Weekend, World Cup and World Tour

Warning: LONG Post ahead!

Its about three and a half days since I opened this blog…waiting to read the backlog of blogs πŸ™‚

First things first…India won the world cup..yayayayayay! First time after about 10 years, I watched the match..not the whole thing but started at about 5 and saw the presentation cermony, midst, fighting with R for the remote, for the food (Chips, corn masala and thepla,shrikhand) and finally putting her to sleep at the 45th over..phew! It was a super innings by Dhoni and I loved the match πŸ™‚

Now, on how the days were spent..Did I mention that we had a long weekend…saturday, sunday and Monday (thanks to Gudi Padwa!) was off..and it was just the mother and daughter alone since RD’s trip got extended till Wed and he is now coming in tomorrow!

So Friday morning, saw me in this

Friday afternoon rushed to R’s daycare…her teachers are really really God seriously..they had got her ready with her dhinchak dress (Find picture below) and just had to give them the make up..they just brushed the rouse on her cheeks (one of my bhabhi’s had suggested using beetroot but it was too late for me to stop and buy it!) but lesson learnt..next time its going to be beetroot..and then they put lipstick for her..she was half asleep and didnt even react to anything..they got her completely ready with her mom just standing by and thanking all the Gods of the world for having such wonderful people in her life! Check out her pose..her teacher made her do this..plus did you see the dress :(:(

Edited to Add: Ratzzz This picture is for you since you asked for the belly dancer’s pic na πŸ™‚

One of her friend’s mom (Friend from the daycare who is a guy in nursery!) had got a car and she told me to follow her in the bike to the hall..she took R with her in the car since it was BLAZING HOT outside…see, I thank God really for having such wonderful people in my life..

I handed her over to the teacher exactly at 2.20 (5 minutes late!) and then warned the teacher that she hadnt done potty…teacher just shooed me away and R didnt even look back..she went in holding hands with her friend!

Then stood outside in the sun till about 3.10 (the program started late as usual!) since they didnt allow us inside before the start of the program..

You know these are the times when you miss your husband the most…there was practically no one to talk to..most of the moms had formed groups of their own (Since I am one of the few working mothers in that playgroup) and then others were with their husbands and I didnt feel like intruding..anyways walked in and selected a place a bit far from the stage..did I mention the auditorium is absolutely stunning..its got proper seats and its AC and all that…anyways so I sat by myself and then they started by a stupid April fool’s joke on how the mike was not working and the program should be postponed to the next day (world cup match na!) most parents caught the joke and yawned!

then they took us through a video on how the teachers had trained the students..do you know how TOUGH it is to make these kids dance..I really feel these teachers should be awarded or something…they are doing such a wonderful job…NOW I give it to my mother for being a teacher for 35 years..!!!!

The theme was ‘Tour of the World’ and the kids were fabulous…

Few Observations

1) I was the only person in the whole hall who was hooting, screaming, shouting, clapping (RD I missed you man!) though out the performance…most parents politely clapped and then shouted only when their kids came on stage! So much that the couple sitting next to me told me after the program, we really admire the way you were encouraging all the programs..next time we will definitely keep this in mind! Way to go RM πŸ˜‰

2) Teachers are super dancers..so basically what happened was the kids were on stage facing the audience and the teachers were dancing in the side of the stage so that the kids could look at them and dance…it was super fun to see the teachers groove to each move πŸ™‚

3) Bollywood songs are the most popular which invited the maximum shouts..songs for the Chinese theme or the Saudi theme (R was in it) which was only music, got very cold response (Except me who was shouting like a maniac!)

4) Most kids stood, got confused, danced for a while, jumped when the music quickened and on the whole had fun πŸ™‚

5) R danced for a while did her jig for some time, looked around and saw a camel cut out next to her, played with it, saw kids around her standing, so stood for a while, her teacher shouted to her to dance and she moved again…All in all, I will say, she did a decent job..nothing extra ordinary, but nothing bad πŸ™‚

6) When you are younger, even an age gap of 6 months is huge..I mean the nursery kids were so much more focussed than the playgroup kids..its amazing!

Anyways so after the performance, picked up R, gave her a chocolate! and then took her back home…


Dropped her at the daycare and returned the clothes to the teachers, thanked them and complimented the nursery teachers for their super performance..

Went to meet up with friends A and D at a place called Diva Maharashtra in Mahim…Had amazing Maharashtrian food, and got back to pick up R at 3..

She was cranky and hence came home and slept again…then of course we watched the match


Sunday was the first day I didnt have my bath before R got up…I mean usually I get up at 4.45 when I am sure she is deep asleep and go quickly for my bath when RD is not there…

On sunday, I had a hair bath after giving R a lollipop and she stayed for 20 minutes with out me playing with her puzzles..asking me ‘Amma, ho gaya, kitna time!’ from outside the bathroom door..yes yes yes! I can leave her alone for 20 minutes as long as she has something to eat in her hand! yayayayayay!

Went to the Hyatt Regency by bus and train and rick to meet up with an American friend who stays there…R had total fun there..there was a pool and my friend H (yaa the one who helped me run the marathon) and her boyfriend S took R to the pool (I had taken her swimsuit) they both tried hard to get her into the pool but R was happy playing by the side of the pool, splashing water and playing ball with them..I was pretty surprised to see both of them entertain R so well..I mean they dont even have kids but are so good with her..

Had a super lunch of pizza and french fries by the poolside when R got cranky…Took her to see H’s room at the top which is awesome and H gave me a lot of books which she bought but cant really carry back to the USA (Santa came in early!)

Came back home by rick, train and rick when R slept off on the way tired with all the playing in the water..

In the evening, took her by bus again to the park where is played for over 2 hours inthe slide climbing up and down all the while…We had fun together and I practically had to drag her away since the park is pretty far from my house and I had to back to cook dinner


Monday was Gudi Padwa and the aunty next door was sweet enough to tell me that since you are alone with R I will send lunch…yipeeeeeeeeee

The morning was spent making Thank you cards for her playgroup teachers (Her exams start today and last day of school is April 15th)

Then we went to the neighbour’s house, spent sometime there and came back with about 20 dishes in tow…Aunty went overboard with her cooking and we enjoyed it…

There was tondli Cashew nut subji, red palak subji, sabudana kheer, chana subji southindian style, rice, raw mango chutney and dal

She had sent so much that we had the same in the night also :):)

Evening again went to that park were R climbed the slide and sat on the swing (that was for 2 minutes) had fun with the other kids there and it was total time pass

Came home and crashed on the bed!

Observations in the Park

1) Some parents are super sensitive about their kids and dont let them play by themselves

2) All kids LOVE sand, period.

3) Kids can maintain a sense of discipline if you just let them be..I saw a boy pushing R to go ahead of her in the slide and before I could intervene there were two other kids (slightly older to R) who gave him a piece of their mind and asked R to move ahead

4) Some kids need discipline from parents!

5) You dont need to spend Rs.1000 to entertain your child..you just need to spend Rs. 2 and take them inside a park and let them be children

So thats how my LONG weekend was…how was yours ?

PS: Thanks all you guys for your comments in the previous post..I read them yesterday evening and was so thankful to God for having such wonderful blogger friends as well πŸ™‚


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8 Responses to Weekend, World Cup and World Tour

  1. What an absolutely lovely,brimming with joy and energy post :)I liked R's costume, though a bit flash, but like you said in your last post, these kind of dresses look cool on stage :)So good to see you enjoyed every minute of your long weekend and God sent in all the help you needed to get you through the annual day you'd been so worried about :)I absolutely adore the sweet way you always make it a point to cheer up at everyone's good work and never fail to thank them for their kindness, a wonderful lesson and reminder for everyone of us :)So RD is back tomorrow, wow! Have a fantastic time and have a fantastic time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The dress is meant to be eye catching. Lets leave it at taht. πŸ˜€ Sonny boy's dresses are equally atrociously eye catching! good to know that all went well.JLT

  3. R's Mom says:

    @CB: Bit of flash..babes check your eyes..it was GAUDY!!!! yaa and God did send loads of help and you lovely blogger friends :)@JLT: bechara sonny boy..I can feel his agony πŸ™‚

  4. Ratzzz says:

    oh hoi… thats my darling belly err baby!! πŸ˜€ Arey, dress is ok only.. take it from a dancer… I was given a Orange top with flashy sequins and red pants lined with little lights for a performance during college 😐 thankfully the piece required me to cover my face with a black veil.. till date i maintain that was not me πŸ˜€ i had a loooooong weekend too.. but lazy ass me will probably write abt it next month or so. πŸ˜› all said, i wud love to dress up R baby and click her all day long πŸ˜› Huggzz Ponne! seems u had much fun πŸ™‚

  5. weourlife says:

    enjoyed reading your weekend post. I feel I was there after reading this. I loved R's dress. Its very nice. but can't see the make up.So are you excited RD is coming? I know the answer πŸ™‚

  6. R's Mom says:

    @Ratzz: heheheh! I am trying to imagine a college girl in that dress.. :)BTW please do me a favor come to mumbai and take her with you for a couple of hours, dress and click ;)and WRITE about your weekend na :)@Seena: you wouldnt want to see the make up babes…she looked pretty weird..actually I am one of those people who believe that kids should NOT be made up..so guess a bit upset about that πŸ™‚ err..excited about RD coming..of course..mere liye chocolates laa raha hai na πŸ™‚

  7. Pepper says:

    Loved reading about your weekend. The food your neigbour sent made me drool.

  8. R's Mom says:

    @Pepper: super tha food….and super tha weekend bhi πŸ™‚

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