Its Women’s Day Today

and this is what I have to say –

-R decided that today is a holiday since its her K chitti’s bday as well..never mind the fact that K chitti is actually in the USA and her bday has not even started as of now

-Hubby decided that today is the day we out in a larry near our house since its women’s day and he wants to give me a treat (nah, actually he wants to eat dosas from this guy who sells them from a larry and he has always seen a crowd around him ;))

-Pink and red are the dominant colour in the train today…or is it just my perception?

-Train parties are full swing in the ladies compartment with breakfast and lime/mango juice by the train groups *Train groups are the usual group of people you travel with, get friendly, share your life, etc etc* These ladies often hold such impromptu parties where they get stuff right from food, to disposable paper plates to tissues to even hand sanitisers and plastic bags to dispose the tissues and paper plates…mumbai ladies I tell you, they are so so innovative

-I am yet to see the newspapers but the bill boards are all announcing women’s day specials right from restaurants to shops to malls to even hospitals…anyone interested?

-College girls seem to be taking the women’s day seriously as well – overheard at least a dozen of them, wishing a dozen of them happy women’s day

-Google has come up with a super cute logo for women’s day

-Heard two good news from a friend and it sure made me smile :):)

-Saw a lot of people selling roses near Borivali and Andheri is Womens day becoming as popular as Valentine’s day?

-Yesterday read in the TOI, that 86% of Indian men feel its a woman’s job to change baby diapers, feed the children and cook food! and the article says, consider yourself lucky if your husband is ready to any of the three..appalled to read this honestly, because I have a hubby who does all the three, I have a dad who does all the three, and I have a bro who doesnt even have a kid but does it for all this nieces and nephews!!!

Bah! dont even read this..just wanted to wish you all a Very Happy Women’s day!!!


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3 Responses to Its Women’s Day Today

  1. Happy Women's Day to you ! And give a decent pat on the back to your R's Dad, and your Bro from me. And regards to your dad ! Wonderful !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy Women's day to you too.:-DMine wouldn't think twice about doing all three when required. But he does believe that cooking is my job, like his is reading newpapers, and generally poking around while I'm busy…;-)JLT

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Surangaji: thank u thank u thank u..will pass that on :)@JLT: yaa so we should consider ourselves 'lucky'!!!

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