Holi and Other Stories (Read Rant!)

So it was Holi on Saturday and Dhuleti on Sunday…and this is how my weekend was 🙂
1) Saturday evening went out with dad, mom (who were here for a weekend, dad coming to take mom back to Goa) R and RD…had the usual saturday fight with RD – my saturdays are so incomplete without them…and mom felt we behave like kids bah!
2) Came back to do the Holi lighting and praying around the fire…only R and me went down..
3) Had awesome pav bhaji, tava pulav and gulab jamun dinner as a part of the Holi celebrations in the building terrace…
1) Went down to play Holi with R..the ‘Holi-gans’ of the building (read kids ranging from 2.5 year old thats R to about 14 year old) and I, we played together..why did I play with the kids..
– Because R wanted to go down and play with them and I obviously didnt want to send her alone she is too young- Because all the ladies had told me that they will be down at 10 and it was 10 and there was no one but my parents have taught me punctuality! – Its more fun playing with these kids because they have more fun 🙂
2) Went up to change R’s clothes, bring her back and play again..
3) The Holigans managed to colour me with ‘pakka’ colour which means that I come to office today totally red and pink on the face and hands 😦
4) had an awesome breakfast of fafda and jalebis…
5) R managed to get two uncles to feed her titbits of jalebis from their plate by letting them know that her mom’s hands are dirty and she needs to be fed urgent!!! that girl had about 6 jalebis from the various uncles around!!!
6) Dropped mom dad to the airport and had slush at 7/11 matunga because we would have been early for a family function
*Further need not be read by people who dont have children..they wont understand the agony :(*
So we go to this house of RD’s relative who has had her second baby and its her ‘cradle’ cermony…To give a background, R is pretty much potty trained…she usually tells us when she wants to go to ‘su-su’ or ‘potty’ and I am trying to get her out of diapers completely…
So the brave me had a change of clothes with me in her bag and I took her to the toilet at the relative;s house and she said ‘Amma, nahi aa raha’ I left it to that..and after 5 minutes she stands next to the ‘Pooja room’ and does su-su in her pants..can you imagine the horror..at a tambram house doing su-su next to the pooja room!!!! and that too in front of about 100 guests…I was mortified…so was RD…RD asked me to quickly pick her up…he removed her clothes and then I begged a bhabhi to get me a mop to clean up the mess..why RD handled her and was asking her why she didnt tell us..I cleaned the mess hoping no one noticed (yaa but nothing misses the Iyer mami’s sharp eyes!)
anyways so hubby starts the rant of ‘you should have put diapers, how could you not, not in such a place’ I dont respond and finally tell him, put it on if you want…and the change of clothes that I have for her dont meet to hubby’s expectations..arey what expectations..I told you she was potty trained na..then why would I carry a change for her at all?
anyways so hubby puts a diaper for her, the cermony starts, she is busy playing with the other cousins..finally after about a 100 songs were sung and the poor baby on the cradle has been tortured enough, things start to move, when R tells me ‘Amma, potty kiya’ I almost faint..I ask her ‘Diaper mein potty kiya? why didnt you tell me?’
she says, ‘amma ho gaya’
What…I call the relative and ask her if I can use the bathroom to clean up the mess..she is a sweetheart and tellls me, I am the mother of two kids..of course you can..and I will give you a change of clothes for her as well..
Hubby being hubby is hyper..quickly finds a plastic to throw away the soiled diaper while I use a gallon of water to clean R’s backside and the soil chaddi and the frock (These diapers I tell you..they are such a let down) …I keep telling her all the time ‘you should have told me na’ and she says ‘sorry amma, aa gaya’ and there I shut up..what can she do poor kid 😦
so we get a borrowed chaddi, a borrowed tight frock and go down to eat..abhi stomach empty ho gaya toh refill karna hoga na!!!
I am upset because I thought I had potty trained her and obviously she isnt completely trained yet..
I call up my mother and tell her and she is like are you crazy…what do you expect from a 2.5 year old..she will have accidents there is nothing wrong with that..and you were at relatives’s place..not that they were strangers..relax and let that girl be!
Well R you do have a staunch supporter in form of your grandmom
*Non children people can start reading now*
7) Went to meet up RD’s friend who had come down from Australia and she greeted us like how Santa Claus comes home…got a huge gift bag from her which contains
– Vodka bottle for RD
– a beautiful bag for me (looks like a jhola!, have been wanting one for ages now)
– Two sets of mug and saucers which are beautiful
– Crayons and multi colour pens for R
– Colouring book for R
– Chocolates for R..errr..RM
8) came back home, crashed on bed and was fast asleep
That my dear folks, was my holi weekend 🙂
Have you realised how tired one gets after playing Holi!


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12 Responses to Holi and Other Stories (Read Rant!)

  1. scribblermom says:

    My girl got potty trained at 3 years and there have been rare cases of such accidents even then.. i stl carry her change of clothes n all at 5+… it is best to carry an extra set of clothes n all every time u travel

  2. JLT says:

    Am glad R didn't get scolded for the susu-potty, tho I can imagine the HORROR! 😀 Sonny boy once did potty in his pants from a friend's house.. He complained of a stomach ache, and I was called to pick him. I was worried about a stomach ache that made him complain and come back from a friend's house. No one suspected anything and neither did he say a word, till at home, he went to do susu and then we found the offending potty. (He'd shut it out from his consciuosness as well, so I didn't berate him for it, other than a horrified- Why didn't you tell aunty??) Sigh. Those day he used not to wash his potty himself, so he didn't want to ask someone else, and he didn't know what else to do.. 😦

  3. Swaram says:

    Pic of the bag pls :)All that food had me drooling ;)And ofcourse, I read the potty-susu part too 😉

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Scribbermom: yes I learnt that the hard way..now whenever I travel there will be TWO pairs of extra clothes for R@JLT: oh poor guy..I know it can be really embrassing to ask some aunty to clean your backside…hugs to Sonny boy 🙂 and no she didnt get scolded…I just felt a bit down after the incident ya@Swaram: yes i will post the pic of the bag…and the food was really yum..have you ever eaten fafda and jalebi..its a very very common Gujju breakfast 🙂 and you were supposed to read that portion na *Going to Spank swaram for not listening ;)*

  5. Vidya says:

    Happens! Its like the whole world conspires against you:)Just on the day you forget to carry a bottle of water/snack, the child is thirsty and hungry all the time, on the days you don't carry spares, there is a profuse leak!! Am exactly at this phase with my 2.1 yr old:) Relax…

  6. weourlife says:

    Oh It happened to me so many times and I still wouldn't learn. Saturday, we went for quick 30mins shopping and I didn't carry diaper bag assuming she is nicely fed and diapers are fresh. With in that 30mins only she would poop, she will ask for milk, water, food and on top of that on our way back she puked all over her dress, jacket, cap and car seat..I started hating myself ..when will I learn from my own mistakes..this is not happening first time..

  7. Tanishka says:

    Despite of all the potty-susu that you mentioned I was just wondering about all the yummy stuff you had… When it comes to food I really forget everything else… 😀

  8. R's Mom says:

    @Vidya: Its so so irritating ya 😦 I always remember to carry her water and food…she is such an eater that I cant take the risk of NOT taking food for her :)@Seena: oh poor you..it must have been so so bugging na…but see you are not the only one even other people have such experiences hehee :)Hugs@Tan: Babes, you are too young to bother about the susu potty…of course you should check out the yummy food that I mentioned..chalo will treat you with baby pav bhaji when we meet 🙂 lets plan something fast :)*Baby pav bhaji = pav bhaji that R eats with less spice..I am not making anything seperate for you 😉

  9. starry eyed says:

    Best not to beat yourself up, R's Mom. Kids will keep having accidents, if not pee n poop, then they throw up or manage to drop juice and the gravy having the maximum turmeric on the best clothes you shelled out money for 😉 My 9 yr old and 5 yr old never fail to disappoint me…and I've also borrowed shorts and shirts for both of them long after they were potty trained…sometimes "aa hi jata hai…kya karein?!"

  10. Tanishka says:

    I don mind… Lets meet up soon… 🙂

  11. R's Mom says:

    @Starry: yaa you are right..after 3 days now I seriously feel I was just over reacting..but that that moment I was really bugged 🙂 and LOL on the aa hi jata hai :)@Tan: will mail you

  12. dipali says:

    Very very busy and exciting Holi!

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