For The Sake of God….

… lady travelling with a less than 2 year old child…stop travelling during peak hours…please please please…I beg of you..or please wait for 20 more minutes..there is a ladies special train that comes to andheri at 6.25 and you can at least get into without all of us worrying if your child is going to fall off the train

You had the audacity to tell me that you would travel by first class despite having a second class ticket…okie..I didnt mind…I wont have told anyone and the baby was so small that I wont even mind you breaking rules..but didnt you understand when I told you that it would be too crowded and you shouldnt risk getting in with the child

You attempted twice and failed and yet you pushed ladies using your child as a weapon (How could you!) the poor child broke down crying because of the pushing shoving shouting screaming heat and claustrophobic atmosphere and yet you didnt even try to console…

You dont understand that we all are in a rush..and we have the advantage of NOT carrying a child with can afford to push and shove..we all want to reach our children who are back home waiting for us..hence most of us wont even care to let you in..

All you need to do is take the bus which goes to Goregaon (You were travelling from Andheri to Goregaon and yet chose to get into a crowded train but not travel by bus) you would have reached half an hour later but at least people would have given you a place to sit and your poor child would not have suffered..more than your child..its your fellow passengers who suffer because we all feel guilty about the child suffering…

or you could have waited for 20 more minutes for the ladies special train if you have an aversion travelling by bus

I really dont understand you…you had the courage (or stupidity) to stand right in the front holding your child in one hand, a bag in the other and the pole of the train along with the bag…do you really want to take such a risk..what if the push was very bad and you fell down the train…along with your baby..or your baby slipped from your hand…how can you take such a risk?

I know its none of my business really, but I really felt that you should not have taken such a risk…anyways your call!


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2 Responses to For The Sake of God….

  1. Rohini says:

    Gosh. What a silly woman!

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Ro: mad na she is 😦

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