The Weekend Lesson Learnt – God Comes In All Forms to Help

Saturday R had her exams..(yes yes preschoolers who are just going to turn three have exams..more on that later) so dropped her to the school and then RD and I went to get some work done in the post office and ended up going to a south indian store where I got mahani pickle…now this mahani is a special pickle made up of the roots of mahani plant with no oil in it..but its spicy, tangy and awesome…RD has a view about this pickle…

You can either love it or hate it..there is nothing in between about it..

For eg. my mom, dad and me LOVE bro HATES FIL LOVES it but RD and my MIL HATE it..

who cares, I love it

oh I digress..

anyways so we came back home, went to pick up R, got the weekly veggies from Borivali..I have realised that both of us together should never go shopping for veggies…we shopped enough to lsat us for two weeks or something!

Came back home and started cutting veggies..

RD cut the bhindi, tondli, parwar and I cut the rest..let it be on records, I cut the rest (You are not allowed to ask what the ‘rest’ comprised of ;))

And had our weekly saturday fight of course…how can we not!

Sunday morning saw major drama in the house..RD wanted to cut his hair before the start of his vratham (he goes to Sabarimalai in May) and R wanted to accompany him to the ‘baal-cutter’ (Lets not even get into this one…my child definitely is a mumbaikar..baal cutter..*I am shuddering*)

The sometimes-nice wife that I am, I agree to make methi sambhar and cabbage curry for him…I put on the cooker and for about 20 minutes there is no whistle which is when I realise that the gas is over..

RD is called to do the needful..and for about 10 minutes since he started I dont hear anything from him! I go into the kitchen to check and then see him struggling with the RD is an expert in gas changing..I mean he is known to be called by people from different buildings to help change their gas cylinders and here I see him struggling..

anyways he says the cylinder is stuck or something wrong with the regulator..

We admit defeat after about 25 minutes and decide to call our neighbour uncle..

He comes and tries and it fails..after which aunty asks me to come and cook or even eat at their house..sweetheart na she is!

Midst all this, R makes a puppy face to aunty and makes her believe that her mom couldnt cook anything till now (despite the fact that I had made poha in the morning for breakfast after asking R if she would eat) and manages to eat about 2 cups of steaming hot upma from aunty..and she is so smart she is that she knows I wont give her the whole cup so she says ‘amma mereko aunty degi!’

Anyways so I keep the cooker at aunty’s house and then bring it back after its done

So I have rice ready and the dal for the sambhar ready when I decide to use the microwave for the rest

so the red cabbage curry goes in first and comes out after loads of trials and errors

and then the methi sambhar goes in..and it comes out after which I realise that there is no vaghar added to it..but forget it..lemme just make it oil free I think 😉

So the R household has microwave cooked food that day..and honestly it wasnt bad at all 🙂

In the evening, RD tries to boil milk in the microwave making it run for 4 minutes each and we do that as well.and I succeed to make coffee as well yayayayayay!

Night my bro is coming from Goa and I make pulav and boondi raita..the pulav is made in the microwave with carrots, cauliflowers and capsicums..turns out pretty decent..

Monday morning

Gas still off…Bro leaving early so decide to make chai for him in the microwave..why didnt anyone tell me that even in the microwave the chai overflows…which it does…and then the milk packet I boil for R curdles…which means I am out of milk..boohoohooo!

anyways give the bacha hua chai to bro, who helps me clean up the microwave (Bros are the best na!) and then go and get milk for R…

Then make lemon rice for lunch and make coffee for RD and me. and RD and I have a head on collision literally and the ENTIRE coffee spills on the floor…no time to make new one and send RD without his morning cup!

Midst all this, my neighbour aunty (God I am so so thankful for such WONDERFUL neighbours) called and told me that she has called the gas company. Those guys are coming across with a regulator and changing my gas cylinder and tube and everything…I love her totally love her…

So back to gas cooking today 🙂

This post was meant to say that when a person (Read RM) wants something badly (Read Food), jugad can always be done for it (read gas for microwave) and God (read neighbour aunty) comes to help in the jugad 🙂


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11 Responses to The Weekend Lesson Learnt – God Comes In All Forms to Help

  1. Oh I wish I had such neighbours. As a matter of fact, I dont even know the name of my neighbours here. Such is the plight of some people like me living in abroad. By the way, RM looking at the number of recipes you made using microwave, you must start a new blog listing recipes made using microwave 😉

  2. Into what God guides, he provides :)So good to see you have such awesome,caring neighbors who made your weekend a breeze with their help 🙂

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Melbournemangai: long time no see..hope things are fine at your end..arey even in Mumbai its like that only..thankfully this family is really really nice 🙂 and the day I start a food blog, the world will perish…I am like the worst cook in the world babes :)@CB: I loved that line 'Into what God guides, he provides' awesome 🙂

  4. Smita says:

    lol!!! I totally agree with your mantra!!! When u want to get things done u can do it any how!!! Sometime back we had a major issue with gas! There was no guess for 2-3 days and we survived on rice cooker & M/w! The only issue was no chapati's 😦

  5. Chandrima says:

    Great blog on weekend !! We also had same problem with the regulator and gas cylinder and we ended up eating out and microwaving too

  6. weourlife says:

    Oh so you became expert with microwave cooking:) R is sweet and smart 🙂 And you have wonderful neighbors . I will look for mahani pickle here..

  7. TPL says:

    "the day I start a food blog, the world will perish."LOL! LOL! You are so candid & funny! Pls keep writing 🙂

  8. R's Mom says:

    @Smita: 2-3 Smita I would find that very difficult that too with an 8 month son..I would have threatened dire consequences to RD heheeh :)@Seena: Errr…expert nahi..jugad 🙂 and mahani buy a small bottle rey..dont know whether you will like it or not@TPL: oh my God! you commented! sahi sahi..miss your blogposts rey…thanks for the compliment. Its so sweet of you to say that 🙂

  9. Smita says:

    I wrote guess instead of gas?? Eeeks!!!Yes 2-3 days but I was in my 5th month of preg that time 😀 and the reason for no gas was bigger!! There was an accident in our complex and the pipeline gas was stopped so it took time to get a connection 🙂

  10. TPL says:

    Hey! I've commented before too. remember that train episode where a woman beat you on the back.. it still cracks me up thinking how that scene must've unfolded 🙂 I thoroughly enjoy your anecdotes.. so pls keep writing 🙂

  11. R's Mom says:

    @Smita: arey its okie…in a hurry spelling mistakes do happen :)you were FIVE months you are really sweet…then I would have eaten RD's head, chewed it and ensured that we change houses or something :):)@TPL: I know dear that you have..but its been a long time..eeps you remember that incident of that lady hitting me..ouch my back hurts at the very thought of it 🙂 Hugs

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