Calcutta Chornicles – 2

So we went out yesterday in Calcutta braving the heat and all that *Drumrolls and crackers bursting*

We went to Science City and it was total fun…SIL, R and I rode on the mono cycle with me closing my eyes for over 60% of the ride…because…errrr…because…errr..because I am scared of heights! What what so what if I am 29! I am scared okie 😉

we went through the evolution of life with tons of different dinosaurs and then the time machine and the solar system…R loved the evolution of life though she was a bit scared initially of the dinosaurs she was asking us the names of the various ones soon and then wanted to go back in there. She also loved when I showed her the continents on planet earth and the various planets…I think she liked Saturn a lot!
We then went to eat in a restaurant called Teej on Park Street since MIL eats only pure veg food and SIL recommended it. Was pretty decent food though I did feel the quantity of the thali was too much. Dropped in at Oxford Store Junior and picked up a few books for R. Though honestly I prefer going to college street, but this trip I dont think its going to work out. Its just too hot to venture out.
Daily poochka sessions continue (Smita please note, DAILY poochka sessions continue ;)) Daily misthi sessions continue as well…I am trying on an average about three different types of misthi everyday. The goal is to taste every kind of misthi in the nearby shop before I go (What? I believe in being ambitious in life) Jhal mori is the part of the daily diet and hey its good for health dont judge me 😉
Picked up a couple of kurtas yesterday for myself and R from Behala market 🙂
R is being PAMPERED by EVERYONE around..right from her Athai to Thatha-Thathi to Champa Masi (the maid of the house) she is being given what she wants, when she wants, in what way she wants and how ever she wants it. I am dreading to go back to Bombay and become the evil mother again!

Today Champa Masi has made Begun Bhaja, Masoor dal and Aloo posto and brought for us. Will blog more about it after lunch 😉
Some Sights of Calcutta
The interior of the restaurant Teej..check out the bar (It was dry day yesterday though!) The lighted chandelier (They lighted it when I asked them if I could take a pic for the blog :))
That is me showing the earth and the continents to R. (Ignore the horrid hair was the usual bad hair day)Can you guess what is that below? bolo bolo 😉 (Its the HUGE fan inside the tram)
This is the tram at Behala market. We shopped at the market and then went back by the tram. I think the tram is one of the best modes of transport. Its pretty much pollution free, its slow but steady and takes passengers even into the interiors 🙂Thats R at the science city outside the evolution park. This is a pond right in the middle of various localities in Calcutta. Its called ‘Pukur’ in Bengali and its so nice to see these patches of water right in the middle of the concrete jungle. I feel Calcutta is a lot more greener than Mumbai and it has still retained its old world charm. Its one of the few places I have seen where the old meets the new in absolute harmony.This riot of colours is just outside the evolution park in Science city braving the harsh sun and blooming beautifullyThe quaint cycle rickshaw. The pretty much used mode of transport in Calcutta, unique to the city, and it has stood competition from so many other forms of transport.R looking into no where in an experiment in Science City.

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12 Responses to Calcutta Chornicles – 2

  1. Bhagyashree says:

    Have never been to Kol so quite enjoyed this trip 🙂 I love begun bhaja with khichri and am missing it so much , hubby dear does not fancy that combo so rarely make it.Daily poochka sessions, 3 type of mishti, my my I am really jealous now 😀

  2. If you had put up pics of puchkas i would have killed myself :-(Btw i love your hair…dont know why i imagined you as straight hair types

  3. Smita says:

    Daily Puchkas… I am jealous… Enjoy your stay and all the pampering and get us some sweets

  4. Ratzzz says:

    oooooh You have GORGEOUS hair!! dont worry abt bad hair day.. i have those days daily.. what? with my out of bed into the office schedule i can't help it 😀 psst: You look slim 😀

  5. Smita says:

    Ah so u r eating away to glory :DEven I had susu errr paani puri day before yesterday 😉 enjoy ur session of Phucka's 😀

  6. Dil se says:

    Daily poochka sessions….. Daily misthi sessions ……….. and daily Jhal mori too……..I am soo soo sooooooo jealous !!you go girl, enjoy and have a great time on your trip 🙂

  7. weourlife says:

    Ah thats a lot of fun. You guys are having so much fun..And I love your picture posts these days..

  8. R's Mom says:

    @Bhagyashree: thanks a ton…yes having's menu is begun bhaja with khichuri hehehehe 🙂 and oh welcome here :)@Nuttie: Abhi next post mein woh karti hoon…and am giving you warning in advance..theek hai 🙂 and I so wish I had straight hair rey….R ka hai..thankfully :)@Smits: hahahaha! sure will get you the sweets ;)@Ratzzz: Wait till I come to chennai to take your case…dont make fun of my hair okie! and btw just out of bed look is quite in here 😉 and I thanks for the sarcastic remark BAH!@Smita of the book fame: heheheh! we are having poochkas daily and my MIL thinks we are nuts :)@Dilse: thanks a ton@LF: you do…please you are like my inspiration for picture posts and yours are so much much better 🙂

  9. Pepper says:

    What thick, gorgeous hair! *Jealous*

  10. Rohini says:

    Sounds like fun! Science City is one place I really want to take Ayaan

  11. Wow! you are having a fabulous foodie fun fair in Calcutta :)Welcome to the gang of the girls with gorgeous curls :)Have a great time 🙂

  12. R's Mom says:

    @Pepper: *Blush* Dikhave pe mat jao ;)@Ro: you should..he will LOVE it..especially with his current craze for planets and solar system@CB: Yes totally 🙂 Gang of girls with gorgeous curls…you have a way with words with is absolutely stunning…For the first time in my entire life, I am so proud of my curls.. 🙂

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