Ahem, Ahem!

I am a proud mother of a child who passed her playschool!

Laugh people laugh, I dont care, my child passed her playschool *Does a small dancing jig*…hehehehehe 🙂

Actually, I am just reading the first line and laughing myself 🙂 Sounds funny na

anyways, RD went to school on Friday to collect her final annual report. He was one of the very very few dads and I think the only dad ‘alone’ who went to get the results. Mostly others had their moms come to collect the results or both the parents went. What what before you accuse me of anything – RD has 55 leaves and I have -2 leaves. So who gets to take leaves for such important occasions?

Oh by the way…R and I did thank you cards for her teachers and aunties who help out at the playgroup. Shruti you are the inspiration 🙂 well you do know that right?

In reverse order (Yaa thats how we painted them!)

1. the last picture was the one in which R has finger painted two stones. Okie actually they were flowers but she was so excited that she just rubbed the whole thing over! and she wanted to paint the bottom blue…so thats it…abstract art

2. The second last one was a little more successful. We did the flowers and the yellow border and the dark blue ocean 😉 I drew the outline and the clouds with sketch pen later

3. The middle picture we drew the tree. R painted the brown trunk (all finger painting) and the dark green n yellow (got mixed to get light green). I did the outline later

4. The second picture is just a mish mash of all the paints. We got a bit bored and just put everything inside the circle

5. The first picture is of the fish. We were totally bored (You know how good our attention span is ;)) thats why the weird faced fish and the water is running all over the place 🙂

They are pretty babyish but I am proud that a non artistic person like me did it..and of course R is only just about three 🙂

So RD calls me just before he enters the classroom saying arey which teacher to give which card..you said the names are on it but I cant see any

The super intelligent guy forgot to OPEN the cards and check! Can you believe that?

R did well and she has passed out of playgroup. Now is the nursery’s turn to endure her 1001 questions and her mumbaiyya hindi!

And its Mehek’s bday today and they had a party yesterday. We were all set to go until on Saturday evening, we realised we couldnt. Sorry Mehek baby, I promise to come and visit you soon. and Momo’s Ma please do come out of hibernation. We all are missing you 🙂

and oh did I mention, We are going to Calcutta for a week starting Thrusday! YEs yes yes…from 21st of April to 1st of May, We are in Calcutta. The land of poochkas, egg rolls, chow, jhal muri, sandesh, misthi doi, and of course the in laws (What, food is the first thing that comes to mind, what to do :):)


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15 Responses to Ahem, Ahem!

  1. Yay!! Congratulations R's Mom!!! and the pics are really beautiful…i love the colours R chose.Wow…CAlcutta…Uff i am jealous of all you holiday ppl

  2. Smita says:

    Congrats :DThe cards are sooooper cute!!!Enjoy the break 😀

  3. looking away from the last para … awwwwwwwww. I love the thank u cards.. Mereko bhi ek bhejo na pls… Have fun in kokata. n congrats to the proud mommy n baby for passing playschool in flying colors. 🙂

  4. weourlife says:

    Congrats R and R's mom on this milestone.And those cards looks so nice, I must learn this. I am so bad with my arts 😦

  5. Yey..great news. Congrats R baby! That needs to be celebrated!

  6. Swaram says:

    I luvvvv Jhal Muri. Err plss forgive the foodie me, jumped there altogether :PCongrats to R, RD and u :)I luvvv that abstract art 🙂 Fabulous :)LOL .. men!

  7. Swaram says:

    Here;s wishing Mehek a very happy bday. Missing her updated. Pls ask Momo's Ma to update her blog, pretty pls 🙂

  8. R's Mom says:

    @Nuttie: You liked the colours she chose..nice na 🙂 BTW come for a holiday to Calcutta…will take you around :)@Smita: thank u thank u :)@Shruti: you are so much of an inspiration yaar…I always wonder how you do so much! @Little Fingers: Errr…I am bad also rey…will ask you to follow shruti's blog (have linked the address above) She comes up with such awesome ideas na! and they are not too difficult also@Melbouremangai: thanks thanks :)@Swaram: hehehehe I can totally relate to you..Jhal muri is bliss :)thanks! and yes I will write to Momo's ma and threaten her dire consequences if she doesnt write 😉

  9. Of course, its a milestoe to celebrate! Glad you've shared it with us! I've been dying to visit Calcutta for a long time, now I am determined to make the trip sooner than before. Come back and tell us the yummy stuff you ate, the places to shop for truly Calcutta stuff and whatever catches your fancy, let us know. We are dying to hear!

  10. R's Mom says:

    @Swapna: Arey food update toh definitely will be given. Shopping..honestly I am very bad at that. But will gather as much info as possible 😉

  11. Comfy says:

    How can you say you are not creative? The cards looks amazing.And laughing out loud at RD. I can so see D doing the same thing 😀

  12. R's Mom says:

    @Comfy: Yeh sab aache copying ka kamaal hai…went through Shruti's blog (Linked up on the post) and then copied. AFter four years of engineering, thats the only thing I have learnt to perfection 😉 how to copy! And D is like RD is it….these men na..really!

  13. The Bride says:

    Love the cards. I dread having to do this sort of thing with Benji but these looks easy enough so there is hope.I actually thought you'll lost steam by the last but turns out the last was the first. I like the tree best… and fish looks fine to me!

  14. R's Mom says:

    @Bride: go to the site which I have linked up Shruti's..she comes up with such simple but wonderful ideas..and thanks for the compliment *blush blush*

  15. Pingback: Its That Time of The Year | R's Mom

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