Alternative Career Option

So the day I am going to chucked out of my job, I have decided what to do…

I am going to open a Larri – you know those carts on which they sell food on the street

yes I am doing that…do you know how much money these guys make…Gosh…its awesome

Firstly, like I had said in my earlier posts, I am not a good cook at all…I just make passably edible food and because the child and husband love me (not that they have a choice!) they eat what I give them…

but after loads of years spent in research and development, looking at the right specimens and sampling the right food, characterising the taste, marking the key points, blah blah blah
Oh well….lets just put it as after loads of years of eating at larris…

I have concluded the following

1) Larri is lucrative business..small capital but large gains, just get the larri and a stove (you dont even need that if you are selling poochkas or something) and no seating arrangement required
2) You just need to add in order of priority – lot of cheese, sauce,oil/butter, chilli and salt to whatever you give…be it dosas, sandwich, vada pav, chaat or Chinese
3) The south Indian larris are extremely popular followed by the chaat corners and then Chinese in the evenings
4) In the mornings, the chai larris and the vada pav larris are hot business and oh also the south indian ones but you need to sell idlis and vadas in it

Now the consultant in me wakes up to do the following costing that I have done *Pat on the back to self*

Sample – Dosa Larri

Capital investment – Husband will take care (well he has to do something na!)

Raw Material Cost (Batter+Fuel+Oi/Butter+Cheese+Salt+Spices+Vegetables*cheapest of the season*+aloo+onion) = Rs. 10 (This is the maximum)
Money given to the local goonda/policeman/whoever you need to bribe to let you stall be there + assistant = Rs. 5 per plate of dosa sold (This is again the maximum, I may be exaggerating it)
Cost of plate, spoon, chutney, sambhar = Rs. 2 (And take into account that plate, spoon can be re-used, arey even the chutney and sambhar can be reused ;))
Total input costs – Capital investment = Rs. 17/plate
Selling price = Rs. 35/plate
Total profit = Selling price – Total input costs = Rs. 18/plate

Assuming that you sell about 100 such dosas on a weekday and 250 such dosas on weekend
Total profits = 100*18+250*18 = 6300 per week
Total profits per month = Rs. 25200 per month!!!!
And this is only the profits..imagine selling multiple dishes and more number of dosas…

Wow, so as a good consultant would estimate, taking a pessimistic view into consideration, we forecast that the total profits for a dosa/idli/vada selling larri per month would be nearly Rs. 50,000 per month


take into account the fact that you dont need to work for 8-10 hours..its only those 4-5 hours of peak work which needs to be done (you can outsource the veggie chopping to the assistant or something)

Open it near your house and you dont need to commute so you save the transportation charges

Open it near your house and then you dont need to cook dinner, just feed this to the husband and offspring and once the offspring is of 6-7 years you can also save on the money which you give to the assistant…

What, what did you think, child labor?

arey nahi, then your husband can be your assistant na, he doesnt need to be at home to mind the child, the child can just sit by the larri and do the homework, while your husband serves and you cook πŸ˜‰

What say, isnt it a lucrative business πŸ˜‰


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13 Responses to Alternative Career Option

  1. sahi! just 1 small advice.. don't show this post to ur hubby! πŸ˜‰

  2. Haha…what do I say! Your thinking is beyond my comments..;)

  3. Smita says:

    Hey I will be your first customer… pls arrange for home delivery specially for me…

  4. anu says:

    what an idea madam ji.. πŸ™‚

  5. apu says:

    Good one, R's Mom πŸ™‚ You know you have something to fall back on when recession hits cos food never goes out of fashion!

  6. R's Mom says:

    @Shruti: arey woh toh mera blogs read karta hai!@Melbournemangai: arey comment comment…or just tell me 'good girl' :)@Smits: anytime for you ya..I dont even need to open a larri..just come home and I will give you (in)edible food :)@Anu: Welcome here! hai na aacha idea ;)@Aps: baap are the only one in this whole wide world who could connect this to recession and get a positive idea…hats off to you and thanks for the idea πŸ˜‰

  7. Seena says:

    Nice idea R's mom, I am very serious, I think we should do something for our self where we are the boss and worker. I really like this idea..

  8. Dil se says:

    Will there be discounts on people who buy daily from you, 2 times a day? Because I can say "ditto" about my interest for cooking :-)And then think about providing a "dabba" service too, for ppl who are still sitting in the office pretending to work but actually planning their own "larry" business :-)I am completely on board with your idea though, so in case you start considering partnership/franchises, I am here πŸ™‚

  9. R's Mom says:

    @Seena: Arey seena, you know something, I am one of those people who doesnt want to be her own lets do one open the larri, I will be your assistant and you be my boss then we can share the profits ;)@Dilse: actually giving dabbas is a great idea, but then I dont think it will be as profitable as the larri…lemme study that scenario also in office only (my creative juices flow in the office atmosphere, kya karu ehheheeh )..then we take a call..and partnership karna hai toh any time yaar :)and discounts toh milega pakka πŸ™‚

  10. Pepper says:

    Haha. I agree. This one is a rollicking business idea. I've always been curious to know the amount these folks earn. I like the way you've broken it all down. You didn't even mention the best part! All this is tax free money. Mostly.

  11. R's Mom says:

    @Pepper: Arey haan yaar..that toh I forgot only..super input…waise, are you from the tax background to even THINK about this!!! or wait you are just a financially knowledgable person πŸ™‚

  12. kashmira says:

    im a fan of your blog and have been a silent reader..never commented ..grr..blame the laziness :P..but this post made me laugh like crazy(umm well yeah , when bored i start reading your old posts since i came across your blog quiet recently )..and i read it in office so can imagine how many wierd looks i must have invited..seriously R’s mom love the way you right each and every post..being a mumbaikar and facing similar travel woes i can totally relate to what you write.Your posts never fail to bring a smile on my face (most times they just make me busrt into laughter)..keep up the good work girl!! πŸ˜€

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