Travel Tales – 2

Monday Evening 6.08

I got into the Borivali train which was crowded to the brim and infact overflowing out of its seams…I try and squeeze my way as much as I can..there is no space literally no space even to breathe and this lady who is standing with her back onto the steel surface of the seat….pounds me on my left breast…I am not you put a hammer onto a nail to ensure it goes in…like that…I almost fainted..I told her ‘what are you doing’
Mad Lady (ML) : move move I have to get off at Kandivali
RM: But stopping hitting me…(I doubt if she even heard me) and the train is not even at Jogeshwari..the crowd will go off at Goregaon
ML: no no no (and she hit me again on my breast)
I couldnt even reply and I think I was fainting…another lady saw my face and shouted at ML saying what are you doing..are you even seeing where you are pushing her…
ML: tereko kya jata hai..yeh ladki beech mein hai…haat rey
RM: but madam, please dont hit me its paining badly

She stopped hitting me and when jogeshwari came…I tried moving away from her.and you knwo what she did..she pushed her elbow onto me and hit me again on my left breast and it hurt so badly that I shouted out in agony…
The helpful aunty actually lost it on ML and told her yeh kya kar rahe ho..bechari ladki ko lag raha hai na..aap ko jana hai to jao lekin aise maaro mat
Honestly I wanted to shout back, hit back, slap back whatever, but I was in so much pain that I couldnt even stand for a while… and its still hurting after 3 days šŸ˜¦
Bandra Local between 8 and 8.15 in the morning at Borivali

I try to get into this local since I have to get R back in the evening… I am one of the last to get in and while I squeeze my way through one lady is standing right in the middle..
RM: Where are you getting off
Standing lady (SL): andheri and you dont push me inside
RM: but I am standing on the edge..if you move in just a bit it would be better
SL: Who asked you to get into the train…you are very smart na

Another lady standing at the door tells SL to move in so that I get some space and SL says she wants to get off at Andheri. Everyone shouts at her saying the whole crowd is going to get off at Andheri and she should just move inside as much as possible
She gets inside grumbling about me and I dont react…I try and stand next to her with my back facing her and she taking the support of the steel back of the seat..

SL: hey you, you are putting your whole weight on me
I was sure that I was putting my whole weight and the weight of the lady in front of me on myself because I was holding on tightly to the rod I dont react
SL: hey sunai nahi deta kya..move
RM: Where do I move? there is no space
SL: Toh what can I cant put your weight on me
RM: I am not…infact I am not even touching you
SL: you are touching my bag and its hurting!
RM: too astonished to even react…..


BEST bus no. XXX 5.42 in the evening

There is no space in the bus (waise which bus in andheri east has space!) and I jump in along with one guy in front of me, two ladies behind me and one more guy who has only one of his foot on the footboard…The bus moves ahead and this lady who got in behind me is putting her hands
across the entrance not letting the other lady get in while the other lady struggles to maintain balance…

please remove your one hand least the other lady can get in I say and the first lady immediately removes her hand apologizing to me and the other lady..

anyways so at the next stop the conductor automatically rings the bell twice to let the driver know that there is NO space to take additional people when this funny guy (FG) jumps and gets in
FG: arey get in get in
then on the phone..arey chachaji..baad mein phone karta hoon, bus mein chad raha hoon (uncle I will call you later, I am getting into a bus)
no one is moving
FG: arey yeh ladies ki army, show your power, start pushing the crowd
we all smile
FG: haso mat, ladies mein bahut takat hai..aap aeroplane chala sakte hain lekin aadmi ko dhakha nahi maar sakte…meri beti and biwi dono ko maine sikhaya hai…otherwise yeh aadmi log aapko kabhi andar nahi jaane denge (dont laugh, ladies have a lot of power, you can pilot an aeroplane but cant push people inside, I have taught my daughter and wife to push people in a crowd, otherwise these men will never let you go in)
We have to burst into laughter
FG gets a call
FG: arey chachaji..kya..nahi nahi mein bus se gira nahi..chad raha tha..kahan bus se gira rahe ho…abhi toh baachon ko bada karna hai (arey no I didnt fall from the bus, I was getting into the bus, why are you making me fall from the bus, I still have to bring up my

We were laughing again šŸ™‚

Another guy tells the lady behind me..madam thoda space dijiye na ..mujhe utar na hai (madam please give some space, I want to get down)
Lady: kahan pe utar na hai (where do you want to get off)
FG: arey idhar no space bhai..where do you want to get off (no space here
Another guy: Mujhe to do stop pahele utarna tha..lekin yeh ladies (thats us) ko dekh ke darr gaya isliye chup chaap idhar hi khada hoon..abhi unko haste hue dekha toh laga abhi mood aacha hai pooch leta hoon thodi space mil jayegi (I had to get off 2 stops ago, but saw this bunch of ladies and got scared and hence just stood here…now I saw them laughing so I thought their mood would be good and lemme ask for some space)
Thats it..we all were laughing like crazy..the tension because of lack of space, tiredness, traffic..everything evaporated…
Its one bus ride I will definitely look back and smile šŸ™‚


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6 Responses to Travel Tales – 2

  1. Swaram says:

    FG is sooo crazy!And that first lady :grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr at her. Hope u r better now!

  2. Enjoyed reading this ! That took me back many years, when I used to travel to Nariman Point for work. I also did the Andheri east trip to the station twice a day , and although the bus routes have increased, everything else remains unchanged. Occasionally had to travel the Central railway. Had some interesting experiences. You might be interested to red about it Here

  3. Seena says:

    oops sorry to hear , how can someone hit so badly..They have no heart or what? I keep thinking abt you when I travel in the train..Hats off to you for traveling everyday like this..I am sure I can never do that..

  4. ummm is this the opportune time to mention…Boy am i glad my work place is precisely 1.2 kms from home :p

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Swaram: yaa better now..but she was really mad..and the FG was funny rey@Suranga-ji : enjoyed reading your experience…Mumbai travel is madness at times šŸ˜¦ and whats surprising is after so many years its the same :)@Shruti: hai na hum crazy :)@Seena: its better now rey..err..actually if you were in Mumbai and needed to work, there was no choice seriously :)@Nuttie: no reply *Just looks at Nuttie with sheer jealousy*

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