403 and a Picture Post

I didnt realise till now that I completed 400 posts…this is infact my 403rd…(I am always a bit slow with numbers!) yayayayayay! People who read my blog will realise that I hardly put up any pics…firstly because I dont click pics and secondly because I am lazy 🙂 Anyways this picture post is dedicated to B/7, Ojus Park…I loved you housie..even though you are no more (The new owners pulled down the ENTIRE house :(:() you will always be there in our hearts…

Watering the plants for the one last time (Father and daughter)

More greens and the flowering plants 🙂

Can you see my huge shadow clicking the pic..that the shewanti flowers we saw blooming the one last time

The croutons and the money plant..we brought these with us back to Mumbai

The banana tree…this plant is pretty legendary in our area…This was the only banana plant in our area since most Gujaratis dont put up banana in their compound due to some superstitions…so whenever there was any ‘katha’ or religious ceremony in the village located near our area or anywhere in the neighbourhood we would have people coming in asking for the leaves…this would increase during the ‘Shrad mahina’. Mom dad never charged any money for this obviously and this would make people very surprised because they would otherwise pay huge sums to procure these leaves from the market

Our househelp in the purple saree and R in the garden..she was really sad and cried like crazy when we went there for the last time…she gave so much sweets, theplas, papdis to us before we left. She has been with us for over 20 years now and mom went and met up with her pretty recently..she looked after us as if we were her own family..I miss you C ben 🙂

Water pipes running across with R’s head in one corner of the pic (well I am not a very good photographer)

View from the entrance of the house…notice the special diya shaped grills and you can see the fan has been taken off…its a tall sloping roof and our house used to be really cool even in the summers with 45C temperatures outside thanks to Dad’s design

Again a view from the entrance…see the stairs going up from inside the house..the semi circular doorless entrance into the living room and the triangular area underneath the stairs..the blue chair and table seen in the pic was one of the first buys my parents did after their marriage when they had no money 🙂 its with my bro now

You can see the edge of the entrance door here on on the left..and thats the semi circular sort of french window at the drawing room..you can get an excellent view of the garden from there and there is a nice seating area where you could cozy up to read books..and the shelf below the semi circle is the shoe shelf…

This is the view above the entrance door…check out the glass painting of a scenery with deer and all..mom’s school art teacher did it for us and dad had installed a light inside the area which made the entire painting come to life when it was switched on..it was splendid

Another view of the drawing room…RD is busying on the phone walking through the barren room…notice a small orange strip on the right..thats the bright colour of the holding to the stairs!

The ‘Swami Room’ my mom had all the Gods arranged on those three shelves…and she would draw elaborate kolams on the black stone right below..the maid asked mom to keep two Gods on the shelves to protect the house..unfortunately the house is now torn down 😦
Mom’s kitchen cabinet..the cabinet was done pretty recently..earlier it used to be open space and mom would clean up the place once a week!

The bare kitchen 😦 my best memories are here…mom giving us hot food, dad making hot dosas while we sat on the platform and ate it..househelp making super soft hot chapatis with a dollop of ghee 🙂

The inside living room and RD lifting R to show her where she lay when she came home after being born..R was in this room for about the three months I was at home after delivery 🙂

The view of the drawing room from the top of the house..

My parents bed room which later became bro and bhabhi’s room before bro moved to Ahm…there is a huge terrace outside the window and the door there used to be the favorite of lizards..I used to scream for the househelp everytime I would spot one there 🙂

This is a pic on the door of the loo upstairs..yes yes loo…my cousin K who stayed with us for 5 years during her engineering put this up on the door since ma wouldnt let us put anything on the walls 😉

Bro, cousin K and my room…this whole shelf was filled with books…it was like a mini library..one of the things I miss the most 🙂

Two stickers I put up on the wall of the book shelf which is made up of stone..mom wouldnt let us stick anything on the walls so I put it here when I was in my class 4 an year after we shifted here…the stickers were still there but unfortunately the house has been pulled down and these are lost for ever 😦
There, the mini tour of my Baroda house 🙂 After uploading the pics, I realised that I didnt click any pics of the house as a whole..in a way its good, because it no longer exists and if I look at the pics I may get nostalgic 🙂

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6 Responses to 403 and a Picture Post

  1. Swaram says:

    The pic on the loo is awesome :PAnd u so make me wanna eat dosas now :)Such huge kitchen cabinets! Woww!And all that green – double wow :)Congrats on the 403rd post 🙂

  2. Dee says:

    empty houses are heart-breaking 😦

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Swaram: thanks..yaa we had a HUGE kitchen in Baroda…havent seen a huger kitchen…my mom told my dad 'Design a kitchen with so much space that when we get guests they should not say that we didnt help out in cooking because of lack of space' heheheehe 🙂 yaa and mom dad do love gardening so much :)@Dee: welcome here…yes they are na 😦 and you knwo what Dee…after my parents sold off the house, the new owner has torn apart the entire house..there is nothing on that site now 😦 ma went there recently to meet her school friends and says she doubts if she will go back there again 😦

  4. weourlife says:

    I loved the garden and high ceilings, kitchen is huge..its really a nostalgic post..How could they ever tore apart this beautiful house..I can totally understand your mom's emotions..And congratulation on completing 400..its a huge no..you did a great job..

  5. Tanishka says:

    Empty houses look depressing to me… Hey this is the first time I have got a glimpse of R… 🙂

  6. R's Mom says:

    @Seena: thanks…yaa..it is nostalgic :)@Tan: Err..be happy its just a glimpse..when you meet her you will think a glimpse is just so much better 😉

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