To Lord Ganesh

Dear Ganesh Machi (Umachi for the ones who are not R’s mom)

I love you. but of course you  know that right?

I mean I really love you.

You are a cute God..unlike other Gods who are supposed to have the perfect figure, super great muscles or Greek God like looks…you are just normal..almost human so to say..

you are

– pot-bellied
– big ears
– big nose
– small eyes

so on and so forth..and if I dare to compare your looks with me, I can check on the first three items without a doubt..which goes to show you are a perfect example of how humans can be not so perfect…and yet you command so much respect by your sheer wit and super intelligence that all functions need to start by praying to you…

or lets look at the fact that you have a mouse for a vehicle unlike Kartikeya who has a peacock or Indra who has Garuda…you have a small chotu mouse who is as cute as you…

which goes to prove that you dont need a BMW to be can have a cycle and get along with it…or something in those lines…

So in short, what I am trying to tell you is that you are an example for all us lesser humans who often lament about lack of stuff in the physical looks, telling us the intellect is far more important than the physical looks…

and now that its established that I really love you and relate to you in so many ways…I have a few questions to ask you…

1) are you even awake at 12 in the night or 2 in the night when the people  bring you before your birthday with loads of loud crackers and DJ music which can throb through opaque black objects inside sound proof rooms..or when they send you into the sea with even louder music and sutli bombs bursting dime a dozen and throwing colours on everyone who is trying to walk past…I was wondering if you stay awake so long?

Dont you think its better that people bring you in with traditional dhols without crackers before 8 in the evening and send you back as well before 8 in the evening so that you can have dinner in peace and then rest before getting back to the tedious work of keeping the intellect of the world intact?

2) Do you like loud music? yesterday when we were eating dinner at about 8 in the evening…a group of people were packing you off to the sea with celebrations and stuff and I was asking RD why would people make so much which R told me ‘Amma, kyon ki Ganesh maachi ko loud music aacha lagta hai!’ (because Ganesh maachi likes loud music) is that you reall y enjoy that ear-splitting music?

3) I am sure you dont like pollution na? I mean if you were made of biodegradable stuff..wouldnt it have been easier for you to dissolve and go back to the sea and from there to heaven…in today’s case, it would take years for you to get back to the molecule level and then again more nad more of you will keep getting added, which means you will keep working harder to get to the molecule level…and then when will you go back to your parents in heaven? I am sure they miss you na? do you agree to your replicas made of non biodegradable substances which are harming the very beings which you have created?

4) Do you want so many of you? If you know what I mean…would you prefer that each area in Mumbai like say Kandivali or Malad has just one of you so that there would be no traffic jams on the road and that would mean lesser pollution and that would also mean parents can reach their children on time, ambulances can carry their patients before they die or a mother can delivery her baby in the luxury of a hospital instead of in a dingy van? I am sure you would agree to me na?

5) I saw for the past two years that people who have these large idols by the road side cover you up completely so that anyone passing from the road cant see you? Whats the point? I am sure you want to bless everyone and anyone and not just those who stand in teh line to see you..there was an article in TOI on  how many pandals are now covering their Ganpatis so that people stand in Queue and do darshan which means they have more time to look at the ads there which means more sponsorship for the pandals! And if you observe, I can definitely figure out that I cant even make out the idol when I am going by bus or car or even bike….you dont like that do you? hiding you from your devotees who may not be able to stand in line and get your darshan..

I would love to hear your answers on these…again please note that I love you and I respect the sentiments of people who want to celebrate your coming and going annually…I just wanted to let you know that despite everything I write, I will alway remain a devotee because for me you reside in my heart and soul always 365 days an year 24 by 7

With loads of love



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16 Responses to To Lord Ganesh

  1. uma says:

    Cute post RM. Very valid and important questions there. Hope Ganesha puts some sense into his devotees.

  2. Such a humourously insightful post, RM! 🙂

    To answer you Qs (No.. I’m not the ‘Pillayar ummachi’, yet I have a pot belly, a big nose and a bigger mouth!)
    – Bombay is the ‘city that never sleeps’ right? Which means the Gods in Bombay should never sleep as well! 🙂
    – I guess the lesser mortals assume that the big ears he has is capable of bearing the loud music and bigger bombs. 🙂
    – And bio-degradable and traffic jams and such like Qs should find answers from ‘people’ who do them and not from the poor God who merely watches them no??

    ‘lets look at the fact that you have a mouse for a vehicle unlike Kartikeya who has a peacock or Indra who has Garuda…you have a small chotu mouse who is as cute as you… which goes to prove that you dont need a BMW to be can have a cycle and get along with it…or something in those lines…’ **Applause** I really went ‘wow’ after reading these lines. A wonderful comparison.

  3. garima says:

    Oh RM a wonderful and thought provoking post.

    The first part was hilarious comparison of God Ganesha with comman man.
    Had a hearty laugh on that 🙂

    The second part did really make me put my thinking caps on.

    Am sure God wouldnt like the nature to get polluted nor would he like people get disturbed due to loud music and similar stuff.
    He created us and would always want his creations to be happy and healthy.It is we people who have change and modified the traditions as per our convenience.

    Its true that these days its all matter of show off hence getting bigger sponsers is a part of it.
    There is competition between each pandal (aur jhaki as called in Madhya Pradesh) hence to stand out each one of them use fancy stuffs like cracker and attractively painted ganehsa to win the competeion increasing the toxin level in the water.
    Now this mkaes me think would God like to compete with himself?

    But then again its people and their belief but its high time people think about mother nature and health hazards that we are facing due to our own doings.

  4. Loved loved the post!!! I lvoe Ganeshji too…he seems like such a no issues god.

    All the more reason i recommend Secret of the Nagas to you – but only after you read immortals of Meluha…

  5. Hi… a very nice letter to my fav god… infact the only god, whom I take pains to visit in the temple…

    Loved it

  6. ashreya says:

    nice post RM.. its mixes with facts and points what people have to think, with sarcasm and humor.. arey, i am commenting like english teacher.. :P..
    yes, agree with all ur points.. people really need to think. what R asked is serious question.. definitely a concern.. we need to think green in all aspects.. just not making mud eco-friendly idol of ganeha, also make it pollution free in air,land etc etc..
    i too love ganesh, for the fact that, he is the only eligible bachelor na.. all other gods have 2 wife’s or sent their wife to forest na.. :)..

  7. R's Mom says:

    @Uma: thank you 🙂 I am hoping too 🙂

    @S&S: thanks babes..oh you can speak on behalf of him na…God dwells in all of us..and to me you are pretty much a Goddess handling twins and a job and work all by yourself..and they say na..God comes in all forms 🙂

    I seriously have a problem with the ecological imbalance the idols are causing..its scary…

    @Garima: thanks 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the first part and gladder that the second part made think 🙂

    @Nuttie: *goes off to search for the book* Thanks for the compliments dear

    @Smita: Happy birthday darling hehehe 🙂

    @Ashreya: Thanks darling 🙂 I loved what you said..its not only about making eco friendly Ganeshas..its the overall pollution to the enviornment in general that is scaring me

    Oh as per some customs, Riddhi and Sidhhi are Ganesha’s wives…in some customs they are sisters…I am not sure of the story though…need to google..or ask Suranga-ji..she may know

  8. snowdrop says:

    The first few paragraphs are tooo good RM 🙂 nice post

  9. RS says:

    Wow RM – I just LOVED the comparisions you’ve made. And what valid points – when do you think of all these posts rey? Thoda sa gyan mujhe bhi dedo – itna creativity kahan se aati hai?

    And I would also love to hear to those answers from Ganesh ji! And all the questions are applicable to Bangalore also 🙂

    And to answer Ashreya’ Q: Its Siddhi and Buddhi who are sisters and married to Ganesha…

  10. Seema says:

    Hey RM,

    Ganesha is my fav too and I sincerely echo your words “I will alway remain a devotee because for me you reside in my heart and soul always 365 days an year 24 by 7”.

    All points are valid and have been discussed in several forums. But a change is yet to come to enhance people’s awareness about pollution and environmental hazards.

    About Ganesha’s marital status, in Bengali tradition they believe that he married a Banana tree when he saw his mother eating rapidly, on being questioned by him she told him that she doubted if her daughter-in-law would let her eat post his marriage. Any Bengali readers please correct me if I am wrong coz I too discovered this recently.

  11. Comfy says:

    Aah the commercialization of Ganesha like every other festival. It is all about making money after all, with or without Ganesha.

    I loved loved Ganesh viserjan day while I was in Mumbai. I still think that with the lines and lines of idols making their way on the last day traffic still does not come to a complete stand still in the city (because the procession take half the road and leaved the rest for traffic). Not an ideal situation but something you will only see in Mumbai. In Delhi where they don’t even think twice about setting up a wedding tent in the middle of the road blocking all traffic, I doubt they would be any traffic moving at all if the processions happened there. So I still give credit to the people of the city.

    About the idols, I think each of us need to take a stand. A friend of mine has started making her own idol out of atta and a few other things rather than buying from the store. Small steps. And if we all take them we will make a huge impact, will we not?

  12. R's Mom says:

    @Snowdrop: Thanks dear…long time no see..hope all is well

    @RS: Arey what creativity and all rey…just generally writing 🙂 Oh isnt the name Riddhi and Siddhi *confused*

    @Seema: oh is it…I need to ask my mom if thats true about Ganesh machi marrying a banana tree…in that case, I think even R needs to marry someone who is either a banana plantation owner or someone who has a banana business..the rate at which she eats bananas, drives me bananas!

    @Comfy: Arey comfy nahi..this was true earlier…now people just block the WHOLE road…I have no issues with traffic stopping even on one side…but the loud music, the bursting of crackers, even right in front of a hospital…would Ganesh machi approve that?

    and saluting your friend here…please pass them on..I cant believe Ganesh out of atta..can you click a pic and put up on the would surely be inspiring!

  13. Smitha says:

    If only Ganesha could respond to these queries. Sadly every single festival is so commercialized that people have stopped thinking of the impact of what they do.

    Surely God would be happier if we were more sensitive to others and ensured that worshiping him/her did not result in inconvenience to others, or destruction(immediate or eventual). I remember in Jamshedpur, where Durga Puja was huge, there was a pandal right next to a maternity hospital. How much rest can new mothers and babies get when ear splitting music is played day in-day out during the Puja days..

  14. R's Mom says:

    @Smitha: next to a maternity home *gasp* I just cant believe it was allowed!

  15. Scribby says:

    How true !! Quiet a right question posed at the lord himself but ironically it’s not Him who decides what to be done for his arrival and departure 😦 It’s us human beings who have created this havoc out of a simple tradition!

    And there is a long long way to go before we could come out of this problem of sound pollution,air pollution and non-commercialization of Ganesh Utsav…

    to start with people at homes can at least buy / make eco friendly idols and immerse them only in a huge bucket / tub at home to avoid pollution outside and also to offer Him a peaceful exit! Yes we do exactly this since 3 years now and we will continue doing this with trying to spread the word across people / relatives…I hope someday everyone would follow this norm !

    About celebrations in the form of dance and loud music…I think this is just the time of the year when people want to forget everything and be merry under the hood of observing Ganesh Utsav..this is has become a norm since don’t know when but that’s how it is…now if you listen closely there are songs like DK bose, Sheila and the likes are being played in the pandals 24*7 and only one or two Bhajans / Aartis for the Idol placed there ! It’s not only commercialization but it’s also a way, a reason to put up a glossy face up for these 14 days and think that everything is fine in our lives-all in the name of bhakti ! sigh….who cares for sound pollution? Who cares if these loud speakers are affecting people around who might be ill, or studying or an infant in the surroundings…who even pauses to think for all this?

    And people like us who think and know the right from wrong are ironically in minority and can do not much except take our vent out on blogs / emails / chat with friends….that’s all ! Honestly do we also have time to spend on taking the initiative to stop all this? To change the things and turn them around? Do we even care to take that step ahead and form a group to reach people and spread the word? well, not many would actually get on the grounds despite of having good thoughts in their heads !

    whoops ! I think I spammed your space with a longish comment which I don’t know how much sense it is making 😛

  16. R's Mom says:

    @Scribby: Of course you havent spammed my space…I so much agree to a lot of things you said here…

    Yep you are right that we usually just went out on the least I do..I didnt have the guts to tell the people in my building yesterday not to play loud songs when their house ganpati was going for viserjan…I am definitely a coward that ways!

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