To Dance or Not

So some months ago, hubby and I decided to put R into a dance class..before I get accused of being Amy Chua 😉 lemme clarify

– This was right at her daycare
– Age was 2 to 4 years
– Dance was bollywood types (you can tell by the songs she sings and dances to ‘Munni badnam hui’ ‘Sheeeellllaaaa, sheeelllllaaaaa ki jjawani’ etc etc)
– The doc thought it would be good to get her some exercise since she could get better breathing patterns due to her asthma (even my mom was put into dance at the age of 3 because of asthma, lets not dwell on the fact that she learnt bharatnatyam while her Granddaughter is shaking her hips like shakira!)

so all in all, all was well since the dance teacher was this really cute looking college going girl who was doing it part time
Then comes December and the daycare decided to indulge in a professional dance institute to teach the kids dance..
R’s reluctance was there, but she didnt say anything

then one fine Tuesday evening in Jan, she stated she didnt want to go the dance class…which is pretty surprising because she usually like swaying to some stupid random songs and ads which come TV. I asked her why and she tells me ‘baas aise hi’ errr was that a two year old or what?
I told her aise hi want to go..? she nodded her head and said no…

then we tried for a week more and she would come out crying to my didnt make sense to me and then I saw her teacher…he was this guy who was about 6 and a half feet tall and was very well built and honestly he scared me also a bit even at my 5 feet two inches so guess for a 2 footer its quite scary to look at him..

No he was an extremely sweet guy and very friendly but something about him scared R…waise I must admit here that R is quite a nautanki!

So I told her that she didnt have to go to the class anymore..despite all this discussion with her, she went again to the next class ..I asked her daycare teachers why they sent her and they told me she wanted to go since her friends were going!!!

Good enough but as soon as she came to me..she told me that she wont go to dance class again …I was perplexed at this behaviour and told her that she definitely need not go and I will tell her daycare teachers..

She sees her dad at home and says ‘yay yay yay yay, maine dance class chod diya’ and her dad is basically speechless..

I spoke to her daycare teachers and told me that we should send her since she is doing well there (dont ask me what well she is doing..I just see her jumping up and down!) I told them that I didnt want to pressurize her (see I am such a considerate mom ;)) and that they could stop sending her from feb second week onwards

So all was well in the R household till this Tuesday….she went again yesterday! I reached her daycare and they told me she went again to the class..and I was like what do you mean..they said she wanted to go! I was like okie I will wait..

R comes out and I look inside and see that the teacher is now a girl..she is this hot babe wearing a spaghetti looking like someone who has been dancing forever…

So I ask R on the way class jana hai
R is like’ haan haan jana hai
RM: but aap toh no bol rahe the
R: Teacher hai toh jana hai, sir hai toh nahi jana hai!!!!

Shucks! This girl is a sucker for looks isnt it!!!!!


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9 Responses to To Dance or Not

  1. Swaram says:

    Ha ha ha! She got her priorities rt 😉

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Swaram: hello! the whole idea of this post is that everyone takes MY side…R is supposed to be scolded not supported 😉

  3. Tanishka says:

    R is such a sweetheart… I'm sure this gal must be already spending time before mirror admiring herself, trying to look like her mom… 🙂

  4. Seena says:

    Oh mh god at this age she is so clear what she wants..amazing..

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Tan: oye…like Swaram you are taking her side….come to Mumbai sometime and I will see you then!@Seena: yaa..isnt she the smart one..wish she made such choices with food as well….whenever food is concerned she eats everything in sight!!!!

  6. Seena says:

    @R's Mom: Food you are so lucky, its good if they eat food over not eating. I wish my daughter eats too, she still eat like a bird..

  7. R's Mom says:

    @Seena: Arey you havent seen R eating…actually eating is the wrong word..gobbling would be the better word..what do you do about a child who can eat 4 bananas at one go…well you just go bananas!!!!

  8. vandana says:

    Sheila ki jawani has become a kids song evrywhere …well its so good that she can express herself so well at this age!!

  9. R's Mom says:

    @Vandana: True…most kids are crazy about this and Munni badnam…waise what kids ya..even I am crazy about the two..though I like Munni more than sheila 😉

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