Weekend Lesson Learnt – Greed on Thursday, Repent on Saturday

And so it was pouring cats and dogs and tigers and lions in Mumbai over the weekend….and so you can as well guess my mood
On Thursday, RD and I got very romantic and decided to do our veggie/fruits shopping at the main market and in the pouring dripping crazy rain, we held hands and that stupid shopping bag and shopped for veggies..yes we are romantic that ways!
and then I asked the fruit fella for mousambis..he said Rs.50 for 4 and I bargained (which is very very impossible) and got 5 for the same amount..feeling very smug and proud of myself (What!I told na I never bargain) I took them out on saturday morning and spent bloody two hours taking out the flesh midst R’s potty, R’s hair bath, RD’s fight with R etc etc…Appa! I salute you for all those mousambi choling which you have done for us for our lives 🙂
I have decided never ever ever never to bargain all my life bah!
Then after the mousambi episode we dropped R to the daycare since we had to go to bank…RD is smart that ways..he tells me you go into the bank and ask (it was POURING!) which I sit here and guard the car…yes that guy is guarding the car…from what I have no clue..but I went in, spoke to them, didnt understand anything (remember everything in a bank rattles me!) nodded my head, very knowledgeable and came out to be dripping wet in the rains…I tell you umbrellas are of NO USE in the mumbai rains..
We went to do some shopping at in orbit mall, ended up buying NOTHING..saw the sign to donate blood, while RD ordered the food, I went in to donate…I refuse to reveal my weight here…HHG I have failed in our pact…and then too shocked to believe that was my weight (I was wearing my shoes which were full of water, that must be like about 10 kgs okie!) I went in to donate blood…the nurse was amazingly great and she asked me when did you last donate..I told her when I was in collge and she is like how many months before is that…*Blush* I told her seven years..she is like WHAT..and I am like yeah and all while I blushed and all that she managed to poke that needle into my vien and take out blood..I asked her..is my blood red..she was taken aback for a second, and said yes…and asked me why? I was like pata nahi kya colour ka hoga..isliye check kiya 😉
Then one guy said, can I take your picture….I refused…I told him I am too shy so dont take it..he didnt believe me..but thankfully didnt take it..
then another guy and one lady come in..they ask me..so you are the first lady to donate blood, do you want to get yourself photographed..and I am like no please..the nurse is laughing by now…why they ask, and I repeat I am shy…They are like okie a bit taken aback 😉
So get your boyfriend to also donate next time that lady tells me…
I dont have one..I tell her
She looks perplexed..that guy with you ..who is that..oh that is my husband I tell them..and they laugh 🙂

Then they force fed some juice and whole pack of parle G biscuits on me (which were great) I kept telling them my husband has ordered enough food to last us for a couple of days, but they refused to listen…I got some certificate from then and then I went to RD and we ate in peace 🙂
Went to Crossword and picked up Timeout Mumbai which features Shruti of the Mindfulmeanderings fame

The way I was showing off at that shop..someone would think I got published..heheeh 🙂 Who cares, happiness has no bounds when you admire someone and then they get published 🙂

Went to D mart and shopped enough to last us for about 2 months..yes we are lazy that ways to keep going there..only when the bill was being done, RD and I got a bit of a shock ;)We went home, and I chopped the veggies for the weekend, while RD put all the groceries inside..We went to pick up R, she got her share of maggi at the daycare so was happy, came back home after going to the temple..I disposed off some of my old books which I never read, to a local library there and earned some space at my house..which means I can go book shopping again yay to that 🙂

and of course had a very short ‘skirmish’ with RD about something trivial..but we are trying not to break the tradition 😉

rain, rain, rain and more rain   we did this…
then had some hot dal and rice..have you ever had hot dal and rice with loads of ghee and a tinge of mahani pickles on a rainy afternooon, its awesome awesome awesome
I made R work a lot that day…dust the cupboards, make the peas pulav for the night, of course do the lime juice stuff, etc etc..What I am training her well na 😉
In the evening, R and I went for a short walk in the building…R wanted to learn how to write 2 and 3..and then after we came back home to practice, she refused saying mereko nahi aata..yaa she is smart that ways 🙂
RD’s office had some major disaster and he was on the phone from 3 in the morning (Saturday night) to 10 in the night (Sunday) So I really dont know what he did 😉 That was my weekend…how was yours?
I leave you with R trying to sweep the house A la. Harry Potter 😉


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20 Responses to Weekend Lesson Learnt – Greed on Thursday, Repent on Saturday

  1. Snowdrop says:

    I am coming to your home to meet darling R okie??

  2. Good on you RM for donating blood 🙂 After having so many commented like "are you in college?", "isn't he your BF?" , "are you both married?" etc etc…mail me a picture of both you and RD! I wanna seeeee 😉

  3. Oh the mosoumbi choling part is pretty irritating! Whenever my mom buys pomogranates for us, she says its only a punishment for her, 'cos she has to keep peeling and getting those seeds out all by herself. That's why I've outsourced the entire fruits department to my husband!! :)And isn't it a wonderful feeling you get after you've donated blood??!!You made the little one do dusting, peas-pulav, lime-juice???!! Atrocious! Child-labour, I say!! 🙂

  4. RS says:

    # I HEART the Harry Potter picture 😀 Too cute.# You donated blood? :-O Wow! I havent ever done it – They refuse me everytime :-(# Lime Juice – hmmmm interesting menu 🙂 # Im surprised RD offered to take the pictures! 🙂 I cant imagine my hubby ever agreeing to it…# Rain and market and Romantic? Sigh! Didnt even know that it could be… 😀

  5. Anu thati says:

    reading ur blog i understand that rains in mumbai are worst..it looks like all weekends you spend in malls. when you plan to shop, you dont shop anything, but without planning you shop a lot.. :)nice that you donated blood. i always wanted to, but i was sent back home everytime because i am underweight. next time lets wish that your blog also gets selected like that.. :)hmmm, this is second weekend , where ppl mistook you people as un-married.. nice re, next blog give us tips how to look young and be like lady in santoor advt.:).R is so cute. we should name the pic as super women( harry potery or harini potter) ;). she is trying back flying??

  6. R's Mom says:

    @Snowdrop: anytime, come in :)@Melbournemangai: how you doing dear? arey we both look like amma and appa only..I think the problem lies in the fact that I am often without a thali or sindoor, which makes people think we are not married 🙂 you wouldnt want to see my photo and stop reading my blog would ya?@Sugar and Spice: hahaha! R is very good in peeling pomogranates *Tries to look innocent and deny the child labor part* The feeling I got after I donated blood was…I am hungry hehehe 🙂 @RS: # thank you#Err..they often refuse women I have heard mainly because of low haemoglobin count…you need to have cleared your mensus for about 10 days…and then you need to be big and fat like me..only then you can donate# what..it IS interesting okie bah!#RD is very enthused about taking pics..I am the one who is the non posing types#Arey we Mumbaikars can find romance anywhere ;)@Anu: Stop making me jealous about the underweight thing..dont ask..I was shocked when I read the scales 😦 for the unmarried part, read my reply to melbournemangai…R was actually trying to sweep the room, but then suddenly did this and RD clicked her 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great job on blood donation part…AAhh and congrats on getting compliments,u definitely are the best candidate for santoor adds :-)LOL on the pic,little girl is sure a lot of help to her mommy.~Garima

  8. Anu thati says:

    hey.. now i am no more underweight.. gone are those days.. ;(.. read ur reply for melbornemangai.. nice that you dont wear them.. i wear them as my MIL wants me to wear it.. infact she made so much of fuss for removing toe-ring.. and news for you.. melbornemangai was my classmate, infact benchmate for few years.. 🙂

  9. cute pic and love ur writeup…

  10. R's Mom says:

    @Garima: thanks..but no I am not the best for the Santoor ads…I am the best for bacha tum so jao otherwise R's mom will come to scare you ;)@Anu:WHAT you and MM are benchmates..isnt that the coolest thing ever :)@Nisha: Welcome here..and thanks a ton..:)

  11. venus says:

    A big pat on ur back for blood donation!!!(may be I won't be allowed to do that actually 😉 ) but seriously, I feel so proud of people who donate blood and if i know them somehow 😀 .. it has been my dream to donate blood someday, have gone for donating like thousand times and have been refused always coz of low haemoglobine 😦 though I put in extra efforts to eat things which will help in increasing it but somehow it refuses to reach the level they need for blood donation..hopefully someday… but i'll keep my efforts on!And yes about the cooking contest, I was sooo happy to see you coming up with making lemonade 😉 someone's like me!!!Cheers!

  12. Loved reading your post for it brought back to me the energy I have been missing in the past few days ever since my life has taken up a new turn :)Good on you girl for donating blood :)Aww…loved to imagine you blush on all those sweet compliments :)Loved that cute picture 🙂

  13. U are a darling.. that's what u are. 🙂 N R looks so cute with the broom.

  14. Abhinav says:

    Beautiful pic , brought a smile

  15. Swaram says:

    Missed so many updates here! Nw that am bk, I will try and get bk into the groove soon :)We were on our return journey for most of the weekend and so its been train, train and more train on this side 🙂

  16. Pepper says:

    Awesome hai.. You keep getting such great compliments..I have to see you now 😀

  17. weourlife says:

    I too want a pic of RD and RM. I want to see the gf and bf :)mosoumbi I never fed Chucky till she was an year old as per her doctor it wasn't good. When we went to India my dad gave her and she was eating mosoumbi for breakfast , lunch and dinner. The craze was there almost 2-3 months. Its such an irritating job. I really wonder how our parents had so much patience. well done on blood donation, and R is so cute with the harry potter broom :)she is indeed a little helper 🙂

  18. noon says:

    What an adorable photo!God yes I salute those moms and dads who peeled out the skin for the oranges…my mom used to give me big bowl fulls of boiled peanuts after shelling them! What a pleasure to have it ready like that! I don't know if I will have the same patience for my kids!Your romantic veggie shopping sounds nice – rain n everything – like a Mani Ratnam movie…

  19. Haha RM you are reading my blog inspite of seeing my photos. I would love to see your photo!Yup Anu and I studied in school together till 12th. And one more thing, Snowdrop and I are college mates..what say..;)

  20. R's Mom says:

    @venus: thank you thank you…Venus its a pretty common problem with females…low haemoglobin..often because the mensus would have just passed and the body is still generating blood…I am sure you will be able to donate soon 🙂 eat well and put on weight hehehe :)arey I cant cook to save my life honestly :)@CB: Howz the babes doing? I hope all is settled well and she lets you sleep in the night 🙂 thanks for the compliments@Shruti: thank you thank you…and you know you are my inspiration right?@Abhinav: Thanks :)@Swaram: how was your trip gal…missed your posts 🙂 come back n post fast fast@Pepper: and then get disappointed…in India the compliments are more because I dont carry the symbols of 'being married' and RD and I are often seen strolling around with our hands held not in romance but with the fear that we would run away from each other ;)@LF: Aiyo like I said, I dont wear the symbols of marriage so the confusion 🙂 I look like a scary amma hehehe 🙂 yes R is a good helper hehehe@Noon: thank you 🙂 boiled peanuts…you are making me miss my dad…I have to go to Goa soon and get those peanuts..kitna patience tha na..I toh dont even boil the normal peanuts and give R *Bad mom!*like a Mani Ratnam movie – gal you have super imagination you made me smile 🙂 thank you so much@Melbourne mangai: WHAT! Snowdrop n you are college mates..what fun man..this is like the coolest thing ever…if not anything, I can boast of friends meeting up on my blog 😉

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