Overheard/Eavsdropped – 2

So, yesterday I boarded a not so crowded train (yipeeee to that) and overheard this conversation between a group of 4 girls who I assume are studying in the same class

Girl 1 (G1): Arey that guy he is such a loser
G2: Whom are you talking about
G1: That guy who takes the XYZ class..uff I am so pakoed with his teaching
G3: And he cant even speak English…did you hear the last time he was telling us *Mimicking him* Speak eeeeennnglish,..if you dont know want to speak eeeennnglish, you cant learnt…God even his grammar is so bad
G1: I know and I hate the way he teaches…as if he knows everything
G2: Why are you quiet G4
G4: oh nothing, I was thinking, what if someone here knows him and go back to him telling that we are making fun of him

*giggles, giggles, giggles*


Yesterday morning, in a slow local going to Bandra

G1 asks me: is this a fast train
Me: no its a slow local to Bandra
G1: oh God! how will I reach on time
G2: but we are getting off at Parla na..then whats your problem
G1: but its a slow local, it will go slowly na..if it were fast, we would have reached on time
G2: looking at me embrassed, G1…if it were fast you wont reach parla only because after andheri it will stop at bandra
G1: looking at me..is it
Me: yes
G2: *rolling her eyes* you have taken trains all your life and what the hell is wrong with you!


Last Week on a slow train to Borivali in the evening

Two ladies jump up at Goregaon as the train leaves platform no. 3

Lady 1 (L1): Oh God I almost didnt catch the train
L2: If we had missed this, we would miss the 6.40 at Borivali to Virar and miss our regular to Boisar. and the next shuttle would be at 8 na…

FYI: Boisar is not even in Mumbai its about 45 kms beyond Virar.There are shuttles between Virar to Boisar.

L1: I am fed up with this daily travel to Goregaon
L2: yaa but what to do, I need the job and thankfully my boss lets me leave on time. Its my daughter’s exams and I have to go home cook food and then sit with her maths today.

Meantime, both of them see me staring at them with my jaw down.

L1: Kya hua beta
RM: Err..kuch nahi
L2: bolo bolo…you are angry that we Virar guys have gotten into a Borivali train
RM: No no nothing like that. I was just wondering, how you manage? I mean commute so much and then go back home and do all the work
L1: We get up at 4. Finish cooking and all that by 6. Get the 6.30 train to come to work at about 8.15. Leave office at 5.45 to reach back home by 7.45 and then we do the cooking, cleaning, sitting with the kids for homework, etc and then go to sleep by 11.30 or 12. AND then get up again at 4
RM: basically speechless
L2: Laughing at my reaction And we have been doing this for over 15 years now
RM: just speechless

Here I am cribbing about my travel!


Last month, R and I are going to pick up my mom. We are travelling from Kandivali to Borivali by train(yes yes I am cheap that ways, I dont take a rick from my house to Borivali station. I take a bus to Kandivali station and then get on a train to the next station, thats Borivali. Cheap na..and guess what R travels for free ;))

I digress. So anyways we are travelling. Its about 8.30 in the night. Ma’s train is going to come in at 9.00

I sit at the edge of one seat while a lady takes R from my arms and makes her sit next to her. R looks around smiling at everyone and manages to wheedle two chocolates from the lady sitting in front of her and two from a lady sitting beside her. Grrr!

So we get off at Borivali. she waves bye to the whole crowd of ladies and then we wait for Ma’s train.

Ma’s train comes and we are way ahead of the compartment where Ma’s getting off. I run towards the compartment holding R in my arms, while she screams ‘Barodu, Barodu..meri Barodu kahan gayi, Koi dekho, meri Barodu kahan hai!’ while passer-by stare at me as if I am crazy!

*Barodu = Baroda Thathi. my mom’s new name coined by R!


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13 Responses to Overheard/Eavsdropped – 2

  1. Smita says:

    Mumbai locals are a total timepass (i.e. if u get placwe to stand or sit comfortably) I too eavesdrop just like u & enjoy the conversation!!!And I too have always been amazed with people ho come from Virar et al. Half their life is spent travelling!!! Sigh!!!

  2. Its OK. 🙂 performing at Railway Stations is par for the course . 26 years ago, (when he was 5), in the early morning crowd on a fast train platform, at Borivali, my son had performed a 100 metre sprint at the platform, shouting "Minaatya, Minaatya", after he spied his Delhiwali Aunt's compartment kind of gliding past. 🙂 But i thought Barodu was kind of unique….

  3. #1:I too sometimes think the way G4 did ;)#2:LOL G1 was real badly stressed#3:My jaw dropped after reading this one#4: R is a cutie pie 🙂

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Smita: hai na fun :)yaa seriously spend half their life travelling rey..I feel so bad for these ladies…they are the true super women@Surangaji: I could well imagine a five year old running for his Atya..hehehehe 🙂 @CB: #1: yaa what if someone over hears rey…its so scary #2: totally! #3: yaa..they are pretty great ladies! I could never do that #4: Errr…….

  5. Loved picking up these conversations from your blog, its so lively and real.

  6. Pliss to kiss the feet of the wimmin who've been doing the 4 am – midnight dance for 15 years !

  7. Oh God R's Mom. Your posts about Mumbai make me so darn nostalgic. I relate to the train travel I did everyday,to the insane crowds,to the eavesdropping, to the slow local vs fast local dilemma, to getting off at Kandivali/Borivali station and every other thing. It makes me want to run back to Mumbai.

  8. weourlife says:

    Oh even I can't crib after hearing those ladies stories. They just sleep 4hrs, I would be very cranky if I were there.R is cute..LOL@ "Koi dekho, meri Barodu kahan hai" ha ha ha

  9. Comfy says:

    That is what I miss about the Mumbai trains. There is so much you hear even if you don't want to. Things you can buy. Get pushed in and pushed out. I used to LOVE it. #3 always makes me stop and re-evaluate all the lack of time I crib about. There are so many stories like that in the locals.R is too cute. Barodu had me smiling ear to ear. Kids can embarrass us in no time, but those very things make us laugh when we look back 😀

  10. chandrima says:

    loved the stories!!

  11. R's Mom says:

    @Swapna: thanks a ton dear :)@BitsofChoc: yes yes I will definitely do that and mention that some one who is full of sunshine and chocolates also asked me to :)@Pepper: hehehe come back darling for a visit and we can get on the trains together..you hold R and I will push you in ;)@Seena: hai na rey..I crib so much even on the blog but they are really great people I dont think I would have been able to do that@Comfy: you from mumbai? come back for a visit…yaa you do get to buy wonderful stuff on the train rey and its so much cheaper..lemme know if you want anything in particular..;) will send it across hehehe 🙂 This Barodu seems cute but the way she was screaming was..oh God!@Chandrima: thanks a ton dear 🙂

  12. Swaram says:

    He he! Luv ur train tales!Kudos to those women!And u call that cheap? Girl, u lead such a eco-friendly life! Hats off to u!

  13. R's Mom says:

    @Swaram: Muah…I love you babes 🙂 thanks for making me feel so super cool!

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