Weekend that It was

This weekend was productive..very very productive and I am extremely proud of myself and errr…okie and RD 😉

Saturday Morning

– Sent R to daycare because we had to clean the house (Dont judge me, that girl wouldnt leave me for even a second if she was at home and since we hadnt really cleaned the house for a while, too much dust = asthma trigger which I didnt want :))

– Came back home to see that RD had cleaned all the fans..had our usual Saturday morning fight..what, we need to fight on saturdays na..its a rule now 😉

– Cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom literally, except for one shelf..including changing the newspapers in all the shelf, throwing away unused bottles, cleaning the crockery, the microwave, the mixie, the platform with soap and water, the stove with soap and water, the area behind the washing machine, blah blah blah (Ma coming this weekend, so left the fridge for her to be cleaned…what, she should not feel left out na ;))

– Dusted all the furniture and the show case and decided NEVER to buy any other curio…cleaning these are difficult enough

– Cleaned the dinning table and chairs with soap and water, cleaned the balcony while meantime RD changed the curtains and washed the old ones (See the advantages of fighting on a cleaning day, work gets done faster as you are irritated at the other person;))

– Had breakfast from outside and then cooked mexican rice errr..dalia and ate with chips and pickles

– Vagharfied some mumra

– After lunch, went to pick up groceries in D Mart (A first for me, usually after a cleaning day lunch I want to SLEEP)

– Came back, slept for a while and went to Borivali market

– Bought the veggies for the week, and also got one kg of panna wala mango, totapuri kachi keri to make instant pickles and one kg of rajapuri mango for mom to come and make chundo (What, she asked for it okie ;))
– Picked up R, ordered a bed for her (thats another story!)

– Made the totapuri keri pickles and put the panna keri in the cooker
– Came back, went out again for dinner and slept


– Maid was on leave and had to do everything myself 😦– Got up and made the panna

– Cooked lunch early and went to RD’s Sabarimalai group’s friend’s house to help in some packing for their trip that starts on friday

– Came back, had lunch, went to sleep

– Got up, cut the veggies for the week which took a LONG time, made the atta, made some baked potato fries

– Grounded enough coconut to last for the week

– Made chaas for the next day

– Cooked dinner, ate and went to sleep

Midst all this, was pleasantly surprised that RD remembered to wish me Happy Mother’s Day first thing in the morning

All in all a very very productive and tiring weekend!


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13 Responses to Weekend that It was

  1. Wow RM, that was a full-on weekend! You guys did the work, but I got tired just by reading them…lol..;-)But must say YO!

  2. Wow…wonder woman and wonder man…i am tired just reading your post!!! Phew phew!!!

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Melbournemangai and Nuttie: You really think I did great na! thanks thanks..when I re-read the post it did seem like showing off a bit..!

  4. Dil se says:

    Wow, I am inspired. you really did get a lot done over the weekend.I have to make my husband read this post, may be he'll get some inspiration 🙂

  5. Hip Grandma says:

    Happy Mother's day to you from me too1

  6. weourlife says:

    I was daam lazy,I didn't do my weekend cooking, just cooked food required for that day. I had lot of cloths to be washed and folder. I slept a lot, now I feel guilty reading ur post..

  7. Comfy says:

    Wow! You did that in just one weekend? Just reading it all makes me want to take a 2 hour nap. For me all of this would be like a months worth of work. Hats of to you RM.

  8. R's Mom says:

    @Dil Se: Yaa but the right trick to make him really work is to fight with him ;)@HHG: Thanks and same to you :)@LF: arey you just came back from a holiday na dear..then…you need to take rest :)@Comfy: thank you thank you.. 🙂

  9. whinymom says:

    and that was one weekend? wow! thats like more then what id do in the whole month!

  10. R's Mom says:

    @Whinymom: Acha thoda show off post tha :)but I was desperate the house resembled howrah station seriously!

  11. starry eyed says:

    Yay! Found another couple who has a mandatory Santurday morning fight, 😉 Good for the marriage, eh? :PAnd I heartily approve of leaving the fridge for your mom 😀

  12. Swaram says:

    Woww! Quite a weekend that was 🙂 I hv been on a cleaning spree too, and am now left with the wardrobes only! Phew!Err so that's the trick to get work done quickly eh 😉 Thanks for sharing 😛 :PAm drooling over all those mango thingies 😀

  13. R's Mom says:

    @Starry: adds to the fun na 🙂 yaa even my mom approves of that hehehe :)@Swaram: Eeeps! I hope Su doesnt read my blog ever! yaa the mango thingies turned out really good 🙂 even I have the wardrobes left..abhi mom is coming na..she will do 😉

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