Weekend Lesson Learnt – Your Daughter May have your Genes only!

So we had a hectic weekend..doing nothing!

Friday morning saw my parents arrive to Mumbai – Dad on the way to Thailand and Mom on the way to Ahmedabad..yaa they are a loving couple that ways…travel together till work do part us or something in those lines 😉

Friday evening saw R enjoy with both set of grandparents..with super pampering and all that

Saturday morning..RD, R and I dropped dad to the airport..and then we went out to inorbit mall where RD made R go to playzone (we had our usual saturday fight on that, but the intensity was not too much since the inlaws and mom was around..what we need to portray as a loving couple and all that na)

Though R really didnt enjoy too much (much to my happiness) and there was some drawing competition going on there where R decided to go and scribble red colour all over the paper and tell me ‘amma, scribbling kiya’

anyways we had our lunch at the food court there…

1. Boiled masala corn

2. Aloo paratha

3. Gobi paratha

4. Aloo peas paratha

5. Veggie delight subway sandwich

6. Chole Bature
7. Icecream

We were five of us okie 😉

Saturday night mom left for ahm and sunday morning MIL left for chennai..which leaves RD, R, FIL and me in the household now

Sunday morning we invited one of RD’s friends from Australia for lunch and I quickly made

1. Raita

2. Jeera Rice

3. Fulkas

4. Aloo mutter subji

5. Dal

6. Papad

7. Gulab jamun (out sourced!)

he stayed around the whole day and we had fun talking and chatting…

R slept late, got up cranky and all that

then RD and friend went out to do shopping while R and I were alone at home

So this is were the amazing MindfulMeanderings come into picture…See this post of hers..and dont you dare compare okie..

Saturday I bought potatoes (big ones specially for this) and cut out the potato into the warli shape as suggested by her…I also bought yellow colour chart paper (What I am a good student and all that okie)

R and I sit to do the task and I take the following pics proudly

 The potato cut as a warli figure…note the misshapen  head and the sideways figure..but what I am not crafty na

only to realise that it turned out to be like this (I had not cut the shape well and it was not in the same level which means half the potato was not touching the paper only!)

but RM being RM and R being R – We decided to convert Warli into ‘R-li’ (Like I commented on mindfulmeandering’s post)

and this is what we came up with

And after 10 minutes while I went to cook some veggies for FIL, THIS is what R came up with..we call it the potato art!

Sorry Shruti, we could have done better with all that instruction you gave…but I guess my daughter has my genes only! Will try again more carefully and get back to you over the next weekend 🙂


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14 Responses to Weekend Lesson Learnt – Your Daughter May have your Genes only!

  1. RS says:

    RM- Hats Off to you for atleast putting in so much effort and trying! I dont even want to get there yet!

  2. Wow!I loved the title of your post :)So you had a very happening weekend with lots of fun and food (and fun with food too 😉 )Those were creative pieces of art coming from little R 🙂

  3. Ummm why no details of the Saturday fight…i eagerly await your weekend post for that :PLol…If my kid to be gets my crafty genes, i will be sent to mommy hell forever!

  4. R's Mom says:

    @RS: you think so? thank you thank you@CB: Food yes…craft..err..no :)@Nuttie: Oye..bola toh..with in laws and mum around we had to have a civilized fight..not like junglees…you await my weekend post for the juicy details of my marital fights..nuttie!!! mommy hell forever…eeps..you think I will go to mommy hell! nahinnnnnn

  5. Vidya says:

    this is only the first attempt na?! not bad at all! good you gals tried.. you can also cut erasers into the desired shapes. stick in a tooth pick on one side and then immerse it in colours.. advice is free no.. so will give in plenty;) go girl! you've done well!

  6. haha 🙂 well done R & R's mom.. Bigg tight hugs.. Hmm maybe I shud do a tutorial on potato stamp making 🙂 But it was fun na???

  7. R's Mom says:

    @Vidya: hey thats a good idea…cutting may not be too tough as well…lemme try that next time@Shruti: Thanks thanks thanks…its so so sweet of you..sorry to let you down! It was super duper fun rey 🙂

  8. Swaram says:

    Awesome – all that food 😀 Err ofcourse the craft too 🙂 I luv it when ppl come up with their own art forms 🙂

  9. mannbikram says:

    🙂 i liked the idea of fighting nicely since the inlaws and mum were near by 🙂 and the potato stamp making is WOWOWOW 🙂 Bikram's

  10. Comfy says:

    Oh I stop every time at the food bit and don't seem to be able to move on. But I am glad I did after so much effort because R is the cutest. And she did the best way there is to do art at this age.Buzz scribbles all over and then comes asks me, 'yeah kya hai'. As I look on lost she will say something like boat, flower, sun and walk out while I try and figure out which direction do I look at the scribble to make it look like a boat, flower, sun.

  11. Pepper says:

    Wow. Cutting the potato like that is quite an art. I would say this is great work.

  12. R's Mom says:

    @Swaram: heheheh 🙂 Shruti is the bestest na :)@Bikram: hai na..otherwise we will get scolded for behaving like kids ;)@Comfy: arey R ka toh favorite passtime hai…scribbling something, asking me to decipher it and then telling me no amma yeh toh bird hai…have you ever seen a straight lined bird!@Pepper: arey pepper, check out how Shruti has cut it..click on the link and you will figure out how TALENTED she is!

  13. Scribby says:

    the best part is R tried and didn't give up 🙂

  14. R's Mom says:

    @Scribby: Awww! now thats a sweet thing to say 🙂

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