Baby’s (and Dad’s) Day Out

So yesterday father and daughter had the time of their life…and in the history of my five years of marriage, R’s Dad (RD) has never ever called me so many times…Guess, it needs a daughter to teach the father that a phone is used to make phone calls and not check the office emails and sms’s or read news 😉

Here it goes

8.34 AM:
RD calls R’s Mom (RM) – Which is the milk for R
RM: I wrote you a note na
RD: yes but then have you added curd to the milk kept outside or do I need to take it out from inside
RM: Dont you read the note properly. I have written na take out two glasses for her and then you can add the curd
RD: but there is already so much curd inside in the fridge
RM: Do as I tell you to
RD: okie fine

9.00 AM:
RD calls RM again: R is sitting on the potty and refusing to go to potty tell her to do potty na!!!
RM: R go to potty na
R: Mujhe nahi karna
RM: Go na beta then appa will take you shopping
R: No no no
RM: Forget it RD if she doesnt want to go
RD: but she has not gone to potty. She just got up brushed her teeth, drank her milk and did potty
RM: errr…

9:35 AM:
RD calls RM again: Tell Amma that you are eating
R: Amma, mein khana kha rahi hoon
RM: Great baby what are you eating
R: Sabudana khicidi and sauce
R: appa kitna sara sauce dalte hain…doctor ne no bola hai na (Appa gave me so much sauce, doctor has said no na) Granny that she is!!
RM: You gave her sauce with khicidi whats with you
RD: She wanted it errr.. okie bye
and he cuts the call

10.35 AM:
RD calls RM again: Amma, maine ‘oh kulchi’ – (head bath in R language) kiya
RM: Great beta what are you wearing
R: Red colour dress
RM: okie
R: main shopping ja rahi hoon appa ke saath
RM: Yaa whatever

1.30 PM
RD calls RM Again: check the photos I sent you on gmail
RM: what what what
RD: check the photos bye

1.35 PM
RM calls RD: (Note its the first time I call him) Wow nice photos, where are you
RD: At In Orbit mall eating Pizza with her
RM: Where are those rides in which she is posing
RD: Inorbit mall, I took her to the playzone which is very different from the gaming zone which you dislike and I put her onto the baby rides and she didnt play any of those violent games
Did you notice how he cleared my doubts even before I could voice them. This is what happens when you are married for five years
RM: okie have fun

2.48 PM:
RD calls RM: she is asleep..she slept off in the rick when I brought her back
RM: yaa
RD: RM I had so much fun ya…never before it has been so much fun..we bonded well, she didnt trouble me one bit, enjoyed every moment with me, we played, we ate and you know what all she ate
RM: What
RD: She had two garlic breads, 2.5 pieces of pizza and one whole glass of masala lemonade
RM: WHAT She ate so much.
RD: Yes and then we went to Crossword
RM: You went to Crossword ??(Thinking mentally, without me :()
RD: yaa and then we had so much fun
RM Trying not to sound jealous: you got books for her from crossword?
RD: yaa we picked up about 6 to 7 books…
RM: yaa
RD: yaa and we read them was fun…I had so much fun
RM: *Totally Jealous!!!*
RD: Lets meet up at D I am going to sleep with R and then you call me when you get off..
RM has gone beyond total jealous and thinks that guy gets to spend time with his daughter plus sleep in the afternoon..things cant get worse..and says okie will do that

So in the evening we met up, decided not to go to DMART because the whole world and their parents were there, had sev puri and then went back home…

R gave me a total account of how she got up, brushed her teeth, did her potty, had her hair bath, allowed her dad to put a diaper for her since he couldnt take her su su as well as mom, went out with him and sat on the train, bus, engine, fire engine and God knows what, had garlic bread and pizza with him, bought so many books and then slept, got up and had milk, went to su -su blah blah blah. I spent the whole evening listening to their super day…

So RD had a super date with his daughter 🙂

and now I have realised that I can actually leave her with her dad and go out on my own occasionally…its such a liberating thought 🙂


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9 Responses to Baby’s (and Dad’s) Day Out

  1. Ya ya Mama…we can still smell the jealousy in the air!Lol..but it's really cute the way ur husband was so excited. total awww!

  2. Vidya says:

    Lovely post! Dads and kids seem to be at their best in the temporary absence of mommy!

  3. Seena says:

    that was indeed a great day for R and RD. I told you rt, that they will have a great day 🙂 Good luck..

  4. Comfy says:

    aww..they seem to have so much fun together. And yes it is great for you as well you be able to get some time off :)Many more such Father-Daughter moments 🙂

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Nuttie: Jealous who me? Puhleazz..just that it bugs me when people have pizza and go and shop at crossword without me ;)@Vids: thank u :)yaa guess they do enjoy without the mom hovering over them :)@Seena: yaa you did mention they would have a good time but thoda zyada good time ho gaya :)@Comfy: welcome here! yaa to many more just F-D moments so that the mom can enjoy by herself 😉

  6. apu says:

    Lovely – every mom needs an occasional day off at least 🙂 (hopefully next time it will be for a girls day out and not work!)

  7. Smita says:

    I am Jealous… I want keep N with his dad… but dont think in near future it will be possible 😦

  8. Tanishka says:

    Now this is a perfect date and I can see someone is still J… 😀 :DR is a real sweetheart…. 🙂

  9. R's Mom says:

    @Apu: yaa time am going to leave R with RD and enjoy an evening with my friends ;)@Smits: Like I told Apu lets leave the kiddos together and enjoy an evening ;)@Tan: J, who me…never never 😉 Yes R is a sweetheart when she is with her dad alone..with me she is more of a heart attack giver 🙂

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