And On a Rainy Morning

I Wonder

– If the rain God waits till its time for RM to leave home for work in the morning with R in tow, and decide to shower his/her blessings just then..and then thinks arey chalo now that RM has reached office, lemme take a nice break and eat some hot pakoras 🙂
– If the rick guy who comes to our area just when I am leaving work, look at me struggling with a baby and two bags AND an umbrella think, I dont think they will fit into my rickshaw and just go away without waiting!

– If umbrellas are of any use in the Mumbai rains at all..I carry one and yet manage to wet myself completely since the water comes from all if I am midst a jet spray shower or something inside a bathroom

– If the admin in office was born in Tundra because despite the cold weather, the AC is kept at -16 C which means that I wear a sweater and then cover myself with a shawl and yet my damn fingers freeze…gloves anyone?

– If people who wear a raincoat AND carry an umbrella really have any additional help because the water seeps through that damn raincoat as well

– If the car guys get some kind of a strange pleasure in spraying dirty water from the road on poor people like us who are struggling to walk through the intense rain! Boss we go to office as well and just because you are in a car doesnt give you more rights on the road grrr!

– If the BEST bus drivers ever feel like just getting down leaving the bus as it is on the crowded roads of Andheri after waiting for 20 minutes at a signal surrounded by millions of other vehicles who are so much smaller to their bus

– If Anil Ambani will ever dare to take a walk on the Andheri Kurla road on a very very rainy morning, in knee deep water which may help him to decide to rush the metro work..infact he can even come in his car and get stranded for about 2 would be so much useful to his decision making abilities

– If you really need to see and meet a person to be friends..yesterday two bloggers mailed me and I havent met them and dont even know the full name of one of them..and yet both of them made me smile, made me feel warm and made me feel that all is right with the world..thank you both of you -you made me so positive this rainy morning 🙂

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13 Responses to And On a Rainy Morning

  1. Uma says:

    aah…monsoon is one time I do not want to be in Mumbai…and maybe summer too..;-)..

  2. Vidya says:

    Arrey yaar, pls pray hard to your rain god to turn south east and look at chennai now and then.. we'll house him well here!

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Uma: hahahahha 🙂 I dont mind the summers rey…its the monsoons that get to me..but after two posts of cribbing, I think I am going to make an effort to enjoy the rains@Vidya: oh God please send the rains to Chennai as well *Hoping the Gods do hear me*

  4. Chandni says:

    And here I am, in love with the rains, and hardly getting any in Delhi!

  5. mannbikram says:

    🙂 we need SUN here anychance u can send sun this side .blogging friends are awesome, i get email from all now and then have met none of them yes i smile … and pakode AKELE AKELE nahin khana mere ko bhi 🙂Bikram's

  6. Uma says:

    hey RM, the follow-up comments on your post do not make their way into my inbox..does it mean a change of settings from my end or yours???

  7. weourlife says:

    Oh I hate rain RM, I am just out of the 9month rainy season here..I can see your frustration..Hugs dear…

  8. Comfy says:

    I am not sure about the AC myself. Why do you have to be freazing at all time?You are really not fond of rain are you? 😀 I used to have so much fun during monsoon that I miss them. But I guess I am not sure how I would feel if I had to deal with them now. 🙂

  9. R's Mom says:

    @Chandni: Idhar se leke jao :)or even better..make a quick trip to Mumbai….catch up with blogger friends, eat some yummm spicy hot pav bhaji, nibble on some corn at Marine drive and enjoy the rains :)@Bikram: I heard that its pretty much gloomy in the UK :)and come any time for pakodas…will make them for you :)@Uma: Errr…I am kinda technologically challenged..I have no clue at all..sorry..lemme know incase you want me to make some changes in my settings :)@LF: Hugs hugs hugs@Comfy: arey these guys in office..they dont seem to be increasing the temperature in office despite of the outside temperatures really realy cold 🙂

  10. Swaram says:

    grrrr echo ur thoughts abt the car guys!And I hope u r fine. Hugs, let me go read the other posts!

  11. R's Mom says:

    @Swaram: Oh I am totally fine now 🙂 and its even raining bah!

  12. Scribby says:

    so alls well that ends well? 🙂 lol @ Ambani being stranded 😉 sacchi !I swear..rains in Mumbai is a bane for walkers :(and car wallahs? double grrrrrrrrr

  13. R's Mom says:

    @Scribby: hehehehe 🙂

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