 20 minutes to come na…
RM: but come fast na
RD: I have to drive and come na
RM: Whatever!
And I managed to buy thodu thodu of all the veggies needed for the avial with the remaining money…see the stinginess pays at some point in life 😉

Picked up R, went home, cut the veggies, grinded the coconut (forgot to add water so my avial is more of a-v-i-a-l, if you know what I mean!)

Got up today morning at 4.30…had a hair bath (which is THE BIGGEST FEAT EVER!)

and poo kolam

leaving you with the pictures..enjoy the Onam and let there be bountiful love all over the world


Thats the Chotu poo-kolam in front of my chotu swami stand


The Prasad - Avial in bada and chota patrams (one I needed to carry to work), Rice, Payasam and Sheera (thats R's tiffin box)


That's my final decoration at the Swami place..RD comes in, looks at it and says...errr...its cute and..very much like which I reply you mean confused...RD says yaa sort off...gah!


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43 Responses to And the R Household Celebrated Onam

  1. Tharani says:

    Ha thanks for is Onam na… See nobody told me .Err need to wish my mallu friends here. But wait I don’t have any Mallu friends 😦
    R’s mom you amaze with so many things…Happy Onam to you too 🙂 The poo kolam looks cute yeah seriously.. Yellow, red and white -looks refreshing.

  2. Seema says:

    Arre baap re!!!

    Hats off to your spirit lady! Getting up at 4:30 and managing the entire Sadya and the Kolams too. Im in awe of you, seriously. What time do you sleep at night???

    Pookolam has come out well except for the white and red combo in the centre star. But the fact that you did it all in 10 mins, it is super cool!

  3. snowdrop says:

    Happy Onam RM ! Pookalam is nice and avial looks yummy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Swarna says:

    Happy Onam to you and your family R’s mom.
    Your Swamy stand is also cute.You belive in Sai baba (Sorry if that’s a personal question).
    That photo is nice.

  5. VJ says:

    Dheivamae !!!where are your legs??
    need to do a shashtanga namaskaram to you !
    where do you have the energy to celebrate every single festival ?
    I read all your posts but had to comment today !!
    Happy Onam to the full-enthu R’s family !

  6. garima says:

    A very happy Onam to R’s household.
    Lady you definitely are great.After coming back from office yest u did all the preparation for today’s festival and morning u got up at 4:30,i mean 4:30 really??Isnt that midnight 🙂 did all pooja preparations,cooked yummy food and also managed to click pic!!!
    And look at me,today my parents are coming here and we (me and hubby) have to leave office little early to pick them from the station.We decided to get up early (that is 7 in my case :-)) so we could reach office early.
    Instead I got up at 8:10 took bath did pooja,dint prepare the lunch dabba and quickly gulped down the tea that hubby prepared and took a rick so as to reach office early.In all this rush forgot to take change from the auto driver and reached office at 9:50

    Without doing anything I got so late and here u managed so much and still reach on time.
    Now people (read my dad) say ‘Get up early and u will have plenty of time and to do that sleep early’.Now yest just prepared Maggie for dinner kneaded the dough and chopped bhindi for today’s lunch and slept at 10:30 .Inspite of that I couldnt get up today early(sleeping early also doesnt help me 😦 )
    Am really feeling low today and feel that such a useless girl(or may be lady,which i still deny :-)) I am 😦
    Sorry for ranting out so much 😦

    You enjoy today and have a happy festival.

  7. RS says:

    If you did all that without pre preparation on a weekday along with pooja, poo kolam and so many dishes – whew! I am so useless!!! Oh great lady – where ARE your feet?

    And that poo-kolam in front of the house doesnt look like its been done in a hurry – I dont think I can do it that well even with all the time I have!

  8. shail says:

    Happy Onam to all members of the R household! 🙂

  9. Happy Onam, RM! 🙂 Your poo-kolam(s) and your prasadams looks lovely!

    Have a wonderful weekend too and do come back with your weekend posts! 🙂

  10. R's Mom says:

    @Tharani: no mallu friends..what rey staying in Chennai and no mallu friends ( dont ask me the connection ;))

    @Seema: point next time not red white combo 🙂 yep in 10 minutes..if you look minutely, its pretty haphazard!

    I sleep early rey…about 9.30 to 10 EVERYDAY *blush*

    @Snowdrop: thanks darling

    @Swarna: Well…its an interesting Q..and its not personal rey…its just that RD’s mom is a big believer and she kept the its just there…I am not a big follower of any God honestly…if you check out my swami ka place, its got all sorts of Gods in it…we just generally add on to the collection, though I have given an ultimatum to RD, no more buying God ka photos..there is no space left!

    @VJ: Welcome back after a long time…first time on my WP I guess…Errr…its not that I have the energy, but then with a baby in the house, it makes sense to celebrate na..otherwise how will she know the festivals 🙂 she took two marigolds *rolls eyes* for her class teachers today to wish them Happy Onam..and just for the records, she studies in a pretty Gujju dominated school heheeheh 🙂

    @Garima: arey like I mentioned to VJ, I had to do it….its okie na..its just you and hubby and your parents are no big deal…once you get kids seriously you lose half your sleep enjoy the sleeping and have fun with the parents *Jealous to hear that of course*

    BTW, you do pooja in the morning..awesome…I just light the lamp 🙂

    and you have bhindi and roti for dabba…R will be estatic to hear that 🙂 She loves the combo..hehehe 🙂 so now you know what to make if you come to Mumbai or we come to your place 😉

    @RS: Arey its nothing seriously…I just cut the veggies na…avial is pretty easy to make anyways…the kolam is nice is it..but after Seema pointed out..I think the combi could have been better…

    arey Seema, you know what that red flowers were costing Rs.250 per 250 gms or something..I told that lady to give me for 10 rs…I went overboard with the flowers…I mentioned that already na 🙂

    @Shail: thanks and same to you…did you make the avial?

  11. R's Mom says:

    @S&S: thanks babes…the weekend post na…hopefully yes 🙂

  12. Sreetama says:

    Happy Onam to the legendary R family! The pictures look lovely! Just wanted to share the article written by Swapna (Petails!) at Economic Times.

  13. garima says:

    sure I’ll make bhindi when you come to bangalore but once R eats that she’ll never ask for bhindi again 🙂
    You got the drift of my cooking,dint you 🙂
    No ya i dint carry the dabba as i over slept…feeling kinda gultiy abt it
    anyways silver linning is am going out with a colleauge for a gobhi paratha lunch 🙂

    And pooja I did coz we have kept Ganpati for 10 days at home
    otherwise i avoid even lighting agarbatti stating reason that I’ll get late for office as if oversleeping will make me reach office early:-)

    I hope u may get to go to Goa or ur parents may come to mumbai and u may have gala time with them 🙂

  14. The Bride says:

    Happy Onam R’s Mom. Like everyone else, I am seriously in awe of your being able to wake up early (4.30! even to catch a flight I would grumble about that) and make three dishes et al.

  15. Oh my God, you woke up at 4:30 and made all these Sadya..Hats off to you. I wish I had some spirit like you in celebrating these festivals. I love your enthusiasm celebrating all the festival. I love the pookalam..its cute ..

  16. Seema says:

    No re. The red n white combo is nice but I would have perhaps alternated red and white in each of the diamonds. I dunno how to explain but lemme try. See in the smallest star, you have divided it into two halves (3 diamond shapes) with red and white filing each half right? Perhaps alternating each of the diamond shape with red-white red-white red-white thrice would have looked better I guess. Did I confuse you??? Just a thought!!! Disclaimer *I am no Kolam expert. Don’t mind my nose-poking*

    I also get confused when I go flower shopping. I easily choose the flowers, but when they ask how much you want, I am dumbfounded!!! So sweet of R to take flowers for her teachers!

    It’s nice of you to celebrate all festivals for the sake of R. We only celebrate Eid, Diwali and Christmas. No bias 😀 For rest of the festivals, if they fall on weekends, we invite ourselves to any friend’s place. That’s hubby’s idea!!!

  17. Bikram says:

    SO hey is it Onam today ? Bataya nahin na .. so badddddddddddddddd…

    Happy Onam to R and RM and RD.. 🙂 and everyone around .. have a great day and yes some of that foood is for MEEEEEEEEEEe pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

    see please bhi kaha 🙂

  18. Happy Onam – R’s mom and family. U make me feel guilty – am such a useless mallu – the thought of celebrating onam didn’t even cross my mind 😉

  19. R's Mom says:

    @Sreetama :Yeh ‘legendary’ kya hai! yep I read that…Swapna is an amazing writer 🙂

    @Garima: dont under estimate R’s eating abilities..she can eat ANYTHING! Gobi paratha..yummmmmmmm

    oh okie…you have Ganpati at your house..awesome…

    Going to Goa in october for diwali..yayayayay!

    @The Bride: Arey nahi boss…I crib when I have to catch a flight..RD and I always have this arguement about early morning flights heeheh 🙂

    @LF: thanks thanks…

    @Seema: oh okie…I got that…actually I was going to do that…but then I got so enthused about putting the red ‘expensive’ flowers that I decided to make the entire centre piece red..but I didnt have enough hehehe 🙂 so the white..iske liye bolte hain ke plan karna ka..not just randomly add flowers..

    thanks for the idea..will keep it in mind next time sure (if I get the enthu to make poo kolam)
    your hubby’s idea seems pretty awesome 🙂

    @Bikram: when are you coming to Mumbai?

    @Nuttie: you a Mallu? heheheh Sacriledge that you didnt celebrate Onam 😉 babes..its okie na..bahut ichha hui toh come down to the Western Suburbs today evening, I will give you avial and payasam..and I will buy banana chips on the way so that even if the avial is tasteless at least the banana chips will camoflague the taste 😉

  20. I mallu – i in western suburbs already…i bad mallu who dont like avial…but i will come for banana chips!

  21. Vidya says:

    Did you hear a ‘slurppp..!!’ sound? That’s me.. Having a virtual feast seeing your sadya spread!! Wow! You must have considered couriering some to me! And yes, you need someone to tell you and poor RD must know EVERYTHING!

  22. Scribby says:

    Yappy Happy Onam to you and family 🙂 The decorations are cute 🙂 And the food looks yum!!!

  23. varsha says:

    Happy onam to the R household. The poo kolam is gr8 given the effort of just 10 min 🙂

  24. Sreetama says:

    As in your’s a is famous family! In some years R tales will be famous among children & every mother will take lessons from your blog. You must write a book. It’s gonna be LEGEN wait for it DARY!!! 😀

  25. caroline says:

    happy onam to u, rajaji and lil r.. have funn..i miss the onams with my neighbours wid all d payasam and papadum..

  26. anisnest says:

    Onam Ashamsakal to R family.. prasadam looks awesome..hope they tasted awesome too 🙂
    Swami place looking confused – you are one self damager R’s mom… 🙂 I also do this many times I mean self damaging…

  27. Smitha says:

    R’s mom! Where are your feet???? Here I am, completely jobless, and I don’t do anything just because I am feeling lazy 😦 You woke up at 4:30 to do all this! Wow!

    Happy Onam to all of you!

  28. Prachi says:

    Happy Onam!! and lovely decor and food You managed so much in one day 🙂

    Hats off to You!

  29. Seema says:

    Happy Onam to you and your family.. Lovely chotu Poo-kalam.

  30. You are a superwoman! Thank God you don’t live close to Amma! You are setting all sorts of wrong examples- waking up early and doing all these things and going to work and managing a child. 😛

    Happy Onam to you too 🙂

  31. Comfy says:

    Wishing a very happy Onam to the entire R family.

    Now let me go hunt for a Mallu friend since my one and only Mallu friend moved away.

  32. wondernoon says:

    Am so impressed! You celebrate all the festivals as much as possible looks like. I love pookolam. Next time please post about onam before hand. I want to do pookolam too. Here is is not much fun celebrating these festivals in isolation. If every one around you is celebrating it’s kind of fun.

  33. Happy Onam … I am glad you had a good day 🙂

  34. Swaram says:

    Aweeeesome! And am drooling at the sadya!
    I conveniently leave aside registering festival dates too – Maa hai na 🙂

  35. Pepper says:

    Dear God R’s Mom. How, how do you have the energy and the enthusiasm to do all this? You say once you have kids you got to do all this for them to learn? Now that’s another reason to make me reconsider having kids then..

    Or maybe I can think of another way to make them learn. I wouldn’t wake up at 4:30 to cook stuff like this FOR ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD. I would celebrate it in my own way though, skipping the early morning part 🙂

    Hats off to you again! I swear I will fall at your feet if at all I meet you in person..

  36. Tanishka says:

    The decoration looks cute and the food looks yummm…. Hats off to you yaar, so much on such a short notice… 🙂

  37. R's Mom says:

    @Nuttie: Ah! When I make banana chips at home, I will email you 🙂

    @Vidya: heheheh 🙂 It didnt taste too bad….next time sure couriering..obviously RD has to know na..he is the eldest in the family rey

    @Scribby: thanks darling

    @Varsha: thank you thank you..long time no see..hope all is well

    @Sreetama: hahahahaha! you sure had me laughing…me and book!

    @Carol :how you doing..howz Ian? thanks for the wishes

    @Ani: Wow! you sure say it the right way…I just say Happy Onam 🙂
    Arey itna sa swami ka place…usko kitna decorate karneka 🙂

    @Smitha: Arey please…when you dont have work to do…even I feel lazy its totally okie..happy belated Onam to everyone there as well

    @Prachi: Thanks dear and same to you

    @Seema: thank u thank u

    @CR: Gah! I am no super woman yaar…just in need of time 🙂

    @Comfy: oh..I hope you could wish your friend

    @Wondernoon: Yep..I guess it does make a difference when there are people around you to do fun things 🙂

    @CA: Thanks darling

    @Swaram: Of course when ma is around I dont do anything as well

    @Pepper: Aiyo dont say that this is dissuading you from having kids..gah!

    Please dont make me blush now 🙂

    @Tan: Thanks dear..hope all is well

  38. varsha says:

    Ah R’s mom – caught up in work :). Thanks for the concern, everything is fine at my end.

  39. R's Mom says:

    @Varsha: Awesome take care

  40. ashreya says:

    palakad iyer?? i was so eager to see R in ethnic dress. u got her kurta for vishu na.. this time what did she wear..
    after reading ur post i am missing my malu freinds yar..

  41. R's Mom says:

    Eeeps! dont ask..she just wore her school uniform and after that one torn t shirt she refuses to part with and one torn pant which I refuse to part with 😉

  42. dipali says:

    I love your spirit! Wish I could have had the Ona Sadya:)

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