My Inspiration in Life

Womensweb as usual has come up with an awesome contest called ‘Feminspiration’ (I Digress, but Aparna, you do come up with cute names :))
Click here to know the rules of the contest

When I was in school, we often were asked the questions on who was our inspiration in life? Hard that I would try to think of a lot of people, I would invariably end up saying ‘My Parents’

Funny na, but I guess its true for most of us…they are people we look up to…

When WW came up with the Feminsipration contest, I spent about 3 days thinking who would be my choice of inspiration..and I think it still my mom..(Dad doesnt count in this contest na πŸ™‚

My mom is the only sister to three brothers and had led a very very middle class life..I cant say that she struggled in her childhood or overcame any difficulties in her youth or was a part of a woman supporting organization or anything..

My mom is a normal typical Indian woman, who managed to crave a niche for herself in the society without any drama or action..

She like I mentioned is the only sister to three brothers, meaning that her childhood was spent playing ‘boyish’ games and trying to prove herself equal to them…Since she suffered from asthma as a child, she was put into Bharatnatyam classes at the age of three…she would go to a teacher who was very well known through out Calcutta, but unfortunately would come to the class drunk..He would ask her to do ‘Allaripu’ go back to the inner room, drink his peg and come out and teach again..there is more to this, but my mom refuses to share anything with us..eventually one of her brothers would accompany her to the class, stay there till she finished and then come back with her…She did her ‘Arengetram’ (first stage recital) at the age of nine and since her parents couldnt afford the whole thing by themselves, they got sponsorships for that..

She finished her BA honors from Calcutta University in political science and then managed to get a BeD degree, and became a teacher in Calcutta…she was of marriageable age and they got my dad’s horoscope…the rest as they say is history…

My mom is so cute that she admits that when my dad used to write letters to her in their courtship days (which lasted from July to November, he was in Baroda and she was in Calcutta) she would often sit with a dictionary because she wouldnt understand some of the words her wrote..her bros used to get dad’s letters everyday (which used to be late fee paid ;)) and then make her do stuff for them liking frying maranthankalikai or something before giving her the letters πŸ™‚

after marriage she came to Baroda, set up a house from scratch (there was a time when they didnt even have money to buy a salt jar and she would keep the salt in the packet!) started working as a teacher and then when bro and I were born she took breaks from her teaching job since there was no support system for them…there was a time when my dad used to do a second shift so that he would take care of us in the morning when she went to school and then he would go to office when she came back..From that to building their own house, they have come a long way

my dad and she have a perfect relationship…as all children say, I have not come across a couple more perfect for each other than them

She practically brought up my bro and me single’s job required him to be away for a long time and while he was ALWAYS there when we wanted and needed him, she was the one who took care of us in every sense possible…making us do our homework, cooking for us, ensuring I went to dance classes, everything..she was always there was us and one thing I really admire in her is her ability to listen…I am a lucky child..I have a mom who listens to me, appreciates my feelings and gives me the right advice..

I have seen her shed tears only once..when my uncle and aunty expired…apart from that, I have never seen her cry..she is very strong emotionally, I have never seen her break down, despite of facing incidents which would have made me cry like crazy..

She is a strict teacher, a teacher who when goes and stands on the stage will ensure pin-drop silence…but she is a teacher to whom students come after 10 years saying that ‘R madam, you were an inspiration to us’, ‘you moulded us the right way and you understood us when no one else did’

She has been strict with bro and me also and now when I look back, I thank her for instilling in me the sense of duty, sense of discipline and the sense of right and matter what the situation, now I am able to make right decisions (hopefully!) is all thanks to her…..

She has never been a mother who would make my friends go ‘wow your mom is so beautiful’ but she has definitely been a mother who make my friends go ‘wow, your mom is one of the strongest and most wonderful persons we have met’

It may sound rather childish that I enter this post in a contest that asks for your inspiration on the International Women’s day, but my mom is truly and definitely my inspiration and like I mentioned she has not achieved anything extra ordinary, but the fact that she is a mother, who has given her children the right values in life, makes her extra ordinary for me πŸ™‚


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4 Responses to My Inspiration in Life

  1. womensweb says:

    Lovely post, R's Mom – thanks for sharing! Your mom is an inspiring woman indeed!

  2. weourlife says:

    Beautiful Post..Loved it..

  3. Pepper says:

    Kudos to her. She does sound like an extra ordinary woman! πŸ™‚

  4. R's Mom says:

    @WW: Thanks :)@Seena: thanks :)@Pepper: oh ya she is…extra ordinary in her own way πŸ™‚

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