Since We Already Learnt the Weekend Lessons Early..

lets look at the phrases/thoughts/words in the R household this weekend

Procrastinating – Thats the word RD used for R when she was trying to get away from eating something…now tell me who uses such words in normal language!!! I will eventually need to have a hands on dictionary if I plan to continue to live with this guy

I think if I do my performance evaluation over the last occasion, I have improved – This is not RD’s appraisal..its his way of convincing me that he works as a manager…and he used this when he was applying mehendi to my hair on Sunday morning and convincing me that he is using the stuff on every strand of mine!

Happy Birthday in Advance, Amma – RD and R together on gifting me with the hand mixer I have been eyeing for a long time..we  braved the rains on Sunday evening to go to Vijay Sales where there was literally a sale and ended up buying a new laptop (our current one at home is hiccuping its way to start up) and then a hand mixer 🙂 We are  yet to get the laptop..but mixer mil gaya..and dont anyone dare to ask me configuration of the laptop blah blah blah..thats RD’s department..and oh yes Tharani..even I am singing September Maadham in Hindi now 🙂

Generous – Thats the word that often comes to my mind when I think of RD..he is actually generous..doesnt think a second before spending for anything or anyone..and he is married to me a typical Uncle Scrooge who thinks a million times even before buying bhindi if its 2 Rs more expensive!


R: Amma, mereko appa hospital leke gaye friday ko
RM: Hospital
R: Yaa, books liya udhar se
RM: Hospital?
R: arey woh kya bolte hain..woh…woh..nahi nahi..crossword

Now tell me , how can anyone confuse the word Crossword with Hospital…whats the connection?

In other news, RD and R spent half a day alone on Friday…because R’s daycare was closed…RD took her to a mall and they did shopping AT CROSSWORD! he bought her so many books and Me..well I am not at all jealous!


Wah – After I saw the fridge I cleaned on Saturday 🙂

Amma, mereko yeh bahut aacha laga – R said after she and RD were competing on who will be the first to finish off the green tomato chutney I made on Saturday..and then RD tells me, may be you should make this every week you know!

I like only Pav – R after I gave her the leftover-burger-ka-cutlet-converted-into-paratha on Sunday morning..this girl is definitely a pav wali 🙂

I am fed up of Mumbai – My first words when I met up with RD and R after spending about 3 hours in the bus to reach home on Friday evening on account of 1.5 days Ganpati viserjan crowd

May be said RD grudgingly you are right, trains are better – after getting stuck up for 1.5 hours in the morning in traffic for no rhyme or reason!

Amma, mereko daycare drop karo, mereko ghar pe bore hota hai – The 3 going on 30 child of mine who  had Thursday Friday off in the daycare as well and wanted to go there on Saturday morning…


You are showing your daughter THIS – RM shouting at RD after coming out from an exhausting mehendi+bathroom cleaning ceremony on seeing RD and R cuddling to watch Collateral Damage or some movie in those lines on the TV

After 20 minutes, RM is watching Chak De with lot of interest and the scene where the girls go and hit the boys at McDonalds has me clapping me hands and I tell RD – I love this scene to which RD says and oh THIS is okie for R is it…

Hey dont blame me..its girls hitting the boys okie 😉


Amma, mereko scared lagta hai – R on seeing Dobby when we were watching HP and the Chamber of Secrets on TV on Saturday night…did I mention I actually saw the whole movie..yayaya to that…R for the records, went off to sleep!

Look look look in high excitement – RD after the sun shone for about 25 minutes on Mumbai on Saturday afternoon, during which time he ran to dry all the clothes outside..only to see it raining cats and dogs afterwards

yayayayyayay – R today morning on knowing that her school starts after four days of holidays 🙂

That was my weekend, how conversational was yours?


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28 Responses to Since We Already Learnt the Weekend Lessons Early..

  1. Looks like had a good time this weekend… ours was boring, went to Pune and was raining so had to be inside all the time :(…. only the silver lining was, that we could get out and do so TV prices tracking for our inlaws 🙂

  2. suranga date says:

    R’s Mom,
    I think RD simply qualifies for an award . The Blogger-bhushan award. Only two other blogger husbands (the bloggers being GB and Scribby) have been honored so far . I mean all that applying mehndi to your hair simply unilaterally qualifies him . The award is given for being a great “Bhushan” to the blogger. RD, take a bow !

  3. garima says:

    Advance Bday.wishes,RM.Amazing post and conversation on weekends.

    Aah good R will pick up great vocab from her dad 🙂

    You got a laptop and hand mixer…dats nice,coincidnetly last week I bought a Philips mixer grinder when the older one (actually mil’s) died on us.

    LOL on ‘uncle scrooge’,it happens we females have a tendency of saving even 2 Rs/- and on other hand we do some heavy monetry loss.Few days back on the way to office I got down from the auto rick as his meter was badly tempered ,i was hapy to save some 20 Rs/- and 2 days later I lost my wallet in BMTC bus with a total loss of 1500 Rs/- :-).

    I hope the rains may now bid goodbye to mumbai and let sun god shower his blessings.
    Happy Ganesh Utsav to R’s household.

  4. Seema says:

    Awww, thats so sweet of RD to apply Mehndi on your hair. I bet you should buy a pocket dictionary….

    Hey if R calls Crossword a Hospital, I’m sure there is some connection between the two. There are many instances my kids say weirdest things but I dig deep to find out the connection and there will be some silly connection almost always!!

    My weekend was fully conversational what with MIL leaving and shooting DO’s and DONT’s one after the other and my ears turning opaque. And finally when she leaves, I get to watch the TV all by myself after like 8 months… and the one of the gals shooting questions after questions about all that I was watching on TV! Phew….

  5. RS says:

    RD puts mehendi for you? Im soo J! No matter how much I ask – I dont even get a head massage – says its Icky 😦
    Give the little girl some leverage ok – She atleast communicated that she got books and she’s trying to relate… My full support to R!
    Girls hitting boys – good only na for R to learn? 😛

  6. Loved the post! Such a feel-good post in the morning.. 🙂

    Our conversational weekend/weekday goes something like this –
    Me – Shall we go brush?
    Keer and Kau in chorus – NO!
    Me – Shall we have food?
    K&K – NO!
    Me – Shall we put back the toys in the basket?
    K&K – NO!
    And the list is endless! **Sigh**

    I am so tired of the word, “NO” now that I’m now going to send a petition to the Oxford Dictionary guys to have the word removed from being used! 😦

  7. R's Mom says:

    @Smits: Happy Ganpati..will call you tomorrow 🙂

    you went to Pune…awesome babes…TV prices tracking for the in laws..heheheh 🙂 interesting pass time 🙂

    @Suranga-ji:WOW! RD will be totally happy…but know dad used to do it for mom and mama still does it for mami…I thought all husbands are supposed to do it for their wives..part of the marriage vows and all 🙂

    @Garima: Long time no see..sab theek hai na 🙂

    Thanks for the advance wishes..abhi time hai though

    you got a new the Phillips one good? I got Boss ka hand mixer

    Aiyo you lost your wallet..sorry to hear that babes

    I seriously hope the Sun God comes soon yaar..main toh pak gayi with the rains

    @Seema: What…There is NO connection between hospital and Crossword okie…she is just confused as her mom thats it

    Dos and donts is it babes…hugs hugs hugs

    @RS: Arey I give RD oil massages okie..well let me clarify…head oil massages before any of you think anything gross 😉

    so in our case, its a mutual agreement..tereko head massage chahiye and Rs.100 save karna hai toh mere hair mein mehendi laga and Rs.300 save karenge (the palour here charges some 300 Rs for mehendi application and his barber charges some Rs.100 for a head massage)

    @S&S: Babes..this NO is never ending least it doesnt stop at 3.12 years…aage..will keep warning you 🙂

    K&K are such cuties 🙂

  8. ashreya says:

    you people are teaching such big words to R?? hmmm.. no wonder she is getting confused with crossword and hospital.. :). pavam pappa..happy b’day RM.. so mixer as gift?? or laptop as gift??.. so, now you are going to make new new dishes?? let us also know the recipe.. :). so R enjoys being in daycare?? nice yar.. then you dont have to be guilty leaving her on Saturdays also na.. :)..
    by the way did u check out my madisar photo in my blog??

  9. Tharani says:

    What you are singing , september madham ha.. RD is applying mehandi, teaching you new words, cooks… Go sing, “Snegithanae, Snehithane” lady..

    Your week ends are so much fun…We went for marriage preparation class in church (Thats manditory for catholics to get married in Church) and you know what they taught us.. This is a family blog know so I will not write those stuffs, But I thought sex education has to be done at 14 not at 26… sigh!!!! And I saw Mangatha and drooled at Ajith but the movie Sigh again!!!!

    And when is your Birthday ????????????????

  10. Bikram says:

    Wel welll I have to open the dictionary myself to know the meaning….
    And oh yes awwwww blesss award time for hubby dear I guesss…

    R’s enjoying more in the day care…

    Busy weekend .. Laptop kab ayega…

    Right question chak de india is nit better then collatoral damage… Arnie in it is fighting for his family 🙂 I hope I got the film right now… Dont like srk.. At alll…

  11. Sreetama says:

    Wow! RD is verbose I guess! And it’s so nice that he puts mehendi on your hair! Yesterday my roomie got a head oil massage done from the parlour at the cost of 200 bucks! After our parlour session we went to watch ‘Bodyguard’ to obtain some cheap thrill but all the shows were housefull! 😦 So had biryani n belgian chocolate ice cream, little shopping n came back!

    Connection between hospital & crossword is, both r big words!

  12. Vidya says:

    Much seems to have happened in the 4-5 days that I’ve not been here:)) Awww.. on hubby applying mehendi to your hair:) And Crossword and hospital? How did she mix up the two?:)) Maybe it was her way of telling you it did not matter where she went as long as your dad was keeping her company and buying her stuff;) sweet mom:)

  13. Seema says:

    Has she ever come across any hospital whose name rhymes with Crossword? Also I love the way she uses words from different languages to frame sentences. My kids speak in the same way – Fultoo Khichdi!

    My hubby would have told me that he would give me 300 bucks and ask me to go to the parlour and spare him the trouble. (While he very well knows I wouldn’t waste 300 bucks for applying Mehndi and would do it myself at home) He is generous that way and me the stingy evil.

  14. R's Mom says:

    @Ashreya: WE are teaching her nothing…she is just picking it up..

    Firstly bows to thee…you wore and unwore and rewore a Madisar! baap rey baap..and you are so thin rey…awesome figure 😉

    New dishes nahi…I am just trying to ease my work..I hate carrying my current mixer from the place of storage to near the plug point..see how lazy I am 😉

    @Tharani: I know the marriage prep classes…my friend used to attend one..she is a konkani Christian..heheheeh 🙂 they are pretty hilarious…I am sure you would have gained a lot of knowledge..for the me 😉

    I dont watch any Tamizh movies okie? I cant even understand them…I heard September Maadham somewhere and liked it..though I do hear tamil songs..

    R’s current favorite tamil song is ‘kannamuchi’ from kandukondein kandukondein 😉 waise thats one of the few I hear and so she hears 🙂

    my on Sept 21st..and I turn thirty!!!

    @Bikram: Suranga-ji is cute na 🙂

    I hate SRK myself…liked him only in Chak De and Swades..and dont you go supporting RD!!!

    @Sreetama: yeh dekho..abhi verbose ka meaning search karna padega..all you Bongs na..uff! making my life difficult..if Ma doesnt do it, RD does and if RD doesnt do it, you are there!!

    Bodyguard..babes aur kuch nahi mila kya! Biryani and Belgian choco icecream Drooling

    Wah kya connection nikala hai!!! too much babes

    @Vidya: you were missed 🙂 did I write my no RD went with dad is chilling in Goa *Jealous jealous*

    @Seema: there comes another R supporter…there is no connection babes..yeh aise hi tukka maar rahi thi 🙂

    Isnt your hubby a sweetheart 🙂 RD never says no..but somehow I am like you..I would pakao him into doing it rather than just go to the parlour..and anyways its like once in 3 months..toh its okie 🙂

  15. Can’t stop laughing at the girls beating up the boys bit :-). Love the way you chronicle things R’s mom. I wish i had the creativity, patience and memory for the same.

    P.s. where was the weekend fight??

  16. Sreetama says:

    Verbose is, bhari bharkam shabd istmal karne wala!

    I told u na, for cheap thrills we went for Bodyguard, sasti khushiya lootne k liye! Otherwise am not Salman fan! And u & Bikram hate SRK??!! Grrr! 😡

    Ab kuchh bhi ho, connection to connection hota hai na!
    I’m in love with the song ‘Mannipaya’ ! I am hooked to it! It takes me to a spiritual high! Read the translation & love it even more! This song has really proved that music has no language!

  17. This kid says she wants to go to school! Either she has a lot of friends and fun there or you are being a meanie at home(im going with the former, dont hit me now :P)

    rofl @ hospital and crossword, they do sort of sound alike 😀

  18. R's Mom says:

    @Nuttie: Aiyo blushing and all that…the weekend fight happened…I thought whats the point of writing it when the guy applied Mehendi in my hair..that would anyways steal away the thunder of the fight 😉

    @Sreetama: I know what it means…I looked up on google gah!

    Whats this song ‘mannipaya” I never heard it..which language babes???

    @SAB: Good you said former, otherwise, I would have come down to bash you up..but honestly I am a meanie mom 😉

    What is alike in hospital and crossword..please enlighten??

    • This is the mannipaaya song :

      Mannipaaya means “will you forgive me?”. The girl is a confused soul who oscillates between saying a yes and a no to the guy. This song describes the torture she puts him through by going back and forth and says, “mannipaaya…”

  19. Sreetama says:

    It’s a Tamil song sung by Shreya Ghoshal and A R Rahman.

  20. Comfy says:

    Happy Birthday in advance RM. And now I can’t wait for the new hand mixer stories and how much more food you will be making and we will all be drooling over.

    Crossword and hospital. LOL too cute.

    I am missing Ganpati viserjan sooooo much. Sorry don’t hit me for that. 😀

    You don’t even want to know what all D and Buzz watch together. 😐

  21. R's Mom says:

    @SAB: thanks for the link..I will see it at home properly..oh as in will you forgive me! baap rey I was thinking what sort of a hindi word is maanipaaya! I really suck in Tamil dont I?

    @Sreetama: Got that from SAB..thanks..errr…you understand Tamil is it?

    @Comfy: Lets not talk about the hand mixer stories…I have three already in TWO Days!

    Now I am definitely interested to know what D and Buzz watch got me curious 🙂

  22. Sreetama says:

    No, I don’t understand Tamil, at all! A friend had posted this video on FB, I saw/listened to it & loved the music!

  23. Scribby says:

    so when was your b’day ? sorry for not being able to keep track cause I’m reading all your posts now back to back without checking on dates 😉

    any way sending B’day wishes your way !! So you’re a September baby too like me 🙂

    See now your husband too got a blogger bhushan award like mine 😉 Lovely wives ke lovely husbands 😉 😉

    lol @ books liye hospital se 🙂

    love to read R tales..they fill me up with happiness and excitement for the future to come to me few years down the line 🙂

  24. R's Mom says:

    @Scribby: Birthday abhi aya nahi hai..Sept 21st ko hai 🙂 When is your birthday?

    Lovely wives ke lovely husbands..hehehe…we need to thank Suranga-ji

    Errr…just wanted to tell you that R tales can get crazy eventually..warn kar rahi hoon advance mein 😉

    • Scribby says:

      well so I’ll have my celebrations before 4 days from today 🙂

      it’s okay..I would still love the R tales 😉 cause any way it’s reading and not experiencing it myself 😛 😛 😛 evil no? 😉 I know !

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