Teacher’s Day – A Late Post

Day before Yesterday was Teacher’s Day but R household is always a bit slow…so this post today

My mom has been a teacher all her life…she is the kind of teacher who goes and stand on the stage in front a 1000 students and just her presence is enough for the entire population to have pin drop silence…I am not kidding..that does happen

Ma is a strict teacher….but again she is also a favorite among kids….she knows how to be strict but is very very approachable…you know the one who is strict without being scary…loads of kids approach her with their problems..and I have lost count of so many students coming to her after years…and telling her that she played an important role in their lives

Couple of incidents

She was a teacher of class 9 & 10 when she first came to Baroda in 1976….Years later, last to last month when she had gone there, two of her students of the  1976 batch came to her (she was staying at a friend’s house) with home made sukhdi and thanked her for what she was to them

and then there was this instance when she was trying to put me on a train at about 3 in the morning (I was coming to meet RD before marriage, yaa mom is cool that ways ;)) and two guys (burly chaps) came and fell at her feet…I was almost going to shout bachao bachao when they told her ‘R madam, you may not remember us, you were our teacher in class 4-5 and we were naughty..you used to scold us but love us equally’ These were college kids now and they had come to the station to drink tea…(station was one of the very few places in Baroda where you could get chai any time of the day/night) after a night of studying..saw ma standing and came to greet her…I was overwhelmed
And then I had this aunty of mine who died in a freak accident…She was one of the most popular teachers in her school..she was not more than 5 feet, petite, long hair, fair skin and with a personality that was so forceful that kids would just respect her looking at her…

When she died, for her ‘besanu’ kids came in hordes…I am not joking..class 8,9,10,11,12…all classes, all students, came to sit in the besanu, came when her body was supposed to arrive from MP, came to pay their homage to a teacher who was a driving force in their lives…I saw boys of class 11-12 shedding tears like babies when they sat in the besanu…

This is a true teacher

and then I have my dance teacher…surprisingly she is a Gujarati..yep I learnt Bharatnatyam from a Gujarati..which is a shock to many people…but I adore her..she taught us with love, with strictness and she ensured that I gave my final exams even though I had my engineering exams around the same dates..she made me give the exams and ensured I passed..I am a BA in Bharatnatyam only thanks to her..and she is someone who never raised her voice or was strict..we students adore her like crazy…

A teacher who makes your hobby your passion – This is a true teacher

I have changed about 7 schools living in Baroda itself…Difficult to believe na! (and lets not get into WHY I changed 7 schools living in such a small town..its just a long story)

I remember my class 2 teacher…she was cute, reminded you of a cuddly doll who you could go to for a hug anytime…She definitely made a difference in my life

and my Sr.Kg teacher…she encouraged me to do stuff when I was upset about my mom being the supervisor of the same school as I was…in my Sr;Kg I declared that I would never study in the school where my mom is a teacher!

but my Sr.kg teacher, she never made me feel weird or out of place…I was encouraged to do everything and anything by her and I was pretty successful

Two teachers who made a difference in the young age 🙂

R has an excellent daycare teacher – V teacher, who is on maternity leave now and R misses her like crazy..

V teacher is responsible for R’s upbringing…I think she is more a mother to R than me…R still says ‘mereko V teacher ke jaise banana hai’ I hope she becomes like V teacher…honestly!

She is the one who brought up R from 1 year of age, made her bloom, gave her courage, gave her values, gave her thoughts, encouraged her to be independent, taught her to fold her clothes, clean her place..you name it and its V teacher who has done everything for her…

This is a true teacher..

and for more on teacher’s day, I ask you to read The Bride’s post on her teachers and Dipali’s post on her mother which is awe inspiring

I started out this post as an ode to my mother, I realised I knew other teachers who made a difference in my life and added them on and then finally below are the pictures of the cards we made for R’s school teachers and her daycare teachers

Shruti, you reading na…you are an inspiration for this..but well..you know that right?

This is a huge card for all her daycare teachers...R did all the sticking and pasting..and making the colourful balls from crepe paper

Thats a flower for her class teacher....she did the painting with finger painting...I drew the flower *Preening*

Thats a heart..and again R dipped her hands in the various paints and made *dots* those are dots as per her..as per me those are smudges!That is a fish...I drew it well okie..she got over excited painting it....check out the blue water also at the bottom!



That is a fish...I drew it well okie..she got over excited painting it....check out the blue water also at the bottom!


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42 Responses to Teacher’s Day – A Late Post

  1. snowdrop says:

    This is a wonderful post RM ! 🙂 You are a BA in bhartanatyam ! wowwwwww !!!! too good 🙂

  2. You really made my day with this post, R’s mom! 🙂 (I know I say this often but I also know it is so true!)

    Hats off to your mom for the wonderful person that she is!

    I some how have great respect for teachers who handle nursery and primary school children, simply for the patience they are endowed with. While handling just two kids is SO TOUGH even for their own MOTHER(i.e. me!), I’ve wondered how these teachers handle so many naughty little ones. And three cheers to R’s teacher, V for such commitment and love!

    BTW, the cards are so adorable. Just like R! 🙂

  3. Comfy says:

    Makes me remember all the teachers who made a huge impact in my life. Never did get a chance to say thanks but remembering them counts right?

    And our R rocks. Look at all the amazing work of art she has done. I bet her teachers will be very happy.

  4. Tanishka says:

    Beautiful post… It suddenly reminded me of so many of my teachers and my school days…
    Teachers play a very prominent role in making us what we are and I’ m glad I had opportunity to have some wonderful teachers….
    Those cards are cute and btw the coloring is much better than the drawing… Don’t worry R sweety, I’m always on your side…. 🙂

  5. RS says:

    The effect of a teacher is so long lastign na – you remember the good ones AND the bad ones (I did read Bride’s post 🙂 )

    R’s craft work – wow RM she is definitely slowly getting the artistic streak in her – where is it hidden in you/RD?? 🙂 I love the flower – neat…

  6. shail says:

    Lovely post. The thought of all those children turning up to pay respects to their teacher and some of them crying ‘like babies’ brought tears to my own eyes.
    By the way, I myself had been a 5 foot nothing teacher who was strict and was loved. But that had been for only one year 😛

  7. Tharani says:

    Its so inspiring to read about your mother..My grand mom was a school teacher in a small village where I was born..Every morning she would go around the village, pick up the kids who bunks school and takes them with her..
    And you are a BA in bharatnatiyam.. Cool R’s mom, you can sing, you can dance.. you are a all rounder is it…
    Those cards are cute, hand made cards are so special na.. Her teachers must be proud of R.

  8. Chatterbox says:

    Superb artwork by our dear R 😀 😀
    Getting a good mentor in life is indeed a blessing…absolutely loved this beautiful post 😀

  9. The Bride says:

    I have huge admiration for people like V teacher. Really takes something (patience to start with) to impact small children.

    PS: : Loved the fish and glad it wasn’t all in the lines.

  10. Beautiful post – dedicated to those who we forget to thank!

  11. garima says:

    Good to know RM that you got such great teachers in your life.
    A teacher can truly either make or mar one’s future.

    And your mom getting respect from her Ex-students,thats great,she must have been definitley amazing teacher and a source of inspiration for all her students.

    R wants to be like her teacher and you as her mom completely agree with that!!!
    This itself explains how wonderful V teacher is.God bless her.

    And yeah those ‘Thank you cards’ are so lovely.
    See R is so creative 🙂

  12. R's Mom says:

    @ Snowdrop : errr..yes but no longer dance 😦

    @S&S: my pleasure babes 🙂

    oh yes…I cant imagine teaching small children..you are talking about two..idhar I cant handle one yaar!

    @Comfy: oh yes remembering them definitely counts…thats the whole point na 🙂

    I dont know about the school teachers, but her daycare teachers were definitely happy 🙂

    @Tan: babes..long time no see..hope all is well

    and excuse me, the drawing is good and the colouring is oookkaayyy thats all…grrr

    @RS: Bride writes so well na 🙂

    Genes – definitely RDs…mine are so pathetic, that I shudder to think what R would have been, if someone else who was not artistic was R’s father 🙂 well then she wouldnt have been R..oh forget it..I am confusing myself…what I mean to say is..thats definitely RDs genes

    @Shail: thank you 🙂 you were a teacher is it..now you can start again na?

    @Tharani: your GRAND mom was a teacher!! isnt that super duper? I mean at that age and time studying AND becoming a teacher..she must have been someone gutsy and special na?

    Errr…I cant sing..who said I can…oh that ayer padi…lets not talk about that please..its too embarassing!

    I can dance though…sway myself at least 🙂

    @CB: thanks thanks..yep a good mentor makes a LOT of difference

    @The Bride: oh V teacher is awesome!

    Thanks for the compliments

    @Nuttie: exactly we often forget to thank them na

    @Garima: thanks thanks thanks..

  13. Smitha says:

    Such a lovely post, R’s Mom! Your Mom must be such a amazing teacher!

    We owe such a lot to our teachers, don’t we? I am lucky to have had some wonderful teachers who made such a difference to my life, and that is all that I wish for daughter -to have the best teachers possible. So far, she has had some wonderful teachers – and I hope that continues!

    That card is gorgeous! You guys are so talented!

  14. Swaram says:

    What a beautiful post 🙂 Loved cmg back to this post! Had been off the blog world for a few days 🙂
    Lovely cards there too!:)

  15. RS says:

    Oh! wait wait wait – How did I miss this: BA in Bharatanatyam?? *desperately searches for the pretty feet* how how how did you manage?!!!

    I left music class in 10th class almost at the junior exam level and despite the teacher and mom pressurising me to continue after the exams – I never did and regret it now 😦

  16. ashreya says:

    greeting to your mom.. yes, there are few teacher whom you will remember all ur life na.. Rm, you did ur BA in dance?? wow.. so nice re.. i am all surprised..
    lovely cards.. hugs and kisses to R.. 🙂

  17. Vidya says:

    Fantastic post RM.. Good to know more about the ‘teacher’ side of your mom, and that too a someone who made a difference in her students lives.. Hats off. and a belated Teacher’s day wishes to her! And you are a BA in Bharathanatyam?!! That’s great! I pursued the art during my primary school and loved ‘Allaripoo’:) Never got a chance to pursue after we moved states, schools:( Those art works by R are awesome!! Way to go R!

  18. Bikram says:

    YEsss Thats what teachers are. When i go back home to india I make it a point to visit my old school inspite of bad days there , The teachers I had I remmeebr and They remember me .. They have grown old and retired yet It was s surprise when I saw a big Man coming towards me and said Hello bikram, I did not recognise SHAME on me 🙂 .. but it was Mr. Saxena He use to be huge (fat) and now so thin he remmmebered me ..

    did you know I started my career as a teacher 3 years I did it in india and some of the kids now have grown up and are big celebreties its a beautiful feeling when they recognise you in front of so many people …

    Teachers are what we are.. I am what I am now thanks to all the teachers .. THey took pains to teach me and put me on the right path.. Let me take this oppurtunity to thank all my teachers for making me what I am ..

  19. R's Mom says:

    @Smitha: oh yes, she is 🙂

    you were lucky to have wonderful teachers…it makes a lot of difference in our overall grooming, thoughts everything

    Errr…we are not talented at all..at least I am not..Shruti is a wonderful inspiration 🙂

    @Swaram: babes..you are LOST!!! kya hua…I was thinking of emailing you but thought you may have been caught up with the YFS work 🙂

    @RS: Errr…I have horrid feet…infact I should do a post on my feet..I had done once on shoes…lemme search for it sometime nad send you the link 🙂 I have total flat feet and unfortunately R has the same type 😦

    Loads of students left the dance class in their class 10 just like you, but my teacher ensured I came back 🙂 why dont you start again once chutku is a bit older?

    @Ashreya: R kisses right back 🙂 thanks

    @Vidya: Will pass on the wishes to ma 🙂 you should start now na…V n V both can spare you about an hour every week na 🙂

    @Shail: you liked the fish did ya? I liked the flower better..thought it was more neatly done..but one thing the water below the fish was totally R’s idea…though she just told me amma idhar blue karu 🙂

  20. R's Mom says:

    @Bikram: you were a teacher for three years…Gosh..thats super nice yaar…I dont think I can ever teach…you are right..we are what we are definitely a part of that goes to our teachers 🙂

  21. Sreetama says:

    Salute to Aunty for being such a great teacher & wonderful human being! Like Tharani’s my granny too was a teacher. She pursued her B.Ed after marriage & in spite of having 3 children, she taught all her life & became the head mistress of the school. I;m so proud of her & she is another inspiration for me to pursue career after marriage & children. But I shall also thank my grand dad, father & uncles for their cooperation!

    Lovely cards! It reminds me of the cards which I used to make for my teachers. They were very simple. I couldn’t make anything else apart from birds, cloudy sky, triangular hills & straight rivers! But still they loved them so much! It’s really nice how you engage so much in spite of this busy schedule of your’s! Hats off!

    And kudos to you for your dancing skills!

  22. anisnest says:

    wonderful post.. you are a BA in Bharathanatyam I love that… I can sya that I have learned Bharathanatyam too.. love the cards and a big hats off to all teachers who made diffrences in our lives…

  23. BA in Bharatana…(faints)!
    😀 😀 😀

  24. R's Mom says:

    @Sreetama: Wow! your grandmom sure is an inspiration..usually in their times, women working was pretty rare..and then to go on and do a BEd..awesome!

    Errr…I still make only this much..this is the height of my creativity by the way 🙂

    and well..I dont dance too much now a days…waiting for R to grow a bit more and perhaps will join the classes again

    @Ani: Long time no see…hope all is well 🙂

    You learnt as well is it..super duper 🙂

    Thanks for the compliments 🙂

    @CR: Gah!

  25. Seema says:

    How I wish you had posted this without delay. I would have got inspired in getting my daughters make some greeting cards for their teachers too… The thought never occurred to me. Will certainly do it next year. I liked the flower better considering it has come out neat. But nice to know about the water idea in the fish drawing was R’s.

    Happy for R as she has such a wonderful V teacher in Daycare.The earlier day care had a teacher who was more of a terror, she would eat up kids’ food which I discovered quite late. Since June they started going to Nursery and stay at school’s own day care. But never hear much about any of the teachers from them.

    BA in Bharatanatyam??? (Falls at feet, never mind how ugly they are) Do post some pics of your performance if any! Plz plz

  26. R's Mom says:

    @Seema: Sorry rey…We did the cards during the Ganesh Chaturthi holiday..I just didnt click the pics na..thats why the late post… 🙂

    Eat up the food of the kids…what a horrid person to do that..thank God the kids are in a better school now..Muah to both of them 🙂

    Picture of the performances..arey please…I am not like a professional or something…just get about doing some mudras and stuff..thats all 🙂

  27. Prachi says:

    Lovely Post RM!

    I was also blessed to be able to be taught by my father.. I did wirte a post on Teacher’s Day

    Have a look.. Would love to hvae your commenst :


  28. Prachi says:

    Lovely Post!

    I was lucky enough to be taught by my father in School!

    I have written a post on that


    Do let me know your feedback.. Would love that

  29. R's Mom says:

    @Prachi: welcome here…your dad taught you..awesome! hopping over to your blog now

  30. Lovely posts..and you and R made those Arts..I am feeling very conscious..I am very poor in arts 😦

  31. R's Mom says:

    @LF: I am poor too..I just look at Shruti for inspiration 🙂

  32. Scribby says:

    OMG !! you’re learnt Bharatnattyam and that too from a Gujju teacher? SAME PINCH !!!!! 😀

    V teacher seems to be a gem of a person too along with a lovely teacher 🙂 and all the cards a too cute 🙂 very cute!

  33. R's Mom says:

    @Scribby: AWesome…isnt that cool…were you in Gujarat ever?


  34. dipali says:

    Lovely post, R’s Mom, and thanks for linking!

  35. A says:

    Lovely post and a question, which schools did u go to in baroda?

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