This Weekend I Realised That….

*Moms are moms always at any age (mine came down for the weekend)

*I dont have a conventional *Indian* mother in law, but I have a daughter who beats any conventional *Indian* mother in law
Sample this
-Chop the veggies fine na Amma
-I told you na Amma, not to keep the atta dabba here, now the water has fallen on it (not considering the fact that SHE had the water bottle and it fell from HER hand)
-Dont leave the papers here, keep them at their place
-Amma, cook fast na, you take so much time
-I told you to read the books properly na, Amma
etc etc etc

*Father and daughter can be trusted to go by themselves to DMart and buy only that stuff that’s on the list and nothing extra

*I am not smart enough to be sent to buy stuff in one taught me that you can ask for discount if you are buying in bulk

*Its not very tough to wrap gifts in newspaper provided you can add some colour and ribbon to it (more on this later)

*The nearby newly opened chat shop is nice enough provided there are no mosquitos and we can surely order stuff from there for home delivery

*Virar trains at anytime of the night even at 10.45 PM on a Saturday are jam packed!

*Tanu weds Manu is a highly over rated movie and I didnt even understand the story (or may be I am so much out of touch with movies that I dont understand them anyways)

*R is interested in TV only when there is dance or cricket on it..her dad tried to get her to see
Tom and Jerry and she just saw like half a show before trying out more interesting stuff like how the knife can be taken from her mom’s hand

*R likes to play down in the building,and can ride the cycle all by herself with decent handle control (when did this happen??!!)

*A child of 5 can be jealous, overbearing, and not like your child, but you cant say anything because you know its just the age and at the end of it all, she does love R

*Early morning baaraats at your building can sure be a wonderful wake up alarm tune and you cant even snooze it…though you wish it happened on a weekday and not on a weekend

*Cleaning up R’s shelf makes you realise that you are buying WAY TOO MANY books for her, that too not even of her age and just cluttering the room 😦

*Mom’s food always tastes better than yours, no matter you try and make exotic stuff like scores over with a simple methi sambhar and coconut wala cabbage subji..bah!


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10 Responses to This Weekend I Realised That….

  1. The last point rang a big bell. On a visit to my parents, years ago, in Pune, sitting at the dining table with guests, my then 8 year old daughter pipes up in a loud ringing voice ," Aai cant make farasbichi bhaji (french beans subji) like you at all ! Maybe you can teach her ?"….

  2. chandni says:

    my mom was in town just for a day and I realized the same things – at any age, mom is mom and yes, her cooking is way better than mine!!!

  3. Loved this one…..absolutely. I can relate to so much of it myself. Keep going!

  4. Swaram says:

    Ha ha! Some realizations there :)Show me those gift wrapped items. I luv dng that :)And so true that last point abt Moms πŸ™‚

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Surangaji: heheheeh! give her a hug from my side for that…I did the same to my mom when my grand mom had come..told her that she makes better coffee than mom :)@Chandni: welcome here! yaa moms na..always the same…teaches me a lesson never to cook when mom is around :)@Swapna: thanks@Swaram: Tomorrow's post is that..will take a pic…I have become blog addicted for sure…tuesday afternoon already decided what I am going to blog about tomorrow!!!

  6. uma says:

    Hi..lurker here..nice post, esp the last one. As much as I try, nthg like mom's food..

  7. weourlife says:

    MOM is with you..I am J, and yes mom's food is always the best, but by the time you realize that you would be away and don't have the laxuary to taste everyday. I was a poor eater till I started college. Indeed R is talking like a MIL πŸ™‚

  8. R's Mom says:

    @Uma: welcome here and thanks for lurking :)Moms are the best cooks na :)@Seena: arey dont be J..she just came for a day…and will again come for a day this saturday…Mumbai is a transit point for her πŸ˜‰ Well I was always a good eater which you can obviously make out when you meet me..I wear tents and pass them off as kurtas πŸ˜‰ and yes now I have a conventional MIL :(:(

  9. The last one hit home! Always TRUE!!And its so cute that R is talking like a Nani-ma already :)Tom and Jerry has too much of violence anyways, so R made a smart choice!And haggling is definitely NOT a guy thing, they are too lazy for it πŸ˜‰

  10. R's Mom says:

    @Priyanka: Hai na nani! ufff! you think T&J has too much violence? but its so much fun to watch ya…but after reading your comment I was thinking about what all I have seen and you are does have violence rey..never thought about it that ways…proves you sure are a great mother πŸ™‚

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