Weekend Lesson Learnt – Removing the Skin of Peanuts After roasting them is the most boring(est) Job on Earth!

Yaa I can come up with such profound learnings..

What?? Its just going to help you in future okie?

And so we worked on Saturday…but for compensation RD ordered Pizzas in the night….I love these thin crust pizzas you can eat as much as you want and dont even feel full…thinking if I should just do a weekly order…I wish I was rich enough 🙂

Lesson #1: Always eat thin crust pizzas for Saturday evening dinner 😉

The rains Gods have been blessing Mumbai since like Friday evening…

Oh did I mention that I travelled by train on Saturday and it felt so much at home…I am definitely getting weird by the day..

I could run and catch the train despite the rains, board a running train (No RD it wasnt fast, it had just chugged on okie?) and then get off the crowd without falling 😉 and then in the evening, I could run the entire distance from east of Andheri to west of Andheri and board a pretty crowded train without being elbowed or anything

Lesson #2: Boarding mumbai locals is like cycling..you never forget how to do it

and then Sunday morning, I was the domestic Goddess…

Lesson #3: You just dont have anything else to do with the rains on and you turn up being this super enthused person in the kitchen

I did the following

– make idli batter
– made molagapodi
– did the stupidest task of roasting the peanuts and R and I tried to remove the skin..she got bored…I got boreder..if there is such a word..and ended up doing just half of it..the rest I just chucked it back into the dabba
– cleant the platform
– made dudhi halwa (which turned out to be a bit gheeish)
– cleant the bathroom
– washed R’s hair (which is like winning a lottery everytime we do it!)
– washed my own hair (which is like cleaning up a coir of jute or something which we manage every week)
– slept for 2 hours in the afternoon after a heavy lunch of sambhar and ‘same’ curry
– Got up to brave the rain and buy stuff for Ganesh Chaturthi and buy half a kg of bhindi for the great R  who had declared that she will not carry any other subji to school gah!
– Made a simple dinner of daliya khicidi
– folded tons of clothes
– Fought with RD..in the morning as well as in the evening..and oh also on Saturday morning..we are back to our fights now!
– Watched ManU score two goals and went off to sleep

Interestingly boring Sunday na

Lesson #4: If it rains in Mumbai, it doesnt stop for three bloody days
and yesterday midst the match, RD looked at me intently..I was wondering why this sudden love that he is missing the ManU guys fight Arsenal when he exclaimed..oh my God RM half your hair in the front is white…who needs bitchy girlfriends when you have a husband who gives you the truth!

And this he realises after I spent the last year lamenting on how I am turning grey thanks to his daughter!

Lesson #5: RD doesnt look at me at all properly 😉

and then I realised I AM getting old..my mom had her cataract operation yesterday…imagine..ma having cataract..which means ma is definitely old and I am old as well 😦

Conversation between the Ma and me

RM: Ma how is your eyes..can you see
RMM (RM’s Ma): Everything is black
RM: *getting super worried* why, ma? they have put bandage is it?
RMM: No, they gave me a pair of black glasses to cover the eyes and so everything looks black!!!


In the afternoon I Call after my sleep

RM: MA, how is your eye..can you see
RMM: No the black glasses are still on and everything looks dark (this is from a lady who has never worn cooling glasses okie?)
RM: oh okie..hope you are putting the meds
RMM: I am  (with seemed exactly like R cribbing)
RM: Its okie ma, just dont do anything okie
RMM: no I am not doing anything, just folded all the clothes, cleaning the corn cob and taking out mausambi juice!

and then she claims she is NOT doing anything! This woman I tell you!!!

Lesson #6: Ma cant rest at all

and last but not the least

this is what R did when she got bored…she did RD’s and I did hers..and the poor indulgent father agreed to let her do it since she had nothing else to do in the rains…Their hair texture, just for the records is exactly the same..soft, smooth and EXTREMELY difficult to tie!

Look carefully at the white line I have drawn to indicate their kudumis 🙂

Fathers I tell you!


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26 Responses to Weekend Lesson Learnt – Removing the Skin of Peanuts After roasting them is the most boring(est) Job on Earth!

  1. Pepper says:

    R’s Mom, please tell me how you can make Idli batter, make molaga podi, roast peanuts, remove the skin for half of them, clean the platform, make dudhi halwa, clean the bathroom, wash R’s hair and wash your own hair in one single morning??? And then you even get to nap in the afternoon?
    *Falls at your feet and does sashtang namaskar*

  2. shail says:

    Such a heartwarming post! I had smiles all through reading it.
    Errr… what’s so difficult about removing skin of peanuts after roasting? Put them in a winnow and roll them around with your palms and blow the skin off every few seconds. Of course you will have to sweep the floor afterwards 😛
    When I was in Mumbai, it rained for 10 days, seriously, it did!

  3. shail says:

    And oh! I love those kudummis 😀

  4. Tharani says:

    LOL. The kudumi’s are super cool. (But only RD’s is visible),I can only see the white stick on R’s head 😦
    You should also put a kudumi and take a family snap.. what say (A white kudumi may be) 🙂 🙂

  5. RS says:

    Groundnut peeling?- have done plenty of that as a kid and you know what I do now – buy the peeled ones and THEN roast them and eat it with jaggery still tastes amazing! 😀
    Oh! on second thoughts – you meant skin of it? – Just use a hand fan after rubbing it on newspaper once na- it gets done faster …isnt it?

    AND I read before that you always broke your chappal because of the Bombay trains – what a perfect Mumbaiah you have become now see… 🙂

    Hehehe… Juttu….hehehhee. Where do Dads get the patience from for their kids? *wonders*

  6. Hi RM… I guess you have to be both ‘rich’ and ‘thin’ enough to have pizzas every other work. What say? 😦
    My husband never notices new earrings, different clothes, altered haircuts, and the list is endless. Same with my dad w.r.t my mom. And a lot of my male friends/cousins. Which means, almost ALL husbands do NOT look at their wives properly.
    How sweet of RD to bear the kutti kudumi! I hope my children grow up quicker to perform any kind of hair-pranks on my husband before the ever-falling hair of his completely vanishes one day! 😛
    Every time I read your weekend posts, I am enthused to write one about mine too. But, the fact is mine would be not even half as ‘happening’ as yours! 🙂

  7. R's Mom says:

    @Pepper: Babes, come back to Mumbai and have a three year old..baad mein you will have me falling at your feet 😉

    @Shail: Welcome here 🙂 roll them in your palms..both R and me have bruises (okie that exaggeration) with the rolling..and sweeping the floor…I have become an expert in that..

    IT rained TEN days…*Gasp* wondering if you are trying to scare me and if its too rude to stick my tongue out to you since you are so much older to me 😦

    yep the kudimis look cute na 🙂

    @Tharani: What get your specs cleaned 😉 ek toh I take a pic after so much difficulty..while RD was most accomodating..your darling R was moving around shaking her head like a tanjaur bomai! If I put a kudumi, R will refuse to acknowledge me as her mother 😉

    @RS: that singdana nu chikki ne…I love that..or my mom used to make a southie version…called kadalai laddoo..yummmmmmmm!

    abhi hand fan kidhar se laau!

    I am a total Mumbaikar 🙂 yaa RD otherwise has no patience..but his daughter..uff the love!

    @S&S: Just because you got compliments you lost weight..teasing me eh! yep but its true..rich and thin..which seems pretty impossible for me now 🙂

    suprisingly I have lesser hair than RD..can you believe that…that lucky bugger has such fantastic genes..my FIL’s genes who head is FULL of hair at even 65 and my MIL’s genes whose hair is completely BLACK even at 62..and that guy black hair, full on the head and lovely smooth silky texture..I am so jealous of him 🙂

    arey my weekend is not at all happening…you should hear some of the weekends my folks from my previous office have..ekdum zhaakaas!

    • shail says:

      Thank you.
      I swear its the truth. I was there from 21st July to 2nd Aug and I did not see the sun. Well may be a watered down version perhaps.
      Oh, the rolling did not work?? Then may be it has to do withe particular variety of groundnuts, because it worked easily enough for me. Errr… yes, the hand does tend to bruise 😉
      You can stick your tongue out 😛 One is only as old as one feels and that makes me 5+2=10 ;)) Much younger than you 😛

      • R's Mom says:

        @Shail: Which makes me 19 years elder to you…so definitely sticking tongue out…

        and I guess the best thing is that I buy peanuts which are uncovered..life will be simpler 🙂

  8. ashreya says:

    pizza’s on weekends.. super idea.. i will come to ur house on weekends only( when i visit mumbai).you must a superwomen doing so many things on weekend.. :). so, you didnt shop this weekend as it was raining but still manged to eat outside food( pizza).. great…
    super kudumi.. :).. i used to do this to my dad when i was young.. 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      @Ashreya: of course you can come during weekends..and if you come on weekdays..you will definitely get bhindi 😉
      arey pizza toh you can order na…thats why
      you did that to your dad..wow he is definitely a patient man 🙂

  9. Seema says:

    Hey RM,

    I initially mistook R’s kudumi for RD’s beard 😀
    My hubby’s head is already in halfmoon shape. No question of kudumi for him!
    Absolutely J after I had a sleep deprived action packed weekend! Thank God Wednesday and Thursday are holidays for me to catch up on some sleep and cleaning activities which I couldn’t do during the weekend 😦

    Saw in the news that It’s still raining in Mumbai. Phew! Good luck…


    • R's Mom says:

      @Seema: hahahahahhahahaha! I cant stop laughing that you mistook R’s kudimi for RD’s beard..and just to let records straight…I will stop living with RD if he ever sprouts a beard :):)

      You manage twin girls madam..I have to keep falling on your feet just for that 🙂

      enjoy the Wed/Thrus…

  10. Joins Pepper in Namaskaran….Phew Phew and to think all i did on Sunday was shop and was soooo tired…i am growing old!!!

    Uff R’s mom…u make me feel so useless

    • R's Mom says:

      @Nuttie: hey long time no see…hope things are fine..and the Mumbai rains havent rendered you helpless 🙂 though I am sure you dont have any probs commuting as such 😉

      Please dont feel useless and all..now you are making me feel as if I am showing off on the blog…am I?

  11. Chatterbox says:

    Wow! so good to learn those lessons and to know you had an action packed weekend 😀
    Mine was a sleep deprived one with me crankier than any kid on the planet and Bubbly being the super patient baby she always is towards her restless mum 🙂
    Sooooooper shot there RM 😀 😀

  12. May born gemini says:

    R, for the peanuts, I roast them good and let them cool.later I put them in a flat plate and use my palm to rub the skins off, then I blow on top of the plate to get those loose skins off usually over the sink, so I can wash easily..repeat the process till I get most of the skin out. It doesn’t take more than 5mts.

  13. Comfy says:

    How much do you get done on a single day RM, that is the question. And how much my mouth waters after I read everything you cook and how J do I get. One day you will find me moved in to your place and you will have to feed me. I am warning you. OK?

    And aww at R and RD. How cute is that 😀

  14. Pizza on weekend – Check
    Idli Batter – Check
    Weekend Grocery – Check
    Kadubu (modak ) for Ganesh Chaturthi – Check

    We had similar weekend 🙂 Except the rain and peanuts 🙂

  15. Aishwarya says:

    Hayya after reading your blog I feel tired..lol….you are one Superwoman! How do you manage to do so much during the weekend re?
    Btw the kudumis are super cute 🙂

  16. Why are you making molagupodi every weekend? You inspired me to write a weekend post..usually I am too lazy to write one. We too had Pizza over the weekend .Hifi 🙂 kudumi’s are cool, I used to do to uncles and dad when I was a little girl 🙂

  17. rrmom says:

    R’s kudumi at first glance looked as though RD has a french beard.:-) Only after reading the post did I observe more closely. Thats so cute of RD to let his girl do a kudumi for him.

  18. R's Mom says:

    @MaybornGemini: okie..may be I should try that cooling thing..pata nahi rey..but I was really pakofied by the end of it all 🙂

    @Comfy: come fast to India and then stay with me…I dont cook anything rey..its just normal ghar ka khana…you should see the variety my bhabhi cooks on a daily basis and she works as well..no wonder my bro is getting fatter by the day 🙂

    @CA: yayayayayy! thank God for no rains..and dont even try the peanuts..just not worth it 🙂

    @Aishwarya: arey kuch super woman nahi….the kudumis are cute na 🙂

    @:LF: We are a big molagapudi consuming family and I usually dont make too much 😉 who wants to roast a lot of channa dal hehehe 🙂 you had pizza..yummmmmmm

    @rrmom: Like I told Seema, the day RD has a beard, I stop living with him hehehe 🙂

  19. Tanishka says:

    My mom says you should learn step by step… So for now I’m learning order pizzas lesson…. 😀

  20. R's Mom says:

    @Tan: Sahi babes..you will go very very long in life 🙂

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