The Birthday It Was

So R didnt have a big birthday party and all that..

She got up in the morning and I got her dressed like this.

Note the Rajnikant style pose 😉

 Please note that I have put a necklace for her Yayay to me!

She looks like a girl na 🙂 okie may be not in the pic above..but thats a tantra t shirt RD got for her which says that Mischief..who me? Impossible 😉

Note: Dress by her Baroda Thathi who had a recent trip to Kerala

Clips: Borivali Market – Rs.10

Necklace: RM’s from some decade old

Bangle: Rs.5 from Borivali market her dad got

This sounds like one of those fashion blogs na…;)

Then we cut a cake..Thanks to Ratzz comment in the previous to previous post about us being evil parents and something in those lines, we felt guilty and made her cut a cake in the morning..and this is how it was

Yes can have the last laugh bah!

Took her to the temple and then dropped her off at the daycare

Daycare ensured she had a blast..a decorated room, candle lit by the cake, wearing the new dress, all her friends singing for her,sharing the cake, giving the return gifts (colouring books and crayons) and the best part – a maggi party after that! Tell me tell me can you celebrate your birthday in a better manner..bolo bolo!

We took her for the weekly visit to the doctor and for a guy who tell me NEVER to give her chocolates, he got her a BIG BAR of chocolates since it was her birthday..sweet na 🙂

RD suddenly realised that we the parents had not given her any gift so we went a got a bag for her to take to school (Why arent there any simple bags available anymore..all the bags have the damn Ben 10 or the stupid Barbie dolls on it…cant they be just simple ones..and the simple ones are just too big for her to carry..bah!)

I also got two second hand books for her for Rs. 100…one on zoo animals and one on a girl wearing glasses (its never to early to educate her on that because she sure is going to get glasses thanks to the super fantastic genes she inherits from both her parents)

Then of course we went out for dinner..where RD had beer and R had the cheeslings accompanying the beer…a girl gets her birthday gift na :):)

Went to Naturals and had ice cream..for the first time in her life, I gave her a separate ice cream..meaning one for her…and the brat manages to have a bath in ice cream and ensure her mom has one too..but since its her birthday and I cant spank her, I take it positively that its good for the skin na..milk bath laden with chocolates 😉

Also, pictures below of some of her creations at the 10 day summer camp she went to some three weeks ago..not bad for a child whose both parents are nightmares to their art and craft teachers 🙂

 The file which was of course decorated by the teachers

 Not bad colouring..did you see how the water is falling from the clouds!

 Birds and all that

 Butterfly..I loved this idea..check out the two antennaes on the top as well

 Spoon full of flower 🙂

 Modern Art Eh!

Joker and all that 🙂


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20 Responses to The Birthday It Was

  1. mannbikram says:

    BEAUTIFLU.. I wish i was back to my childhood we had so much fun na in that time .. You know I was a young man jsut passed out of college when i came ot UK.. but till the year i came here . My DAD always celebrated my birthday .. YES the whole thing we had a cake and invited a few friends for tea in evening .. I never realised it at that time whe he was alive and till i came here .. now it hits .. I have some very good memories of my birthday's… God bless R.. and Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to the happy day .. Wishing her all the best once again and may all her wishes come true alwaysssssssssss … Bikram's

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I came across your blog through some other blog :-). Nice write ups there. Belated Happy B'day to R :-). I am not sure if you are hiding her face for any specific reason. But it would be good to meet the child who's making you write such a nice blog :-)Swarna

  3. Ashwathy says:

    She is wayyyy more creative than her parents ;-)Oh, and she is now a big girl, eh? Happy belated bday!! 🙂

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Bikram: Awww! your dad's cute na…with birthday cake and all that :)@Swarna: welcome here and thanks for the compliment..still not very comfy about putting up photos on the blog..thats why face colouring white thing :)@Ashwathy: she is na she is na..yayayayay! I know big girl and all that..yesterday we went to our neighbour's place and she tells there 'didi mein toh big girl ho gayi hoon, mereko uthao nahi'

  5. Ratzzz says:

    muhahahahaha.. dont worry, i ll be here always to spoil R and make you guilty… and oh R looks like an angel.. 🙂 and you are too, now you have given her a party at home 😀

  6. starry eyed says:

    I hear you abt the bags, I'm sick of the branded and character bags. We bought them last year, just to get it outta the kids system, now we're back to plain bags. Phew!Sounds like a very BIG bash to me 🙂 Happy birthday again, from me! Div has a dress like that too, from Kerala..they look so pretty in creamy white!

  7. R's Mom says:

    @Ratzz: I am an angel *blushes and all that*@Starry: its so so bugging….I dont even know where to search for normal bags now! and thanks for the wishes…yaa these kerala dresses are pretty pretty 🙂

  8. amusingveracity says:

    Happyyy Birthday R.. She sure looks cool.. Have fun !!

  9. Smitha says:

    Belated birthday wishes to R! She is a big girl! And she looks so cute!!! Daughter has a dress like that – we got it the last time we were home. They look so angelic, in clothes like these 🙂 The branded bags, clothes bug me so much! Even underwear has those stupid characters on them!

  10. Swaram says:

    Lolzzz that choco-bath sounds fantabulous :)And I luvvv the water falling from the clouds :)Happy birthday once again R 🙂

  11. weourlife says:

    Happy Birthday to R and you guys had lot of fun. She looks pretty in her pattu pavada and I so wish I could see her face :(She made all those ..waw 🙂

  12. Comfy says:

    Oh she looks adorable. And seems like she had the perfect birthday. What more can a kid ask for? :)Hugs to the her 🙂

  13. Pepper says:

    What a wonderful day she had! Love the artwork, love her outfits and loved this post. Can I borrow that Tantra tee please? *wishes she could fit into it*

  14. R's Mom says:

    @Amusingveracity: Thanks a ton :)@Smitha: I am not a big fan of pavadai chattai as such but these ones look really cute…true even underwear has those characters on it and definitely bugging grrrr! Thanks for the wishes :)@Swaram: thanks for the wishes.. :)@LF: thanks 🙂 Will send you an email :)@Comfy: *Bows down* You think its a perfect bday..thank you thank you..most people were cursing me for not throwing a party for her at home and all that :)@Pepper: Will see if I can get one for your wont be much bigger than R na 😉 next time you come to Mumbai..I will get it for you 🙂

  15. Glad to know she had so much fun :DLol @ rajini style photo 😛

  16. R's Mom says:

    @CR: yaa she did..she looks funny na 🙂

  17. Belated birthday greetings to R! Hope she had lotsa fun on her special day!

  18. Very cute and stylish photos.

  19. Deboshree says:

    I loved the butterfly! And of course, the clouds pouring with rain. A wonderful collection of pictures. 😀

  20. R's Mom says:

    @Deboshree: Thanks a ton 🙂 and welcome here

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