Results, Cheaters, Jealousy, Bliss and Meltdowns – Total Mish Mash Post

ETA: This post was picked up by BlogAdda for their Tangy Tuesday post. Thank you BlogAdda πŸ™‚

and thank you Sugar n Spice for letting me know πŸ™‚

SSC results were declared in Maharashtra on Friday. I realised that unlike my previous company, the average age of people working in this company is much more.

Whats the connection?

Too many people, who distributed sweets yesterday claiming their sons/daughters passed class 10!

Two things

1. A girl with 93% yes yes 93% is opting for commerce because she feels she cant do too well in science and she has an aptitude for commerce…can you imagine this happening a few years back?

2. A girl with 89% wants to take up arts because she wants to become a journalist..

in both cases, the parents are a bit disappointed but definitely not forcing them to take science…so aal izz well with the world right?


My parents arrived on Friday early morning from Goa to Dadar. They took a cab to my house. It was about 5 in the morning, kinda dark even inside the cab. Let me clarify that my dad has studied in Mumbai for a long time, and he frequently visits mumbai and knows most places very well and is definitely used to the cab drivers of Dadar.

Anyways, so they both load the luggage and sit inside the cab when one guy (OG) comes and sits next to the driver and says that I had done 230 kilometres of driving so give me 600 Rs.

The driver (D) takes out a 1000 Rs note and gives it

OG: Give me change

D: I dont have change..turns to my dad and says do you have two 500 rs note

Pa: Yes I do

Ma says to pa not to give him money but pa is like this guy needs to go home and all that

D: Sir, you gave me one hundred rs note and one five hundred rs. note.

Pa apologises and gives him a 500 rs note and takes back the 100 rs note

Dad is a bit confused..darkness, plus lack of sleep in the morning

D: Sir the note you gave is torn

Pa tells ma to give him a 500 rs note. ma refuses but dad insists because that guy has to go home

so ma takes out 500 rs and gives it to him and he tells ma that you gave me a 100 rs note.

ma is confused but takes the 100 rs note and then gives him another 500 rs note
and he says madam this note is torn..
ma is furious and says take back your 1000 rs and please give me my 500s back. I dont want to deal with you

he gives back two 500 rs notes and then takes back his 1000 but effectively he has taken 1500 rs from my parents and they didnt even realise it

Usually ma pa are very very careful people, but this guy was so convincing that they thought they had made a mistake..

when ma saw the notes he gave later in the day, they were torn…so basically this gang targets people early in the morning, sleepy and tired, tells them they gave 100 rs instead of 500 rs and then give them torn notes instead..

people getting down at Dadar station in the morning, please be very careful and dont give any change to any of these guys


Saw this as Ratzz’s tagline on gtalk and it says ‘Gained Weight, yipeee’ I didnt even have the heart to check my emails…bah!


I am getting the company bus to work everyday since FIL planned to stay back here in Mumbai till the 17th of July..till then life is bliss and so is travel πŸ™‚


I so much want to eat hot Chinese schewan noodles, Manchurian and spring rolls….bad case of throat infection though 😦


R comes up with the most unique reasons for a meltdown..I guess she is definitely innovative…so yesterday it was ‘Amma, you dont make food, let Thatha make it! you read my school book’

yes she managed to cry for about 15 minutes continuously, saying amma you dont cook…and in that 15 minutes, I managed to keep the cooker and vaghar the bhaji (FIL had cut it and kept)…CB, CR, I am following both your advice πŸ™‚

and then after the meltdown stopped, (I ignored her for some time as CB suggested and then spoke to her in a calm tone as per the link sent by CR) saying that this is going to happen everyday that ma needs to come back home and I give you two choices – either you can cry and waste your time, or you can sit next to me and open your book and we will read it together…

She, being her father’s daughter, is yet to give me an answer to that πŸ˜‰


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17 Responses to Results, Cheaters, Jealousy, Bliss and Meltdowns – Total Mish Mash Post

  1. Comfy says:

    I am so happy that parents are letting kids pick subjects other than sciences these days. This is such progress is it not :)Oh your poor parents. And man those taxi walas are too much. Took Rs 1500 and returned torn notes. Did any of the two methods work? Please pass on the gyaan. I need it too. PS: Do take care of yourself. Hope you feel better and eat what you like.PPS: You can go to any bank and get the torn currency exchanged.

  2. The Bride says:

    I got 90% and did Arts. What a scandal! My schoolteachers all called up my mum to convince her not to make such a grave mistake πŸ™‚ They only succeeded in persuading her to make me do Maths till 12 std though, yech!Oh and that same scam at Dadar happened to me at exactly that time. My train arrived an hour early so I decided to be a star and take a cab home alone. I was so happy in the cab thinking only in Bombay can I do this blah blah, when the driver pulls this scam on me when I reach. That is he says I gave him 100 rs note when I gave a 500, and gets me all confused and drives off with 700 somehow when the meter was like 150 or something. I felt so violated and god knows why I didn't just call my mum or friends since I was in my own building. But they count on you being sleepy and the dark etc. The irony is that a cop took down the cab number at Dadar station so I could possibly have filed some sort of complaint.

  3. Wow! so you got eat loads of sweets from the proud parents :)Ouch! that was so bad what happened with your parents :(I too am in those rare phases of my life where weight gain brings a smile to my face ;)R will surely take time to reply and even respond to the options you gave her…but you gotta stick to the plan dear,it will work very soon πŸ˜‰

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Comfy: thanks dear..and yes will let you know the results today :)@The Bride: 90% and Arts…very very bad heheheh πŸ™‚ Awesome you are an example I am going to give to every parent who keeps harping on the science story! and you got cheated as well 😦 These guys at Dadar na! I feel like going and slapping them@CB: arey you toh need to put on lots of weight okie? I am really sticking to the plan for sure..and I think it will work as well thanks for the meant a world to me πŸ™‚

  5. Ratzzz says:

    what the…. hahahaha…. of all the places i didnt expect my gtalk status to end on ur blog.. hahaha..and ouch!! ppl come up with so much innovative way to scam ppl 😦 What happ to R? is she going thru a phase or what? her tantrums are getting weird 😦 *hugggzzz* ponne!

  6. ok i am curious about R's response…Maybe RD can deploy this method on u on Saturdays…just saying :PWhat mean ppl – your poor parents!!!Thanks for alertingI remember when i got "good" 10 Std marks and decided to take commerce. We were visiting Kerela where dumping science was a sin..So my poor grandmom would tell everyone – "She is doing commerce but she got XX%." Just to proove that her grand daughter was not a dim wit

  7. R's Mom says:

    @Ratzz: Of course I am jealous :PR is forever in a *phase* hugs right back..hope workload is a bit better now@Nuttie: Will let you know the answer :)your grandmom is so cute..heheheheh πŸ™‚

  8. mannbikram says:

    NOW that is good kids getting to do what they want, I did sciences not that my prents forced but i had ot do it .. if you know what i mean ..and that driver cheat OMG.. I hate such people , The first time i came to mumbai i got my wallet pickpocketed 😦 Still rmemeber, dont know what station but there is a bridge that goes down to a market area , ithink its dadar not sure … looking forward to R's response πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I am not sure if my comment came so writing again.. good story.. so you managed ot get out of bloggers block and get petrol , what do you think then does god exist πŸ™‚ Bikram's

  9. Mama - Mia says:

    thank god! i thought Cub is the only one who goes whiny about MOST ridiculous stuff! don't cook or even worse don't eat! :pand thats terrible what happened to your folks. one would have expected l'il more honesty! sigh! i guess, one should carry only hundreds, eh?cheers!

  10. R's Mom says:

    @Bikram: There are loads of stations with overbridges leading to market..but Dadar is pretty prominent :)Regarding the science thing – I can totally understand what you are trying to say!@Mama-Mia: I know that dont eat stuff…its so weird..amma aap mat khao! Boss I am hungry, I will eat, you are not hungry, dont eat!

  11. Hello R's Mom!I can so relate to most of R's behaviour you write about here, being a mom of two two-year-olds myself. Being whiny and adamant is probably a phase, or at least, that's what I console myself with, all the time. :(This world is filled with crooks and cheaters who would fool us, however careful we are. **Sigh**And BTW, congrats on the Tangy Pick from Blogadda!:)

  12. R's Mom says:

    @Sugar and Spice: Welcome here…Wow THIS post got selected for the Tangy Tuesday….thanks for the info..I had no clue…they usually send a mail is it to let us know?and you have TWO two year olds *Falls at feet and asks S&S for blessings*

  13. weourlife says:

    Very glad to hear that students are parents are no longer crazy taking science subjects.Oh my god , poor parents, how could they cheat someone like this..LOL @Amma, you dont make food, let Thatha make it

  14. R's Mom says:

    @LF: Yaa I am pretty glad that parents no longer force their kids into science…

  15. Scribby says:

    thank god people have moved on from degrees like doctor and engineer !!! πŸ™‚

  16. R's Mom says:

    @Scribby: yes thats true..its good that people have moved on πŸ™‚

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