The Weekend It Was

Blogger was off ALL FRIDAY!!! UGH!!! and most comments disappeared even before I could publish them..bah! I have tried and pasted as much as I could from my email…I hope I havent left anyone out..if I have..I am sorry!


RD went off to Sabarimalai…He took our car to office and from there went to the temple for the rituals..he called me up at about 2 and said..RM can you get the car back home in the evening..these guys really need the car to transport all the luggage and stuff (They are a group of 25 going together)
I couldnt refuse..
now I know the basics of driving I know first, second gear and brake and clutch etc etc..and I even have a license..

infact I was the one who taught RD to drive when he used to come to Baroda post our engagement…but I havent driven in about 5 years now unless its an absolute ask me to go to Baroda by a two wheeler and I will be more than ready but ask me to get the car out of my building and I will be shitting through my pants! I am scared..stiff scared of getting into the car..and I dont know why that happened or when that happened…RD keeps telling me to take out the car once a while so that I can drive…but I just keep refusing..but on Friday with God’s name and all that coming in, I agreed to drive back..and with me were my mom (mom’s here yayayayayay!) and R…R was sick very very sick..she had very high fever (102) and she just sat in mom’s lap..

now my mom ..well my mom ..she is really scared in cars..this is from a lady who used to drive the Fiat all by herself years ago..she refused to drive the ‘new cars’ with ‘floor gears’ because she preferred driving with the side gears 🙂 The only person she feels safe in a car is my dad who by the way drives at about 20 kmph when mom is around and 100 kmph when mom is NOT around :):)

so, she agreed to sit in the car (arey God’s name and all that!) and with sick R on her lap..she started praying…I mean literally praying loudly..from Hanuman Chalisa to what not…and I was like ‘mom what?’ and she is like DONT talk, concentrate on the road, and the gear and dont go fast and let me pray in peace..

Yaa right!

Anyways, we reached home safe and I didnt bang or hit believes its because of her prayers, I believe its because of her prayers and RD believes its because of her least we concur on that one 😉


R’s fever went to 103..took her to the doctor and he gave meds..I cleaned two more cupboards 🙂 R’s daycare closes for TWO weeks till may 30th (yaa thats why ma is here..she wants to take care of her granddaughter and here I was thinking she was missing me ;))

so one week its mom and next week its going to be MIL who returns with RD after their Sabari malai trip!


R still has 101 fever and the meds seems to be working slowly…but nothing dissuades that pint sized from irritating her mom

R: Amma, appa kidhar gaye

RM: Sabari malai

R: kidhar hai sabari malai

RM: Kerala mein

R: Kerala kidhar hai

RM: India mein

R: India kidhar hai

RM: Asia mein

R: ASia kidhar hai

RM: World mein

R: World kidhar hai

RM’s Mom: Earth mein

R: Earth kidar hai

RM’s patience has been exhausted and if R wasnt down with fever, I am sure I would have given her a whack on her head: Solar system mein

R: Solar system kidhar hai

RM: Universe mein

R: Universe kidhar hai

RM: Arey universe toh universe mein hai okie?

R: thinks for two seconds and says ‘ Amma, vapis bolo na pura’ (Amma, please repeat the whole thing again na’

RM almost faints even thinking of repeating the whole thing


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17 Responses to The Weekend It Was

  1. The Bride says:

    Clearly that is R's version of a mantra. Maybe she was repeating it her head when you were driving 🙂 I hope she is better now.

  2. weourlife says:

    Good job RM for getting the car back..Oh I hope R gets well soon.. Mom is visiting you often ..I am J 🙂

  3. R's Mom says:

    @The Bride: Bah! yaa her fever is better :)@LF: Yaa me it is definitely a GOOD job 😉 R is better now thanks 🙂 yaa mom is definitely coming here often 🙂 but always for her grand daughter heheehe:)

  4. Vidya says:

    Hey, hope the little one is doing fine now! Fever has no seasons! 3 cheers on the safe drive. Its because you did a superb job:) Don't let the others steal credit! And now, repeat the last bit pls!

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Vidya: Yaa she is doing better..arey yaa this fever na..comes at anytime…See I really really forgive you for even telling me to repeat the last bit because you think I did a superb job while driving (Yaa I am large hearted that ways ;))

  6. Smita says:

    hahahaha @ vapas bolo na :DI had done this in my childhood to an over enthusiastic bhaiya. Had gone to my mamaji's place & was visiting a fren of my elder cousin. This fren tried testing my GK with the usual where are u from etc…when I had told him the city he asked which state is it in, once that was answered he asked which country is it ion..after answering that i went "know u'll ask it is in which country/ Continent etc" and I ans all in advance :DHow is R now?? Hugs to her!!!& congrats for the safe landing og the car 😉

  7. starry eyed says:

    Oh, you should get her Tulika's book Sameer's House…it's got the India-Asia-Earth-Solar System-Universe story :-DHope she's better now!

  8. Swaram says:

    I hope R is dng better now! Hugs!Ha ha ha! Vapas bolo na pura is awesome 😛 😛

  9. Hip Grandma says:

    I think your mom and my husband are the same. I drive well enough considering that Jampot is a small town but he is so much in terror of my driving that for the first six months he would sit at the back and I'd drive him around like a paid driver. He still does not trust me but I've learnt to ignore him.Is r better now?

  10. Pepper says:

    I've told you this before. I love your weekend updates 😀 ..I know, kids never stop asking questions. But I still live with something similar, despite having no kids. Mint follows every line I say with a 'Why?'. It drives me crazy :DGlad you decided to overcome your fear and drive. Don't stop 😀 The prayers will always work. Hope R is fully okay now.

  11. Bikramjit says:

    🙂 he he he he Even when she is sick she is thinking hard .. GOD bless her.. How is she doing now .. and As Vidya above said can we have a Repost on this pplease again 🙂 Bikram's

  12. Bikramjit says:

    and yes .. Good driving 🙂

  13. Yasmeen Akhtar says:

    oh oh.. I hope R gets well soon.. I really like your blog, and its fun reading through r's mind.. 😀

  14. R's Mom says:

    @Smita: Oh you did that..please dont teach R that if you ever meet her..then she will drive me crazy with her advanced answers ;)@Starry: Oh! I should get her that..bday present :)@Swaram: Yaa she is much better now@Pepper: Hahahahah! Mint is cute..the whys can be so so bugging 🙂 Hope the kiddos you get dont inherit THAT gene of Mint :)@Bikram: Welcome here..thanks she is doing better..and please dont ask me to repeat THAT!@Yasmeen: Welcome here and thanks R is doing better now

  15. R's Mom says:

    @HHG: Yaa R is much better now…LOL on your husband..he is so cute 🙂

  16. Hope R is okay now! and R's mom, I kind of didnt get that conversation.. can your repeat it? 😛

  17. R's Mom says:

    @SAB: WHAT! *Runs to whack SAB on her head*

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