Why Me?- 4

Part 1 of Why me -4

I am telling you, this is like the worst thing ever…It seems fate wants me to get more and more embarrassed everytime
So, today R’s bus is late…super late..remember how I told about the 5 minutes gap between her bus and mine..well that 5 minutes are past and her bus is yet to be seen… see another bus of her school pass by and then I call up her bus conductor..and he is like oh R’s mom..come ahead come ahead…her bus broke down today and I am in another bus..so I pick up R, her bag, her waterbag, my bag, my umbrella (remember kajol in that DDLJ scene where she is running behind the train with her truck load worth of luggage!) and I run…The bus is ahead and they say that we will go..you go and catch your bus…..I see my bus coming on the other side of the road..I give R to them in their arms and then run across (thankfully there are no vehicles on the road) and I wave like crazy to the driver..he gets bugged and shows me his hand asking me to move aside…
He thankfully stops and when I get in the whole bus is looking draggers at me
DONT DO THAT AGAIN one lady tells me
I am a bit confused…what I ask
dont stop the bus in the middle like that…its not possible for us to stop for every one like this…
I get all red and my insides feel very weird..I felt like a six year old who gets scolded for doing something really really bad…I felt awful…I am like okie sorry…I felt so awful..and I am still feeling bad because the whole bus thinks that I am some kind of an idiot..everyday I have a new place to get in and then I seem to be troubling everyone..Gosh! I am really feeling low
and if this is not enough…go on to part 2
Part 2 of Why me? – 4
I get into the office, punch and then start taking the stairs…I sit on the 3rd floor…I am climbing climbing still thinking how I will face the crowd of the bus tomorrow, when I see the Head of Operations and Corporate Affairs (old man about 60 or so!)climbing the stairs..I am in no mood to be polite so I just pretend to look down and walk up..then I open the door of the stairs and something tells me that its not good to not say good morning so I look back, say good morning and then keep the door open for him…(He sits on the third floor as well)
He looks at me surprised and says have you changed your place?
RM: no
Him: oh okie
and then starts to walk up the stairs..
I should have stopped at that na..but nahi RM is the nani ma of the whole wide world

RM: arent you going to come to your seat

Why the hell does it matter to me..he may want to go for stroll early in the morning..but like I said nahi..I am the nani ma na

Him: Errr…this is the second floor na

RM: What…

looks around everyone is staring…

Yes dear blog..I shouted ‘oh shit’ in front of a man who is several years older to me and about 1000 designations higher..

He was shocked and said very politely ‘excuse me?’
and no I didnt even stop there
RM: arey no excuses, I think I am going crazy
He just walked away from me a bit faster!

Why me God, why me???

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14 Responses to Why Me?- 4

  1. Hey RM! Cheer up, lady!!Both the bus and stairs incidents happen to every one some time or the other. Believe me, when you read this post two or five years down line, you'll be laughing like crazy! Don't feel bad about all this. People will not remember such stuff for long. Things will be normal from tomorrow.Keep smiling! Don't worry! Be happy! πŸ™‚

  2. Many hugs. Just relax.. But that lady ..what is with her for just stopping the bus for 5 min.. Seriously these women..I wish this to be the last why me series . Hope things gets better soon..Hugs again..

  3. RS says:

    2nd time trying to post this comment:Bwahahahahahahahahahaha…. – for the second incident.ROTFL, ROTFL *continues to roll on the floor wiping the tears of joy from her eyes*BUT – Why did you have to feel embarassed because of that lady? You should have told her loud enough for everyone to hear that your daughter's school bus came late and so you had to juggle a bit for your bus – then everyone would've shut-up! They will think twice before they say something to you…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey R's mom,Happens with all of us.Tomorrow will be a better day :-)Don't worry. Keep smiling.Swarna

  5. Anonymous says:

    awww i knw u must be feeling low but its ok,it happens sometimes when we are overburdened.On other hand the old must have thought u have lot of work pressure hence little confused,good na and must have got an impression that u r critical resource :-)I really dont know what to say to lift up your mood :-(But remember ur post on Chetan Bhagat's views its not required to be 100 successful everywhere and all the time.Smile dear and feel good for urself.~Garima

  6. Awwwwww r's mom – at least the day can only get better..and what a mean lady in ur bus…Hmmmph

  7. R's Mom says:

    @Sugar and Spice: Arey I am laughing now only…the bus incident just made me so down mentally dont ask me why..and the staircase episode..I am taking the lift for the next 10 days!!!@Scribbermom: thank you thank you@onarollercoasterride: thanks dear@RS: you are laughing bah! I was so so red!!!arey I dont know RS..actually they used to stop the bus earlier at a stop which was not actually as per schedule for me..but then I asked them not too and that was okie..now I stopped the bus again today and gosh the whole bus looked so so bugged at me 😦 I am scared to go back on the bus tomorrow seriously!@Swarna: thanks dear@Garima: thanks for the comment dear..what a way to look at the stairs incident heheeh πŸ™‚ I am confused because of work pressure…you are a sweetheart :)@Nuttie: thanks thanks thanks πŸ™‚ I felt that was mean too..then I was like perhaps its my mistake only to stop the bus like that..then I spoke to another lady here who told me what nonsense..its not that you are going to do it everyday..once in a while everyone misses the bus..so they stop..whats the big deal.. πŸ™‚

  8. Smita says:

    You really said the last line?Really?*hides under her duppatta and says, I don't know who you are*hehehe just kidding re…see there are days and then there are days!! This surely wasn't yours!Chill!As far as bus thing is concerned had I been in ur place or in that lady's place I wud have reacted in the same way but theek hai hota hai re!!! Don't think too much just wish for a better day πŸ™‚

  9. DI says:

    Hehehe! I know, I know, I wouldn't be he-heing so much if it was me in your place, but it wasn't thankfully! But, anyway, let me not be mean, and say awww And man seriously, stopping the bus once in a while is no big deal, u should see the women in my bus! There is one in particular, who will ALWAYS be late, make her friend stop the bus outside the gate, and then stroll towards it, annoying! :S :S I am wondering what mean lady would do to someone like her πŸ˜€

  10. Snowdrop says:

    Chill RM ! yes as someone said these things happen to everyone. Don't worry about these. Hmm to make u feel better, i will tell you one incident.. I got down from the bus and was walking very fast towards my office, there were few ppl walking in front of me. I was day dreaming (!) and walking at the same time. And the person (man) walking in front of me suddenly slowed down I think or may be I picked up speed , went straight and hit him !!.. He turned back and looked at me in a shock, you should have seen his expression. I was so embarrassed ,said sorry and quickly walked away. Later when I explained this to my friend she/we could not stop laughing !

  11. weourlife says:

    Why is your blog taking my comments :(Last try..That lady sounded harsh, Bus can even get stuck in traffic, whats wrong stopping the bus for a colleague, you please don't take all these to you heart..Cheer up. Don't worry abt "Oh Shit" its such a commonly used word πŸ™‚

  12. Rohini says:

    LOL! Sorry, the second one made me crack up. Sounds like something I would have done. Ignore the bus ladies.

  13. R's Mom says:

    @Smita: ya ya really…gah! I cant believe I said it…feel like such a fool even now :)@DI: Gosh that lady in your bus is so bugging man..I would have been rude to her as well…but this..well chalega ho gaya..I am not going to get upset again :)@Snowdrop: I love you Muaaah! you made me feel so much better :)thank you@LF: arey there is some problem with blogger…Yaa I guess I just used 'oh shit' even without thinking :)@Ro: heheheh πŸ™‚ you would have na πŸ™‚

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