The Weekend It Was

There were a bit of ‘firsts’ in this weekend

1. R had her first playdate for about 20 minutes..Sunday morning the girl on the 10th floor who is about 5 and a half..came down to play with R at our house..which is a first by the one ever comes to play at my house, mainly because we are hardly at home..she played with the blocks, taught R how to draw a line in the slate..and after 20 minutes wanted to go back home..R started crying and I had to take her upstairs along with the girl and then promised to take her up again in the evening..much drama and she agreed!

2. We actually complained to a set of parents about their kids destroying our car…RD woke up on Saturday afternoon to go near the kitchen window for something when he noticed three kids (1 girl who is about 9 and 2 boys much younger) rubbing the bonnet of our car with some scale kind of thing..hey he shouted..wont that spoil the car, why are you doing it..and the kids ran away…

Now our car is grey in colour and any scratch on it shows big time…RD is very very very very (well you do get the drift right) possessive about the car and we often have paint scratched from the car because the kids in our building think its a game or something! anyways so RD went down and he saw the kids rush up to the lift…and go..he asked the watchmen who said that these kids are pretty notorious and were earlier climbing and dancing on the bonnet of a merc (yes yes people this is a subtle way of letting you know that I live in a building where someone’s got a merc ahem ahem!) anyways..

It was about 10 minutes and I had images of RD bashing up those kids or something (I told you na he is passionate about his car) so I went down..and saw him talking to the watchmen, and he told me that he was going upstairs to talk to the parents…he figured out which floor those people lived..I wasnt too keen but I agreed to go with him because someone had to keep a cool temper na (thats not me by the way!)

So we went and rang the bell and eventually the mother came out..I was very polite to her but told her firmly that it costs money to get the car repainted and she came up with some cock and bull story about how a sticker had got stuck to our bonnet and the kids were trying to remove it or something..I knew RD was fuming but I kept talking not giving him a chance to say anything because I knew he would have blasted out otherwise…I told her please dont scold your kids or anything when she said she would shout at them..i told her please tell them that its difficult to get such a colour repainted and it costs money..if they have a problem, please let them come and tell us and we will try and remove whatsoever stickers are stuck on the bonnet..grrrr!!

3. I went to the eye doctor with R and MIL and R was rather fascinated by the instruments he uses (or should I call them medical devices) in other news my left eye is competing with my right eye on who can get weaker by the day bah!

4. We took a rick back from the doctor to home when R asked me about a million and two questions..when finally the rick stopped in front of our building and she asked ‘amma idhar kyon ruka’ and the driver turned around and said ‘baap rey aap kitna sawal karte hain’ hehehehe :0

5. R seems to be enjoying her grandmother’s pampering full time..she refuses to budge till she gets what she wants and cries so loudly that neighbours are thinking of installing some kind of sound proof walls or something and of course charge us for that!…she gets what she wants and that really irks me..because MIL says she is a child..what a child at three who knows how to get what she wants..I think not!

6. Its R’s bday tomorrow and we kept thinking whether to throw a party at home or not ..since her daycare starts tomorrow, we are sure going to have a party there…then RD and I decided having a party at home doesnt make sense…she is too young and secondly she doesnt really have anyone of her age to enjoy the party..most of the children are much older 8 to 15 years and calling them and giving them return gifts is not something I think makes sense..most of them do talk to R and all that but its always hi R and bye R since she is too young to play with them as the wicked parents have decided to save some money and NOT throw her a party (what she will have a proper one at the daycare na!)

I started this post as something and its ending as something else..mainly I wanted to write down on my blog the reason WHY I am not throwing a party at home for R and then feel a bit better because some corner of my mind is definitely a bit guilty about it πŸ™‚

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7 Responses to The Weekend It Was

  1. Ratzzz says:

    you cruel cruel girl!! depriving R of he bday party.. 😐 hmph wait till i get to mumbai some day, i ll spoil R badly πŸ˜€ *hugggzzz* Pass on my my wishes and hugzz to darling R, ponne!!

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Ratzz: What?? She is having one in her daycare na! Come to Mumbai sure you and R can eat half of the street food stalls in Borivali πŸ™‚ thanks for the wishes rey πŸ™‚

  3. Totally agree with 5- the kids know how to get things done .In case of Sanja it is both sets of grandparesnts, her great grandmother ..and the list goes on.Coming to play dates, it the same story here but I have to chase her down between 2 or 3 houses. And sometime I have to take promises ( false ) from her friends that they will return back within 5 min.. hmmm.And advanced birthday wishes to R.

  4. Uma says:

    Happy b'day to R in advance…ya..once she is older you will not be able to escape the party pressure…:-)

  5. Ashwathy says:

    I hate it when ppl do that X-( Let their kids run loose and create havoc…and not accept responsibility for it !!!

  6. I wish R a very very happy birthday! Hope she has a ball at the daycare..:-)Reserve my share of the birthday;-)

  7. R's Mom says:

    @Varsha: thanks…:) feels nice to hear that other kids are like R also :)@Uma: yaa thats true..but I think I would rather give it to her daycare or school friends@Ashwathy: Its so so bugging na@Melbournemangai: jaldi jaldi come to Mumbai..will buy you a whole new one πŸ™‚

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