Homework Anyone?

Okie WHY DIDNT ANYONE WARN ME that having a baby means the baby needs to go to school which means that the baby gets homework!!!


I tell this parenthood, its full of difficulties…and its not the easiest task on earth..the next person who tells me to have a second child and then say that arey woh toh aise hi bade ho jayenge aur pata bhi nahi chalega is going to get a big time spanking from me! I swear that!
I mean, forget the colds, coughs, asthmas, tummy aches, the pain of falling, the being naughty and getting scolded..I mean forget everything…can you imagine how much it requires to make a three year old draw simple sleeping lines….
This pint sized of mine drove me mad on Tuesday night
I did everything from cajoling, to loving to *gasp* bribing to shouting to scolding to threatening back to loving..but nahi
mereko nahi karna hai

RM: Kyon nahi karna hai

R: baase aise hi…bore ho raha hai

which left me wide mouthed and gaping

She wont draw 10 sleeping lines come what may.
RD tried telling her but nahi..amma karayegi…
okie so amma quickly finishes her cooking and sits with R saying chalo finish fast then I will read you the Thomas engine ka storybook
Nahi aap first read karo phir homework karenge
Okie so I make up an imaginery story..and tell her..she listens to it and says ‘amma vapis bolo na’
I grind my teeth in frustration and tell her again..
and she says ‘amma vapis bolo na’
and after that I tell her finish your homework and I will tell you one more
R: Amma, pani
I give her water and then tell her to start again
R: Amma, su-su
I take her to the loo and she says
Amma, nahi aa raha!
So I pick her up and bring her down from the pot and then make her wear her chaddi and pant and tell her to pick up the pencil
R: Amma, su-su

RM: but you said you didnt want to go na

R: Abhi aa rahi hai
RM totally frustated but takes her again
R: Amma, nahi aa raha
RM: arey R its only 10 sleeping lines finish fast na beta then we sit and read books and play
R: okie…
and then she touches the crayon to the book and looks up and smiles and says theek hai…I tell her..line draw karo straight and dont make it dirty
otherwise teacher wont give you star
Amma, mereko other page mein star dekhne ka hai
So RM shows her that and then she picks up some random page with some difficult pattern and says ‘amma, yeh karna hai’
Thats it I lose patience start screaming when RD intervenes and says Appa will sit..chalo do your homework
More crying, more drama, more irritation

and finally RD loses it and says dont let her do the homework and just picks up the book, keeps it in her bag and keeps the bag on top of the showcase..
Major crying session..FIL tells me go change your dress and let RD handle her for a while..
So, I go and change and all that and she comes crying to me saying mereko homework karna hai..appa ne mera bag le liya and all that
She promises to do her homework and so we remove the bag and give her the book
Again she puts the crayons on the page and says amma theek hai..I tell her finish karo beta…
and its the same cycle…
Finally after 1 hour of major drama, we are successful in drawing 10 Damn Sleeping lines!!!God, why didnt anyone warn me…why why?


PS: She did her homework with a big smile yesterday…yeh ladki na! She will drive me crazy I guess :):)


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26 Responses to Homework Anyone?

  1. Thanks for warning us is all I can say :PPoor baby, poor parents 🙂

  2. Shilpa Garg says:

    Ah, I know this only too well coz been there, done that! But thank God, my kid is past this age and is in a bit 'responsible for his HW' mode! But I tell you, it's the same story with most kids of this age regarding HW… it's a real test of patience and a lot more!

  3. dipali says:

    Poor you. I remember when my kids were in nursery and had all sorts of excuses for not doing that tiny bit of homework. Big hugs. I just hope it isn't such a production every day.

  4. Bikramjit says:

    he he he 🙂 you shud ring your parents nad ask you did the same thing tooo when you were a kid 🙂 homework what homework.. let me come over and meet the little one and teach her some nice excuses he he he he 🙂 on serious note I guess kids are same she will do it jsut give her time … 🙂 Bikram's

  5. Arghhhhhhh the homework session … :(Junior was very enthusiastic in drawing randon lines till few days back …now she refuses to even touch her pencil / crayons 😦

  6. chandrima says:

    she very much know how to make you hyper!! but I guess you will learn to deal with that with out getting irritated !!

  7. Comfy says:

    Yikes.. *biting my nails*Mujhe mera future bahut bright lag raha hei..aur Buzz ka us se bhi jyada (I mean if I get angry God only save her)R sweetheart, please be good to Amma and set a good precedence for all the blog kids who are to follow you. Please, please, please.

  8. noon says:

    God, the poor baby. It really is too much to expect them to do home work at such a young age. 1 hr every night? Or once a week? Even in KG here they do one hour a week level home work! (And KG is after two years of preschool). You have no choice but to get her to do home work – but I pity you. Too hard when the kid just wants to play – as she should!

  9. R's Mom says:

    @CR: heheheh 🙂 Dont ask yaar…I was so frustrated that day!@Shilpa: *Jealous, jealous, jealous of you* @Dipali: and am I jealous of you or what..your kids are WAY past the homework age..heheeh 🙂 I am praying to God its not a big production everday@Bikram: ya ya please make a trip to Mumbai..the pakoras are pending and R will love to learn such things from you and after you teach her..both she and you will get spankings from her mom!@CA: exactly…you do understand na…arey till about 10 days ago she was like amma standing line and sleeping line and stuff..and abhi bah!@Chandrima: yes..she has definitely mastered THAT art@Comfy: nahi nahi nahi…Like I told CB earlier, I should add a warning before my post…mothers of children less than 3 years DONT read :):)I will pass on your message to your R @Noon: You mean poor baby's amma na ;)One hour is not always rey noon…it was a 10 minute thing..but iska itna excuses tha!ufff!

  10. weourlife says:

    Bechara R and RM. Isn't it unfair to give a 3yr old homework? Now itself I get irritated with Chucky for her eating habits, can't imagine homework being added to my frustration.

  11. U should add – Anyone planing to have kids…dont read :-)When i started reading i was sure i would add – have another kid R's mom…but after reading, can't get myself to do that :-)Poor both of u…the little baby forced to draw sleeping lines and u & RD too

  12. Kanchan says:

    I can totally understand. Adi took hours to write 1 page, which was not homework – but classwork which he didn't finish in class, so his teacher had to send home. He finished the year with half the book incomplete. His teacher actually told us to not force him and shouting, scolding etc. will only make him associate homework with negative emotions. That was fine last year, but this year he is going to Jr. KG in big school and they won't be so accommodating..so the fights in the evening have begun.But let me warn you, this is only the beginning, they get projects also. P chart, M chart and yellow chart….plus send bananas, jackfruit etc. to school? How am I supposed to do these things on a 1 evening notice? Today during my morning walk, I was scouting for pumpkins on the lakeside…don't ask 🙂

  13. R's Mom says:

    @LF: arey who knows Chucky will be like 'ma you eat the food, I will do the homework heheeh :)@Nuttie: yes I should add that as well…dont you dare suggest..otherwise, I will track you down and spank you for sure…@Kanchan: now Adi sounds like my brother…my mom was just telling me that she used to be so so bugged at bro and his slow writing skills..but just wanted to let you know that my bro now is a R&D engineer in an electronics hardware design firm and he is pretty much helpful to my bhabhi ;)and projects…baap rey kanchan dara rahi ho kya..

  14. Scribby says:

    ah!! not so soon but yes in near future it's going to be my turn to say the same..'why didn't people warn me?' !!!! 😀

  15. Smita says:

    lol!! Though am laughing now but I know in a way am reading my future 😀

  16. R's Mom says:

    @Scribby: oh God! I should seriously give a warning to people before I write such posts..ignore ignore ignore that post@Smita: same as above..please ignore this post!

  17. Meets says:

    Am sailing in the same boat , to top it sonny boy gets 6 pages to do every weekend… and we go thru the same routine of tv, story, susu, pani, please homework karo na, bribing, scolding everything… am pulling my hair apart by the end of it

  18. R's Mom says:

    @Meets: hugs hugs hugs…thats all we can give each other :)6 pages thoda zyada nahi hai?

  19. Bikramjit says:

    na.. no spanking i can run much faster beleive me 🙂

  20. R's Mom says:

    @Bikram: arey aao toh..then we will see who is running faster 🙂

  21. Sumana says:

    I came here from HHG's blog and loved it. Will add you to my blog list. Totally with you on this. I never faced a tough day with my elder one. But man the younger one drives me nuts, crazy and any synonyms you can add to the list. I am at my wits end, he tells me he has to fil petrol in his pencil and goes for a run thru the house on his lorry. If i just turn a little here to talk to the elder one he has done scribbling on the homework page. He does not cry what ever you do and is full of laughters and boisterous ones at that.

  22. Sumana says:

    Came here from HHG's blog. Will add you to my blog list. Totally with you on this post. I so get mad with my youger one who is all of 4 and eats my head thoroughly. With my elder one i never faced it to that extent, but with the second one, I just pray god to take me away at that moment. All bribes and blackmails we sit with the book half an hour gone. He holds the pencil and starts scribbling and then you get him started and he says he needs to fill petrol in his pencil and goes for a round in his lorry. All this with the room door closed. I give him a spank and i can hear people yelling at the mother. poora natak. Then he just does aslnting line and asks me to hold his hand for the next if at all i want him to do the next. Then he has a story to tell of the class and a talk with his sister.

  23. R's Mom says:

    @Sumana: welcome here..firstly you handle two kids!! kidhar hai aapke feet!LOL on the petrol hehehe 🙂 he is so cute…no actually I do understand your frustration! Damn bugging na..but look at this..the elder one is cool isnt he 🙂 and wait your younger one is 4..you mean this lasts for more than an year *Faints thinking of R doing this for an year*

  24. Anonymous says:

    oh yaar.. she is a major naughty bomb… kya baat karu aage… amazing… i know what is like to tell her to draw line, i've had some practice with ishu.. but R is the bomb… i get to know R better n better through ur blogs.. love them.. i read them once in while.. they r very refreshing 🙂 Ami

  25. R's Mom says:

    @Ami: hi darling…good to know you enjoy R blogs 🙂 Waise you used to teach ishu..wah wah 🙂

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