I Qualify to be the World’s Worst Mother

I have started taking R by Honda Activa to her daycare for the past one month. She stands or sits in the front with me and we have been doing it smoothly for a month. I park the bike there at the daycare and then go my usual rick, train, bus route to work and in the evening I come to the daycare and pick up the bike and her and come back home..It works out better for me since I dont have to beg to the rick drivers in our area to take me to her daycare or wait for 15 minutes for a rick to even come…

Yesterday she finished her dance class and I took her to the doc who is near Borivali station…we waited till about 8 and then our turn came and we finished…I have a bad cold and hence decided to get meds for myself also..I have started consulting him for my fissure problem as well since last saturday..

anyways so we went our usual route, riding at about 20 kms per hour (my usual speed is not more than 30 kmph when she is around) and then just as we crossed a signal after which the road becomes a narrow lane, one rick guy from the opposite side turned suddenly, the rick before me braked suddenly and I braked as well..and R fell on the road..flat on her back…I caught her arm and lifted her up and I was so shocked so zapped that I didnt move for a sec…the entire traffic got stuck up.. R was crying like crazy..I saw blood on her lips..then I dont know from where I had the presence of mind to move my bike in the side..while a guy shouted at me to just switch off the engine and stop worrying about the traffic and look at my child…Before I could remove my helmet a lady came to R and checked her out and told me kuch nahi hua hai..uska lip thoda cut hai..baki sab theek hai..and then one couple in the bike went slightly ahead to shout at the rick guy who had taken that turn and he just went off without bothering…

I was consoling R not knowing what to do..I was shivering myself and another lady told me to offer her some water…I had a bottle with me but by that time the people from the nearby shop got some water and some balloon and tried to distract R..she was crying like crazy and they asked me to take her to the doc who was nearby…I told them that her homeopathy doc is nearby and I will take her there….they hovered around for a while including the couple on the bike..only after they were sure that both of us were okie..they went ahead..unfortunately I couldnt thank them…and then one lady came and spoke to R in marathi telling her that the wound got scared of R and ran away in the sky..R looked up and started laughing…I was relieved and then I took her back to the doc

Thankfully there was no one there and I entered the doc’s chamber saying Doc we had an accident..he is the coolest guy ever..he didnt ask me anything, scooped R from my arms, just checked her throughout and then looked at me and said..are you hurt..I said no…he said neither is your daughter..her eyes are responding to light and I dont see any swelling on the face…the minor cut on her lips will heal soon..I was crying laughing explaining..basically hysterical!!! he said dont worry she is fine..check for the next 48 hours that she doesnt vomit…mostly nothing is wrong..if she vomits we will take it further…he added some pain killing meds to her normal meds and he is so sweet that he told me give me a call once you reach home…

I took her back home safe…cried to hubby..she cried..I said sorry to her and you know what my child tells me ‘Sorry mat bolo amma, ho gaya na’ yes yes this is from a 2.5 year old..oh my God..so much maturity…

hubby didnt say a word..he just asked me are you okie..is she okie..what did the doc say…thats it..nothing else…nothing of how could you, or I told you so..or why arent you careful..nothing at all! He was like a solid rock support…

he told me today morning..take her by bike otherwise how will you be confident..and then what I am telling further will tell you why I qualify as the world’s worst mom

I fell again with her..yes…I did..just outside our building…the sun hit her eye..she jerked and then I lost my balance..she fell but there was a guy walking with a dog..he just left the lease of the dog and caught her just at the nick of time...she was so so shocked that for a second she just stared at me..oh God..I couldnt even meet her eyes…her eyes just welled up in tears and I felt so so horrible…I picked up the bike and I was shaking all over…I told her I am sorry…the few people who were doing their morning walk came to me..asked me if I was okie..and then one aunty told me..you dont look well you have a cold and the meds may make you drowsy…just take her by rick today..keep the bike back..

which I just did..and dropped her to the daycare by rick…I have told her teachers to let me know incase she vomits or anything..

But what sort of a mom will drop her child from a bike two days in succession? Horrid moms like me..I feel like a jerk, horrible, idiotic, stupid and so unworthy to even call myself a mom…


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27 Responses to I Qualify to be the World’s Worst Mother

  1. Swaram says:

    Hugsss R's Mom and so glad she is fine! Hope both of u get better soon! And those words from her and the hubby -U r blessed. What more do u need :)Such things can happen to anyone!

  2. Ratzzz says:

    Ponne!!!! *hugggggggggggzzzzzzz*Happens to the best of us… Dont u berate urself!! *hugggggzzz* darling!

  3. Jay says:

    Don't be too hard on yourself. Moms are humans too. šŸ™‚

  4. Smita says:

    Dont worry Rakhee… its ok it happens… N has fallen from the cot so many times… I blamed myself for it but you know what it is all part of growing up for the child and for the mom too… I am sure that you are careful… R will also adjust in matter of months… dont blame yourself… you are the bestest mom R could ever have

  5. arrey arrey!!! Hota hai yaar! if u could help it, would you have let her fall. Chalo pehle chup ho jao. banish such stupid thoughts from your head. Activa can be a little heavy and difficult to manage with a kid in the front. So avoid it on days when u feel ur strength is low. Huggs. I follow the same arrangement with lil p. Krystal till day care.. auto after that. 1 tip – try putting full sleeves & full pant for R.. and put a cycle helmet on her at all times.

  6. R's Mom says:

    @Swaram: Aww..thanks so much ya..just in the morning I was so so digusted with myself it all poured out on the blog…and your comment popped up..thank u so much…@Ratzz: Wow your hugs sure have such a positive impact on me..thank u thank u thank u@Jay: Thanks jay…thats so true..but its just that moms arent supposed to drop their kids that too TWICE!!!@Smits: thanks ya…those are such sweet words…bestest mom R could ever have..waise abhi koi choice nahi hai uske paas..but thanks so much..my mood has become so much better now thanks to all your comments :)@Shruti: no never I would have never let her fall..yes abhi rona baandh ho gaya hai šŸ™‚ and yes i will banish those thoughts as well…have to listen to you na šŸ™‚ yes..activa is bit heavy rey but the thing is I have been riding a two wheeler for almost 10 years now..and I end up doing this šŸ˜¦ and yes yes yes thanks for your tip..I am definitely getting that cycle helmet this weekend…Its a wonderful idea…I wouldnt even have thought about it..thanks Shruti so much šŸ™‚

  7. Elegant Chic says:

    Hi!!!It's not your fault dear. Falling down 2 days in a row doesn't mean you're bad. You're the best your child can get!!!HUGS! :)Oh! I'm Elegant Chic. Hopped on from Swaram's! šŸ˜€

  8. I am so glad both of you are OK. And that both the times you were lucky to have some very helpful folks around you. I was going to suggest the helmet stuff, not only for R but also for you. I was just wondering if there was some ricksha you can kind of book on a monthly/weekly basis to take you to the playgroup place each morning. I realize, mornings, you are in a hurry, so is everyone else on the road, and maybe the twowheeler isnt such a hot idea. (My daughter is closer to your age than mine, and she cycles at dawn to a pool nearby to coach kids. The road is a main arterial east west rd, and I know I am always in tension till she returns. )…..I guess mothers remain the same but kids these days are very smart , like R ! …. Take care ..

  9. starry eyed says:

    Happens. Glad you both are okay. could've been the cold meds, they do affect balance and alertness subtly. Take care, and get back on the two-wheeler soon. have had enough accidents in the car…just makes you tougher and more careful.

  10. Such things happen R's mom…u know my mom once gave me "spirit" which is used to clean wounds instead of cough syrup and i lived to tell the tale. the mother, well she took her time recovering from the 'shock'!!!

  11. Trish says:

    Awww R's mom!!hugs!!I know..its soo terrible-the guilt..I mean.But as shruti said,if you could help it,you wouldn't let her fall..and she knows that too.Don't beat yourself about it..hugs

  12. R's Mom says:

    @ElegantChic: Welcome here and what a post to start reading šŸ™‚ Thanks for telling me that I am the best my child can ever have..hehehee šŸ™‚ Makes me feel special :)@Surangaji: Thank you so much…I do wear a helmet but like Shruti says I will get one for R as well…I did try the rick idea earlier but post rick guys are not ready to come because they say they would rather take a ride to Bandra from Kandivali than to Borivali..more money!!! and yes going early in the morning for your daughter is tough because people are more rash and faster during that time..and I do thank God for having such nice people to help me out!@Starry: thanks yaa…for telling me about the car stuff…I am definitely taking R back by the two wheeler after I get it serviced and checked on Saturday…@Nuttie: Wow! thank u thank u thank u for sharing this…though am sure your mom would have really really felt horrid…you survived and after reading your blog you seem great as well..abhi R ko do ek baar aur girakar I will see..she will also become smart like you :)@Trish: Thanks and hugs right back..yes Shruti is right..I really didnt mean to..but the guilt came up so much..and yes am glad I poured it out on the blog…I feel so much better after reading the comments..that it wasnt really my fault..:)@

  13. RS says:

    Hey R's Mom! After reading your post I HAD to delurk.Dont worry at all! It happens to all.Am so glad both R and you are OK and its so nice of your hubby too…I have a 13 month old who slipped out of my arms and fell down the bed twice within a week!- Was feeling guilty too until I realised it was a minor accident. You Take care and Get Well Soon…

  14. R's Mom says:

    @RS: Aww…thanks for delurking…and bed episodes are pretty common here as well..so dont you worry on that šŸ™‚ Hugs

  15. Seena says:

    You made me cry. Sometime ago I met with a 2 wheeler accident , nothing happened to me, but I was so scared and shaken.Good to hear you both are good. take rest, and give a week's time for both of you to get back to normal routine, you will be OK..Don't feel bad dear, it happens to all of us.Hugs…

  16. Tanishka says:

    Hugs RM… Please don't blame yourself… This is something that can happen with anyone…Hope R is better now… Take care…

  17. Pepper says:

    My grandmom used to tell me that the number of cuts and wounds we are going to have in life is already pre destined. So each time we have a litte injury, we should be thankful because it means one wound lessened from our quota. That would always cheer me up šŸ™‚ So that is what I will say to as well.The rest has already been said by the others. You are definitely not a bad mom šŸ™‚

  18. R's Mom says:

    @Seena: Sorry…didnt want you to cry…I was so depressed that I just ranted it out on the blog..and good news..went back on the two wheeler today..check out the latest post after I publish it :)@Tan: R is perfectly back to her bratiness..:) thanks and hugs back@Pepper: wow..your grandmom just made me feel so wonderful again..thank u thank u thank u for sharing this..next time I get someone who scolds me on this incident..I know what to tell them šŸ™‚

  19. Vidya says:

    Such things happen all the time.. You are a wonderful mom and the little one will take it in her stride and this might even help her overcome 'road-fright':)

  20. dipali says:

    Big hugs, and no, you aren't a bad mom, let alone the world's worst one! R is a brave little girl.I hope you are taking her on the bike again.

  21. Anonymous says:

    awww… don't feel bad. am reading this after I read the one where she would come with you on the bike. Glad that alls well again in Rs house. :-)JLT

  22. R's Mom says:

    @Dipali: Yes yes taking her by bike..and thanks@JLT: yes all's well now šŸ™‚

  23. R's Mom says:

    @Vids: Sorry missed your comment šŸ™‚ ya now guess she is okie with the bike šŸ™‚

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  25. Shweta says:

    I recently started reading your blog… so a late comment on this one.. :-/

    Jaadu ki Jhappi from me to You first and then R… Its ok.. things like this happen… Its not.. how or how many times u fall.. its how well u get up .. šŸ™‚
    Also Kids sense when their folks panic.. Sometimes they re-assure u.. sometimes they need the same from you.. even when u r not sure urself.. šŸ˜‰

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