What I want for R

Suddenly in the 21.5 minutes train journey today, I was thinking (yes apart from eavesdropping conversations, reading books holding them above my head and trying to get a free massage from co passengers because of the crowd, I ALSO THINK!)..what do I want for my child…
Do I sound weird?

To be honest to this blog, I sometimes feel pretty unreal..I mean, I get this sudden thought that oh my God! I have a child..a child who is dependent on me for everything..what if I fail her or dont meet her expectations…has any mom ever felt overwhelmed by the fact that they are moms? Can you imagine that you have created a human being who is similar to you in manner and taste and who you have to nurture and bring up and make her a good citizen of the world…I do sometimes get unnerved with this thought..well but I am me 😉

anyways I digress

Like I was saying, what do I want for my child? Apart from the good life and good education for her to enjoy…I think this is what I want her to have

Respect for other people irrespective whether they are from the same socio-economic background, same age, same gender, ..because if you cant do that, you can never be successful..you can never enjoy the love given to you and you can never move ahead in life

A love for books irrespective whether they are fact or fiction, philosophy or romance, history or contemporary…she should grab whatever comes by and read read read..because I feel when you dont read, you miss out a great deal in life…you miss out the imagination, the dream world, learning about other cultures, and so much more

A hobby which gives her immense joy..for me its dancing..for her it could be anything – a sport, music, instruments, dancing..whatever..because when you have a hobby, you have a sense of balance in life between work and enjoyment, you have a purpose to learn more in life and you can definitely be by yourself and not fear loneliness

Being kind, caring and polite…I think its very important..though it may sound the same as respecting others, sometimes even if we respect others we may not be polite to them…in my professional life I have seen it often that you respect your colleagues for who they are but are often impolite to them..there is a very thin line between being formal and being caring and polite..and often RD tells me that I am being formal when what I feel is that I am being caring and polite…its a very thin line I feel, and I would rather sound formal than sound impolite

Enjoying food..I am a self confessed foodie..and trust me at 2.5 years R is turning out to be a glutton..but what I want for her is to enjoy different cuisines, understand the hard work that goes behind making them, appreciate the smell and take in the taste…I want her to experiment new stuff and I want her to enjoy them fully

A set of good friends – girls and boys…yaa doesnt it sound absurd..but I really want her to have friends, friends for whom she will do anything, who can call her up at 2 in the night, whom she can call at 2 in the night, friends who are the best of buddies and the best of critics..friends who will stand by her for anything and everything and friends who can trust her to do the same…

A sense of purpose in life…I have a pretty non-purposeful life..honestly..I do the same thing everyday in and out, I am not a part of any social organization, heck! I dont even dance anymore..but for my child, I wish to have a purpose..a purpose she should pursue and enjoy doing…a purpose which will be for the good for world in general

Ok, now then Andheri came, I had to stop thinking and start moving…..next time I think in the train, the thoughts will be here…

PS: R, yes your mom wants all this for you, but baby, you are an individual and you do what you want. okie?


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11 Responses to What I want for R

  1. shaktii says:

    Gud mom Gud daughter!!

  2. i also want all this for my baby…!!!! And am sure R is well on her way to be all this and more R's mom…

  3. weourlife says:

    Nice post R'mom ..All of them make sense to me as well..Seena

  4. Tanishka says:

    Awww… R is really lucky to have mommy like you… And I'm sure she'd get all this n a lot more in her life…. 🙂

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Shakti: Awww! thank you :)@Nuttie: you do? thats so sweet :)@Seena: thanks@Tan: yaa I really hope she does get all this and more 🙂

  6. Mama - Mia says:

    all the right things woman, all the right things! 🙂

  7. R's Mom says:

    @Abha: thank you..*gasp* you commented despite TWO babies around you…tussi great ho that you get time not only to put up super cute pics but also take time out and read my blogs…I am so happy 🙂

  8. Vidya says:

    You are a nice mommy:) The best is friends who'd call at odd hours. I've had the good fortune of having friends like that all the time. Something I wish for my kids too, like you)

  9. R's Mom says:

    @Vidya: welcome here….thanks for the praise..I dont know whether I am a nice mommy..but am sure I want a nice daughter 😉 its great that you have 2 o clock friends…Something to definitely cherish 🙂

  10. Chandrima says:

    Came to your place via other's! And stuck to this post! Very nice and honest post. I dream for same things for my daughter too!

  11. R's Mom says:

    @Chandrima: welcome here..and thanks for the praise *Gloating and all that :)*

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