Beauty Is a Perception

‘Oh My God! She was so radiant’..that was my first thought when I saw an 88 year old lady sitting on a chair about 7 to 8 years ago when I went to Kerala..

She wore a white saree and white blouse, had snow-white hair, her face was devoid of any make up..and yet she was radiant..

What made her so beautiful?

Her crooked smile or that her eyes laughed when she spoke to us..We had a language barrier with her speaking only Malayalam and me just nodding my head to everything…but I still remember her radiance

My mami…my eldest mami..her hair is henna dyed..but when people look at her..they she is so beautiful..she is beautiful not because she wears make up or she dresses in designer clothes..she is beautiful because she smiles a lot when she talks to people

My cousin K and I used to go together to this music teacher…I would not say she was beautiful but when you looked at her, you felt this sense of felt that all was well in the world and after every class I found the world more beautiful…yaa that was her effect..her voice’s effect on us

My dance teacher…she is beautiful..for a long time I used to fascinate having a skin as flawless as hers or hair as beautiful as hers…but only when I grew older I started realising that she was not only beautiful externally there was something about her which made us drawn towards her

My grandmom.. I had a school friend who had come to my house who told me your grandmom is beautiful..yes she is with snow white hair and wrinkled skin..but she is beautiful

Beauty I think is a perception..

I dont associate beauty with size zero figures, fair skin or loads of make up

– Beauty is the smile a child breaks into when she sees her mother after hours

– Beauty is the look of disbelief your friend gives you when you go to meet her unexpectedly

– Beauty is the laugh your husband gives you when you say something silly but special

-Beauty is the look of I-am-there which your dad gave your mom after she got off the luna’s first ride by herself

– Beauty is the shy smile on your cousin’s face when her husband has tied the mangalsutra to her neck

– Beauty is the look of I-will-take-care-of-you your brother gives as he manages to put you on to the back seat of a cycle and takes you double seat for 4 kilometres to a dance class

– Beauty is the taste of the special chivda your neighbour aunty makes for you before you leave your home town

– Beauty is the smile that you see on your mother’s face when a student comes and tells her that ‘Teacher you changed my life’

– Beauty is the look of triumph you see on the face of a 7 year old who has won her first running race

– Beauty is the look on the girl’s face at the parlour who looks at herself in the mirror in disbelief after her hair has been styled 🙂

– Beauty is the look of contentment on the face of your child who sleeps after having a warm bath in the night

Beauty is there in every aspect of life..we just need to look for it 🙂

This post is a submission to the Dove Yahoo Real Beauty Contest on Indiblogger

Check out what Yahoo! real beauty website has to say about beauty…


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24 Responses to Beauty Is a Perception

  1. This post is a real beauty!

  2. Comfy says:

    Absolutely perfect.Beauty is all around us, in so many different place, all we need to do is open our eyes and look.Loved reading this RM

  3. Ma'am…wat an piece of writing!!! I almost had tears reading it! Its so true! My grandmom has wheatish complexion, snow white hair and her aura is mind blowing! D dignity she executes when walking in a nicely tucked saree at 78, i dnt get dat at 20!And d lines saying neighbour aunty giving chivda, unexpectd meeting wid a frnd! Aww!Sweet simple pleasures of life depicting true beauty! :):)

  4. The Bride says:

    The last one for me is the best. The beauty of my son asleep leaves me speechless.

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Swapna: thanks so much@Comfy: thanks dear..we seriously just need to open up a bit more to recognize beauty@loveallorperish: *Blushes* you are rich in your compliment thank you!your grandmom is a really amazing person na 🙂 and saree..well lets not even get into are saying at 20..I am 29 and I still cant conduct myself in a saree :(@The Bride: yes indeed and will you believe it, I noticed it just day before yesterday on how calm and beautiful she looks when she sleeps..wish the calmness continued when she is awake 🙂

  6. Am not just saying it, i mean it! The post is treat to read! Makes me value things a lot! :)Saree.. Cant wear it without being clumsy! Evn my mom has issues with that but grandmom, its like its made for her!

  7. mannbikram says:

    Agree to all you say .. it also depends on how we see .. all the best for the competition.. Bikram's

  8. Nandhini says:

    Nice to read a post which has covered beauty in other forms than of the faces. Nice post!

  9. R's Mom says:

    @loveallorperish: thanks dear :)@Bikram: arey I am not even in the competition…most people have written such wonderful stuff..but just thought of putting my views in words :)@Nandhini: welcome here..thanks a ton for the compliment

  10. Ashwathy says:

    In the eyes of the beholder as always 🙂

  11. Swaram says:

    Beauty is the smile that reading such a lovely post brings on you :)All the best for the contest RM 🙂

  12. Farila says:

    You are definitely in the competition… Never underestimate yourself. That is quite simple and lovely post. I agree that I have read some of the most amazing thoughts about beauty in the past few days then I have ever done in my whole life.

  13. amusingveracity says:

    That was an amazing one R's mom, loved reading it, very true.. 🙂

  14. Pepper says:

    How true. The strange thing is that we all seem to agree here but still give beauty only a very superficial meaning.. For me, my grandmoms were beautiful. Both of them 🙂

  15. weourlife says:

    Lovely post RM :)Good luck with the competition.

  16. Smitha says:

    That was a beauty of a post, R's mom! Loved it! You had me nodding away 🙂 I just love your take on beauty! As for sleeping children- there is something so so so beautiful, and serene about them. I could sit and watch daughter sleeping for hours 🙂

  17. Loved the sweet thought provoking way you reminded me of the immense beauty scattered in every spec & form around us 🙂

  18. Hip Grandma says:

    Your list itself was refreshing and beautiful. Yes, beauty comes from within and has to be felt not seen.

  19. R's Mom says:

    @Ashwathy: True totally in the eyes of the beholder :)@Swaram: thanks@Farila: Thank you for your kind words…truely I have read amazing things 🙂 Welcome here@Amusingveracity: Aww..kind of you thank you :)@Pepper: Yes true..we all agree that beauty is not skin deep but its just so much embedded in our brains that we dont think otherwise…and yes my grandmoms are super beautiful as per me :)@LF: thanks darling@Smitha: I told earlier…wish that calmness continued after the sleep as well..its like the lull before the storm :)@HHG: Thank you coming from you its a great compliment 🙂

  20. R's Mom says:

    @CB: thanks dear 🙂

  21. tikulicious says:

    Very nice . Loved it. I agree with your thoughts. Def going to vote for you. Best to you. Do read my posts too.

  22. R's Mom says:

    @Tikulicious: Awww! thanks a sweet of you…Welcome here

  23. mannbikram says:

    Well my comment said this also It depends how we see.. you not in competetion you think.. How others see well we will find out … Bikram's

  24. R's Mom says:

    @Bikram: ahahhahah! yes you did…thanks for the moral support..glad you liked what I wrote 🙂

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